EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ is Coming Back After All! Here’s How Season 3 Will Work

“We’re back in the money, ladies!”

After months of trying to decide whether or not to pull the plug on Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, MTV has decided to give the show another chance, despite its less-than-stellar ratings last season. 

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ is coming back for Season 3. The Ashley’s sources tell her the decision was made recently, and all the girls have been told. Although the contracts have not officially been signed yet, The Ashley is told that all of the girls from Season 2– Kayla Sessler, Ashley Jones, Rachel Beaver, Kaiya Elliott and Brianna Jaramillo— will be back for the next season.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that filming is scheduled to begin for Season 3 during the third week of September. The show’s crew will be subjected to the same rules that the producers and crews of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG are, due to COVID-19. (As The Ashley previously told you, the crew for each girl will be living in a “quarantine bubble” and will be unable to have visitors or go home for about seven weeks.) 

“They are quarantining the crew one week at hotel [in the states] where they live. Then one week here before filming,” a source tells The Ashley. “They are in the process of getting crew and producers signed on for each girl.” 

“If they’re fixin’ to set them up at that new Super 8 up near the Walmart, you best believe I’ll be usin’ their pool!”

The source added that MTV is hoping to get 12 episodes for the new season. 

The renewal came as a shock to both the girls and most of the behind-the-scenes people behind the show. As The Ashley previously reported, the cast was given the run-around by the production company for months about whether or not the show would be renewed. (It was never officially cancelled, though, despite media reports saying otherwise.)

One cast member told The Ashley back in March what the producers had been telling the girls about getting another season.

“We have still not heard from 11th Street Productions and it’s now almost the second week of March,” the cast source said at the time. “They keep pushing back the timeline to give us the final word. We’ve been told that when Viacom and CBS merged, it messed with the show and that some people who work on the show have had their positions change and that’s supposedly the delay, but we’re not really buying it anymore.” 

Now that the decision has been made to go forward with Season 3, fans of the franchise can expect whole heap of new ‘Teen Mom’ episodes. Crews were sent out to begin filming the new season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ earlier this week, and ‘Teen Mom OG’ has been renewed for another season as well.

“OK, fine, MTV! I’ll come back. Stop begging me. I realize your silence means you want me on one of your shows again!”

In addition, MTV is currently working on getting another season of 16 and Pregnant made and launched. (The Ashley will have more info on that soon!) 

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  1. What is with these disgusting long ass nails. Obviously none of these girls have had a job with these unpractical nails. Yuck! Just imagine all the bacteria and gross scum caught underneath those fake ass nails as they take care of their children.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    when this show is coming out?

  3. Never watched the show but the first picture of them all on the couch looks like the girl on the far right is trying to fart ….

    1. No, Beaver mom- “everyone” most certainly has NOT driven drunk at one time or another- and making bullshit excuses like that are EXACTLY why you have a daughter who crashed drunk at 20. She’s lucky she didn’t kill anyone else, but I don’t feel the slightest bit bad for anyone who takes themselves out doing something so horrific and awful. I have family out there every day, and it is infuriating that people like her think it’s “just a young stupid mistake that everyone has done”. No. No we haven’t. Some of us called cabs, walked, and didn’t get black out drunk at 20, let alone deciding to drive that way. Don’t you dare defend her, she deserves every bit of pain she feels from that crash, and I hope to hell they didn’t give her any narcotics to deal with it either. Next thing we know, y’all will be blaming the doctors that she’s a junkie too, since you don’t seem to think she deserves to take responsibility.

  4. Yay!!! I love this franchise! Just don’t start paying them too much, so the show will will at least bear some semblance to what it’s like to be a teen parent. And I just can’t get enough of the trashy Beaver’s!!

  5. This is by far my favorite Teen Mom franchise. So much more realistic at this point. Plus I can’t look away from the Beaver family!

  6. I’m glad they are getting another season. I love watching that Beaver family. Honestly, I find all the girls on this franchise still interesting, and the subjects still raw, showing us that teenage pregnancy isn’t always driving range rovers, and getting high with your boooooyfriend!!! Oh wait..

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