Jenelle Evans’ Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Briana DeJesus Says Jenelle Should Regain Custody of Her Children: “All Kids Should Be With Their Moms”

Describe Jenelle and David’s custody case in four words or less…

Briana DeJesus is coming to the defense of her former Teen Mom 2 co-star, Jenelle Evans, stating that Jenelle should have never lost custody of her various offspring.

While Briana didn’t defend or comment on Jenelle’s actual parenting skills, she did tell Radar Online that Jenelle’s kids— Jace, Kaiser and Ensley— should be with Jenelle simply because she is their mother.

“I believe all kids should be with their moms, especially the younger ones,” Briana told the site.

Bri stated that it’s been a while since she’s chatted with Jenelle, given the fact that Jenelle and her husband David Eason have spent the last month or so battling in court to try to regain custody of their kids, after having them removed from The Land in May.

“I haven’t spoken to Jenelle in a bit due to the fact that she’s clearly tied up, dealing with a lot right now,” Briana said.

As The Ashley told you, David took the stand for the first time on Monday, and will most likely be testifying during the hearing scheduled for Wednesday. Jenelle has remained by David’s side, even after he shot and killed her dog, Nugget, in May, and has been outspoken that she plans to stay with David.

Briana reminded ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans that they don’t know the full story behind Jenelle’s actions and decisions.

“Leave Jenelle alooooone!”

“While lots of people are judging, they need to take a step back and remember that they’ve never lived her life,” Briana told Radar. “They don’t know the exact ins and outs of what she’s dealing with just because of what they think they’ve seen on TV.”

“Everyone’s situation is different, but I really hope this all works out, especially for the kids’ sake,” she added.

When Jenelle was fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ back in May, Briana was in Jenelle’s corner, stating that she felt bad for her friend.

“I am sad for her,” Briana said at the time. “I wish there was some kind of compromise for all of this. She worked her ass off for so long to just be thrown to the wolves,” Briana told the publication. “I hope she gets everything she ever wanted and I just want her to flourish! She will be OK. As far as David, it sucks that his actions caused all of this but this is what it is and there’s no going back.”

UPDATE! Shortly after The Ashley posted this story, Briana responded in a tweet.

“All children should be with their parents but I said every situation is different and won’t comment on hers. That’s all.”

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103 Responses

    Oh sorry Brianna, I must have been imagining things( along with the rest of the world) when Nathan dragged Kaiser across the yard just about pulling his arm out of the socket!
    Or the time Kaiser was hungry and Jenelle (again) yanked him up by the arm and practically slam dunked him into his high chair
    The amount of times that have shown the kids absolutely terrified…….
    Would you like me to go on as to why Jennelle should have her kids !

  2. Children also deserve a good father, but Bri doesn’t seem too concerned about that for her own children. Sit down girl, your hypocrisy is showing.

    1. She’s still trying to find one , maybe baby number 3 might get the position…..If not she can try again.

  3. Honestly I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion…….. But HONESTLY some people leave me speechless and shaking my head !
    SHE’S GIVEN THEM TEN YEARS OF HER LIFE , THEREFORE SHE SHOULD GET THE KIDS BACK!!!!! .They’re human beings ( who have mind you been abused in that 10 years). It’s not like you put in a certain amount of time and get a gold watch!

  4. Um no. Kids should be with whatever parent is the best. If both parents suck then go to the next responsible adult.

  5. Lol all kids should be with their mom are you dumb yeah they should be but it’s not the kids fault that their mother put them in this situation and put herself in the position to lose them! It’s not about what we see on tv it was that then a judge and cps workers wouldn’t have taken them from her care if there wasn’t any damning evidence that they weren’t safe in her home it’s not rocket science Brianna smh David’s own daughter took the stand and said exactly what she witnessed being in the home and doesn’t want anything to do with them what does that tell you dumb broad

  6. Briana needs to grow some brain cells

    Her mom hasn’t cut the umbilical cord with her and the ghetto trash daughters she’s dragged up.

    1. Do they ever move out of that lounge room? They’re constantly laying around like sloths!!!!!! Do mum and sister have employment? Or is MTV their pay check ?

  7. On the subject of what children need, it also includes having “ample” space to grow and develop. This is opposed to being stacked on top of each other in overcrowded apartments — where adults often let F bombs and other cuss words related to “all men are dogs” fly freely.

    Perhaps this may be something to think about instead of Jenelle’s problems right now, Bri. Also realizing that seemingly whenever Jenelle has a man in her life — a close friendship with anyone else always comes in as a VERY distant second.

    1. I get claustrophobic just looking at this lot !!!!!!!
      The kids never go outside and play!
      Brianna sits around with the miserable face of doom on her !
      Mother is constantly making her “requirements” from the NEXT boyfriend known!
      Sister lays around like a sloth with a never-ending slurpee!

        1. It would drive me mad ! Obviously the mother and sister have got no lives of their own and live through Brianna.
          They should start watching what they’re saying around the kids too! They’re CONSTANTLY bagging men, and complaining about what men have or /haven’t done.
          I’ve noticed that Nova tends to play around their feet alot (because there’s no room anywhere else) but you can tell she’s listening out with one ear, and she’s acts reallly BRATTY kind of child! A spoilt sook !

    1. Men come and go if you’re a whore. If you find the right guy then he isn’t going to leave. When I have a kid, my guy will still be first. Kids end up leaving and having their own lives. It’s dumb to place them above your significant other.

  8. “All kids should be with there mom” is exactly the astonishing naivety that I expect from Briana. I swear to god the girl has a learning disability.

    1. I agree ,,,,, Giving birth doesn’t always necessarily make “The Mother ” the better parent !

    2. I wonder if Brianna meant HER mum when she said all kids should be with their mum !!!!!!. Its Briannas mum and sister who are always butting their noses in…… But just as well they do, Brianns is clueless!

  9. Briana is clearly very stupid, and needs to stfu. She says herself she hasnt even talked to her, but she’s so thirsty she has to release a statement anyway. Is she blind, has she never actually seen the swamp of horrors?

    1. I doubt that she’s seen the swamp of horrors. She’s got a new boyfriend now so that will leave Brianna NO TIME for any friends.

      On a completely different note, She’s not a very good walking advertisement for that PLASTIC SURGEON she went to! She looks fatter than I remember her!

        1. Its FREAKING massive! And same as her stomach!!!!! DEFINITELY not a great walking advertisement for this surgeon…… I’D BE ASKING FOR MY MONEY BACK !

  10. Children who are raised in abusive, volatile, violent and neglectful homes have the deck stacked against them. Many go on to deal with their pain in healthy ways and go on to lead productive lives. But too too many grow up to repeat and reenact that abusive scenario or become depressed, addicted or violent themselves. Being raised by a psychopath is NOT A GOOD THING BRIANNA!

    1. Being a physcopath dosen’t matter…. . ..As long as it’s the MOTHER physcopath.
      Typical Brianna! Vacant upstairs!!!!

  11. If she genuinely feels this way then Devoin should be able to see Nova. I’m all about keeping the child’s best interest at heart. However, if a parent or any other family member is bringing them more harm than good along with multiple traumatic and detrimental then they need to be removed from the child’s life point blank and period.

    1. Nova has never even met Devon family.
      Also is it weird they have always pronounced his name wrong and have never corrected it?

    2. TOTALLY! Think of the childs best intrest further down the track! If the “natural parents ” REALLY want their children and are serious about getting them back….. Then they would get their act together!

  12. Why is this woman so obsessed with being liked from Jenelle?! Does she want a threesome? (also ew) Or is she just afraid of them because they could do something to her if she talked smack?!

    And no, not every child should be with their parents, what about incest, domestic violence victims?! Those parents who just leave their kid in a supermarket and never look back?! Parents with mental disorders….sorry but every child should be happy living their life regardless of who cares for them as long as they are loved!

    1. @a.

      (Does she want a threesome)

      I was just sick a bit in my mouth.
      Ewww that very thought ??

    1. ???
      Even Brittany and Roxanne refuse to cosign this steaming turd Briana decided to drop.

  13. Briana is just so immature and dense…so desperate for a friend that isn’t her mom or her sister, that she’s willing to say JENELLE, her only friend from the franchise, deserves her kids…“all kids should be with their parents”….No Briana, they shouldn’t…if a kid (Ensley) is born with THC in their system, they should not be with their parents.

    1. This is probably the best assessment Lex, plus I don’t think Bri’s all there. I’ve often wondered if she has a mental deficiency, which is even scarier considering she has her own too kids.

  14. She’s not gonna comment on Jenelle’s situation,, yet she contacted RadarOnline and did just that! Oh that’s right, that’s because radar paid her for that little blurb. Sweetie, take the advice of my username and have several seats. You don’t even have your own kids majority of the time, your mom and sister watch them all the time.

    1. And any other ones she conceived in a club bathroom. Your children are going to have to live with that being public knowledge. Maybe this is why she’s defending Jenelle, her own slate is none too clean when it comes to her kids.

    2. WOW, Did Brianna really contact RADAR? What a big mouth, she should stay out of it….. Jennelle isn’t a true friend….Jennelle wanted MTV to make up some story lines with Brianna so she could get more air time after Swampmans antics….In other words Brianna, Jennelle was just going to use you for her own benefit.

  15. Briana-take several seats. Your mom and sister (the dejesus coven) mostly take care of your kids. As a friend, you should know that those kids are not safe in Jenelle’s care.

  16. That comment is beyond ignorant. There are thousands of children who should not live with there parents for a multitude of reasons. Having money and being on TV doesn’t make you a good parent, and her “working her ass off” has nothing to do with her ability to properly care for 4 children. The stuff those children have heard and seen will have a negative affect on them forever. Just the screaming between Jenelle and Barb in front of Jace when he was baby has caused huge trauma to his development. People think, well their just kids they have no idea whats going on, but its when your an infant, baby, toddler, child that all these traumatic events are ingrained and adult issues, such as anxiety, anger, depression. This whole show should be a big study on how badly some of these people ruin their children.

    1. I would cringe seeing Jaces face when he witnessed Barb & Jenelle horrible fights. Children r mirrors of their parents. Let’s hope Jace breaks that cycle if shouting etc when upset

    2. When Jenelle is raising a child alone, going to school and working nights, then we can talk about “working her ass off”! That witch doesn’t know the meaning of hard work! Never!

  17. Coming from a women who told the world she had to cut her hair all off because she was being lazy and didn’t wash it for like 2 weeks. She also left her child with her mom while she went to live with a man, she also got pregnant in a one night stand in a restroom at a club. Those are some really good Mommy goals to strive for. Bri stfu!! And don’t have your sister jump me fight your own battles.

      1. Yes. With a virtual stranger, who is of course a great dad. Not.
        It was in a club bathroom. Uh huh.

    1. WTF…….. OMG, That’s so feral, what a filthy thing she is.
      Which kid was the result of a bathroom liaison?

        1. Bathroom any good one.
          All kidding aside her children will be seeing the teen Mom episodes when they r grown & undoubtedly will b teased by classmates. Just horrible for them. Wondering if the paycheck will b worth it Bri?

        2. WTF !!!!!!!! OMG! That is just disgusting. Did she come right out and tell people this ?

      1. Stella, the baby. That’s the main reason her “dad” is so disconnected, he became a father as a result of a bathroom hookup.

  18. Sit down and shut the f*ck up! I will never listen to anything you say! Are you trying to be relevant? You can go live on “The Land” with those nasty ass monsters!

  19. Yes Brianna think b4 u speak. Now u r walking back your original comments saying “all children should b w/ their mothers especially when they r w/ their mom. Hmmmm

  20. She probably knows about as much as the general public know about Jenelle, only difference is she is too dumb to comprehend the seriousness of the situation those children were in. She must be taking the mickey saying children belong with their parents when she is a 3rd generation parental alienator. Bri fark off back under your rock.

  21. We don’t need to live her life or know her entire story—nothing we could learn about her would justify abusing and failing to protect her children as she has.

  22. Nope. Not all mothers are good mothers and Jenelle is a perfect example of that. Not only has she failed to protect her kids, she has consistently chosen dick over her offspring. That is not a mother. She was merely a egg donor and womb.

    1. And not even a good womb incubator since Ensley was born with THC in her blood!
      Jenelle couldn’t even be selfLESS for 9 months for her daughter she wanted!

  23. Yes honey, we all know not everything is true we see on TV. We’ve been watching the heavily scripted Teen Mom shit shows for 10 years now,thank you.
    Also, the majority of disturbing&violent things David has done never actually aired on TV. We did, however, hear the horror in Jenelle’s voice when she called 911. Not once but twice. We did hear that while David was raging and smashing shit like crazy she left Ensley alone. We do have evidence that he killed Nugget. Maryssa did testify against both of them. Jace’s therapist stated a loooong time ago that Jace is terrified of David. These are called facts honey. And as someone who works at a foster home let me tell you this: sometimes it IS better for the child to not be with the mother, temporarily or permanently.
    You are just kissing her ass for ratings and because none of your castmates like you.

    1. Great post, And thank you for being part of the foster care system. People like you are a blessing ?

  24. Briana should really think before she speaks. They lost their kids because there was violence and abuse in the home not because of what we witnessed on the show but when it still plays out the same you really have to think. Briana has no place to talk either. While I do believe she loves her daughters she does fly out quite often for the men in her life like Javi and her current bf all while leaving her kids behind with her mother who has lupus and her lazy badmouthed sister all while providing such an uncomfortable environment for her baby daddies that they check out instead of being around.

    1. Exactly lol. I’d like to know exactly how she’s “worked her ass off”. I guess not in a traditional sense (through actual hard work) but maybe Brianna is referring to her endless string of soulmates, abusing drugs, her undeniable emotional instability, and bearing three kids. Her mind & body has probably been through hell. Lol.

  25. In a perfect world, all kids would be with their moms, because in a perfect world, all moms would be able and willing to parent them properly. Welcome to our imperfect world.

    As I understand it, Jenelle would have been able to get the kids back almost immediately if she and David were to start living separately. I know if it were my family I’d be in a hotel and my child would be back home with her mother in time for bedtime stories. But they won’t do it.

  26. And this comes from the young woman with more bastard children than she can count, in and out of relationships like an alley cat and has her relatives raise that litter. LOL

  27. “All kids should be with their moms”?

    Says the girl who lets her sister and own mother be the mom to her kids…

  28. Ummm…. wtf???? This is coming from a woman who got knocked up in the club bathroom.. real classy. jenelle enabled her children to be abused and did nothing to stop it and then told her children to lie about it. Close your damn legs Brianna. Dont worry your kids will hate u also all 12 of them by different fathers. Stfu!

    1. Ok B, yeah all kids should be with their moms? Are you really that stupid, your kids aren’t removed from your home for nothing. There is clearly a major safety risk and that’s why they were removed. Maybe if you combine your IQ with Janelle’s you’ll have one close to a normal, functional human. Good god.

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