EXCLUSIVE! What’s Really Going on with ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’: News About Season 3, the Cast & More

“Got jobs?”

News has been circulating this week about the fate of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, with some sites reporting that the show was picked up for a third season, and others reporting that the ‘Teen Mom’ little sister show was cancelled.

The Ashley has been monitoring the situation for weeks and can now give you the exclusive report on what’s happening with the show as of Thursday. According to The Ashley’s production sources, all of the reports circulating right now are wrong.

“There has been no ‘official’ decision made for ‘Young and Pregnant,'” one source told The Ashley. “It has not been officially cancelled.”

“The chances of [the show] getting picked up are super slim,” another source told The Ashley. “It’s not official yet and the cast has not been notified, but it’s pretty much done.”

The source went on to say that the show’s producers have yet to submit a budget which, “never takes this long.” 

“They should have submitted it way back in December or January, and now we’re in March and there’s nothing, and there’s no official order for more episodes,” the production source said. “That doesn’t happen unless the show is done. And there has been no filming at all. Usually, [with Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2] filming will continue, even without an official pick-up order because they know one is coming, but that didn’t happen here, which is not a good sign.”

The Ashley can also reveal that a replacement show is in the works and already filming, which also stacks the odds against ‘Young and Pregnant’ coming back. (The Ashley will have more details on that next week, so stay tuned.)

“A replacement show? Do you know if they’re hirin’?”

As The Ashley stated above, the show’s cast has been kept mostly in the dark about the poor outlook for ‘Young and Pregnant.’ Around the time the Season 2 finale aired in late February, many of the cast members were trying to rally fans to let MTV know they wanted another season. (There are no plans for a Season 2 Reunion. The ‘Y&P’ “Reunion” filmed during the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion last year is the only one that was filmed.) 

“They have been all over the place, promising us that we’ll hear if there’s going to be another season,” one cast member told The Ashley this week. “First, they told us we’d know by January, then it was the end of January. That came and went, and then it was end of February, once the rating and numbers came in for the season finale.”

(As Starcasm reported, the ratings for the Season 2 finale were slightly up, but nowhere near the ratings of, say, ‘Teen Mom 2.’) 

“We have still not heard from 11th Street Productions and it’s now almost the second week of March,” the cast source continued. “They keep pushing back the timeline to give us the final word. We’ve been told that when Viacom and CBS merged, it messed with the show and that some people who work on the show have had their positions change and that’s supposedly the delay, but we’re not really buying it anymore.” 

“Not cool, guys. Not cool!”

Unfortunately for the ‘Y&P’ girls, if their contracts are anything like the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls’ contracts, which The Ashley hears they are, they will have to wait one year from cease of filming to appear on another reality show without Viacom’s permission. (Of course, this does not mean that they can’t appear anywhere else; they just have to do so with the blessing of their former employer, which is not always granted.) 

With ‘Young and Pregnant’ almost certainly on the outs, fans have asked The Ashley if ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ are in danger of being cancelled as well. The Ashley will say that, as of today, there has been no talk of cancelling either of those shows. The next season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres later this month and will very likely get another season after that, provided the cast signs on.

As for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ it’s not going anywhere. In fact, The Ashley’s sources tell her that the upcoming Season 10 (which is filming now), has already been extended!

“Get ready for ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 85!”

“In mid-February, MTV ordered another six episodes to be added to Season 10 for ‘Teen Mom 2,'” another behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “That would bring the episode count to 18, and will keep the show filming to at least August, which will show Kail [Lowry] having her baby and right up until the Reunion is filmed in August.” 

When The Ashley hears the official cancellation has happened (or, if the show receives an out-of-the-blue last-minute pickup) she will post about it here! Stay tuned…

Until then, you can enjoy The Ashley’s “Rachel” ‘Young and Pregnant’ recaps here!

(Photos: MTV) 


  1. Young and Pregnant s SO MUCH better than Teen Mom or TM2!!! UGH. Just give Rachel her own show. Please don’t take her away from me.

  2. Since they are getting rid of this show, there is absolutely nothing on MTV that I will watch. The TM2 and TMOG girls have been on for 10 yrs. Their whole life since teens has been about the show. Theres no reality there. I cannot watch road rules or any variation of it. That series is 20 yrs old. Jeresey Shore is also 10 yrs old. I remeber When. MTV was a show for young people and it was cool to watch. Now its stale and has hasn’t been cool to watch since 2014

    1. Yep Oopsey! No reality watching how these women spend their six hundred thousand dollar paycheck every season! I have no doubt their well above the six hundred thousand range since their pay was outed by now.

  3. I was hoping this show was the start of ending the other two. I’d love to ask Morgan what he has accomplished morally with TMOG/TM2, he’s created a motley crew of entitlement, Laziness, and misfits. There’s nothing left to bring to the table for most of them, leaving all this focus on their fu*ked up family members, who really cares what Leah’s sister does?
    Idk, maybe my parents were too hard on us , maybe I’m too hard on my own kids, none of them have achieved anything ( at almost 30) to be extremely proud of. I lost some respect for Chelsea last season when she said she woke up one day and thought if this all ended right now what has she used her platform for? She calls itzty ritzy to tell them about this cute bag she envisions. Thank you Chelsea, Lord knows us girls don’t have enough cute bags to choose from!

  4. Yeah, because why would MTV want to follow real teen moms when they can follow millionaire teen moms with the same storylines going on for 10 years, Dumb.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Totally agree! I quit watching last year when proof came out they made at least 600,000.00 per yr. None of them struggle with anything other than the decision to move to another new extravagant home or what luxury vehicle to purchase. It’s been boring for the past 3 years, yep, I quit watching a few years ago and keep up with Ashley’s articles.

  5. Right? Well if the Corona Virus doesn’t kill us all FIRST (which I encourage everyone to INCREASE drinking Corona Beer which is alcohol and bathe in it just to clean your tub!) and dinosaurs don’t return just to eat the teen moms we want gone first. Send the teen moms to Naked and Afraid and let’s allow them to do what they REALLY want to do anyway… get lit and preggers 24/7

  6. They need to just take the trashiest families feom each show, put then on a new show, and cancel the rest. Messers, Beavers, etc. The ones people actually tune in to watch.

  7. I’m glad that Rachel’s family will no longer be rewarded for being pure white trash.

  8. Well…Ashley probably should have left Y&P and went to TM2 while she had the chance…now she may have to get a regular job LOL.

    1. Do you really think Ashley got the offer for 2 b4 Jade did?!? I don’t think she’d say that at the reunion of all places if it wasn’t true but IDK! Very true though.. she’s probably kicking herself in the ass now!!

      1. Part of me thinks she pulled it out of her ass, just because I don’t think any MTV show cast mates would turn down a chance to be apart of a show that’s been on the air for so long, just look at Cheyenne and Cory jumping on board with OG, but as bizarre as Ashley’s story sounds, nobody has refuted it. If it is true, she really missed out LOL.

  9. If it does get canceled it’s MTV fault they find these trashy ass girls out there like “RACHEL “ and that whole family come on mtv !!!!!! There potty mouths around all the kids Rachel and her sister have babies and then Rachel pregnant again ??? Omg I know she has drama and that’s what y’all r looking for but it’s the wrong kinda drama I would think. I know y’all want it to show these young girls now how hard it is being a teenager and having a baby but y’all r showing them the opposite cuss out ur momma and she will watch the babies while u go out and get pregnant again. So disgusting when r y’all going to fire these hand full of girls and get teenagers that it is hard on but at the same time they do it and further there educations the girls that say it’s hard as hell. These r the girls u need.

  10. I want them to do 16 & Pregnant again. One episode per girl and a reunion at the end. Following the pregnancy, birth and soon after.

    1. I’d definitely watch that! A show that accurately portrays the real struggles of teen moms… the original intention of the show!!! IDK why MTV is hanging on to OG & 2 so hard!! Especially considering the train wrecks the show has produced… Farrah, Janelle & Amber!!!!

  11. At the end of episode 18 after the credits rolled, there was no promo about any upcoming episode.

    Instead, the announcer said, “Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant is over. But for the Teen Mom OGs, their journey is about to continue.”

    That sure sounds like the end of the series to me.

  12. At the end of episode 18 after the credits rolled, there was no promo about any upcoming episode.

    Instead, the announcer said, “Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant is over. But for the Teen Mom OGs, their journey is about to continue.”

    That sure sounds like the end of the series to me.

  13. Please give us another season of TMYP 🙏🙏 They deserve another season! I love watching how much the kids grow…

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      Seein how much the kids grow isn’t the purpose of these shows, good grief!!! Are you kidding me?! MTV needs to get back to the main focus of all these shows, which is the struggles of being a teen mom when you can’t depend upon the other parent to help you co parent in the right way, not having enough $ to get diapers, wipes, clothes, food, paying bill, having a dependable car to get you from point a – point b & back to point a, the up keep of your vehicle & the list is endless.
      Google or Instagram would be the easiest way to see how the kids grow up.

  14. If they cancel young and pregnant they could at least put the girls on
    Teen Mom Og and 2 and I just bet you will get much better ratings on them it’s not right to cancel them I love watching Y&P
    Alot of people watch it for the drama it sure won’t hurt Teen Mom og and 2 to combine all the drama together

  15. If they do cancel Teen Mom Young and Pregnant then the kids in my opinion might have a chance to have a normal life/childhood at least and the reason I say that is due to the kids not having to be exposed in front of millions and might be able to have a private life as well. One part of me kinda wants the show to be cancel not only because of that reason, but maybe without the show the girls can go back to school, get jobs, and learn to provide for their kids. However, another part of me kinda does not want the show to be cancelled because it is new, fresh, and in all honesty not as repetitive as the other Teen Mom shows. I also want to say that maybe having Jade on Teen Mom 2 might have helped boost ratings I mean Jade’s storyline is in a way new and sometimes unpredictable. Also, I think the reason MTV is extending the Teen Mom 2 season is probably due to Kail’s pregnancy, Kail being naked with the poor horse, Kail and Brianna Twitter fight, and Jade’s drama as well. And if MTV had to cancel one of the Teen Mom shows (the older ones so to speak) it might end up being Teen Mom OG. Also, thank you to The Ashley for keeping us all up to date, so many websites were giving confusing signal. Sorry everyone for the long rant/post, and you all have a goodnight.

  16. I have mixed feelings about The Ashley’s assurances that TM2 is nowhere near cancellation status. On one hand, I am THRILLED that the ratings did not dip enough for them to rehire Jenelle. However, I think we are ALL pretty much over these ridiculous hot messes with their unwarranted diva-like attitudes. Now, if only the MTV brass would get the memo that Amber needs to join Jenelle in joblessness.

  17. I agree with most of you guys, I love Y&P and I’ll be really disappointed if it gets cancelled!! For the most part, I really enjoy watching all the girls trying their best to be good moms!! They have yet to be spoiled with the 6 figure MTV paychecks! I especially love Kayla and Brianna! They seriously raised their kids on their own for the first two years and did a great job!! As for the new girls, I just don’t know!! Rachael, although extremely dumb, her and her family made for good TV! The only one I wasn’t sure about was Kiaya! Seemed like she worried more about her dysfunctional relationship with her GF than the baby!! Still, all in all, 100000 times more entertaining than OG or 2! The only one even mildly entertaining was SHOCKER… Jade! The one not spoiled by the 6 figure paycheck…yet!!

  18. Pssssh Teen Mom Y&P is wayyy more entertaining than OG and TM2 these days. Id watch that show over the other two any day! Hell even TM UK is more exciting to watch!!!

  19. Cancel all, boring! The least they make is $600,000.00. Kail keeps getting pregnant trying for a girl, Chelsea Deboring whining and overly enhanced no story line while using tm2 to peddle her overpriced diaper bags and clothes while Cole jumps to her bark. Then there’s Brianna who keeps getting full body surgeries for the gazillionth time (she eats like crap and could careless to exercise) while tweeting getting ready to thot for summer.

    1. One hundred percent facts Laura, TM2 and OG need to go!!! They’ve overstayed their course and the partial made up story lines from the boring one to buying house after house etc. is not reality at all.

  20. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I love y&p..except bring back lexi..i liked watching her instead of that new girl that lives in the trailor..do not cancel!!!!

  21. I don’t understand. I like Y&P. MTV can take TMOG & TM2 off air. It’s boring as hell. If anything is interesting they will refuse to film. The kids are almost teenagers. I don’t know how the kids will ever live down the things that most of their parents have done on national tv. I hope MTV will forever offer the children therapy.

    1. I agree. Y&P is the only one I still watch. TM2 is the reason I watch these shows, but even it is boring now (except for Jade). And TMOG is boring AF.

    2. Kailsfromhell, preach it sis, love you!! Between their high end vehicles, new upper end homes whenever they tire of one or something happens they get another, baby upon baby, enhanced story lines because they don’t really have one, a.k.a. she’s boring, why work when mtv pays them around 650,000.00 a year, plastic surgery after surgery, we could go on forever!

  22. I can guarantee that all of these girls (even Ashley, that went to med. assisting school) were expecting a “Teen Mom” lifestyle for the rest of their lives. No doubt most of them will appear on reality tv at some point in the future, but they are not going to enjoy the spoils of their loins as they had wanted. That Beaver girl is absolutely doomed.

  23. No one watched Teen mom for “porn star or the dog killer” … that blind item site is full of hot air.

    1. If they cancel young and pregnant they could at least put the girls on
      Teen Mom Og and 2 and I just bet you will get much better ratings on them it’s not right to cancel them I love watching Y&P
      Alot of people watch it for the drama it sure won’t hurt Teen Mom og and 2 to combine all the drama together

  24. 18 episodes of Frappuccino-sippin’, ex-boinkin’, ex-trash-talkin’ and Kail calving?

    No thanks. No.

  25. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Won’t be watching any teen mom shows anymore. Use to like watching them but the last couple of years I’m just not that interested in watching.

  26. I just don’t get MTV’s mindset. Put aside the many terrible controversies attached to the Teen Mom shows and their ‘stars’, I don’t see how the likes of TM and TM2 deliver the goods that we know MTV wants. The new shows have all the conflict and poverty they could hope for, while TM and TM2 comprise mainly of boring domestic situations spun into a ‘storyline’. Why is the constant renewal of the old shows always assumed?

    1. “The new shows have all the conflict and poverty they could hope for…” You, m’aam, win the internet for today.

  27. I’m actually surprised and confused. Y&P is the only interesting one of the franchise.
    I get so bored watching OG & 2 I literally forget what happens in most episodes (probably because nothing happens….)
    What a dumb decision.

  28. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    I’ve said it before: we need real stories, not fluff about b!tches getting arrested, buying house after house, car after car, getting knocked up left and right, faking mental illness for ratings, and abusing their kids/animals. SO P!SSEDDDDD.

  29. Well I’m bummed. Y&P is my favorite and the only one I even bother watching anymore. 😑

    1. Live your Dream! That’s pretty easy to find their adress…
      Or maybe, wishing someone’s death is really too much? Just stop watching.

  30. I really hope they get rid of this trash. But even before canceling Young and Pregnant, they should give the ax to the Teen Mom shows. These shows are trash and the only thing they did is exploit the kids and condone violence. They created monsters out of the girls and lined their pockets with money so they can go and act like idiots on camera and get away with it. I don’t know why some people still watch that trash. I don’t! I had enough a couple years back.

    1. LOL! Agreed! I hate to see the day when we see the likes of Farrah’s future spawn in a fight with Jenelle’s future spawn on a show called Teen Mom: What the Phuck Were We Thinking? I would rather see these kids of the Teen Mom misfits go on and live life without cameras following them around for eternity. MTV needs to get their collective shit together and stop the madness and get some new ideas to the table and work on new shows.

      1. “Teen Mom: What the Phuck Were We Thinking?” LMAO I just spit out my coffee at my desk. Now that is a show I would watch! Can’t wait for it to happen it about 10 years lol.

      2. Miz Alaska Tried to reply to this and it went on hereas a new reply. I was joking about the Corona Virus (which yes is real and yes is being handled — not saying that to you Miz Alaska but to the happy down thumb voters which get their panties in a wad yadda) In my thinking Dr. Drew is probably saying the same thing, “What the phuck were they thinking and why did they bring my old ass into this? I was happy minding my own business with my radio, tv, and family and thought “teen moms, what could be the harm?” Love Dr Drew and all he has done but at this point he is probably sitting at home with his contract on the dart board deciding “should I stay or should I go?” lol

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