Jenelle Evans is Dating A New Man Two Months After Leaving Husband David Eason: Meet Her New Massachusetts Soulmate!

The first public photo together…will this end in twin mugshots!?

Well Juh-nelle, I see ya wif a new soulmate!  

Less that two months after Jenelle Evans left her husband (and life on The Land) behind, she’s already got herself a new boyfriend. On Monday, the former Teen Mom 2 star hopped a plane (braving her mysterious esophagus ailment!) to fly to the Northeast to hang out with her new man: Herbie Wilkinson!

The ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram pages @TMMamaDrama and @TeenMomShadeRoom were the first to sleuth out who Jenelle’s new mystery soulmate was, first finding his Instagram page, to which he posted a video showing Jenelle. (Naturally, he called her “babe.”) 

Although Herbie lacks the yeti-like beard of Jenelle’s estranged husband David Eason, he does have an interesting past that, of course, includes a few trips to the good ol’ county jail.

Here, The Ashley breaks down everything she was able to find on The Herbster….

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We've got a new soulmate!!!!!!

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Age: 31

Location: Herbie is from the Braintree, Massachusetts area. (He has a “wicked” Massachusetts accent that would put Matt Baier to shame!)

Kids: It appears that Herbie has no kids of his own, which makes him unique to Jenelle’s former soulmates, most of whom have all had children before entering into Soulmatedom with Jenelle. While there are a few kids featured in photos on Herbie’s Instagram account, they are actually his niece and nephew, not his own children. 

Family Life: Back in 2010, Herbie wrote about his early life in the caption of this video (which appears to be some sort of audition tape or something). 


“My life growing up in Braintree was very wild,” he wrote. “My parents split when I was three years old. My father had a drinking problem that split him and my mother apart. My mother is my best friend in life. I am extremely close to her. Which leaves me looking like a mamas boy. My father is a DJ and my mother is a medical coder. I enjoy life and love being the life of the party. I have no shyness whatsoever. I will take you guys on a wild ride. I promise you that one. I love chick flicks. Love the notebook. love PS i love you. My name is Herbert. its bad enough that i like chick flicks. and i HATE spiders.”

(If any of you have been watching Jenelle’s Instagram Stories lately, she has posted several screenshots of scenes from “The Notebook.”)

He appears to be very close to his parents.

Job: It does not appear that Herb had a job back in July. However, he may have gotten one since then. On his LinkedIn page, he lists his job as a “Water Meter Installer” and claims that he has held that position since 2016.

He also graduated high school with a diploma, so there’s that…

Arrests: Naturally, Herb has had some trouble with the law in the past. While he can’t come close to matching Jenelle’s mugshot count (but, honestly, who can?) he has had some run-ins with the law. The Ashley was able to uncover the following arrests so far:

March 2008: Arrest for unknown crime (he was 19 at the time) 

June 2011: Arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol

Surprisingly, though, he does not appear to have spent any time in prison, so it’s an upgrade from some of Jenelle’s other soulmates.

Substance Abuse: Like many of Jenelle’s former soulmates/fiances, Herb has struggled with alcoholism. In fact, Herb’s mother admitted back in July that Herb was an alcoholic/addict and was heading to rehab after years of struggling.

“I have been watching my son die every day for quite a few years the most painful thing to watch,” she wrote. “Nobody can understand this unless you are a parent of an addict just 20 days ago Braintree Police helped me find him…He is in Rehab for 5 days then will go up to Maine for continued help and then sober living coming back here was not an option. He needs good vibes and prayers if you have em.”

It appears Herbie had been sober for a while before the relapse. In December, he stated on Instagram that he had “five months,” which we can assume to mean he’s been sober for five months.

Former MTV Appearances: One thing that Jenelle and Herb have in common is that they have both appeared on MTV! That’s right, kids: Jenelle’s latest soulmate has his own reality TV past! 

Back in 2010, Herbie and his then-girlfriend Noelle appeared on the MTV reality show “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” Herbie was described in the episode promo as Noelle’s “douchebag boyfriend of eight years” who didn’t support her dreams of moving to California and becoming an actress/model/whatever. 

Herb and Noelle on MTV’s “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” (Photo is from

Another thing Jenelle and Herb have in common? They both recorded incredibly embarrassing videos of themselves dancing in the early 2010s. (Who could forget the gift that is Jenelle’s lip-sync Ke$ha video? It’s truly a national treasure!)

Here’s Herb busting a move. (Scroll to the 30 second mark and let the horrorshow begin!) 

Notable Exes: One of Herb’s exes, a Massachusetts woman named Jenna, claimed on Instagram that Herb is still in contact with her and had recently sent her photos of him and Jenelle together (possibly to brag or make him jealous?) 

His ex, Noelle (whom he appeared on “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” with) ended up making it onto another reality TV show years later called ‘Breaking Boston.’

Eason-Like Tendencies: While Herbie may not look like David, he does share some of his views, based on his Instagram posts. In May, he posted a screenshot of a story about Sonic the Hedgehog being transgender in an upcoming movie, Herbie commented “What a f**king joke.” 

However, there is this video of Herb (dressed as a woman, dancing with a man as a joke) that would be an Eason no-no!

Surprisingly, David has yet to comment on Jenelle’s new boo. Stay tuned…

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  1. I’m sure Massachusetts having recreational marijuana has nothing to do with her visit to see this dreamboat.

  2. Can someone please confirm if Jenelle can or can not have any more spawn? There’s a comment here that says she can’t. Has it been confirmed by Jenelle? Or could Herbie be her 4th (5th? I’ve lost count) baby-daddy.

  3. OMG! She’s dating her mutha.
    That accent must remind her of Babs a little bit.
    As we can see, her children are her first, no scratch that, last priority.
    Those poor kids….great role-model for her daughter.
    Trying any angle to get back on TV, even dating low-rent reality has-beens.

  4. No surprise that Jenelle and the rest of her cohorts cannot seem to go 5 minutes without a penis in their vagina. They always seem to have the next soulmate lined up. Sad for the innocent children who have to suffer through all of the dysfunction and abuse.

  5. Haven’t read all of the comments yet, but I’m feeling serious Nathan vibes. Obviously this guy wants to be on TV and looks like he’s resorted to dating a former reality show train wreck. Who has a crazy violent ex with a lot of weapons to boot so he could be risking his life. Doesn’t seem like he’s the brightest bulb though.

    Although it would be fun to see him and Babs interact and speak to eachother in wicked Boston-ese.

  6. Nothing to really do with with these 2 idiots, but if you want a good laugh visit the Braintree Police Department’s Twitter or Facebook sites, they’re hilarious with their messages, especially one during the summer when the heat was so bad they asked people not to break any laws and to stay inside and binge watch some show. The NYE tweets are a riot.
    Anyway, I’m bored. My daughter and I are visiting friends in West Virginia and it’s not as redneck as I had hoped. Gonna try and visit a holla tomorrow. Wish I could post pictures for y’all.

  7. Nothing to really do with with these 2 idiots, but if you want a good laugh visit the Braintree Police Departments Twitter or Facebook sites, they’re hilarious with their messages, especially one during the summer when the heat was so bad they asked people not to break any laws and to stay inside and binge watch some show. The NYE tweets are a riot.
    Anyway, I’m bored. Visiting friends in West Virginia and it’s not as redneck as I had hoped. Gonna try and visit a holla tomorrow. Wish I could post pictures for y’all.

    1. I am so sorry, I sent the message twice. Could you please delete this one? Damn West Virginia air is making me stupid.

  8. We all knew she was going to have a new “soul mate” before the end of 2019. She’s pitiful…at least she can’t get pregnant again.

  9. Yea, I said UBT had a kid. I knew that. I think Courtlands daughter was born after he was with Janelle. And I didnt realize Nathan had a kid b4 Kaiser roll. My point is, the ashley made it sound like every guy shes ever dated had kids & thats def not true.

  10. Is anyone really surprised?? This is Jenelle. I knew she wasn’t gonna change, but I’m kinda shocked she found a new man so fast. It’s been less than 2 months since she left David and she already found a new soulmate. Pathetic. He’ll be moved into her home by the end of the month, and they’ll be engaged probably by the summer (if not sooner), and I’m sure she’ll be back at the doctors getting her tubes untied so they can have more children that she will also neglect. She will NEVER put her kids first. I feel so sad for Ensley and Kaiser, they deserve so much more than Jenelle will ever be willing to provide. I really hope Babs didn’t move her and Jace to TN cause Jenelle will inevitably start saying her “when I get Jace back” speech and will hate Barbara again like she always does whenever she finds a new soulmate

  11. You guys went to a lot of trouble, I dont even ask family members new bf/gf for arrest records. Jenelle isnt even on MTV anymore you guys still wrote this messy trash lol

  12. I see comments like “wish some happiness for Amber” or “everyone is entitled to love, no matter what” (written about Jenelle).

    My reaction to that is: THEY CAN FIND HAPPINESS AND LOVE WITH THEIR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why don’t their children count?
    Why can they only find that with a man?

  13. This girl is so desperate to be in a relationship she doesn’t give herself time to heal from the last one. Someone needs to tell this girl it’s okay to be alone sometimes. That being alone is actually healthy at times. She tried to validate herself with relationships all the time it’s toxic.

  14. I live wicked close to him….. he is good looking (with a hat on) though… and I’d never say wicked-🤢- I didn’t grow up in NE. I just moved here a few years ago….. that’s their favorite word!

  15. Jenelle can you for once focus on your children and yourself instead of bringing another loser around your children

  16. What a catch. I wonder how they met? She met Nathan on Tinder. And didn’t John slide into Briana’s DM’s on IG?
    I wonder if Herbie sent her a Facebook request?

    1. He is just like Eason. They are both narcissists. Eason is a covert and this dude is the in your face kind that is more obvious. She obviously has co dependency issues that need to be addressed before she dates someone else. There is no shame in it. I’m going through the same right now.

  17. Seems to me hes been waiting to be “famous” for a while. He’s a man of many hats, that one!just looking for a ticket in.

  18. OMG.. can this needy girl just ever be by herself?? She always needs a man!! What she should do is be by herself for a while añf work on herself. She just can’t be alone and that’s why her relationships will NEVER work.

  19. Well, Barb can now be tossed aside like she gets every time Jenelle finds a new soulmate. Hope Barb didn’t uproot Jace and move to Tennessee, because we all know Jenelle will turn on Barb as soon as she voices her opinion on this fame-whore!

      1. She says she did, last year sometime. She posted pics of Lurch gifting her with a surfboard (wtf) outside of the hospital afterward.

  20. His ex girlfriend described him as a “douchebag boyfriend of eight years?” Sounds like a match made in heaven for Jenelle, given that dopers, douchbags, and domesticity violent dick heads are her specialty.

    Still praying for those poor kids. Talk about a penis flytrap who can’t seem to put her stuff on ice long enough to focus on just her children.


    1. Yes I agree.. it’s actually really pathetic that she is always concentrated on finding a new man than her children. With her it’s man after man.. what a great role model for her kids.. SMH!!

  21. I can’t imagine putting as much energy as you do into hating this woman. It almost seems personal.. you are disgusting.

    1. I’d really like to see her be on her own without a “soulmate” for at least a year to learn to love herself, to heal from her toxic relationships and to give her children the love and attention they so desperately need; but I gotta admit that dressed as a woman dance had me laughing. I give any guy willing to try dancing props because so many of them stand on the sidelines wishing they had the nerve to do it too. It would be great if she finally found a man that is good to her and the children but as long as she is in her current mindset, she will continue to attract the same man just with different faces!

    2. For you to hold her in high regard despite everything she hasn’t done for her animals or children makes it seem like you know her personally, or you have something wrong with you.

    3. I HATE HER!!! She defended that monster child abuser dog murderer! I would say that I hope she rots in hell, but she’s so awful that God won’t have her and the devil don’t want her! There are thousands who are ready to start petitions to keep her off TV. And since you are such a good friend of hers, why don’t you tell her!!!

  22. Also: How is dating a new man even a thought that goes through your mind after just getting out of a “VeRy AbUsIvE rElAtIoNsHip”? 🤷‍♀️

    1. And how dod she have the time!? Between uprooting herself and her kids, moving to a totally different state, suddenly becoming a single mother of 2 kids full time since Lurch doesn’t get visitation yet, trying to keep her location secret from the press and Lurch for awhile, filing for separation and divorce and all the legal meetings and paperwork that go along with that, having to set up a whole new household and probably buy a bunch of stuff for herself and the kids since she apparently left Lurch quickly without packing much, coordinating visits with Nathan and Barb and Kaiser and Jace across multiple states, getting the kids started at their new schools, etc etc etc. How on earth did she have the time to set up and check her online dating profiles!? Or meet up with a guy who lives multiple states away from her? How does she have the time to make dating a top priority!?

  23. Really hope those judges that let the kids back into her care are pleased with themselves. This is going to be a David 2.0 situation. It’s got the entire recipe: two drug addicts, money, multiple criminal arrests, obvious co-dependency, and a desire to be on TV.

    I can’t stand bitches that can’t live without a man. That put dick and drugs before the humans they brought to life. Be a boss b!tch on your own, set an example, and show your kids that you don’t need someone else to feel fulfilled in life. Show them that THEY are the number one priority. Holy shit. I can’t with this ho. As Tyra once said, “WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU”

  24. Sad to see this. When you jump to another without healing yourself first, you will only attract more of the same just a different name. She needs time alone, no relationships to heal herself. It took me several years to heal from childhood traumas and learn to love myself. Love of self must come first to avoid dysfunctional relationships and lives.

  25. He looks like Courtland, and she had to fly to where he is, because like anyone else that would ever be involved with her, he’s a loser. There is nothing else to say, except I feel very sorry for her children, It’s very likely that they will lead very troubled lives too. She and Amber are exactly a like, the same useless losers!

  26. We knew is was going to happen. Jenelle is addicted to 3Ds, drugs, drama, and dick. She can’t stay away from any of those things for more that a couple weeks.

  27. Wow. Couldn’t finish the dance video cuz I was distracted trying to figure out if that was a black bra on the floor.

  28. I mean, he is the best looking out of all her soulmates until now (but that’s prob because he reminds me of some German actor a lot) but I mean…the divorce papers aren’t even signed yet and I bet him being childless will make her reverse the surgery. *sighs* When will this girl learn?! For now he seems better than everyone else…for now. I bet there are some skeletons in the closet tho. You remember when we thought Matt Baier is a good guy? HAHA LOL.

    1. So there were many of us that were convinced that the split between Jenelle and David was complete bullshit (I’m on of them) and a little part of me still thinks it is due to the lack of rage on David’s part.

      There were many people out there that cheered Jenelle on for leaving an abusive relationship, and seemingly, for the first time in history, putting her kids first. I wasn’t one of those people. I’ve been sitting here waiting for the other more classier court heel to drop. Looks like it has.

      Just shy of two months after uprooting Kaiser (again).. and Ensley.. from the only home she’s known and moving them to another state supposedly to start them all on a path to a better, safer, more secure life (after lying in court in order to get the kids back from CPS, that is) she starts posting pictures of herself with new hair extensions and professionally done make-up. Oh, lets not forget the new designer puppy. Labradoodle I believe (search reddit using ‘Jenelle new dog’, you’ll find the relevant threads) it is. She then posts a photo of Ensley holding a Christmas ornament in a room sparsely furnished with lawn furniture. Many out there defended her. I wasn’t one of them.

      Yeah, I get it. When shit hits the fan you leave. Life and safety over material possessions every time, hands down. Many of us have likely been there. It ain’t pretty, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of either. You do what you gotta do to keep you and the kids safe, and fed and out of the cold. You do what you have to do to survive. To live another day together. Right? Nah. You know better, not when we’re talking about Jenelle.

      Then we find out she’s been flying back and forth to where ever the fuck this newest choice of felonious soulmates hales from. More money thrown away there. So lets look at Jenelle’s priorities again, okay?

      Hair Extensions ✅
      Professional make-up ✅
      Designer Puppy ✅
      Dick Trips ✅

      Oh, and her choice in men, once again, stellar. 👏🏽 I wonder if this one will not only address Kaiser as a little bitch like David did, but toss a stinging, abusive string of hateful words aimed at Ensley as well? Oh, Jenelle would be hooked for sure!

      Ugh. Seriously, for anyone out there holding onto that shredded, raggedy pom-pom in the hopes that there is something left to cheer for, give up. She’s a lost cause. She’s shit. She’s always going to be shit. She will always chose herself and her vagina over her children and she simply refuses to put her kids first.

      Jace, Kaiser and Ensley deserve so much more than she will ever give to them. I hope that someday soon, someone steps up and puts an end to this insanity before these kids are emotionally fucked for the rest of their lives.

  29. OK while we all know that it would be best for Jenelle to be alone for awhile and focus on her kids we also know that will never happen. So this guy does seem like a huge improvement from David, he clearly has a sense of humor and no domestic violence charges. So a step up.

    1. I know Jenell messed up but give her a little credit. She finally seen David for what he was. And this new guy seems funny, uplifting. Let’s see where it goes. Everyone is in tiled to love. No matter what. Jenell, and Herbie might be the perfect match.

  30. Tanya… Really? A cutie? What are you 12? This guys a dirt bag with substance issues, the very type Jenelle should run from. I was trying to make sense out if your “comments” about exes not having kids and wtf that has to do with anything. All that shows is that there are loser guys who don’t care about STDs and pregnancy and made the unfortunate decision to have UNPROTECTED SEX with Jenelle. They’re responsible for their choices, just as she is.

    1. Yeah, a cutie. Stfu. I can use whatever terminology I want. And I brought up the kids b/c it was literally IN.THE.STORY! Did you read it? Bye, girl.

  31. Please keep that bitch out if MA, let Herbie go live with the red necks down south! That’s one bitch who should be spayed! Ugly troll that she is!

  32. Most of Janelles exes didnt have kids prior to her. Actually, I dont think any of them did, except UBT. Keefa, Nathan, Courtland – none of them had kids when they were with her. This guy is no different than. Hes def a cutie, unlike the others.

    1. UBT, Nathan, and Courtland all had kids. Courtland had a daughter Jordan, and Nathan had a daughter, and UBT had a son and a daughter.

      1. Yea, I said UBT had a kid. I knew that. I think Courtlands daughter was born after he was with Janelle. And I didnt realize Nathan had a kid b4 Kaiser roll. My point is, the ashley made it sound like every guy shes ever dated had kids & thats def not true.

        1. I don’t think Jenelle cares what anyone says. In her mind we are just haters. When in fact we are concerned for her children. I keep harping on this but that judge who gave her back her children needs to be fired. Jenelle I dare you to go on Dr Phil. Stay away from Dr Drew. Please get help. I hope Marissa is okay.

          1. @Lewie, very good comment. IMO haters are lovers: lovers of the abused and neglected children involved, lovers of Truth and lovers of Justice. BUT hating MTV and Viacom and Morgan Freeman, for using these people, making them think they are ‘stars’, making them entitled, paying them a lot of money, filming their f*cked up lives and filming child abuse and animal abuse.

  33. Herb is hot. I would do him. I couldn’t stay with him long term tho. I would want a drunk lay sometime. I couldn’t give up alcohol forever. I can’t imagine Jenelle not getting drunk or high. Hell what would they do when Tori comes for a visit? No drunk boat rides?

  34. Nope I don’t buy it! David would have murdered them both in their sleep by now. I don’t believe Janelle left David other than to try to get her MTV job back. This is her story line….Janelle dating again and being a single mother. Predictable!!

  35. A wise man said: “Honey, if *these* are the men you’ve *picked*, just who the hell did you turn down ???”

  36. Is it THAT hard to meet someone WITHOUT a criminal background? Also, I think having some time to reassess would be beneficial

    1. Wait … i dont understand. You mean be ALONE with just her kids?
      “Oh yeah being alone with Kaiser is real fun” (she couldnt spend a few hours alone with her son without having a hissie fit) & you expect her to spend a couple weeks ALONE that is just crazy talk

  37. Guess what moms do Jenelle? Put their children first, ahead of themselves. Maybe, just maybe you need to close your legs and start focusing on your kids or are pathetic shriveled up convict d!cks just too mesmerizing for you to pass up?

    1. You said it! Can she go 5 minutes without a man? How long before she’s pregnant with this one? She needs to spend some time focusing on her kids and figuring out why she picks such losers (hint– she has no self esteem and needs a man to validate her, so she latches on to the first guy who’s still there in the morning)
      She’s such a train wreck. You just can’t help but watch. But those innocent kids deserve better. They deserve a moment of stability, and a home where they don’t have to be afraid.

    2. Gemma! Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking! As a single mother by choice, I cannot EVER imagine putting some man, any man, needs or wants ahead of my child. I’ve been alone a long time, but I dont regret it for a second. 100% of my time and energy went towards Making her life as stress free as possible. I’m glad I did, she’s as successful as she can be in family, career and acquiring all things needed for HER family. Jenelles kids are starting life with nothing. She’s unemployed, a functioning addict and unable to help herself when it comes to choosing dirt bag men that will NEVER improve her life and will continue to confuse those little kids who as far as good parenting goes,they don’t have much to choose from. I wish the media would just stop following her. Her lifestyle is just a broken record of pathetic relationships. She could have had a lot of people supporting her as she moves into this new chapter of life. Now, everyone just rolls their eyes and sighs “here we go again”.

  38. Dood, Herbie’s sistah’s cousin’s lan-lawd is a fuckin’ doosh. He tried to deck me outside of the packie and drove away in his fuckin’ Nana’s Corsica. I chased him down in my fuckin Camry. Busted a u-ee and curb stomped him in the pahkin lot of Cumbies. Then I fingah banged his daughtah behind the old Rat building.

    I bet Barb loves him.

  39. Instead of stupid brow kits and the endless other useless products these idiots try to hawk, why doesn’t Jenelle and the rest of them focus on a line of really good, life-like dildos and then maybe, just maybe they won’t feel the need to jump from dick to dick and reproduce with all of them. Then again, I am sure that would be an ultimate fail since she has the minus touch.

    Sadly, I am not surprised that she has picked another soulmate that will only use her for the chance of MTV money and infamy. Really disgusting that she has learned absolutely nothing and those poor children will have to live this never ending cycle of dysfunction.

    1. Honestly you nailed my feelings on all of this when you said it’s disgusting how she has learned absolutely nothing. What a way to end her year, instead of just worrying about her kids and herself here she is traveling for some new soulmate. It’s a shame and I wish her children only the best in this new year because the hand they were dealt isn’t fair.

      1. Those poor kids are truly all I think and care about at this point. It is really sad that their own “mother” can’t and won’t do the same.

  40. This woman/little girl, is a whole bag of f*#ked up and placed in the wrong environment (meaning this BS era of the NEW AGE soap opera) that MTV has taken advantage of. They found a gold mine in exploiting weak situated girls and feeding it to the public for ratings. Yeah, a few of the girls grow up and pull their heads out of their asses and try to live a decent civil life, but that isn’t going to satisfy the producers nor the hordes of people who just live to see someone else’s life turn to sh*t on national TV just to feel good about themselves. I suggest all of them find another avenue to support their lives other than the crap that the media has driven them to and get the hell away from this limelight that most of them claim they don’t want.

    1. Agreed, BUT a lot of people on here (and Twitter, the ‘hatters’) do NOT enjoy other people’s life turn to sh*t to feel good about themselves. A lot of us don’t even watch the show anymore. The moment we know Jenelle’s kids live with good people and are safe and happy and well looked after, we don’t have to know anything about Jenelle herself anymore. Same goes for Amber and her son (James).

    2. We also want to see Maryssa living a happy life and being safe and loved. And the animals that David still has being removed from him. I personally can’t forget about the rabbits they bought. But it’s about all the animals.

  41. So wait, he was on an MTV show before that was a supposedly fake staged relationship. How do we know that MTV didn’t cook this relationship up too for her new plotline? She would do it for MTV money and he would do it for money and fame and David would take the bait and act crazy. 3 years ago he was dissing Janelle on a nowdeleted Twitter account with his name as the Twitter handle, he doesn’t like her. Could MTV it just be in on it with him and not Jenelle or is this another Matt Baier?

  42. And here we go again! So many people were quick to praise her after she left the swamp ape, claiming that she’s changed. Nope. Most of us knew that she’d be right back to finding another “soulmate.” I wonder how long it will be before she moves the new guy right in with her and and her children, and how long it will be before they are engaged in screaming matches and constant disfunction in front of the children.

    1. There was a rumor Jenelle and David both were seeing other people already maybe a week after she left so best case scenario she changed her panty between two men.

  43. I live in Boston,please don’t let Jenelle come up this way…Can she ever be alone? Honestly how are her children going to adjust to a new man ever other year?
    She has 3 children ffs,why not spend some time w/them?
    This chick is bananas,I actually thought she was getting her shit together for once…smh…

  44. Honestly a truly good mother wouldn’t even think about being with someone else after all the nonsense she’s been through. My head is completely wrapped around my daughter and for mother’s with young kids, that’s how it should be! Jenelle will never change and will never garner sympathy from me.

    1. She doesn’t ever see:to bother thinking about her kids. I wonder if it has occurred to her that having a new bf with a prison record might cause some issues in the upcoming custody battle. I wonder if she will leave Einsley with David, Kaiser with Nathan and Jace with her mom to move hundreds of miles away to have a couple more kids with the new guy (who doesn’t seem like he would be willing to move away from his MA family). It just seems so sad that she keeps trying to find something in other people, rather than just taking time to learn to just be happy with herself.

    2. I found out my 3 kids didn’t like my girlfriend so I choose to break up with her and haven’t had another girlfriend for like 8 years. Why? Because I wanted my kids to never doubt that they were the most important thing in my life and nobody would ever change that. It was the greatest decision I’ve ever made. My kids always knew where I was even if I wasn’t with them n new I’d be there for everything. Now my oldest daughter is in college n my son is a senior in HS n my youngest daughter is a junior n they all now have started to try n fix me up n in those 8 years I’ve learned I don’t just have to be with someone just because I can be with someone because we just truly wanna be together. To many people are in unhealthy or at the least unhappy relationships n I feel sorry for them.

  45. I knew Janelle had to have a man in the wings. If there is one thing we should all know about Janelle is she cant do anything without a man. She can never be on ber own. Who would take care of her kids? She is seriously so sad and hopefully staying off teen mom cause she literally makes me ill.

  46. Hold the presses! Jenelle found a new soulmate! So soon, we’ll be hearing she’s moving her and the children to Mass., but not because of her new man, but because she’s more comfortable east of the Mason Dixon line (or something of the like). Then we’ll find out that the good Lord in heaven descended and put his hands on her uterus, magically untying her tubes and she’s having his baby. No man on Earth with pure intentions would ever hitch his wagon to that old raggedy, run-through horse, so there’s no doubt that he’s most likely a scumbag too, just looking to get back on Mtv by any means necessary. Either way Jenelle can not exist without drama in her life, she thinks happiness=male attention no matter how destructive it is, so in the end this garbage bag will always end up getting what she deserves.

      1. Totally, in fact, I think she only has babies to stick it to her exes. Something went so wrong with her developmentally, I love Babs, but with all of Jenelle’s antics, I have to wonder what the F was up with her when she was younger, because she was a garbage bag even on her 16 & P episode.

  47. He’s definitely not dating her for fame and he’s definitely not going to relapse and possibly get even deeper into addiction with her. For sure not.

  48. What an articulate young man. CLEARLY the Junkie is with him, for his intellect (future Darwin Award recipient?). He’s her speed, alright.

  49. We went to the same high school. He’s always wanted fame. He wasn’t actually dating the girl on ‘is she really going out with him’ it was staged for the cameras. One time in high school there was a video of him on Facebook running around a party completely naked. I don’t know where that video is but Ashley work your magic and find it please. He’s so full of himself he’d probably proudly send it to you if he still has it. Dudes a total douche bag. He also always dates really young girls. When he was a literal adult he was dating a sophomore in high school

    1. @rita… WOW.. doesn’t surprise me at all. Just Jenelle’ speed another douchebag.. she sure knows how to pick them. Jenelle maybe you should stop depending on a man so much and be by yourself for once cuz you obviously don’t know who you are except for a complete slut that doesn’t care about her children and always needs a man’s attention as well as a dic$ inside her!! Such a pathetic excuse for a woman.

  50. She is completely unable to be alone. At least she can’t have more this point, that’s the best we can hope for. That she doesn’t bring even MORE children into this world. Those poo kids. I hope they are getting some sound mental health care.

    1. Can she just please start asking Jase if the men she may be considering are a piece of shit or not? He seems to have a better picker than her.

  51. Jenelle I thought you were wearing glasses because DAVID wanted you to look ugly.?? What the F Jenelle? Throw the glasses away. Jenelle you don’t look good in them. THROW THE GLASSES AWAY.

    1. It’s so sad. I would bet that Kaiser will wind up with Nathan and will not be able to see his brother or sister. Who knows where Einsley will wind up. They would have been so much better if they had been kept away from Janelle and David and left with her mother, or even in foster care. It must be terrifying, being a small child, not knowing where you are going to wind up and if it’s going to be safe or scary, and never knowing if your mom’s new soulmate is going to be friendly or evil. These are not things that small children should be worrying about, ever.

  52. Oh hellll no is Jenelle up in my state🤮🤮 Seriously though, this bitch is beyond needing help. Uproots her kids lives to TN one day, ditches them another day to fly up to MA to meet some random dude she’s now dating? What the actual fuck goes through her head? These poor kids have no hope with a so called “mother” like jenelle, it is so so sad. And why does it matter how attractive this guy is? Some shallow ass people on Instagram congratulating her and thinking this guy is the one just because of his looks😂
    Btw WHO is actually watching the kids?! Wasn’t Babs just considering moving to TN to be closer to Jenelle? Better hold off on that move lol, Jenelle may just move from state to state on her dick hoping escapades til she hits all 50 states. She’s so pathetic.

    1. I was waiting for those to start commenting, That they were happy for her…That they hope this is really love…She deserves it after the dog murderer… GAG ME!!!

  53. Can we have a story about why Kailyn can’t do her podcast? Is she really broke? Is she doing so much click bait because she’s broke?

    1. Pfft….that’s not the type of guy Jenelle would ever attract.
      She gets bottom-feeders and guys between jail stints…..the calibre of guys most would run a mile from.

  54. It appears that he has a kid with an ex. And go check The Hollywood Gossip. They shared screenshots of tweets from 2 years ago when he tweeted her and told her to “f*ckin die”, called her “c*nt” and stuff like that. A real gem this one

  55. Wtf is wrong with this girl? I say girl because she thinks she osstill a teenager. She has all her kids what more could she want? Always has to have a man. Is she a sex addict? A attention whore? How can she bring a new man on her children’s lives so soon. Poor little Hensley is going to think this is normal.and emulate this disgusting behavior. A child with three different men. Now next it will be four. The love of her children should be enough. But of course she needs the D. Smh the kids are in my prayers.

  56. Hasn’t also tweeted some pretty mean things to Jenelle in the past?

    She knows how to pick them….

  57. A man desperate for fame in any possible way he can get it. It’s hard to sink lower than being the piece of crap boyfriend on an MTV dating reality show but he figured it out.

  58. I think that why she left she had someone else that her track record I also think she should not be in a relationship needs counseling anger management and the kid’s should be in counseling. I don’t understand how everything is great because she left him she let him abuse Kaiser for year’s and herself she had a choice to stay or go he did not have one she made that for him she lies covered up for him let him abuse animals and her kid’s she did nothing wrong she did she could have sent him to live with someone else left sooner stopped him from killing the dog shoting the other one. What’s wrong with all of you she needs help and you are not helping her are those kid’s they all need counseling she needs to stop lying all the time and she needs to find out why she can’t be without a relationship why she strats one before the other one over why she stayed and let the abuse continue stop helping her make bad decisions the problems are still their they just don’t leave because you left been there done that counseling will help her seen it to often she blames everyone for her problems but herself that not good

  59. Omg Girl calm the f down. It’s been two months since the separation, your divorce papers are probably not even mailed and you already run for the first idiot who slides in your dms?

    I swear she was probably single for 5 days before she got with him. 🤣🤣

  60. Now, those two will start going after David for child support for Ensley. And since Nathan has been kicked to the curb, they’ll want him to pay child support for Kaiser. At least, I hope, Barbara didn’t move. She just needs to take care of Jace. Poor Maryssa. The dog murderer will now have to pay 2 different woman support for his kids. We all saw how nasty he was when he had to pay that $5000. plus. The poor animals left there! And that Ex-Teen Monster Mom will be pregnant in a few months. “Now MTV will take me back”. Her logic. Everything she has done is horrible. And I guess Kaiser will now be going to a school in Massachusetts?

  61. Pot, meet kettle! Juhnelle, please, don’t stay single, not even for a minute. It would benefit both you and the kids so plz do not it. Pathetic.

    1. My guess is she was doing the online thing with him before she even left David. She would not leave him if there was not another man in the wings. Check her hisyory and how she does it. Never a break always one man to the next. Pathetic that those poor children have to go through all this.

      1. I thought that too but I think David watched her too closely for her to get away with it. I think she left David and after moving and putting her kids in school she was bored. She had no job, no friends there so she took to the internet and met this dude and it was love at first type.

  62. I can’t even imagine the type of guy and the issues he must have to get involved with this mentally unstable child abuser.

    What will it take to do what is right for the children and is it going to take a tragedy to finally stop giving her attention??

  63. Who didn’t have an embarrassing video of themselves dancing to Soulja boy?! Most of us were drunk at the time though 😂

  64. I also believe Jenelle will tell him shes a recovering addict. Not about her past but about now. She will claim she’s 8 weeks sober.

  65. Thanks Ashley.
    He also boost that he beats up Preppy people. I think he had a charge from a incident of driving by subject unknown to him and yelling insults & them engaging in a fight.

  66. Someone wants back on TV. He’s so thirsty and she’s so desperate! MTV better not put her back on!!! The petitions and boycotts will start. Good Luck Sir…hooking up with her!!!

    1. They clearly wanna be another MTV couple to appear on teen mom, then they’re gonna break up and be on ex on the beach, then they will get back together and they will appear in marriage bootcamp.

      1. I really hope not cause I enjoy that show (shhhh…) but would not support her being on it. Ever. Even in 10 years. She has obviously not changed one bit and we all knew it. Let’s just hope MTV does too!

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