‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 8 Episode 22 Recap: Hawking Baby Food & Having the Birds & the Bees Talk

“Hey, I’m really selling this hair and makeup look, am I not?”

Welcome back to another episode of “As The Dumpster Burns.”

Oh… I mean Teen Mom OG

It’s once again time to check in with our girls to see what’s new in their dumpster fire lives: who’s bitchin’, who’s birthin’ and who’s maxing out her credit card ordering from International Soulmate Express.

Let’s begin!

We start off in Michigan, where Catelynn is still racking her brain trying to find a career for herself that requires little to no work, while Tyler is still trying to make Tierra Reign take over the kiddie clothing world. (I think it’s fair to file both of these things under “Never Gonna Happen.”) 

Catelynn tells us she’s been making Vaeda’s baby food for SIX WHOLE MONTHS and that it’s a lot of work. (She’s probably counting the days until the baby can “indulge” in one of those 7-point quesadillas!) Since Cate now has a new passion for blending things, she decides that maybe her new career should be making baby food…or something.

“I mean, it’s not like just anyone can blend up fruit. Oh…wait…”

Catelynn reaches out to a baby food company on social media and, all of a sudden, a “hairstylist” is at her house, giving her Shirley Temple curls to prepare her for some sort of business meeting. Soon, she’s all dolled up, looking like April on Easter!

Catelynn tells her hairstylist that she started making baby food because she was NOT OK with all the crap they put in store-bought baby food.

“There’s, like, a lot of heavy metal in it and, like, arsenic,” Catelynn reports. 

“It’s basically Black Sabbath in a Gerber jar!”

She saw it “all over CNN” so she knows it’s gotta be true! 

Catelynn goes on about this baby food company, as the hairstylist inserts a bored “Oh wow” and “that’s so cool” periodically. 

“They’ll, like, cater, like, your baby’s food to, like, how old they are!” Cate says.

(Honestly, how much did this baby food company have to shell out to get Cate to hawk their crap on the show? Personally, The Ashley would have rather had them hire Butch as their spokesperson. He could have stood there, holding one of their offerings and said, “This stuff. It’s better than what they feed ya in prison!” 


Cate tells us that (surprise, surprise!) she’s jetting off for yet another impromptu vacation, this time to New York, to meet with the non-heavy-metal baby food company. Tyler actually gets to come on this jaunt, so the kids will be bunking down at Casa de April. (So….Cate won’t feed her kids store-bought baby food but she’ll let them stay at April’s House of Nicotine? Got it.) 

“You’re not planning to pay me in blended up carrots, are you?”

Next we head to Tennessee, where Maci tells us that Bentley has a girlfriend.

“What can I say? The ladies love them some Benny E!”

Sadly, though, Bentley’s relationship is short-lived. In the next scene, Maci tells Taylor that Bentley and his girlfriend have broken up. They discuss the fact that Bentley is about to enter middle school and will probably need to be talked to about girls and even (gulp) sex. (Maybe Maci can just leave itsyoursexlife.com up on the family computer and hope for the best? )

Maci decides it’s about time to embarrass her 11-year-old old son on national TV. (I mean, hey, Bentley’s dad Ryan has been doing it for years…) She tells Taylor to give him “The Talk.”

Like, the sex talk. Process that for a second. We are watching one of the kids who was born on 16 and Pregnant learn about the birds and the bees. 

The Ashley will be applying for AARP if anyone needs her…

Maci assures Taylor that Bentley already knows all about hoo-has, since he was in the room when Maci delivered each Oopsie Baby, so he likely knows what a woman looks like underneath her Hanes Her Ways. 

“I blame Ryan for this! If he would just do something stupid, we could turn that into a story line and not have to sacrifice Bentley this week!”

Maci says that she wants Taylor to talk to Bentley about the proper way to treat girls, and the proper way for girls to treat him. (Kid, a good rule of thumb is, if your girlfriend does basically anything that Amber Portwood has done to her soulmates over the past 10 years…dump her.) 

Maci reminds us that kids who have parents who got knocked up as teens tend to get knocked up as teens (or do the knocking up) themselves. Maci says Bentley comes from a long line of people who got pregnant before prom night: her and Ryan, her own parents, etc.

Maci wants to know how interested Bentley currently is in The Sex. (While this is a good parenting idea, MUST it be done on camera? Poor Bentley will probably be so embarrassed he won’t be able to show his face at school for weeks!) 

“This disguise has always worked well for me, Bentley…”

Taylor vows to ambush Bentley after he gets home from school. 

Next, we head over to Indiana, where Amber is basking in that post-lie-detector glow we all get when we strap a potential soulmate to a polygraph machine and they pass. They’re back on the couch (natch), but Amber says she can feel herself “pushing away from him.”

Um…maybe it’s his big, bulging eyes? Or the fact that he speaks English worse than anyone we’ve ever seen on the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (which, mind you, includes Leah MesserCorey Simms and Amber herself!) 

We are then treated to a stroll down Soulmate Street. They show some sweet/scary flashback clips:  Gary proposing with the Wal-Mart returnable engagement ring, which is quickly followed with Amber (during her “Roseanne bangs” era) threatening to beat the beJesus out of Gary. Next up is Matt‘s diner proposal clip, followed by Amber (and her ridiculous roots) kicking Matt (and a backpack of her cash and his crusty socks) out of her house.

Our faces when we remember how bad Amber’s hair looked during this period…

Then we see a clips of Andrew talking about how “rock-solid” his relationship with Amber is, and how he is considering buying her a ring. That clip is immediately followed by one of them in the car with Amber yapping at Andrew.

It’s nice to look back, isn’t it? 

So there’s Amber, sitting on the couch with a completely confused Dimitri, wondering if she should make him an Official Soulmate, or just airmail him back to “Belgian” and find another dude.

One guy who’s not taking any chances? Producer David. He’s legit HIDING BEHIND A WALL, SITTING ON THE FLOOR. He knows if Ol’ Waffle Breath says one thing Ambie doesn’t like, Mother Goddess swords will be busted out and they’ll all end up on whatever bootleg Cops show Indiana currently has airing.

“Dimitri, bro, just give me the signal and I’ll slide you my stun-gun!”

Producer David then begins talking to Amber about Dimitri, and both are acting like this poor guy isn’t sitting right there with a confused look on his face. Amber explains that she has told Dimitri about her mental health issues. She says she told him to be “gentle with her” (because, remember, she’s very dainty).

Amber says she tries to also be gentle with Dimitri.

“Dimitri gentle. Also, what is ‘Mother Goddess sword?’ Is something all American women get, no?”

We then head to California. After a second trip to the hospital, Ryder is once again back home. Cheyenne still hasn’t told Cory about Ryder’s latest VLCAD episode, but now that Cory’s time competing on The Challenge is over (shocker), he’s coming back home and Cheyenne plans to fill him in when he arrives. 

Cheyenne says that while Ryder was in the hospital, Taylor tried to come visit, but Cheyenne told her not to, being that she’s pregnant and “casually shouldn’t be going to hospitals anyway.” 

“Plus, she needs to save her energy for all those TikTok videos Cory is gonna make her be in when he gets home.”

In an effort to do a little damage control, Cheyenne reaches out to ‘The Challenge’ producers and asks that they tell Cory what happened before giving him his phone back to prevent him from finding out about Ryder’s hospitalization online. 

When your mom low-key calls your dad out for getting Google Alerts about himself…

Expecting the worst, Cheyenne says she’s doesn’t have the energy to argue with Cory and if he wants to be upset, he can take it somewhere else. 

Over in Oklahoma, Mackenzie, Josh and Jay-C are back from their trip to Florida and now Gannon, another one of Mackenzie’s rodeo rugrats, is showing signs that he needs a getaway of his own. 

“What’s an oddly-named kid gotta do around here to score a trip to the swamp lands of Florida?”

Mackenzie tells Josh — the almighty king of The Feelings – that Gannon has been struggling since his grandmother’s death. Mackenzie says she found Gannon crying a few times and he also had to leave a sleepover early because he was upset. Josh asks if Gannon came home because he was “feeling homesick” and can’t help but to chuckle at the idea of feeling homesick for somewhere other than Billy Bob’s.

“Ahh, memories! On Thursday nights it’s Beers ‘n’ Broads night and they let you…. um, nevermind…”

Mackenzie tells Josh she wants Gannon to know it’s OK for him to talk to them. (And by them she means her.) 

Later, Mackenzie and Josh talk more about their kids and how they’re handling everything. Mackenzie thinks Gannon is showing signs of anxiety so Josh suggests they take him to a doctor. Mackenzie doesn’t want to go that route out of fear that Gannon will be prescribed anxiety medication – something she says made her “extremely crazy and suicidal” and caused her to wreck her car. 

After their chat, Mackenzie and Josh sit Gannon down and Mackenzie tells him she heard him crying on the porch recently. Gannon tells her “it was someone else.”

“Don’t look at me.”

Mackenzie tells Gannon it’s “not embarrassing to have feelings” and he tells her, “yes it is.” 

“That’s my boy!”

After a bit of coaxing, Gannon reveals that when he spends the night at someone’s house, he feels “uncomfortable” and worries something bad is going to happen. He ends the talk with his parents by telling him that he’s thirsty.

“No Gannon, your dad is the thirsty one in the family.”

We head back to Tennessee, where Ryan and Mackenzie (the other one) are talking about Bentley breaking up with his girlfriend. (Apparently that’s the big gossip these days?)  Ryan jokes about how emotional Bentley got about the breakup, and states that he thinks his son is “gonna be one of those guys who ‘boo-hoo’ cries” over girls, and one of the guys who keeps getting dumped by girls so they can laugh at him.

Um…what kind of evil 11-year-old girls live in Tennessee!? Are they just, like, watching JoJo Siwa videos on YouTube and plotting ways to destroy the hearts of the boys in their class? Jesus God Leah.

“I’ve never been one of those feelings guys, and look how far it got me!”

Across town, Taylor and Bentley are playing ping pong in the giant garage of their Mountain MTV Mansion. Taylor casually brings up Bentley’s breakup, and Bentley informs him that it was him who broke up with her, thank you very much, because she was out running her mouth. Taylor encourages him to stay single for a while, and poor Bentley looks like he’d rather be anywhere—- even Farrah‘s driveway Porta-Potty in the middle of a Texas summer— than here having this convo on camera. 

“Oh, good God…please make this stop.”

Taylor encourages Bentley to be respectful to girls, but also not let them walk all over him (i.e. don’t allow them to force you into taking a lie-detector test or something…) Bentley looks like he is just dying and wants this conversation to be over.

Hey, kid! You gotta earn your keep! If they made poor Leah Shirley shave her legs for the first time on-camera, you’ve gotta put in your Very Special “growing up” moments, too! If this show gets cancelled for being too boring, your Ma and Taylor will be hawking wholesale leather-pocketed T-shirts on the side of the road! 

Later, Taylor reports back to Maci that The Talk has happened.

“We’re in, like, a new, like, phase of parenting!” Taylor declares. “Like, he’s almost a teenager…and stuff…”

Producer JC asks Maci if she thinks Ryan should also talk to Bentley about this. 

“Absolutely not,” she says. (I mean, to be fair, Ol’ Ry hasn’t had the best track record being respectful to women…or staying awake, so it’s probably better to let Taylor handle this one.) 

When you know a strongly worded letter is going to arrive as soon as Mackenzie watches this scene, but you don’t even care…

Maci says she doesn’t think Ryan would be able to take “The Talk” seriously. Taylor says he can’t even think of one thing nice to say about Ryan so he’s not going to say anything. (Um…you just did, buddy!) 

Maci compliments Taylor for the way he conducts himself as a man, and tells him that Bentley looks up to him because of how he treats women and people in general. 

Back in California, Cory is home from ‘The Challenge.’ Taylor meets him at the airport and the two of them head to Cheyenne’s house since Ryder isn’t able to leave the house while she’s recovering. Though Ryder is still on the mend, she seems to have her priorities straight while awaiting her dad’s arrival.

“Welcome home! Where’s my cut of that cash?”

After Ryder reunites with her cash cow dad, they all sit down and Cheyenne goes into detail about Ryder’s health scare. Cory says coming home from ‘The Challenge’ and hearing this news is the “worst nightmare” but he’s relieved that Ryder is OK.

“Sorry this was such a nightmare for you, dad… “

Cory thanks Cheyenne and compliments her for being able to “do it all.” 

“I love doing this whole co-parenting thing with you,” he says. “You make it very easy on me and I appreciate you for that.” 

“I hope you and I can co-parent this well one day.”
“Wait, what?”

Cheyenne thanks Cory for the kind words and says he ”should go away more often.”

Meanwhile, Catelynn and Tyler have flown to NYC to meet with the Little Spoon baby food people. Catelynn has her bangs all done up like a sperm for some reason, and has tied her April Easter curls into a struggle bun. 

Little Spoons/Little Sperm… same/same

Catelynn tells Tyler that her goal is to convince these people to let her partner with them, so she can bring blended-up peas and carrots to the masses. Catelynn tells Ty how intimidating it is to have to go in front of the founders of a company and present her ideas.

Um…that’s literally exactly what Tyler did last episode with the sweatshop kiddie clothing people, Cate. Just sayin’…

Luckily, Tyler is full of killer marketing slogans, such as “Honestly, all kids have to eat!” 

(I say stick with the Butch slogan I suggested, guys…)

Tyler tells Cate to tell these people she wants to be a “pioneer for their movement.” 

Oh, Jesus God Leah. In two weeks, they’ll be getting her voicemail and Googling to see if she’s still alive because she won’t return their calls because it got “too overwhelming.” 

“Whatever happens, at least we got a story line, a trip to New York and a fancy meal out of this crap.”

The next day is the big baby food meeting, and Cate has her April Easter curls freshly wound and cascading down her back. (Did she use Butch’s lopped-off rat-tail to fill it in? How did she get so much hair all of a sudden?)

After snapping some pics for The ‘Gram to prove she was there, Cate meets with the Little Spoon founders. 

But…but…why does Catelynn look like she’s ready to embark on the Rhythm Nation Tour circa 1990?

They somehow all refrain from commenting on Catelynn’s ridiculous hair and makeup, and instead chat about how they can use the fame Cate has garnered from pushing a kid out of her underage hoo-ha 11 years ago. Cate slickly inserts the fact that she has “3.5 million followers,” most of whom are “maaahms.” They all agree to make a video featuring Catelynn chopping vegetables. 

Or something…I don’t really know. I can’t stop staring at Catelynn’s eyeshadow during this scene so I have no clue what they said.

Back in Indiana, Amber drags Dimitri to her psychiatrist appointment. (The poor guy probably thinks that every time he gets into the car with Amber he’s about to be poked, prodded or polygraphed!)

On the drive over, Amber says that being with Dimitri is completely different than being with any of her exes.

Um…that’s probably because HE CAN’T SPEAK ENGLISH and therefore can’t talk back! 

“You know that I would never hurt if you hurt,” Dimitri tells Amber.

“Dimitri’s ‘American Phrases’ book no include stuff about mental health.”

Once she gets to her appointment, Amber tells her psychiatrist all about how she made Dimitri take a lie-detector test and how he passed it. (This poor doctor has to sit there and act like this is all totally normal, of course.) Amber says she’s afraid that her relationship with Dimitri will turn out like the other ones.

Well…probably stop hitting them and screaming horrible things at them whenever they tick you off. That will change a lot of stuff…

The doctor determines that Amber growing up with an alcoholic father has a lot to do with her being horrible as an adult. 

Well, you know, that and the macheting and the stair-kicking and whatnot…

That’s all kids! Until next time…keep your baby’s food free of heavy metal…oh, and emo music. Everyone hates that crap…

To read The Ashley’s recap of the previous episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ click here

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. i really hate that amber was not let go from the show. i can not stand her voice, face, excuses, comments, etc etc. i can barely get through her segments which sucks because they’re so long. Cate is annoying AF. she is the pioneer of nothing. she did not in any way invent making your own baby food. nor is she responsible for bringing awareness to it or making it popular or trendy, so just sit down. why any company would reach out to her if all people is beyond me. also, how convenient that they had footage of her blending up baby food and then she suddenly gets a call from a baby food company??? come on already.

    bentley looks so over all of this.

  2. Rhine is so jealous of Bentley. He’s got this weird sibling rivalry going on with his own son, it’s really sad to watch. And Mack is playing right into the evil step mother role by egging Rhine on in the bashing of Bentley. I really hope Bentley lets any criticism coming from Rhine the junkie go in one ear and straight out the other. Bentley seems like a wonderful kid, super kind hearted, soft spoken, and an all around good human…and I would hate for a junkie’s taunting/opinion of him mess up his childhood or any part of him.

    1. Bentley is a great, talented kid that has a team of great role models around him. I don’t think he would take anything Rhine has to say with more than a grain of salt.

  3. I gotta say something about this. Gannon being afraid to show his feelings about his grandma’s death and Bentley being ridiculed by his own father about his emotional breakup is EXACTLY why some guys grow up to bottle it all inside and kill themselves when they’re older. A man showing his feelings is NOT A WEAKNESS, I love emotional guys (always have, always will) and think it’s really important for a man to show them and cry if he needs to. Can we, in 2020, stop with the whole “boys don’t cry, only girls are that emotional” opinions?! It’s honestly harmful when some guys like Ryan want to raise their male offspring to bottle it all inside, hey dude, maybe that’s why you went to drugs and became a jerk?! You honestly don’t see any problem in how you’re acting towards YOUR OWN CHILD?! Honestly I’m glad Bentley has Taylor (although I do think ‘the talk’ at such a young age is a bit too soon but better be safe than sorry I guess) and Mack acted mature about Gannon’s grief (I give her props for telling her son it’s okay to be sad) so I am hopeful these two have right people in their life who will teach them it’s okay to be an emotional person even if you’re male.

  4. The amount of makeup the girls are wearing is getting a little much, don’t you think. I thought Cate was trying to kill Batman on that business trip she was on.

    stay lit

  5. CATE’S BANGS. WHY. They’ve never bothered me as much as they have this season. SURELY a good hairdresser would be able to suggest something that actually works for her hair, hairline and face shape. This weird chunk is just awful and I hate ittttt.

    Also Ryan is a piece of shit. He just keeps getting worse which you would think is impossible, but no.

  6. MTV needs to get rid of ryan & company
    Make those losers have to get a J O B !!

    I don’t watch anymore, but love the Ashley re cap.

  7. Thank you the Ashley, your recaps are so much more entertaining than the actual show! Catelynn is just lazy as hell, I’d be very surprised if she sticks to the baby food thing. I don’t know why Maci thought it was a great idea to have a sex talk with an 11 year old on camera. I have to say that Taylor is a stand up guy. He really seems to genuinely love Bentley and he is more of a father than Ryan will ever be. Ryan doesn’t even act like Bentley’s friend, he acts like the big mean kid in the back of the bus that throws spit-wads in your hair & laughs. I can’t anymore with Amber, it’s victim TV all day every day & it’s exhausting. I don’t know what to think about the whole Mackenzie & Josh situation. I feel horrible for her that her Mom died & if Gannon is struggling than maybe he does need to talk to someone. If you don’t want your kid on anxiety medication, you say I’m not putting my kid on anxiety medicine. It’s as simple as that.

    1. Haha, I just realized I forgot all about Cheyenne if that tells you anything! Oh well, Ryder is cute!

  8. Cate is not healthy. It’s a strange choice for the company to want her as their spokesperson.

    Poor Bentley. These people just love humiliating their children on tv. Were you joking when you said Leah Shirley shaved her legs for the first time on tv? Or did that actually happen?

    1. Yes that actually happened. Poor Leah had to have her first leg shaving experience on the show.

  9. You really got to see the difference off parenting this week between maci and Ryan. Maci and Taylor had a nice, age appropriate, and inclusive discussion about respect and consent in a relationship, while Ryan decided to make fun of his 11 year old for being sensitive about a break up. Like yes Ryan, in the grand scheme of things a relationship Bentley has in the fifth grade won’t be important, but when you’re that age, everything is a big deal to you! Once again, Ryan is demonstrating that he is a big pile of steaming hot TRASH, and so is his useless wife. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

    1. Ryan is so disgusting. Like who constantly makes fun of their 11 year old SON??? I always say this, but I honestly wonder how Bentley truly views Ryan. Probably the same way Leah really views Amber, and Jace actually views Jenelle: as a pathetic older sibling, not their PARENT. So sad

      1. I think Bentley is embarrassed of him, every time you see them together Bentley never looks like he’s having a good time or even cares to have a close relationship with him.

    2. YUP! I think that’s what his problem is. He doesn’t like that Jen and Larry give Bentley more attention, so Rhine tries to bring down his 11 YEAR OLD SON, like he’s his annoying little brother or something. He does what siblings do when there is a large age gap, or when one gets more attention from their parents. Gracy did something similar when Ali was getting more attention for her condition, HOWEVER, the twins are what 7!? and a 7 year old Gracy has shown more maturity with her feelings about Ali’s condition than a 32 year old Rhine has with Bentley. It’s sickening. Rhine is a spoiled BRAT.

  10. Imagine being such a loser that you make fun of your 11 year old son for being more mature than you and for having respect for women. What’s more embarrassing Ryan? An 11 year old boy crying after his first “break up” or a 30 some odd deadbeat with 3 kids who doesn’t support his family, can barely string a sentence together and has been in and out of rehab and jail for the last several years. Oh and newsflash Ryan, you’re currently STILL babied more by your own parents than Bentley is. Man he grinds my gears.

  11. Ambers storyline has nothing to do with being a teen mom/raising kids. They’re all about her boyfriends, mental & legal problems.

    Also catelynns concern about baby food is humorous. What does she think grandma April is feeding these kids back at her house while she babysits for a week? Surely April is not puréeing vegetables and cooking Nova an arsenic-free organic meal in between having a beer and a smoke.

  12. Poor Dimitri wanted to live that sweet, sweet American life but ends up glued to a couch taking a lie detector test and visiting a psychiatrist for Ambie…

  13. Thank you for the awesome recap! Allowing me enjoy the snark without having to sacrifice signficant time watching the train wreck.

  14. Around of applause to The Ashely for this recap, I laughed out loud so many times at these morons. I stopped watching a few seasons back and can not believe how insane this show has gotten. First off I CANNOT STAND AMBER she annoys every part of my soul and I don’t get how she keeps finding soulmates that put up with her crap. Cate and Tyler are complete bums, I don’t even have enough energy to get into these two. Maci is the closest (except Chelsea from TM2) to having her shit together she’s just ran out of things to talk about about 4 seasons ago and it’s getting old. MacKenzie is just desperate to be on tv but I feel bad for her because of losing her mom and unfortunately a lot of people can relate to her in that way. Cheyanne or however you spell her name is just spoiled and boring she has also ran out of things to talk about and she’s only been on for 2 seasons. Please MTV just cancelled these idiots so the Ashley can update us on how quick all of them fall completely on their faces.

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