Briana DeJesus Wants Jenelle Evans to Return to ‘Teen Mom 2’: Says Jenelle “Made the Show What It Is Today” But Admits They Don’t Talk Much

“That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell everyone, dude!”

As Teen Mom 2 prepares to enter another Jenelle Evans-free season, Briana DeJesus reveals she’d actually like to see her former co-star (and sometimes-friend) return to the reality series.

In a new interview with Hollywood Life, Briana wishes Jenelle the best, admitting that the two of them don’t really keep in touch anymore.

“I just hope she has a safe life,” Briana said. “Sometimes we comment on each other’s Instagram Stories, but we don’t talk as much as we used to.”

She acknowledged that ‘Teen Mom 2’ just isn’t the same without Jenelle (and her antics).

“She was on ‘Teen Mom 2’ for a long time,” Briana said. “She kind of made the show what it is today.” 

Pretty much.

Briana went on to say it was “unfortunate” how events “transpired” after MTV fired Jenelle last year, referring to the incident in which Jenelle’s husband David Eason killed Jenelle’s dog in May, followed by the couple temporarily losing custody of their kids. 

Jenelle and David went on to split that fall, though they’ve since reunited (and split and reunited again).

In her defense, Jenelle has been super busy.

In the midst of Jenelle’s custody drama last summer, Briana defended her former co-star, arguing that “all kids should be with their moms, especially the younger ones.” 

The following month, however, Briana revealed she and Jenelle were no longer friends due to a comment she made in an interview when asked if she thought Jenelle would return to ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

“She sent me a text message telling me she can’t trust me,” Briana said last year of the then-severed friendship. “ … The irony is I’m the only one on the cast who had her back and was her friend and filmed with her when no one else would. But if she wants to act like that, so be it. I have no issues with Jenelle personally, but she’s chosen to have an issue with me and that’s her prerogative. I wish her the best.” 

Bri and Jenelle eventually mended their feud.

In her new interview with Hollywood Life, Bri assured fans that, even without Jenelle, ‘Teen Mom 2’  is still “definitely a s**t show…”

“There are definitely a lot of up and downs,” she added. “You’ll see a lot of breaking points.”

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23 Responses

  1. The Ashley, PLEASE recap Jenelle’s YouTube “show” that she directed, edited, produced, blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to watch it, but we all could use something new to laugh at.

  2. The kids are getting too old for MTV to stop filming this. I mean, at this point, they’re probably just waiting in hope to be there to catch the first teen pregnancy of the next generation.

  3. This show is going down the drain as fast as OG. Briana May think Jenelle with all her trash may be a save in grace. I think Jade brought brought enough to fill the spot .
    There’s nothing left, having more kids for a story isn’t making the cut anymore. In 10 years they’ve brought us 17 children and only one HEALTHY marriage.
    Kail having babies as a single mother and getting better and better than anyone ( in her mind).. OLD
    Brianna bitching about her baby daddies..OLD
    LEAH “living her best life “ and over coming her low self esteem…OLD
    Chelsea building in the country, expanding her family , calling daddy immediately for every problem that arises, putting her name on lines that most her viewers can’t afford …OLD
    Jade .. we’ve overcome enough of this trashy crap, who wants to watch it all over again…VERY OLD
    Shut it down already

  4. Hm right, MTV is probably using the lower ratings to pay the cast less. Wich wasnt in Bri’s plans.

    I can’t imagine being a caring and loving mother to your own children and care so little about other people’s children that you want the gravy train to stop at the house of horrors again so you can make a couple of bucks more, while they can continue their harmful lifestyle and afford better lawyers than the system can.

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Your about you and dump*ss husband and not your kids!
    He’s living off of you and the kids, that’s why he got you pregnant, to keep your money! You should have gone no prenup before you married him!

  6. Nope, Jenelle should not be back on Teen Mom 2. She does not deserve to be back on there, that’s saying that her and David’s behavior is perfectly fine and it’s not. I hope MTV keeps their sense and never re-hires her or hires her for anything else. After her trainwreck of a youtube video she uploaded last night they’d be stupid to think about it again. Jenelle’s kid definitely don’t need to be with her. I wish somebody would realize this and get those kids out of there for good, but they’ll want to when it’s wayyyy too late.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I think Jenelle should be back on MTV she was on there from the beginning everybody messes up in life nobody’s perfect and I know a lot of people they’re not watching because she is not on there it should be there original cast just like it’s been from the start I’ve been following them from the time they got pregnant up until now if you don’t like her keep it to your f****** self

    2. That video was awful and pointless. I’ve only seen the highlights on IG, I refuse to give her views aka money…She lost her shit on Ensley, Barb is a flip floppin hussla who is now team Jenelle and David knowing good and well they’re trash people, and David looked like a filthy animal who hasn’t bathed once during the pandemic. Then he sat there and once again tried to justify murdering a puppy, because he allowed his feral child (Ensley) to get in the dog’s face and start antagonizing it. The 1st thing parents should be teaching their kids when they get a dog, is to NEVER put their face close to the dogs face, thats how they get bit…but he’s too stupid to realize you can never justify killing a perfectly healthy puppy who could have been rehomed. TRASH PEOPLE.

  7. Bringing back Jenelle would be rewarding her and her blockhead of a spouse. Those two really need to see how the rest of us live, working an actual JOB, parenting without weekly lawyer meetings, and disciplining our pets instead of killing them.

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