‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Kail Lowry Seemingly Comments on Jenelle Evans’ Bikini Photo & Sets Off ‘Teen Mom’ Fat-Shaming Feud: A Complete Recap of Events

“Just because the cameras stop rolling, doesn’t mean our petty drama will.”

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all… or join the Teen Mom franchise. 

The latest social media firestorm between cast mates ignited when former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans posted a bikini photo to Instagram this week. While Jenelle’s post may have been innocent, what followed was anything but! After some of Jenelle’s followers commented on Jenelle’s “weight gain,”  Kail Lowry called out Jenelle’s husband, David Eason –- someone who has repeatedly “fat-shamed” Kail (and other cast members) in the past. 

From there, Jenelle, David and various random ‘Teen Mom’ stars inserted themselves into the drama. (Hell, even Debz OG got a piece of the action!) Instagram Stories were posted, exclusive interviews were given and it became one giant ding-dang fat-shaming showdown! 

Here, The Ashley will attempt to recap all of the events of the past few days as they unfolded.

First, here’s the photo that started all the ruckus. It was posted by Jenelle on Wednesday…

A lot of the comments left on the post had to do with Jenelle’s weight. (The comments were both positive and negative.) Kail apparently saw the post and decided to call attention to the fact that David has called out other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members in the past for being “fat” or gaining weight.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this, but David better never come for my body ever again,” Kail tweeted on Wednesday. 

Never one to back down from an argument, Jenelle responded to Kail, calling her a giant and challenging to her to “stand side by side” for comparison. She also made some digs about Kail cheating on her ex-husband, Javi Marrioquin. 

“IDK who needs to hear this but you’re a giant compared to me,” she wrote. “Let’s stand side by side. Don’t let me start talking about you. Cheating on Javi and telling my mom while you got your makeup done. But oh, everyone just finds out now? I told everyone this a long time ago. Wow, so much to say but let me stop lol.” 

(Several of Jenelle’s haters reposted Jenelle’s message on Twitter, bringing up the fact that Jenelle herself recently cheated on David with her short-lived Boston bootycallHerb Wilkinson.)

In a follow-up post, Jenelle questioned why Kail was “still worried” about her, being that she’s no longer on ‘Teen Mom 2’. She told Kail to focus on herself and her family and to “stop stalking” her. While she should’ve stopped there, Jenelle chose to flaunt her allegedly happy marriage and family instead.

“Juh-nelle! This is no time for tha jokes! Oh..wait…ya serious?!”

“And at the end of the day… I have a husband that loves me unconditionally and my family is happy,” she added. “That’s all that matters. #FamilyFirst” 

Jenelle then ran to her various social media accounts and claimed that she was “so sick of social media bulls**t.” (Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?) This, of course, didn’t stop her from hitting up the Twitter machine once again to remind everyone that Kail is pretty much obsessed with her (according to her).  

“How do you block someone out of your life completely and they are still commenting about your life,” she asked. “Let’s just look opposite directions and act like we never met. Thanks!” 

Eventually, a few of Jenelle and Kail’s ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars decided they had nothing better to do with their time to get involved in the fat-shaming feud, starting with Briana DeJesus, who took a jab at her nemesis Kail for a maternity photo she previously revealed. (You know… the photo of Kail oddly chilling naked in a barn with a horse? Yeah, that one.) 

“That girl lost after that horse photo,” Briana tweeted. “Sorry! Leave [Jenelle] alone.” 

Kail responded to Briana’s tweet, claiming that David was the intended target of her online insult, not Jenelle.

“Let me just be clear,” Kail said. “I said what I said directed to David and only David. Whatever y’all deduced on your own is on you.” 

And speaking Jenelle’s other half, he jumped in the online feud as well, replying to Kail’s original tweet in a very on-brand way.

“Ummm… I feel sorry for anyone that ever ‘came for your body,’” he wrote. “Trust me, I wouldn’t touch you with a 10 ft pole.” 

After taking a moment to think, David fired off a second message for Kail. 

“Oh, you can call my wife fat and tell me not to say anything about you in the same sentence? Right.” 

After having been accused of “losing” by Briana, Kail hit back with a series of Instagram posts touting her accomplishments, including a seemingly Jenelle-and-David-specific dig in which she posted family photos, noting that she has custody of all of her kids. (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Jenelle does not have custody of her oldest son, Jace, and David has no custody or relationship with his son Kaden.)


And then, because everyone in the ding-dang ‘Teen Mom’ universe felt the need to weigh in on the feud, former ‘Teen Mom’ grandma Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen sent some words of support to Kail (despite having recently accused Kail on social media of not believing in C0VID-19).

“[Kail] thank you for showing strength during difficult time,” Debra wrote. “It truly helps others going through rough times too. Sorry you have to go thru this crap! xoxo #metoo #freedom #nomorefear

Mackenzie McKee Douthit also chimed in on Thursday night, in an attempt to make everyone get along… we think? 

“There is a beautiful reason we are made all different shapes colors and sizes,” she tweeted. “Makes life and each individual so unique and special. but how cute is it that we as evil humans take it to make fun of each other for the way God designed our bodies. #stopthebodyshaming” 

As for Jenelle, she appears to be as comfortable in her skin as David in a store that sells firearms. Just this week, she shared a throwback photo of herself from 2016 on Facebook, telling her followers it was from four years ago, back when she worried about what she ate. 

“I’ll take my body with any weight,” she added. 

When asked during an Instagram Q&A why she had “gained weight,” Jenelle explained that she has “just been chilling at home and not going anywhere” and that she doesn’t care to workout right now.

Naturally, both sides posted clickbait articles about the feud to their social media accounts. (Gotta make that quarantine cash money, ya know!) Jenelle even did an exclusive interview with The Sun about how woman shouldn’t shame each other and should instead cheer each other on.

“Oh, Juh-nelle! That’s rich, comin’ from you! Ya shamed me for workin’ at Waaaahlmart, ‘member? And didn’t ya just call Kail a giant?”

“I think that everyone needs to stop being bullies to one another and actually cheer women on!” Jenelle told The Sun. “No one should be pressured into a ‘certain weight.’ I’m not trying to impress anyone, just striving to remain happy.”

That’s all…for now! Stay tuned; The Ashley will update this if any more jabs are thrown and/or if any other random cast members decide to weigh in! 

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(Photos: Instagram; Twitter; Facebook) 

48 Responses

  1. kail is the worst one. janelle called her out years ago. kail has done nothing with her life. she has a university degree and still only commentates on janelle. go get a regular job for awhile kail.

    kail only has kids to stay on the show. they must feel like they have to keep her on the show. kail is a wasted life.

  2. i believe janelles weight gain is a classic symptom of depression and trying to hide/self-medicate that depression. she looks terrible lately. but all of us go through stages in life where we look terrible! i just think it’s sad that janelle can’t laugh it off. everything that all these woman-babies ever say is taken to heart so hard by each and every one of them! i can’t believe how all of these WOMEN have stunted growth issues (maturity wise, because obviously none of them have growth issues physically speaking)

    they should all grow the f*ck up and get over themselves already!!!!!

    janelle, you knew damn well that people were going to talk shit about your weight gain when you posted that picture, so just stop it, ok?
    Support and cheer each other on? WHEN HAVE YOU EVER DONE THAT FOR ANYONE?!!! STFU

  3. The fact that Kail went out of her way to post that just shows how immature she still is. It may have been “directed at David”, but it was ABOUT Janelle. There was no need for ANY of that because any GROWN adult would have just kept scrolling and kept their opinions to themselves. It’s really not that difficult to be the mature person.

  4. Um Kail should really not be talking about anyone’s looks imho. I remember laughing when she wanted to be a tv reporter. Nah hun you have a face for radio (podcasts these days) as they say in the biz. I think her caboose would still be a little loose if she hadn’t got the plastic surgery. But maybe it is the empowering skull sleeve tattoo that has her feeling better than thou about Chin. Neither are winners. Kail has to chase coattails to stay relevant for fame that came from taking a load at an early age. Delusional much?

  5. Lol!
    Jenelle has most likely steadily gained weight b/c she is no longer using as many drugs as she was previously. Plus she demonstrates zero impulse control, personal insight or self-discipline.
    Truly a dumpster fire of a woman!

  6. Bragging about having custody of your kids but you have 3 baby daddies. (Yes I know Jenelle does too)

  7. Bragging about having custody of your kids but yet you have 3 baby daddies. (Yes I know so does Jenelle)

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Jenelle should stay off the Teen mom site. Whatever her size she is married to an abusive man that kills dogs and most likely other animals. She is not a Teen mom and quite frankly irrelevant.

  9. All of these people suck. They tear each other down and then act like a victim when it’s done back to them. But since they all suck I’m going to do some tearing down of my own. Ummm Kail yes Jenelle has gotten fatter & David is a moron who contradicts himself probably daily because his brain cells are useless but you literally ate yourself 3 times. Unfortunately the horse photo showed it all. Poor horse.

    1. “David is a moron who contradicts himself probably daily because his brain cells are useless” THAT FUCKING PART ????

  10. Now why did Kail have to go off and start antagonizing the swamp people?? Doesn’t she have a pregnancy to worry about instead of David the idiot calling people fat? She knew she was going to get a response because Jenelle has nothing but time, and we all know Brianna stalks Kail’s pages on the daily…waiting for an opportunity to talk shit about her…she’s obsessed with Kail, it’s weird. All parties are complete trash in this case. But I’ll admit I laughed out loud at that having custody of ALL of her kids comment. Jenelle can’t even refute that.

    1. Lmaooo right! ? As much as I don’t like Kail, Jenelle does NOT want to go head to head with her considering her life has been a series of pathetic and horrible choices

  11. Let me just be clear,” Kail said. “I said what I said directed to David and only David. Whatever y’all deduced on your own is on you.”

    You were definitely talking about Jenelle and her weight. Why else would you say what you said after seeing her in a bathing suit? Explain to me how that message was only meant for David?!

    Can’t we all get along? Can’t we as women cheer each other on? Why does everything have to be about weight and who’s fucking who? Stop destroying each other and move on with your lives. Stop worrying what the other is doing. Its ugly, it makes you look ugly. Its none of our business what goes on in others lifes. Its none of our business if she puts on 100 extra lbs. As long as she is happy and her children are happy that’s all that should matter! They share what they want us to see in their lives and that will come to an end soon enough..

    I don’t care for David at all. He’s a narcissistic asshole, but he’s not my husband to worry about… Kail stop playing musical dick ( like musical chairs) and worry bout yourself and who’s going to be baby daddy #5!

  12. Honestly, Jenelle is a terrible person regardless of what weight she is. There is so much more to criticize her on than just her weight.

    That being said, Kail knew the moment she was writing that tweet, it will get noticed by her. Jenelle is so predictable, you can tell she screams insecurities so she must take it on the other person. Both girls are like that so that’s why they are on each other’s throats constantly. But Kail, honey, you will soon be a mother of 4 (I forgot when her due date is honestly), you need to cut that shit out! How can you be so petty while raising three, soon four boys?! They will think this is normal behavior! I’m glad Isaac has Jo, Lincoln has Javi but Lux and the new little guy are screwed because their father will not be in their lives at all so the only parent they will know is her. Girl, stop before these two guys become old enough to be able to copy your behavior, being so obsessed with your (former) cast mates is not normal!

  13. Jenelle is fat, and she wasnt before. Why cant we call her out for that? She and David did it to Kail for years.
    David your wife is fat.
    Btw when I was in a bad,relationship I became fat to. Because I was zo unhappy and I had no selfworth. You just dont care how you look anymore. And thats what happening to Jenelle right now. Its not a good sign and she doesnt look good.

  14. Wait, is Briana really jumping into this as if she hasn’t run to Dr. Miami to have her body done MULTIPLE times because she is literally too lazy to workout and eat healthy like a normal person?
    I hate David quite possibly more than Jenelle, and despise Kail, so I am absolutely here for this drama?

  15. They are all clowns ? . ALL OF THEM. Kail has reason to speak up because David and jenelle have body shamed many people over the years. And she didn’t call jenelle fat, David did! Maybe jenelle needs to focus on what her amazing, wonderful, can do no wrong in my eyes, pear shaped headed husband is posting lol. And bri, she’s doing anything to stay relevant. Girl had kail’s sloppy seconds, just stop already. Clowns, all of them??

  16. Kail always has too much to say about everyone. She has shared custody of her kids. Apart from lux the other boys spend as much time at their dads as they do at hers. I’ve never seen Jenelle go in for surgery to have her fat cut off. Just saying. To say she wasn’t having a dig at Jenelle’s weight is ridiculous. Why else would she comment. Sadly for you Kail Jenelle is obviously comfortable in her own body. Thank god she’s not poising naked with a horse. ???

  17. Hate to say I’m on Kails side. Jenelle has gained weight which is fine. But don’t go around body shaming others. And Jenelle is suuuuper dramatic. “ I don’t wanna fight but I’ll post about the subject 100x”

  18. Kail always starts sh:t. SHE starts it to stay in the news. The more we talk about her the more she’s she likes it. kail hasn’t her new pod cast put. That’s why she wants to stay in the news. Desperate for money. Dead beat baby daddy x2.

  19. Kail started drama for absolutely no reason other than to start drama. Typical mindset of a person who never mentally matured; taking the opportunity to stir the pot on social media and then play the victim (“whatever y’all deduced…”). Who cares what David has said about you in the past. Grow up and don’t let it bother you, or handle it off social media. There’s no need to bash anyone for their weight, and kail doing it to Jenelle doesn’t make her any better than David. Kailyn, please go handle your litter of kids and go back to fishing for Chris’s attention (he abused you? Really? Why not open your legs for him again?). I have zero sympathy for kail. Also, when did kail start saying y’all? She’s from Pennsylvania ?. Oh right, trying to fit in with her boo Chris.

  20. Kail is such a petty Betty. The whole world would rather forget that David and Jenelle exist but she insists on dragging their names back into the limelight. The swamp-dwelling gruesome twosome are loving all this drama and attention.

  21. Ladies, it’s unfair to even comment on either or any of the teen moms lives. You watch them! It gives you entertainment. Mackenzie gets a pass right now, her world is falling apart. Bri. Stop please. Dont judge these ladies, you are far from perfect. But you are a good mom. Kail, my gosh ladies, she finished (look at her upbringing ok) school! She is an author, she has a successful podcast, she has a company that seems to be FLUID, aside from the vaccination issue, we can all agree to disagree shes a good mother. Her boys are well behaved. Clean, do well in school, and are charming. Same can be said about Mackenzies girls, Janelle. You didnt finish school, any business venture you have done is a flop, failure. I dont care what your body looks like, I just wish you would wear a bathing suit that wouldn’t embarrass your son your mom is graciously raising. You do not give her any credit for dealing with a child with ADHD. You dont follow his schedule, you dont give him his meds. THE BOTTOM LINE YOUR NASTY HUSBAND HAS BEEN MEAN AND HATEFUL

  22. Jenelle is butt ugly not for her weight because I could care less but because of her manipulative, pathological, self centered, narcissistic ways. Obviously, she’s eating but doesn’t care if her kids are! The fact that she acts like her dog killing, child abusing husband is a prince and they have such a #happylife and have ever put #familyfirst makes me want to #throwup. And, Kail…I have two less children then you do and I don’t have time for Twitter BS! Brianna, stfu! You sure jumped on Kails leftovers quick and are still salty about how that turned out. Grow up ladies! Be Mothers…not hormonal temperamental tennagers!

  23. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    They are all clowns, ALL OF THEM?. Kail said what she said because David and Jenelle have body shamed countless people. And she didn’t call jenelle fat, DAVID DID, so jenelle needs to be looking at what her precious, amazing, can do no wrong in her eyes, pear shape headed husband posts online. And bri, she just needs to stay relevant any way possible. Clowns, like I said lol

  24. i get why kail felt the need to comment. david has bashed her weight for the longest time because thats the only thing he can say about her. seeing a heavy set Jenelle was the perfect opportunity to point out his hypocrisy. jenelle called her a giant because she knows she gained a little weight but is in complete denial as to HOW much and WHAT she looks like. she still thinks she’s tiny compared to kail. briana needs to STFU she hates kail so damn much but had no problem having her leftovers. that girl is equally as trashy. having kids with different men but thinks she’s growing from that because she turns down engagements to men that want to take it slow on having kids. how backwards can you get???

  25. OMG Kail and her “I’ve achieved so much!” Girl, stop. If you’d never been picked up by MTV, not a single one of those “achievements” would’ve happened. The bios? No one would give a single shit & they’d be self-pubbed garbage (which they’re only half a step above, right now). It’s not like you had to actually be a good writer or have an interesting life – it’s because you’re on TV for making a mistake at a young age and MTV gave you the publisher and the platform. Without it, there would be no book deals. Same with your hair care. The “children’s book” is a collection of shit kids said and you put it on some pages & slapped your name on the cover. Again, an MTV production.

    I would love to know if that Bachelors you got was paid for and provided by MTV. Oh wait, it was. You weren’t an average single mom, making it in the world. You were an over paid reality TV character with more than enough money to hire babysitters on top of the cavalcade of dads that your kids have. Don’t give me this strong, single mom bs. You haven’t earned it. When you can take the kids that you made on vacation by yourself and do everything on your own – all of it – that will be a START.

    Last but not least, yes you have your kids. All of your kids’ dads had PFAs filed against them because you threw fits. And where is Lux’s dad?? Not a Jenelle fan, either, by a country mile, but I get so sick of Kail acting like she’s done anything worth emulating.

    1. Agreed. She knew exactly how that comment was going to be taken and that it would set off David and Jenelle. She tried stirring the pot with Javi and Chris and didn’t get the response she wanted, so she went for them. If Jenelle would have said nothing or left it at “why can’t you move on? I’m happy”, I’d agree with her more.

  26. A doctor would tell BOTH of them that their BMI is off the chart , Kail is at a very unhealthy weight, she was medically obese before pregnancy. Health aside, it’s all on how you carry yourself. I work with a plus size woman that Carries herself beautiful, keeps herself so manicured that I couldn’t imagine her anything but a 3X.
    Jenelle and Kail are distasteful, this bikini has to go.. try a tankini Jenelle! Kail and all those distressed jeans, it looks like she ripped through them.
    As far as fat shaming, I’m sorry … don’t get on TV for 10 years feeding your face like a steam shovel with the worst food in the world and expect nothing to be said.

  27. I think Janelle looks better with the weight on her, however I get Kail’s point. David has body shamed all those girls for so many years and now that his wife has a few extra pounds (which I am not judging) he has no problem with bigger women. Come on you can’t just talk bad about people like that because what comes around goes around.

    1. Agree on all of that. She looks better bigger, but if she was anybody but Jenelle, David would be calling her fat. In fact, if they split up right now, he’d talk shit about her weight, guaranteed.

      1. Karl is really bored in quarantine. Really bored and really miserable. She should be enjoying her trap pregnancy.

    2. Not to mention he ALSO gained weight, on those “happy family” pictures he looks really bloated and he can’t cover it even with a beard. So it’s not like she meant Jenelle with it too, David is bigger now too.

  28. I was a live in nanny in undergrad for a single dad with two kids. When he would be out of town for an few days I barely had time to do my homework. Idk how these women have the time to search the internet for ways to start drama and fights. Like I really just don’t get it.

  29. There are so many legitimate reasons to bash Jenelle why start in on her weight. She’s a beautiful* girl and she looks great right now.

    *on the outside

  30. I swear to God, if these ppl had real jobs, none of this would be happening. They must be bored out of their minds, acting like stupid high school drama queens…

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