Derick Dillard Reveals More Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of ‘Counting On,’ Says He & Wife Jill Aren’t Allowed at Duggar House Without Permission from Jim Bob

“He told us that the Baby Jesus is happy when people film reality TV shows for free!”

Derick Dillard is back to spilling Duggar Family secrets!

The husband of Jill and former star of Counting On once again took to social media this week to answer several fans’ questions regarding the payment (or lack thereof) the adult Duggar kids receive for appearing on ‘Counting On.’ For the first time, he also addressed the alleged feud between him and Jill’s dad Jim Bob Duggar, revealing that he and Jill aren’t even allowed in Jim Bob’s house without special permission!

Derick’s online tell-all spilled over Instagram and Twitter. On Twitter, fans brought up the fact that Jill appeared on a recent episode to assist her sister Jessa Seewald with her labor. Derick assured fans that was a one-time thing…and gave some behind-the-scenes details of what really went down that day!

“No chance of that unless something changes,” Derick replied when asked if he and Jill would begin to appear on the show more frequently. “The conditions we were filming under took us to the brink of sanity and could have easily destroyed our lives if we had continued that trajectory. We are now trying to pick up the pieces.”

As for Jill’s ‘Counting On’ appearance, Derick revealed that she had to obtain special permission from her father Jim Bob before being allowed into the Duggar Compound to help Jessa!

The Ashley’s face when she hears this juicy morsel of information…

“It’s just harder now [to hang out with Jill’s family] because we’re not allowed at the house when [Jim Bob] isn’t there,” Derick wrote on Instagram. “Jill even had to ask JB permission to go over to the house to help her sister when she was in labor because her sister wanted her help but Jill couldn’t provide the assistance until we go it cleared with JB.”

(As ‘Counting On’ viewers will remember, Jim Bob and the rest of the Duggars were away at a wedding when Jessa went into labor. Jill, who has midwife training, was the only family member in town at the time.) 

Later on Instagram, Derick began to talk about a topic that he has brought up several times on social media over the last year or so: the TLC money he says Jim Bob withheld from him, Jill and the rest of the adult kids who filmed for the Duggar reality shows.

In the past, Derick has claimed that he, Jill and the rest of the adult kids were told they were “volunteers” who appeared on the shows. Some fans were skeptical that Derick & Co. could have been fooled by this alleged explanation of Jim Bob’s, but in his new social media posts, Derick explained how it went down.

“For a long time, Jill and I were under the impression that the family didn’t make any money from the show, but rather, it was presented to us kids as something that was done as a ministry that TLC periodically subsidized in the form of reimbursements for things like gas, restaurants, travel, etc.” Derick wrote. “But not any actual pay on top of that.

“We were made to believe we didn’t have a choice and that we would be sued if we refused,” he continued. “However, once we became more enlightened, we realized we could easily defend ourselves in against a lawsuit from the family/TLC.”

When you realize you wouldn’t have gone to jail (or Hell) if you had refused to have your extremely horrible labor and delivery put on display on national TV…for free…

In another answer, Derick told a fan that he and Jill were never individually contracted with TLC. Furthermore, he claimed that he and Jill were never even in contact with the network. (We can assume that he means that Jim Bob and Michelle handled all of that.)

“It’s [Jim Bob and Michelle’s] show,” Derick wrote. “We’ve only made guest appearances over the years for weddings, birth, etc. We’ve never had any contact with TLC, hence not knowing there was a contract. Nobody from TLC has even mentioned to us what they would prefer that we say or not say.”

“Michelle, how could you have married off one of our daughters to this Dillard boy? What a terrible mistake you made!”

He told another person that “there are no hard feelings” between him and Jill and her family, though.

“There are just more things we are aware of now,” he wrote. “The truth will always set you free.”

Last month, Derick hinted that we would be hearing more of his “truth” at some point— in the form of a tell-all book. He wrote on Twitter that his plan was to write a book about life inside the Duggar Family. He has yet to mention any more details of his book-writing plan since then, though.

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(Photos: TLC, Twitter, Instagram)

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  1. He wasn’t really “in the family” for all that long though. So how can write a whole book. This dude seems like was lying about who he was that whole time he was courting Jill. He seemed like a completely different man. That’s why I don’t fully trust what he says. I dont think a network would hire grown adults with a contract or waiver. He probably signed the paperwork and didnt read it.

  2. I think he telling the truth don’t you people think it funny those kid’s have been on for year’s he only keep 10% as manager when they turned 18 are got married they should have gotten a check but no he did not do that. Those kid’s got nothing he kept it to for himself and his wife how do you think he got millions in his bank account he needs to give the kid’s all there money stop controlling them and stop pick their husbands.

  3. Who is he trying to kid?! This moron is in it, for the fame and money, too. Maybe before he saw $$ signs, marrying into this family, he should of asked about contracts, seeing he was an “adult” at the time. So look, this slime ball is making money off the Dugger name, too. ?? funny anybody wants to “pat him on the back” for this b.s.

  4. Who is he trying to kid?! This moron is in it, for the fame and money, too. Maybe before he saw $$ signs, marrying into this family, he should of asked about contracts, seeing he was an “adult” at the time. So look, this slime ball is making money off the Dugger name, too. ?? funny anybody wants to “pat him on the back” for this b.s.

  5. This isn’t remotely surprising. JB has always come across as slimy, manipulative, and greedy. I feel very sorry for Jill. She was never allowed any sort of secular education, and she was denied any activities or friendships outside of her father’s cult, all of which forced her to rely heavily on her family for any sort of emotional support. On top of that, she was m*lested by her own brother and then forced to forgive him, and I seriously doubt that the received the proper therapy to deal with that level of trauma. Now she’s stuck with a husband who is every bit as bad as her father, while cut off from the only life she ever knew. This is sickening and sad. I hope the rest of the children turn their backs on Jim Bob. Without his massive family, he would have nothing.

  6. Jill has simply moved from one controlling cult like figure to another in Derrick. I don’t doubt the deception regarding the contracts and money but let’s face it-Derrick was there for the fame and fortune from the get go and is now bitter that it didn’t pan out. JIll is as subservient to Derrick as Michelle is to Jim Bob. There is zero reason to constantly air this out publicly and it shows that just like Jim Bob he has zero respect for Jill. Btw after how Jill botched Joy Anna’s delivery I can’t imag why any of them would want her there.

      1. Joy was in labor for DAYS only to find out the baby was breach. Any competent midwife would have been able to tell position. She ended up with a csection and luckily Gideon was ok.

  7. Derick is no saint and I am glad his mug is not on the show anymore…and I can’t believe I will say that but I believe him. JB (and his wife) are hiding under the ‘we’re very religious, I swear’ mask but in reality they are very greedy and just wanted to exploit their children for profit. Poor those (married and adult) girls who still live at home because their birthing of children and getting married is just making their dad richer.

  8. This is exactly what I thought. TLC pays the ministry a lump sum and JB decides which kid will be hired, paid or sponsored by his ministry. They ones that are good PR for his ministry are compensated one way or the other.
    On top of that, JB probably receives a compensation for all the time he spends on the show and not on his businesses or ministry.
    JB does feel the kids are volunteers in his ministry. He thinks he is entitled to do all this as their leader, protector and father.

    The children have to pay him rent, they can probably earn an amount per hour that isn’t even legal working for the ministry. That way they will not easily escape his grasp.

  9. Four of the girls (including Jill) wrote a book too, and apparently never got compensated for it. I truly hope Jana is the next child enlightened and gets away from the cult. Thankfully Jill and Jinger have.

    1. I wonder how Jana has to pay her rent. All the adult kids pay rent so I can only imagine she has to pay something or has a huge list of responsibilities.
      Would she help her siblings for money? Would they ask her to do things so she can pay her room and have some pocket money?

  10. Jill looks absolutely beautiful in that picture. With her cute hair and jeans. Whether you agree with Derrick’s beliefs or not I am glad she married him. He has clearly taken her out of that cult where she was constantly controlled and given her a normal life.

    1. Ehhh I don’t know. I’m definitely glad she’s not under her parents’ thumb anymore, but I feel like she swapped one controlling man for another. Derrick seems to have serious rage issues (going off on people on social media all the time), and I always found their ministry and begging for donations to be very sketchy. Of all the Duggars, Jill is the one I really can’t get a handle on. I can’t tell if she’s being isolated from her family by her husband who throws her a bone by letting her wear pants (likely just to piss her father off), or if she’s actively making her own life choices and living the kind of life she wants. She keeps her thoughts so hidden.

      1. True. The thing I wondered about is them having children. Jill was always the one who loved to babysit the most and seemed like she genuinely wanted a house full of kids. So I wonder if she has changed her mind or if Derick has decided he wants a smaller family and she just has to go along with it.

  11. Total side note but I didn’t think the Duggars did Christmas trees. Yet, I see them in Jill, Jinger, Josiah/Lauren, Anna and Jessa (aka momma Duggar clone) pictures?

    1. It was explained by Michelle as too much work with so many kids messing with it because, ya know, that’s what kids do. But they apparently did have trees prior to having too many kids to remember. They deny their kids Halloween and Christmas trees but celebrate Valentine’s Day… which is pretty much made up and based on a CATHOLIC saint. Always thought it was hilarious because their cult HATES Catholics…but sure, steal their saints…the love of theft runs deep in this crap show…as does hypocrisy.

  12. Makes me wonder if Jinger is also under the scrutiny of JB also… pants, blonde hair, California… Jeremy seems to be more savvy and PC but they must disagree with her new lifestyle choices

  13. I thought Jim Bob “found” Derrick for his daughter?? I guess it’s biting JB in the butt. Sounds like he deserves what he gets. JB always gave me the creeps.

  14. It’s a shame Derick is such a homophobe. I could truly like him seeing how he’s sticking it to JB and reveling all his lies and manipulations.

    1. Jill has become the new “cousin Amy”… only allowed to visit under JB supervision. Wonder what excuse they gave the kids. And I truly truly wonder if the other adult kids see what’s really happening and/or are just happy to not be thr black sheep of the group.

      1. I don’t know what, exactly, the Boober said to his spawn, but he must have made it clear that his son-in-law seems hell-bent on derailing the money train, and that alone is enough to make him persona non grata around the ones who don’t already know better. It’s hard to believe that Derick actually thought there was no actual money (as opposed to freebies, like house construction and wedding receptions, not to mention the “love offerings,” like the many family missioncations) in the Duggars’ participation in a TLC series, but I guess it’s possible. Though with that kind of non-critical thinking, I’m kinda surprised he got into law school.

        I don’t frankly think the other kids care. As long as they’re all getting their needs (as opposed to wants) taken care of, they’ve been kept uneducated enough not to question El Daddy. And I’m sure they’re aware of the consequences if they do. To be cut off from the Duggar spigot when you’ve no real education and no real options would undoubtedly be terrifying. And therein lies the essence of Duggar Christianity. Terror.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Why does TLC still film this family? It’s pathetic

  16. Basically, JimBoob made all of his kids spend their time and energy filming for show in which he ensured that only he would get paid. I can’t believe he pocketed the money while not telling the kids they weren’t volunteering for some ministry but instead making him rich. The fact that he did that while also allowing a child molester (Josh) in his house but not his own daughter who refused to film for free anymore is very telling.

    1. He did that so he can control his kids. If all their money comes only from his “generosity” he can dictate even how his adult kids and their families live. It’s disgusting. And Josh… Well, he’s his first born. In his patriarchal thinking he must be protected and justified at all costs.

    2. TLC seems like a shady network to me. Between their odd contracts with the Duggars and then filming the Gosselin kids without work permits when they knew they needed them they seem very underhanded. Even Outdaughtered has complained about their editing.

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