Johnny Bananas Rants About How Casting for ‘The Challenge’ is Done Now: “Do You Like to Get Drunk & Hook Up? Perfect, You’re Cast!”

“You know I’m right…for once…”

Over the years, Johnny Bananas has expressed his opinions on the newbies of The Challenge, but his latest Instagram rant is gaining more positive responses than ever before.

Johnny took to Instagram Live on Friday to chat with his followers about the casting process for ‘The Challenge,’ and how different it is now that people from random reality shows (such as Big BrotherThe Bachelor franchise, etc.) are being cast on the show. Johnny ranted about how expanding the pool of potential cast members has really changed the show’s dynamic, and longtime fans seemed to agree.

“I’m not saying I hate newcomers….you’re right; we do need an injection of new blood in ‘The Challenge.’ I’m saying the injection of blood we’re getting is not the right one,” Johnny said on Instagram Live. 

Johnny reminded fans that, for years, the only people who were cast on ‘The Challenge’ were those who had previously appeared on either Road Rules or The Real World. (‘Member when ‘The Challenge’ used to be called ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge?’ Just me? Sorry, I’m old…) 

Who could forget how much fun the good ol’ days of the show were?

“To get on ‘The Real World’ or ‘Road Rules,’ there is a very intense casting process, OK?” Johnny said. “On my season of ‘The Real World,’ I was one of 200,000 applicants, which goes to show you the cream really rose to the top. 

“You look at all the vets— the really gritty vets, the fan favorites…you want to know what they all had in common? We are all gritty, complex, we’re well-rounded; there’s layers to every single one of them.”

Johnny went on to say that those being cast on the recent ‘Challenge’ seasons don’t have to go through a stringent casting process like he and the old-school vets did.

“Now, it’s like, ‘Have you been on any reality television show ever in your life?'” Johnny said. “Good, you’re cast! So they’re basically putting anyone on. Are you attractive? Are you mildly attractive? Do you like to get drunk and hook up? Perfect, you’re cast!

“And then what happens with that is that lends to people who are there for the wrong reasons,” he continued. “Back in the day, the ‘Challengers’ would come on for the love of the game. We used to go on there to compete, and we weren’t on there to get our Instagram following up. And that’s the problem with this day and age [on ‘The Challenge’].”

“At this point it’s just sad, guys…”

Johnny then went into the topic of who is now considered a ‘veteran’ of the game.

“You used to have to earn your stripes,” he said. “You used to have to earn a title. Veteran status? You didn’t get that after [doing] one ‘Challenge.’ You’re talking six, seven seasons before you’re considered a vet. Now, you do one ‘Challenge’ and you’re considered a vet.”

Johnny’s rant— which he later posted to his Twitter account— was met with much agreement from fans.

“This is so spot on!!!” one person wrote in response on Twitter. “So tired of Instagram influences, their daily selfies and being famous for nothing!” 

“The past 3-4 seasons have been unwatchable,” another person tweeted. “I remember when I first discovered the show, I binged all the seasons in 4 months. There was so much heart and the casting was top notch. Now I can’t make it through one episode.”

Watch Johnny’s full rant below: 

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  1. I agree! I hate the episodes that are so full of “drama” that we don’t get to see a challenge and elimination in the same episode. I think they got a little better with that on this last season but I totally agree on the casting as well. It needs to be people who are serious competitors!

  2. I stopped watching the show when they started using people from Are You The One? (I think they were the first not Real World or Road Rules or Fresh Meat 1/2 cast) I hoped they will stop but no…now even Geordie Shore folks have to be here! It just lost its magic, even Fresh Meat had to earn their position on the cast…now all it takes is to go on a show where you hookup and get drunk and you’re fit for the Challenge! Meh…and I hate to agree with Johnny but FOR ONCE he’s not wrong! (Although he is also spitting in his own bowl…dude, you posted this on Twitter and Instagram Live…you kinda want to be an influencer too!)

  3. Johnny was on the Key West season of The Real World where all he did was get drunk and try to hook up. Bitch please.

  4. I hate that I agree with him! Ugh that feels icky to even type 🤢 but, he isn’t wrong. The only thing I like about these new people is the fact that they know his game and vote him out, which is likely why he’s so uptight about it.

  5. I have long been a fan of these shows and one thing I like about the newcomers is they VOTE JOHNNY OUT early and that’s AWESOME. When he or Wes stay on the show for too long it gets super boring.

  6. Oh please, it’s because the new comers know to get him out as soon as possible. Something this next seasons cast surely regrets not doing. Tired of him. I won’t be watching this new season.

  7. I have to agree with him. The old Real world/Road rules were the best! The players weren’t just physically dominating they were strategic and smart. Now, you have people coming on quitting mid challenge, trying to sleep their way to protection from going home, trying to get in a alliance with vets so they can go from one challenge to the next without having to do any real work to get there. Every season I tune in crossing my fingers hoping it will be like it used to be. Needless to say I’ve been disappointed.

  8. When they put new people on now there are too many new people at once. I can’t keep them straight.

    I agree with him but where are they supposed to pull from? Nobody watches The Real World anymore. If there is even new Real Worlds anymore… I am not sure that it exists now.

  9. agree with him on this one. i think the big brother people arent necessarily completely out of place since atleast on big brother you have physical comps.

    the last couple of seasons have definitely not been the greatest. i feel like there are alot more “floaters” then ever before. i really think they need to chill on bringing in so many new people and have some familiars for a while.

    i cant imagine not having the challenge but with the way things are going i can see the show losing more vets and becoming less watchable until it inevitably gets cancelled.

    although..all the teen mom shows are complete garbage but theyre still running strong.

  10. I completely agree with Jonny’s rant. Unfortunately, now most people go on reality shows just to get their Instagram follower count up and not to win a game or fall in love. It is all about exposure and people will do anything to get it so they can become an “influencer” at the very least.

  11. Agree with him actually! There’s a few newcomers I like but most of them are not so great. I’m definitely old school challenge though.

  12. I agree with Johnny to an extent. I do feel like he’s right about them just casting whoever lately, but at the same time it’s like after seeing the same people after so many seasons it gets boring. You see the same people so much that you end up feeling like you know them in day to day life lol.

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