Investigation Into Murder of Jenelle Evans’ Dog Officially Launched: Here’s a Timeline of Events So Far

David Eason tried to tell the cops who visited The Land earlier this week that everything was fine and that the dog belonging to his wife Jenelle Evans was alive and well…but it appears the authorities from Columbus County, North Carolina, are not buying his story.

Both The Blast and TMZ report that, as of Thursday, the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office and the Columbus County Animal Control have “initiated a joint investigation into allegations of animal cruelty that reportedly occurred at a residence on Money Hole Road in Riegelwood.” (That residence, by the way is better known as “The Land” to Teen Mom 2 fans.) 

There has been a lot of false information circulating the Interwebs since this story broke on Tuesday, so The Ashley is providing a timeline of events, based on confirmed reports from law enforcement, as well as her own sources.

Monday April 29: Jenelle’s dog Nugget snaps at her daughter Ensley while on The Land. Jenelle, David, Ensley, Maryssa and Kaiser are all on The Land at the time. (Jace is currently on a cruise with Barbara Evans.)

David shoots the dog, with reports varying that he also beat it before taking it to the woods to end its life. In an interview done with Us Weekly on Wednesday, Jenelle described the scene, stating that David took the dog about “two acres from the house” and shot her.

“Kaiser and Ensley had no idea and [haven’t] said anything about it since,” Jenelle said, adding that David’s older daughter Maryssa, who is 11, is aware of what happened and apparently was very upset by the incident.

“[She] immediately went to her bedroom and didn’t come out all night until the next day,” Jenelle said.


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These dog days got us hanging out the window cooling off! Everyone meet Nugget the Frenchie!

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Jenelle posts to her Facebook page that she is feeling sad, but does not mention why. Most assume that it’s due to the episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that is airing. 

Tuesday, April 30: Police confirm that a “frantic” male calls 911 to report that David shot the dog. The caller is referred to the non-emergency line and makes the report. The caller has yet to be identified (although The Ashley can confirm it was not Nathan Griffith as many outlets have stated). 

The Sheriff’s Department confirmed to Radar that the call took place.

“A call was made today, and it was relayed that the woman’s husband had killed her dog. The Sheriff is out there right now investigating and there will be an incident report filed later.”

Jenelle and the kids have already left The Land and are staying at her friend’s house when police arrive to investigate.

On Tuesday afternoon, Radar Online breaks the story, reporting on the call.

Nathan reads the story and becomes aware of what happened and calls the police (not 911 as many outlets are reporting) to request a welfare check for his son, Kaiser, and the rest of the family. He tells police that he’s worried the dog was shot in front of Kaiser.

Police arrive but find no one on The Land, but return Tuesday night to do a welfare check. According to TMZ, David tells the cops that Nugget is alive; however, he refused to let them see the dog. The officers determine that unless Jenelle herself files a police report, nothing more can be done.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that Jenelle and the kids were back on The Land by Tuesday night; however, Jenelle was telling people she was staying at her friend’s house.

Jenelle posts statuses late Tuesday night to social media in response to the media circus that has erupted from the story about Nugget’s death, denying that she fled The Land out of fear of David. 

“I didn’t ‘run away from home,’” Jenelle tweeted. “Haven’t been home all day and been busy taking care of my kids and myself. Had no idea any visitors came by my house…still don’t know what happened at my house. Please stop making up rumors. I haven’t spoken to any media and still not. Bye.”

Wednesday May 1: David confirms he killed Nugget, justifying his actions in an Instagram post by stating the dog bit Ensley in the face. He posts video of the dog snapping at Ensley but does not reveal if it was the snap that cost Nugget her life. 

“A dog is a dog and I don’t put up with that s**t at all,” David wrote on Instagram. “I’m all about protecting my family, it is my life’s mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me.”

Jenelle posted a tribute to Nugget, apologizing to the dog for what happened to her. She tells Us Weekly she is considering divorcing David and confirmed that he shot the dog. 

She later begins posting “clickbait” articles about the dog’s death to her social media accounts for profit. Jenelle tells E! News that she isn’t back on The Land and that she is “very much considering divorce.”

“I have not gone back to my home yet because he is refusing to leave,” Jenelle told the site. “I won’t see him and don’t want to talk to him. Thankfully the kids did not see him shoot the dog. They are still with me. I am very much considering pressing charges against him for this.”

Later that night, David reportedly posts a video of himself out drinking with Jenelle but quickly deletes it.

PETA issues a statement on the incident, while several companies that run their advertisements during ‘Teen Mom 2’ state that they are considering pulling their ads from airing during ‘Teen Mom 2.’ 

The Attorney General’s Office reportedly received 138 complaints in regard to the dog’s death by Wednesday, according to TMZ. 

Thursday, May 2: Jenelle blasts David’s mom on social media for “selling stories” about David. She insists, though, that she’s not sticking up for David by posting this.

“Instead of selling stories on your son and making him feel like shit even more.. why don’t you CALL HIM. You have no idea what’s up with him cuz you didn’t contact him in months  (Not sticking up for anyone but damn),” Jenelle writes.

Columbus County Animal Control reportedly sent an officer to The Land on Thursday to confirm that Nugget was dead, and to figure out where the dog’s body is currently, according to TMZ.

At around 3 p.m. (“The Land” time), Animal Control officers arrived on The Land to investigate, but were greeted by a large pitbull (who we can assume is Jenelle’s dog Jax) on the porch, as well as several “No Trespassing” signs. Knowing that David has confirmed in previous Instagram videos that he will not hesitate to shoot anyone who trespasses on “The Land,” the officers flee, according to TMZ.


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Thanks for the visit from your @secretservice friends today @realdonaldtrump. I told them how much I like you except the fact you want to ban bump stocks and take guns away from people just because someone “red flagged” them. Then I told them to get the fuck out of my house and dont ever come pass my trespassing signs again. Like holy shit, I thought your people were all about border security. Well there is a border around my land that is protected from intruders by lethal force also, just like your house. Dont expect my gate to ever be open again. I hope and pray that nobody ever tries to trespass on my property as they will be met with fire and fury, the likes of which they have never seen before. #stayoffmyland #notrespassing #donttreadonme #posted #privateproperty

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The site also reports that officers from the Sheriff’s Department will be going back to The Land to find out if Nugget is still alive, and who Nugget’s owner actually was. 

Jenelle continues to post clickbait articles about Nugget’s death, and posts a brief video to her Instagram Stories to show that she is currently at her friend Jamie’s house and not on The Land. 

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office confirms to TMZ that they, along with the Columbus County Animal Control, have “initiated a joint investigation into allegations of animal cruelty. The investigation is ongoing.”

As of Thursday afternoon, David has not been charged with any crimes in relation to the death of Nugget. 

(Photos: Instagram; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)


  1. Anyone know what county in NC this took place in? I’m guna do some digging bc clearly this guy has “connections” and thats why he keeps avoiding jail time time after time. I live in Louisiana and if this was done in my parish that evil idiot would be UNDER the jail. As for Jenelle, she thrives in this environment. Shame on u MTV. And if authorities don’t handle this then shame on them also.

  2. I’m still curious, has anyone reported who actually made the call to 911? If the “frantic male caller” has been proven to not be Jace, Kaiser or Nathan, was it David in an attempt to stage all this for publicity? I can only hope because 1. maybe that means the poor dog isn’t dead and 2. While no action will likely be taken if the dog was killed, action could still be taken for a phony 911 call, though I doubt it because this sorry excuse for a human seems to be immune to legal repercussion.

  3. David and Jenelle must be stopped and finally face the consequences of their actions from all these years. Clearly the law has failed them, CPS hasn’t done their job and MTV keeps lining their pockets with money. I think the only way they will be stopped is if WE THE PEOPLE BAND TOGETHER!

    We need to do whatever it takes to force their hand, whether it be law enforcement, CPS, Animal Control, North Carolina Attorneys General’s Office, MTV, their sponsors, petitions, etc. Yesterday I made several phone calls to these offices, sent out tweets and made IG posts calling for David Eason to be held accountable in the premeditated murder of a domestic animal and the termination of Jenelle Evans on Teen Mom. We the people are the ones who can affect CHANGE!! Let’s do our part in taking these monsters down!

    1. I agree! My uncle is mayor in a small town in Louisiana. He has political connections. I’m all over this. Completely heinous and heartbreaking!

  4. The first officers that went out dropped the ball! David said the dog was fine, they didn’t push to see the dog, they obviously didn’t care too much. They can’t come into the house without a warrant but they didn’t have to leave if they believed a crime did or was taking place there. David has had way too much time to make sure the remains are gone, what a sick bastard.
    Now, any animals in their possession needs to be relinquished, they have no business owning animals EVER again, let’s see what animal control does.

  5. Hopefully Barbara is on the phone with her attorney getting a judge to say that Jace cannot go there or be around them anymore. Enough is enough.

  6. I guess they did make up. David was in court today and had his ring on. Also he paid the $5000+ dollars he owed in child support. He even threatened the photog asking him questions.

      1. Haha Good point! He did find more than one person to procreate with but at least one of them is smart enough to gtfo and go to court to keep him from seeing their innocent child. Also, if she doesn’t leave him after what he did to poor Nugget, I’d say we can safely assume that this was just another publicity stunt and she was in on it. Clearly neither of them is capable of actual love.

    1. Just saw on another site more details on this. They’re saying he brutally beat the poor dog badly before shooting her. Threw her into a kitchen table, beat her about the head, choked her, etc. They say Jenelle and Maryssa could hear the dog wailing and crying. It’s ridiculous and sick. David is so depraved and a psycho. I mean, we already knew that from before, but for those who may have had doubt, here’s your proof. For someone to even do that to such a small and vulnerable living thing is scary. The next “murdered” headline coming from the land will be about Jenelle and those kids next.

  7. The police fled because they were scared of David? Go back with a fucking swat team, break the door down and do whatever you have to do. Burn the house down if you have to.If David threatens an officer, arrest him on the spot. Sick of this psychotic freak getting away with everything.

  8. Regarding the clickbait: I thought all the girls had given access to some company to post those clickbait articles on their behalf. So she would be profiting, but she isn’t probably posting those articles herself. Also, I agree with the above poster that Jenelle deserves support. When you are in an abusive relationship, you often do not realize you are in one. It’s much more complicated than people realize. Unless you are speaking from experience, you just don’t know.

  9. This is just a little bit of insight from someone who currently lives in a very small, rural, country town. I wasn’t born here so sometimes ‘the way of life’ here is a little disturbing to say the least. Perfect example and somewhat similar to this Eason situation is that my neighbor is an older, single and very mentally ill woman (bipolar, ptsd, anxiety and depression) she is also very heavily medicated… The issue is that she has a huge dog she lets run free, he looks to be some kind of mastiff mix. He is also extremely mean and has tried to bite myself and my husband, hasn’t gotten very close to my children thankfully. The final straw with this woman and her dog was in December when we witnessed the dog hunt down, kill and eat the other neighbors little terrier. Horrifying!

    We called the police, they didn’t care. We called animal control, they didn’t care. Called the district attorney, NO ONE CARED! We at the very least wanted this animal contained to her property. No one cared… Every SINGLE person we called told us to SHOOT and KILL the dog if it ever came near one of us, our property, even if it looked at us funny…. Shoot it!

    Long story short: Eason will not be getting in any trouble for this… They don’t care.

    1. They live in Wilmington, NC on a plot of land. That is not a rural town. It is actually a very very very popular beach vacation location. I live in NC and have been there many times. Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill were both filmed there. Not a small rural town, not even close.

  10. I wish someone would go to the Land and beat the crap out of this disgusting POS…..

  11. So Lurch magically came up with the money he owed for back child support just in time to keep himself out of jail. Who wants to guess where he got it??? So all this nonsense that she’s devastated and at a friends and the marriage is up in the air, is all BS. She’s not going anywhere folks. Let’s all just pray that those poor kids seek counseling when they get older to heal the wounds that these two asshats are leaving on these kids.

  12. Wasn’t it Jamie she was supposed to visit in KY? And Babs acted like David wouldn’t stand for it (which we know he didn’t) ? So I find it hard to believe that she fled to KY with David’s own child to hide out from him and he hasn’t gone up there to drag them all home by the hair. This is just heartbreaking and sickening. And I’m absolutely appalled at law enforcement in N.C. for turning a blind eye to this and everything else these too degenerates have pulled over the years.

  13. Again as someone stated before, it starts with animals. (Anyone remember Ryan shooting cats for fun? Mack should watch out too) If I was Jenelle, I would run away from him this second.

    1. Yup, Rhine’s pretty sick for killing those cats…I think David’s situation is worse because he killed the family pet, and normal people treat their family pets like family. The fact he had no problem murdering something that the family loved is very scary. He does not care about anyone or anyone’s feelings. He has been itching to murder something…I bet you he cannot wait for someone to “trespass” on his land so that he can kill them and claim his “beliefs” about “defending” his home.

  14. Ok- he was the cell mate of her previous fiancé which is how they got together. Present day- reports of him (and her) threatening people with guns, recorded abuse of children on film thanks to mtv, film of them breaking the law atleast 3 times thanks to their insatiable appetite for attention, cps, local law enforcement, the secret service for gods sake.. all have been involved with investigating these clowns and to date there seriously is NO consequences for these fools!! Really- wtf is going on North Carolina?! By now it would seem like there is more than enough evidence that those kids should be removed. I’m convinced mtv is protecting them

  15. Janelle to not press charges is defending this mentally I’ll piece of shit. You should stay away from David.b my fear for you is that if you ever told him that you were leaving him you and your children can meet the same fate as your dog nugget. You need to stop defending this creep and worry about your kids. you’re going to stay with this guy and what’s going to end up happening to you is you’re going to end up living back with Barbara or homeless on the street when MTV he stops paying you a big paycheck and David Ethan ruins your life if he doesn’t take it. Stop being an idiot.

  16. Jenelle is literally profiting off the brutal murder of Nugget, via clickbait articles. Her and David are disgusting human beings, I hope this whole sick scheme they have going on blows up in their faces.

  17. ‪Are they dumb enough to do this or stage this so that they can make money on clickbait/selling stories to fund David’s child support to keep him out of jail? And then it backfires with advertisers backing out? It’s odd that this happens right before supposedly going to jail. ‬

  18. There are so many things I can’t understand about law and where they live. Both David and Nathan beat prior gfs but Nathan hasn’t been shown having bad behavior since and is showing massive concern for his child for awhile all while we are being shown that Kaiser loves his dad but is frightened of David but David continues to be abusive, admits to killing and animal, has had numerous charges brought up against him and except for his ex finally getting his visits revoked he glides away from any punishments and the law allows these children to stay with him in the middle on nowhere where not even law enforcement or secret service dare step foot on their doorstep. Mark my words if Jenelle goes back there will be hell to pay for the things she has said about him and with her precious dog dead it’s only a matter of time where Kaiser will be the one in the line of Fire to keep Jenelle in check and if anything bad happens to him Nathan has all rights to go full in and I will not feel sorry for Jenelle at all. I know abusive is hard to get out of but if you know your children’s lives are on the line you have protect them. Imagine the talk Kaiser got when they got him home for telling Nathan he was hit by a stick. Omg I’m terrified for those kids. Especially Marissa.

    1. Both David and Nathan beat prior gfs but Nathan hasn’t been shown having bad behavior since and is showing massive concern for his child for awhile all while we are being shown that Kaiser loves his dad but is frightened of David but David continues to be abusive, admits to killing and animal, has had numerous charges brought up against him and except for his ex finally getting his visits revoked he glides away from any punishments and the law allows these children to stay with him in the middle on nowhere where not even law enforcement or secret service dare step foot on their doorstep

      Damn. If David could have gotten a sentence that long, Nugget would still be alive.

  19. I know I’m uninformed but can someone explain clickbait to me?? Lol. Folks keep referencing her posting clickbait articles and I’m not sure what the heck that means

    1. Clickbait: Provocative headlines that link to little or no substantive content, designed around revenue schemes that pay on the basis of link clicks.

  20. Pitash I agree with you on all of your counts except interpreting Twiggys comment as somehow absolving what he did. It’s a reaction to the video mentioned and I wondered the same thing wanting to know if she had already forgiven this monster. (Which wouldn’t surprise me!). Not trying to discount anyone’s feelings just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I enjoy reading your comments on here and it’s comforting to know we are all united in our hatred for this man!

    1. I get you Casey, it’s just a really emotionally charged situation. I hope he’s punished to the fullest extent, if the cops or CPS can’t do anything, at the very LEAST MTV needs to fire Jenelle. Fans and castmates have been sounding the alarm for months, possibly years at this point, to no avail – this is it. MTV needs to make a decision, I stated months ago any blood is on their enabling hands – now it’s Nugget’s blood. The fact that they are dragging thier feet does not make me happy.

  21. According to what I just read, this psychotic A-hole should have been more focused on paying child support for his son than plotting to kill an innocent dog that no one ever bothered to train.

    His stupid ass being hauled off and arrested at least for all the back payments he owes would surely MAKE MY DAY today.

    1. Because they don’t care. Until they start losing advertisements, it doesn’t affect them. It’s the only reason David was fired in the first place. It wasn’t because mtv finally grew some balls, it was because advertisers were dropping out. Bottom line, it’s about money for them.

  22. Alot of big celebrities have come out of the wood work to speak on the dog fiasco. The actual cast, well just crickets and click bate for money. Here’s their chance to hit up Nancy Grace whom can even help with David’s abuse towards Kaiser. Come on tm2 cast, or is money what matters more to them?!

  23. Heres the thing – Jenelle is not responsible for his sick behaviour because she can not stop him when he starts unless she wants to die in front of those children too.
    Im sure he posted then deleted old video of them out drinking just to get everyone to turn on her. She need serious help and rather than hate on her or beat her up verbally – people especially advocates for domestic violence and mental health professionals (calling Dr Drew- right. not.) need to offer her support and help to leave this sicko before she is forever remembered as the girl that got killed and eaten by her sick honky homestead wanna be reality star husband. Jenelle has never been stable mentally but she does not deserve this prick – period. When she suffers her children do and will after he kills her and Barb will be heartbroken – I think we all will be that we just talked crap about her and hated her so much we did nothing!!!

  24. When I was a child I watched a man beat his cat with a 2×4 to death for scratching his daughter. Nothing happened to him until karma years later he shot that child and went to jail and died went he got out. I will never forget the images I saw.

  25. Jenelle is pure evil for what i read om hollywoodlife(her textmessages),she’s worst than ever.She is a big part of this crime!!!And now clickbaits???No words…disgusting…

  26. This is the first time I’ve posted on The Ashley, typically I just lurk. However, this situation has had my stomach in knots and my heart in pieces since the first report came out from Radar Online. And since then, I can’t help but read the continuous reports and articles and not only get more sad as the horrific details emerge, but I get increasingly enraged that David and Jenelle have not been stopped!

    We all have seen the episodes, read the stories and watched the IG posts of the most ludicrous things these two do, and are not held responsible, whether legally or with MTV. They get away with everything and it has to be stopped. Case in point-David CONFESSES to murdering their family dog, (I believe premeditatedly) and it’s FOUR days later and still no arrest!

    The only way we are going to affect any semblance of change, is if WE THE PEOPLE TAKE ACTION! Today I called the North Carolina’s Attorney General, the Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control. Although I had to leave some messages, I said I was filing a Complaint against David Eason in the murder of a dog which is a Class 1 Felony in the state of NC. We need to tweet/IG MTV that we will no longer be watching so long as Jenelle is still part of the cast. Same with their sponsors as that’s proven effective. If enough people band together, it will make a difference. That is how change happens!

  27. Just a thought, what if the photo he posted of them drinking is old and he only posted it to make it seem like she is still supporting him. Not trying to defend her, but could be possible. I hope this creature sees jail time where he is tortured by men inside, that Nathan can get Kaiser because of what’s happened and that babs never let’s Jace anywhere near him or the land.

    1. Here’s the thing – so what if it’s old and he’s trying to make it look like she’s on his side? Doesn’t absolve him of murdering a puppy. Let’s just say it isn’t old, she’s out drinking with him after he did this… still doesn’t absolve him of anything, just further proves she’s a big a piece of trash as he is. The latter is why I believe it has been deleted, she loves to play the victim so this going out drinking definitely makes her look like she didn’t care, it was just more drama to sell her stories outside MTV. Frankly, so far thats worked for her, no repercussions. I’m not mad at you persay, but getting upset with the *confusion* over the drinking video… whether it’s old or current, David still murdered at puppy because he’s an abusive a$$ and if Jenelle does not Ile for divorce and stick with it than she is in fact saying the manner in which the dog died does not bother her.

  28. Was there a date on the video he posted out drinking with her though? Maybe it’s an old video? That’s the only part that doesn’t make sense to me…

  29. There’s something fishy about this whole story..1.Jenelle is reposting and selling articles herself, which is very strange considering she is meant to be ‘distraught’ over it all. 2.Jenelle is already defending him
    3.She posted a video of her at Jamie’s and you can hear Jenelle say “let’s post this so people can see I’m here”.
    4.Theres so many false reports circulating
    5.David posted then quickly deleted a video of him and Jenelle out drinking together.

    I wonder why none the other Teen Mom stars have commented (except clickbait which are posted by companies). I’ve only seen comments from Randy and Javi but none from any of the other mums which is odd because some of them, Kail and Amber especially would be the first to say something. I wonder if MTV have instructed them to keep quiet?
    I hope for Nuggets sake its not true but if it is then I hope that bastard goes to prison and gets terrorised for the rest of his pathetic life!

    1. 1. Jenelle is making money by exploiting this horrible situation for her benefit $$ – especially if MTV fires her.
      2. She’s ALWAYS backed down and defended him. Always.
      3. Have no idea who Jaime is and why that means a dog didn’t get abused or die by David’s hands.
      4. Fake stories occur with anything getting attention, everyone wants a piece of the pie, especially if they’re getting paid and/or attention. Many *fake* stories does not mean the original story did not occur. Also Jenelle is a compulsive liar, especially when it comes to her and David’s BS
      5. See all the other statements. Jenelle is trash just like David, she doesn’t care about the dog, was probably traumatized when he beat the crap out of the dog in front of her and the kids, but now that that’s over, it’s back to drinking and drugging with a manipulative abuser like *normal*.

      The other castmembers are probably exhausted “weighing in” and sounding the alarm about David, they have, repeatedly, and then MTV does NOTHING. Why on earth are they going to continue making themselves targets for David’s abuse when nothing ever gets done?

      1. Maybe their silence means they are banning together to do something big?
        It’s not like Amber to not flip shit over this.
        Maybe they hired lawyers.
        I know I live in La la land.

  30. Wait so they go for a welfare check and David just says nope?! I’m sorry but then they go to the land and a dog and signs mean they can’t come in?! Why do people act like this monster has more rights than a small child, a pregnant woman, or even an animal ?! No one is doing their job here and lives are being lost. The cops, cps, and every single family member these kids have are failing them miserably.

    1. It was animal control who left, they then went to the Sheriffs office to handle the situation. Animal control isn’t trained or prepared for a POS like David.

    1. Yeah I’m not saying it didn’t happen or that it’s made up..I hate both Jenelle and David with a passion and dont doubt for a second that he’s killed Nugget..I just mean I think theres more to it, like are MTV planning on sacking her and is this why none of the other mums have commented? It’s messed up that Jenelle cares more about making money than her dog, ie. Selling stories straight after it all happened. I think she will get back with him, if that’s a recent video of them out drinking together then they’re already back on speaking terms. If she stays with him, I hope all her kids are removed and placed eith people who actually love and care for them..Also the animals need removing before they all end up with the same fate as Nugget

  31. So Jenelle is taking up for David. Is this story made up for publicity? If Jenelle is out having drinks with him that means something isn’t right about the story. Iam starting to think the whole story is made up.

    1. I don’t think it’s madeup, I just think Jenelle is exploiting the horrifying situation for more money (clickbait articles and giving interviews). If there’s anyone still, “Oh Jenelle’s just this poor innocent victim too” – no she isnt, she’s trash just like him.

      1. She’s trying to bank any money she can in fear she’s going to get dropped from MTV or that they cancel TM2 all together.

  32. Disgusting. If he beat that dog then shot him. Oh arrest him and put him away forever.If Jenelle stays then she needs to lose her children to the state or other family members.

  33. God willing, Nugget didn’t die in vain and this will finally be what brings this psycho down.

  34. I’m sorry, but I fully believe the detailed story about him savagely beating the dog before finally shooting it. It just fits his personality.

  35. These two idiots have been in court more than their local district attorney, they know how to get away with criminal, deviant, anti-Christ behavior and there is no doubt in my mind that he won’t even receive a slap on the wrist for this. The fuel for Lurch’s existence at this point is to drum up controversy, I legit think this is the only reason he gets out of bed in the afternoon. No doubt he does weird, strange dangerous things on the regular behind closed doors, the only reason this even got off the property on Glory Hole road is because of the friend that called otherwise Jenelle would just claim the dog ran away or something. If Maryssa is fortunate to make it out she’s going to have a tell-all that may just out-scandal Sophia’s.

  36. It’s tragically hilarious to imagine those poor Animal Control Officers looking up David’s name outside the house and suddenly realizing they needed to get the hell out of there. Thank god they didn’t engage. Why they hell wasn’t a Sheriff with them?

    1. Jenelle will have a terrible life if she stays with him. He is a classic Jekyll Hyde and his anger will ruin their “family”
      If he cares about his family he needs to get serious help. I think he’s got mental health issues that make seeing himself as he actually is impossible- seen a huge decline in his behaviour over the years he’s been with Jenelle- drugs are involved and she has created a lie which makes leaving very difficult because she will need to realize how messed up she is and how much she’s putting her kids at risk

  37. Get her off MTV all together. She needs to only be around children with State Appointed Child Advocates present

  38. W the Actual F?!! I can kind of get behind, get rid of the dog if it bites a kid. HOWEVER, beating it TO DEATH in front of the kids THEN “overkilling” by shooting it??!! That’s serial killer sh*t. MTV had BETTER fire Jenelle and cut off David’s income or they will lose ALL of their viewership. If they are “concerned” about Jenelle and her kids, then monitor/reach out privately. DO NOT CONTINUE FINANCING THE MADNESS, MTV, or the blood on you hands will continue.

  39. Guys she CAN’T leave him even if she wanted to. He is insane and has guns. He would kill her without blinking and I am sure she knows it. All the defending of him she does is to protect those kids and her life. This will not end well…

    Also I had to post this like 5 times why are my comments not going through?!

    1. Even if what you’re saying is true – she just can’t leave him – she damn sure doesn’t need to be selling stories and click bait articles, as well as going out drinking with his murdering abusive a$$

  40. She’s protecting David by not filing a police report over this tragedy. I will never watch again if she is back for the next season and still with David.

  41. Guys she CAN’T leave him even if she wanted to. He is insane and has guns. He would kill her without blinking and I am sure she knows it. All the defending of him she does is to protect those kids and her life. This will not end well…

  42. I seriously hope he dies. I hate him. I cannot read anymore about this it’s making me feel sick and triggered. I’m seriously done with MTV and teen mom at this point. What that poor dog went through is breaking my heart. RIP nugget.

  43. I don’t even know what to say. This is horrifying. That poor puppy, and those poor kids. My heart breaks for maryssa, the scars this will put on her soul will be so deep. This is the first roundup up story that has left me in actual tears.

  44. Wake up your fu**ing judge and get a warrant for that property, lazy ass sheriffs department! I can’t believe how this cruel crime is taking so much time for action, then again they do live on money hole road 🙄

  45. If she stays with this man after this, they better move to St Thomas because I wouldn’t be able to show my face in public ever again.
    Hell- I couldn’t live with my self I would never.

  46. If she were truely upset about Nuggets death, why is she posting clickbait articles about it? She is pure trash, and I don’t believe a word she says about divorcing him.

    1. I’m not 100% on this, but I think I read somewhere else on The Ashley awhile ago that the Teen Moms subscribe to some service that posts clickbait for them, and they get a financial cut somehow, but don’t have any editorial control.

      She’s still horrible, and I think we all believe she’ll go back to him in short order.

      1. … but Jenelle herself is giving interviews. Saying how horrible he is, bringing up divorce… only to be going out drinking with this POS.

        1. I find it also funny that briana also sold a story to Radar about Jenelle. Like man this story is getting everyone involved and not for the right reasons.

          1. As many fans have pointed out, Briana isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed – she’s basically the one Jenelle *friend* (She’s also the only TM3 transplant and no one cares for being tied into TM2). Briana is getting paid or gets attention for her story, even though she has nothing to do with it and should probably be working on moving into her own place outside of her man hating coven instead of sticking up for a lady who could careless about her at the end of the day

        2. Oh, absolutely. I’m just saying that a lot of the Teen Moms are playing the clickbait game for extra cash, and they really can’t pretend anymore that ultimately, it’s coming from them.

          I don’t think she knows how to stop, to walk away, but enough with that. Jenelle needs to f’ing stop, get off TV and social media and put her house and affairs in order.

  47. (I posted a similar comment to this comment just a few minutes ago on one of the earlier threads)

    This incident of horrific animal torture, abuse and murder is no longer just in the “Teen Mom” realm. Everyone knows about this, and as more sickening details emerge as to what David did, the situation becomes all the more dire.

    David is a sick, violent f*ck with increasingly serious anger issues, and he happens to be heavily armed. The trauma he inflicted on that poor dog was also inflicted on his children as they watched and listened. It’s only a matter of time before they or Jenelle or even a bystander in the wrong place at the wrong time become his next victims.

    I do hope somehow David is held responsible for this terrifying act of animal cruelty perpetrated upon that poor dog. I’m just sickened to the core by it. It’s no wonder the Teen Mom crew, and her fellow castmates, refuse to be anywhere near David.

    Jenelle needs to take the children and whatever poor pets remain (actually if any of her animals remain I hope she surrenders them) and run for her life.

    I know I’m not alone in thinking she won’t.

    This story is so, so horrible.

    1. It is truly heartbreaking. I’m consumed by this right now, I can’t stop thinking about that poor puppy. And it is mainstream now. Moms at my daughters dance school were actually discussing this tonight. And I know the reports of that monster beating Nugget are not confirmed yet, but if he was angry and enraged enough to take the dog and execute her, he was enraged enough to beat her first and it’s haunting me to my core. At least that sweet pupper will never have to see those horrid people ever again.

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