Teen Mom News Pile: Jade Cline Splits With Sean Austin; Jenelle Evans Explains Away David Eason’s Fat-Shaming of Kail Lowry & More

“Bye for now! I can’t quit you, Sean…or fluorescent eyeshadow!”

From breaking up to breaking down fat-shaming, the stars of the Teen Mom franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately!

In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile. Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so.

Jade Cline Confirms She’s (Already) Split From Sean Austin (Again)

“So…same as usual? I’ll see ya in a month or so and we’ll try again?” 

It’s over (again) for Jade and her baby daddy Sean!

The on-and-off ‘Teen Mom 2’ pair is off again, just a month after Jade posted photos from a sexy time couples’ photoshoot and proclaimed on social media how proud of Sean she was.

“Loving you has always felt so right,” Jade wrote to Sean at the time. “I’m so proud of you… You’ve proved people who’ve mad mistakes can change, evolve, improve, and learn. It hasn’t always been easy but it’s always been worth it. Cheers  to us and forever.”

Jade—- who, as you may remember, posed for Valentine’s Day photos with her in red lingerie and Sean shirtless and in red pants (as you do)— revealed in an Instagram Live Q&A session on Wednesday that she and Sean have split. She also reacted when a fan told her that Sean is already allegedly trolling Tinder (to find another woman to pay for photos of him posing shirtless, we can assume).

Does this mean we won’t be treated to an Easter-themed photoshoot?

When Jade was asked if she was single, she replied, “Yasssss.” She also got a good chuckle after finding out that her ex was is allegedly on The Tinder.

“IM SCREAMINGGGGG they can have him lmaooooooo,” she replied.

Although Jade had previously hinted that she and Sean might have gotten married earlier this year, she confirmed that statement was false.

“LOL I never got married,” she wrote.

“The right decisions sometimes aren’t the easiest and it sucks but whatever lol,” Jade wrote. “Just know I’m doing me.”

Sadly (for us), all traces of Jade and Sean’s satiny lovefest photoshoot have been deleted from Jade’s social media.

Farewell to Sean’s satiny pants. We hardly knew ye…

Jenelle Evans Reveals Why David Eason Fat-Shamed Kail Lowry Last Year & Admits He “Is Not the Skinniest Guy” Himself

“He was voice-less, I tell ya! It wasn’t his fault!”

Jenelle recently explained the reasons her husband David fat-shamed her former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star (and current nemesis) Kail Lowry back in May 2020.

In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Jenelle stated that David made fun of photos showing Kail in her bathing suit because he wanted to hurt her after she talked about him on her Coffee Convo podcast.

“I feel like David and Kailyn went at each other a lot. So, I think it was more like David wasn’t trying to say anything about her image, but more hurt her feelings at that time,” Jenelle told the magazine.


She then stated that David isn’t exactly The King of Svelteness himself.

“He’s not the skinniest guy and he knows that,” Jenelle said.

In fact, according to Jenelle, David only made fun of Kail’s weight because he needed to find an outlet to get back at Kail after he was spoken about on the podcast.

“He was trying to say something to hurt her feelings because she was doing the same through her podcast,” Jenelle said. “And David felt like he didn’t have a voice.” 

Jenelle swears, though, that David isn’t the voiceless, fat-shaming man he used to be.

“He’s changed a lot,” Jenelle insisted.

MTV Released This Snoozefest of a Trailer for the New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season

“If we don’t find some drama somewhere, we can kiss this show— and our giant MTV paychecks— goodbye, y’all!”

Here we are again. Another spring and we’re still watching the same girls (plus a few new additions) dealing with the same crap from the same guys. You’d think that 1) MTV would finally realize that they’ve milked these cash cows dry of literally every last drop and/or 2) we would have gotten lives ourselves and stopped watching this junk but… here we are.

This week, MTV released the first trailer for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10B and it’s quite…underwhelming, even for ‘Teen Mom.’

The trailer starts by declaring the moms to be in “full bloom.” Because it’s spring, get it? 

Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, we see Jade saying she doesn’t want to marry Sean; Leah talks about  needing an ultrasound; and Briana getting a tattoo from her boo in what appears to be some sort of garage (as you do).

The 30-second clip also introduces Ashley Jones, who will be joining the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast for this season. 

“I would like to go on record and say that if this season sucks, it’s not my fault. This show was already in the toilet way before I joined.”

In terms of excitement, watching this trailer is equivalent to watching the paint dry on Kail’s 300th newly redecorated home. Who would have guessed that we’d someday long for the days of Barbara shoveling laundry baskets of crap out of her house and screaming at Jenelle to “GET OUT! GET OUT!” 

Ahh, memories….

In case you’re one of the dozen or so people who are excited for this new season to start, it will premiere on Tuesday, May 4 on MTV. 

You can watch the trailer below!

Kayla Sessler says the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant girls don’t get the same treatment as the ‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls

“We’re just as messy valuable as the other moms!”

After a considerable amount of run-around from production, the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant cast finally learned in the fall that they were getting a Season 3. However, now they’ve been left wondering when the season will see the light of day. 

While doing a Q&A on Instagram this week, Kayla Sessler revealed that Season 3 was supposed to premiere next month after ’Teen Mom 2,’ but now she’s being told it won’t air until August. Kayla claimed the cast was getting the run-around (again) because they don’t receive the same treatment as the other ‘Teen Mom’ shows. 

“MTV doesn’t treat Y&P the same way they treat OG & 2 and then wonder why our ratings aren’t where they should be,” she said. 

Kayla assured fans that she’s “trying” to hurry things along, adding that ‘Young & Pregnant’ has “been off air for wayyyy too long!” 

As The Ashley told you in December, filming for ‘Young & Pregnant’ had be shut down temporarily on four of the five girls’ stories due to COVID exposure; however, Kayla did not comment on whether or not that contributed to the delayed Season 3 premiere. 

Kayla did confirm that she finished filming in December and, although she doesn’t have a sneak peek for fans, she promised them “it’s by far the most drama filled season” she’s had. 

Along with Kayla, Season 2 cast members Rachel Beaver, Kaiya Elliott and Brianna Jaramillo will return for Season 3. 

Some of the girls, such as Rachel Beaver, continued to film for the season up until recently.

The Beavs, with their crew, after completing filming for the upcoming season…

To catch up on more recent ‘Teen Mom’ news, click here!

(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

17 Responses

  1. Doesn’t these girl ever get embarrassed about how much they make up from break up..Jade, McKenzie, and Ashley… I’m looking at you?

  2. To be fair the Y&P does not bring as many viewers as TM or TM2 to the table. MTV is not responsible for the ratings ..so the girls just are different And does not drawl such a big Crowell like TM does..

    Bringing Ashley on as a TM2 is a joke..Did we forget about how violent she is ..the lie she told On her BD to get him arrested And she forgot she was videotaping her self ..beating herself … while calling out the BD …Oh that’s right ..that’s exactly what MTV loves. Why fire Farrah and Jenelle just to keep Amber and now Ashley on??? Disgusting

  3. What is the point of that trailer? They didn’t even try to make it interesting! After this insane and stressful year- I said “no more” teen mom viewing. The original seasons just solidified that feeling. This crap is so boring. I don’t know how people watch this any more.

  4. Those bedroom pics look like a mom trying to get her toddler to behave. Take a good pic with mommy and I’ll buy you a new video game. He repulses me.

  5. Sean is completely worthless but you know they’ll back together by Monday. She could do so much better.

  6. David made fun of Kail because she hurt his feelings by telling the truth? WTF ever Jenelle! Your husband is trash and you’re trash for staying with him.

  7. The Young and Pregnant girls are a LOT more interesting than the old lady gang of Teen Mom 2. MTV ought to spend more time with them and with their edit, and this time around explain to them how the TAX system works here in America.

  8. Jenelle’s excuse for David body shaming Kail is that he was trying to hurt her…..so in other words he was being a bully. How in the f*ck is bullying an acceptable excuse and without an apology no less? Does she really think people are gonna be like “oh ok that’s fine then” she is truly delusional.

  9. Imagine having a “man” you have to defend for fat-shaming a co-worker because that was the only outlet he felt he had to get back at Kail talking about him. Oh, so much to unwrap here. First of all, we all know that his poor widdle ego is so sensitive because he is and feels impotent {Impotent: Adjective 1. unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.} He has to have his idiot wife take care of him and his kids, and for a Tiger King-Sasquatch MF’er like that, you knows nags at him every waking minute, that’s why he is so petty and violent. Second, they are running out of money and that pre-fab house is not going to stay above sea level on hopes and prayers, shouldn’t he be working during the day? He’s a piece of s**t, he knows it, she knows it, this is why he wanted to isolate them out on the Land so he can feel like the big man. The two of them deserve each other.

    Also, why is Jade a cast member? Why did they take that picture? Why would she publish this? I hope she’s not hitting that pipe with him.

  10. Jade on a Sean broke up this week. She will shit talk him & then she will get back together with him yet again. Then, we will hear how much he has really changed this time and she’s super proud of him. Again. ::yawn::

    I was really underwhelmed with the preview too. I really feel like this show has run its course. And, I do think that MTV treats Y&P different. In all honesty, Y&P holds my attention more. Especially the very dysfunctional Beaver Bunch.

  11. idk why jade’s trying to be silly with it like she’s not gonna let him move back in next week and take him back a month later.
    jenelle should be the last person to spread body positivity when her and david have never apologized to kail. i don’t support body shaming but if anybody deserves to get fat shamed it’s jenelle ??‍♀️

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