MTV Releases Cast List & First Trailer for ‘The Challenge’ Season 35: Get Ready for “Total Madness!”

To be fair, “Total Madness” could pretty much describe every season of this show…

MTV’s The Challenge is back…and it’s bringing with it another new assortment of random reality TV stars.

On Wednesday, the network released the complete cast list for Season 35, as well as the very first trailer, via Us Weekly. “Total Madness”— which is what the new season has been titled— will bring together plenty of familiar faces (because we know Johnny Bananas ain’t going anywhere!), as well as randos from reality shows from all over the world. 

(This is, of course, exactly what Johnny ranted about last weekend on Instagram Live, arguing that casting people only because they have been on reality TV before is essentially ruining ‘The Challenge.’)

My face while trying to figure out who the hell half the people on the cast list are…

Anyway, Us Weekly provided more details on how “Total Madness” will work, revealing that this season will not feature teams or partners.

“[It] will return to a solo game format where it’s every man or woman for themselves,” the magazine reported, later adding, “Although it’s a solo ‘Challenge,’ it’s safe to assume that alliances won’t take long to form — especially between the vets who have been brought back for Season 35.”

New for this season will be the 90-minute episode format, as well as “a shocking twist [that] will also mix up the game, throwing everyone off.”

In the newly released trailer, “Total Madness” is described as the “most-dangerous Challenge ever!” 

21 former ‘Challengers’ will return for Season 35, as well as eight “rookies” from various reality TV shows. 

“Eventually they’ll start having to mail my checks to a retirement home!”

Let’s meet the cast, shall we?!

Returning Players

Johnny Bananas: 20th Challenge (6 previous wins)

CT Tamburello: 17th Challenge (3 previous wins, including last season)

Wes Bergmann: 13th Challenge (2 previous wins) 

Aneesa Ferriera: 13th Challenge (0 previous wins)

Nany Gonzalez: 9th Challenge (0 previous wins)

Jenna Compano: 9th Challenge (0 previous wins)

Ashley Mitchell: 7th Challenge (2 previous wins. She currently holds the record for most money won on ‘The Challenge’) 

Cory Wharton: 7th Challenge (0 previous wins) 

Nelson Thomas: 6th Challenge, originally from ‘Are You The One?’ (0 previous wins)

Jordan Wiseley: 6th Challenge (3 previous wins) 

Kailah Casillas: 5th Challenge (0 previous wins)

Kyle Christie: 5th Challenge, originally from ‘Geordie Shore’ (0 previous wins)

Tori Deal: 4th Challenge, originally from ‘Are You The One?’ (0 previous wins)

Dee Nguyen: 3rd Challenge, originally from ‘Geordie Shore’ (1 previous win, last season)

Josh Martinez: 3rd Challenge, originally from ‘Big Brother’ (0 previous wins)

Melissa Reeves: 3rd Challenge, originally from ‘Ex on the Beach UK’ (0 previous wins)

Rogan O’Conneor: 3rd Challenge, originally from ‘Ex on the Beach UK’ (1 previous win, last season) 

Stephen Bear: 3rd Challenge, originally from ‘Shipwrecked: The Island’ (0 previous wins)

Jennifer West: 2nd Challenge, originally from ‘Survival of the Fittest’ (0 previous wins)

Mattie Breaux: 2nd Challenge, originally from ‘Party Down South’ (0 previous wins) 

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley: 2nd Challenge, originally from ‘Shipwrecked Battle of the Islands’ (0 previous wins)

(Noticeably absent from the “Returning Players” list is Cara Maria Sorbello, who has appeared on nearly every single ‘Challenge’ for the past 15 or so seasons. In December, she announced that she was taking a break from the show.)


Asaf Goren: Originally from ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ and ‘Big Brother Israel’

Jay Starrett: Originally from “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X’

Jennifer Lee: Originally from ‘The Amazing Race’ Season 29

Kaycee Clark: Originally from ‘Big Brother 20’

Christopher “Swaggy C” Williams: Originally from ‘Big Brother 20’

“Fessy” Shafaat: Originally from ‘Big Brother 20’

Bayleigh Dayton: Originally from ‘Big Brother 20’

The new season premieres Wednesday, April 1 on MTV. Watch the first trailer for ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ below!

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(Photos: MTV) 


  1. If “reality” (stars) could form a “union” THIS is where production would want to start. This show, Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother (Seasons 1-10) would be a good solid group of people. Maybe a new branch now to graduate these more credible people and start a Celeb Reality Union (with legalese, etc…) IMO obviously

    1. Me too, I’ve watched since it was Real World/Road Rules Challenge! I think it’s way underrated.

      Also, I live for your comments, you rock

      Stay lit, forever and ever

  2. I’m a Big Brother fan, used to be a die Hard till they started screwing it up.
    Let me just say….these are the boring and horniest people from BG.
    Johnny was right.
    So glad I don’t have to watch nasty Paulie & his I don’t wash my hair Caramarie.
    And she used to be 1 of my favorites.
    Where’s Turbo?
    Also ever since I saw Corey sucker trip Tony I couldn’t stand this douchbag. Thank God Devin isn’t on this season or the girl firefighter. Can’t stand either one of them.
    Ashley also disgusts me. Ladies don’t be a slut if you need it that bad buy some batteries to take with you.

  3. So Cory left a kid AND a pregnant girlfriend to go film this crap? Classy.

    I miss the days of Coral, the Miz, Mark Long, etc…

  4. So, basically, when you’re auditioning for a reality show nowadays, you’re trying for a career in reality television? 3 people from just ONE season of Big Brother are on this season. That’s crazy. Stopped watching this a few years ago when they started bringing in all the newbies.

    1. Right? I still have no idea why they brought folks from Geordie Shore AND their Ex on the Beach, not to mention stupid Bear…because the latter all he is good for is hooking up with random ladies, he even dated Charlotte from Geordie Shore!

  5. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    PS It’s Geordie not Georgie

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