‘Teen Mom’ Year in Review: Take This Quiz to See How Well You Remember What the ‘Teen Mom’ Stars Did in 2019!

It has been a ding-dang YEAR y’all!

The Teen Mom stars certainly kept The Ashley busy this year!

The antics of the gals and guys of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are closely followed by the shows’ fans (and here on The Roundup), but here’s your chance to show how well you paid attention to what the ‘Teen Mom’ stars did in 2019.

Take The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom Year in Review’ quiz and test your knowledge of who said (and did) what this year!

(Just to note that, in the quiz, The Ashley’s refers to anyone who has appeared on a ‘Teen Mom’ show as a “star,” regardless of how often they appear. Also, when The Ashley uses ‘Teen Mom’ it can be a reference to any of the three ‘Teen Mom’ shows.)

When you score WAY higher than you thought you would and you realize you need to get a life…

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(Photos: MTV)

13 Responses

  1. Crap!! I only missed maybe 2 and don’t watch the show at all! I live for the hilarious recaps. Better get my priorities straight. Something these girls have no clue about lol.

  2. When you get 86% on this test and don’t even watch the show, but can barely manage a C average on all your University exams. Ooof

  3. 78%…. I don’t know if there’s any reason of being proud…No, sure!
    Only thanks to the Ashley, because I don’t watch TM anymore, just reading the recap.

  4. Just cause u watch the show doesn’t mean u know everything about them who really cares on what they do on a daily bases

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