‘Sister Wives’ Season 14 Episode 8 Recap: Four Snow Angels & A Snowball’s Chance in Hell

More like Coyote HARD Pass, amirite?

Throw on your favorite pair of neon polkadot leggings and consult your vision board — it’s time for another episode of Sister Wives!

Despite being put through yet another round of Dream House presentations last week, we assessed our list of “whys” and “why nots” and ultimately chose to keep watching this trainwreck. That’s right, like the four women on this show who willingly entered into marriage with Kody, we make bad decisions from time to time, too.

This week’s episode kicks off at the Brown family’s undeveloped Coyote Pass property, where Kody (sporting his Lil’ Orphan Annie blond moptop ‘do) meets his friend Kyle, who we learn is a “dirt mover.” Like Kyle, Kody also likes to move (as we’ve seen time and time again this season), though Kody’s moves are undoubtedly more messy.

Kody explains that Kyle is also a polygamist; however, his first wife wasn’t on the TLC payroll left him, so now he’s just married to one person. What a rebel!  

“Well, I’d say I definitely like it more than my first wife did.”

“Everybody thinks about leaving plural marriage,” Kody tells us. 

We then cut to Kody’s wives as Janelle regales viewers with a (probably fond) memory of when her children were little and she considered leaving the plural marriage life. However, in the end she (obviously) “worked it out” with Kody and remains just as stuck in this mess as the other three wives are today.

” … And now I’ll never get out because I can’t resist that damn ponytail!”

Back at Coyote Pass, Kody tries to convince Kyle to purchase some of the family’s property and become his neighbor, while breaking the news that the plans for the Brown family Polygamist Barbie Dream House have been pretty much shot down by his four wives. 

“Honestly, Kody, you should be happy your wives haven’t shot you down too. Have you met YOU?”

Kody is still pouting that he wasn’t able to force four women and all their kids into living in the exact manner most of them said they would never live. 

He asks Kyle for his input — because Kyle’s track record on keeping multiple wives happy is so stellar, after all — and Kyle tells Kody the one house idea likely didn’t go over well with the wives because of their concern over having a lack of privacy… you know, one of the exact “why nots” the wives had Kody scribble onto his poster board. 

Ironically, Kody takes what Kyle is saying about wives wanting privacy to heart…even though he basically poo-poo’d on his wives’ statements about it. 

“That Kyle really gets women!”

Kody then admits that “plural marriage can harm intimacy.” (Although, let’s be real, Kody’s personality probably does a pretty good job on its own of killing the sex drive of his wives.) 

Kody then basically blames Christine for rallying the troops to shoot down his Polygamy Barbie Dream House idea. He thinks she influenced Robyn by telling her the horror stories of the times in which the whole family lived together. Christine tells her Sister Wives that she suspects that Kody is not done fighting to get what he wants…and that they’ll likely see that damn posterboard again in the near future.

They also collectively agree that Kody shouldn’t be wasting his time talking to Kyle about house plans because Kyle doesn’t have the misfortune of being married to Kody. 

As per usual, Robyn is insecure at the choice she made, but Meri’s there to slap some sense into her.

“Let’s put it this way…can I move in with you?” Meri asks Robyn.

Robyn looks horrified (where will all those leggings go?!) and say she can if she needs to. Meri says, “But do you want me to?”

Robyn’s face says it all; She looks like she’d rather icepick her own eyes out than have Meri (and her dark raincloud of a personality) take up residence in Casa de Robyn.

“If this keeps up, I’m shacking up with Kyle and his lone wife.”

The Sister Wives arrive at the property, hoofing it in the snow to where Kody is talking crap on them to Kyle.

Kody shows the wives (and Kyle, the one-wifed polygamist) an idea of where each of the individual houses could go on the property. Naturally, he proposes that Meri be shoved off into the woods, on the other side of a gas line easement. 

Meri says she’s not sure living in woods is a great idea, because her house would be really dark (not to mention a great setting for a horror movie). 

Plot twist: Meri and Kyle’s ex-wife team up to host weekly themed parties at House #3 for fellow disgruntled first wives of plural marriage.

Kody tries to convince Meri that living in the trees was her idea, but Meri sets him straight. Kody seems shocked that Meri doesn’t want to live like a hermit away from the other wives’ homes.

He frantically tells the wives they need to figure everything out soon because he has to do “a lot plan pretty soon.”

“I banish thee to the forest, ungrateful first wife!”

Kody then decides to take Kyle for a stroll around the Coyote Pass pond…so he can once again try to unload some of the property on Kyle and his last-standing wife. Kyle giggles nervously. Robyn tells us that Kody has tried to get rid of those two end lots to basically everyone he knows, but (shockingly) no one wants to live within a mile of Kody, his narcissistic attitude, brooding Meri, crying Robyn & the rest of the Bummer Brown clan.

Kody explains how hard this whole thing is for HIM…because his stupid wives keep insisting on having their damn privacy.

While this is going on, the wives take an opportunity to stomp around the property, throw snow at each other and talk about their relationship. We then learn from Kody that the wives tend to treat him like a little brother (umm… ) and pick on him in these particular situations.

“We turn into four obnoxious sisters and he’s the brother,” Robyn says. 

Nope…nothing creepy about this at all…

“If it wasn’t for just pure masculine confidence, I would just wither!” Kody adds.

“I’m WITHERING over here and nobody cares!” 

The wives then plop their polygamists asses down to make snow angels, which the producer assumes would be a scene that would make Kody happy. However, Kody says he’s grown cynical and jaded and seeing his wives having a good time together no longer brings him joy. 

He seems to ensure that there will be no fun of any kind on his watch…unless it involves posterboard and talking about his Polygamy Dream House, of course!

Kody’s view of his wives during their baby-making years…probably…

Kody “reveals” that he’s still harboring resentment over his house idea being vetoed. He says that he’s struggling with plural marriage and struggling with the fact that his darn wives won’t just bow down and do what he wants!

“I feel like my idea never got a chance!” he cries. “It was a snowball in Hell!” 

He then he attempts to place the blame solely on some of the wives… but he won’t tell us which ones. 

“I think plural marriage fits well with the personality of one of my wives,” Kody says. “I’m not going to tell you which wives do better and which wives don’t do well with plural marriage because I don’t want the world judging them.” 

“Let’s just leave the judging to me.”

Kody admits that their journey to get to the place they are today (which is obviously sooo happy) “pretty much broke four womens’ hearts.”

Still, the women insists that plural marriage is worth it.


Kody is starting to panic that their Vegas homes have still not sold, and that he won’t be able to recreate what they had in Vegas on the new land in Flagstaff.

“That pressure to create that is all on me!” Kody wails.

OK…I’ll just go ahead and ask it…


Fortunately, we get a distraction from all this Coyote Creek/Live in the Forest/Polygamy crap. Janelle has flown to North Carolina, where her daughter Maddie, son-in-law Caleb and grandson Axel are now living. Caleb explains they moved to North Carolina because he got “a fantastic job”…as an elevator mechanic’s assistant.

OK….moving right along…

“Maddie, can you tell your dad to stop texting me. He wants to sell me some land on some place called Coyote Pass or something?”

“Axel is my first and only grandchild, and I keep telling the rest of my children that they need to get busy but they’re not havin’ it,” Janelle says.

Again, nope….nothing creepy about that!

Christine says that her married daughters– Aspyn and Mykelti— aren’t ready to start crankin’ out the youngins.

Maddie is pregnant with their second child, so she and Caleb head to the doctor’s office, where they find out they’re having a girl. 

“Can that machine by any chance tell us whether or not the baby already has a raggedy ponytail?”

After the appointment, Janelle and Axel meet Maddie and Caleb for lunch and Janelle starts pushing hard to get some answers on her grandbaby’s gender before the rest of the Brown family gets to hear the announcement.

Maddie is reluctant, telling Janelle, “Isn’t this what this family’s about? Doing everything together?”

Um…has Kody been talking to Maddie again? 

Janelle ultimately convinces Maddie to spill the beans and she’s more excited than Kody in a posterboard shop to hear the news that it’s a girl. 

“A girl? That’s great…just don’t name it Meri, OK?”

In less-exciting developments, Maddie reveals that she plans to have another bathtub baby this time around, only this time she’ll be popping out her kid in a birthing center bathtub rather than a bathtub inside her mom’s Las Vegas home. (No word yet on if the Sister Wives will legit set up rows of folding chairs to watch as Maddie shoots the spawn from her loins, as they did with Axel’s birth.) 


Janelle is scared that Maddie will go into labor while Caleb’s away from home, and she’ll be all alone in North Carolina, in labor and lugging Axel. Janelle is worried about Maddie being so far away from the rest of the family. 

“I’ve got two words for you, Maddie: Coyote.Pass. If you live in my big DreamHouse you’ll never be alone!”

Back in Arizona, Kody and the wives gather at Janelle’s still-unpacked second rental home for a meeting to share some news and family updates. Kody shares that he and Robyn have some bad news, so he’s hoping some of the other family members will deliver some good news.

Janelle says she already knows the gender of Maddie’s baby and the rest of them will find out in a week or so — including Kody, who is not thrilled about being out of the loop. Of course, he’s all butthurt about being left out and is not doing a good job of hiding his feelings.

Raise your hand if your loins are tingling due to Kody’s ponytail…

Janelle also announces that her wet bar-less Las Vegas home is under contract, and will soon no longer be a drain on the family’s finances.

Kody then announces to the group that he and Robyn have some bad news: the owners of Robyn’s rental want to sell her home, which means Robyn has to move. Everyone is devastated because Robyn’s house is where the family has gathered since moving to Flagstaff.

Robyn, praying the moving company starts giving the Brown family some sort of frequent customer discount…

Meri suggests the family use her Mountain Mansion as a gathering place while Robyn looks for a new place; however, her offer is seemingly ignored and the room gets awkwardly quiet. 

Like…uncomfortably awkwardly quiet…

“It’s not like I’d make you guys fold leggings or anything… Well, except for on the weekends.”

Kody tells the wives if they ever feel discouraged about the current situation, they should drive out to the Coyote Pass property to cheer themselves up. He also says if the county would allow it, he’d slam down a double-wide and make everyone live in it until they can all agree on what the hell to live in permanently.

Living in a double-wide with Kody and the Sister Wives in the middle of nowhere? That idea gives me shivers.

“I’d live underneath Janelle’s unpacked moving boxes before ever considering that nonsense.”

Meri even offers to plop down some of her leggings money and buy him an RV, so that he could live out is trailering Coyote Pass dreams. Kody is mad that the wives aren’t considering his random terrible idea, and proclaims it’s because they don’t have open minds. 

Then he throws out the idea of living on the Coyote Pass land…in a tent.

He’s kidding…we think?

Kody, reminding us all that he puts the ass in Coyote Pass.

That’s all for this week! 

On the next episode of ‘Sister Wives,’ Kody and the wives argue over the future of the Coyote Pass property, leading to Kody angrily serve up the line, “suck it up, buttercup!” Things are getting wild, y’all! 

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(Photos: TLC)


  1. You know Kody’s good friend Kyle’s first wife Nicole left him because he beat the crap out of her right? Google Nicole Van Tassell Henderson

  2. The only smart one is Meri (Mary? sp?) as she divorced him and the the newest wife married him. This will all one day end up in Divorce Court with JUDGE JERRY SPRINGER so roll on buttercups!

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    What I don’t get is why Christine gets to say no to the one house when it’s clear the others would work with it. They are a family but don’t live together, that’s not saying much about their leaders. ?? Kody is the head of the family he should listen to their opinions and then make the final decision. Meri is whiny and passive aggressive. Robyn is starting to get irritating with her whining. Stand up and be heard!- each of the wives should speak up and say what they’d like. I would not want to be married to 4 women!!! I think Kody needs to remember he is the head of the home and he has the final say. Your all sleeping with the same man quit trying to forget that!

  4. My opinion of Eyore (Mary) hasn’t changed one bit. She is and has always been the selfish one not to mention the most miserable person to be around. She will insist on a house the same size as everyone else despite the fact that she will be the only occupant. With her catfish bs, b&b drama and being an absolute misery to be around is why she is in the place she’s in. The other wives have plenty of their own issues but I just can’t with this woman.

  5. Why doesn’t Kody use his brain and move the pond in the middle of the property so they can even out the houses…I hate the way he treats Meri. She’s almost begging for his attention but he’s to blind to see it…

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Why doesn’t Kody use his brain and move the pond in the middle of the property so they can even out the houses…I hate the way he treats Meri. She’s almost begging for his attention but he’s to blind to see it…

  7. I guess there will be no mention of the maternity shoot. Not even a mention of the fight Bri and Kail had about said maternity shoot. If y’all think that maternity shoot was good y’all are crazy as hell. She’s showing her vag. Not to mention her Dr. Miami Ass. The horse practically went up her vag. Why wouldn’t she have on cowboy boots? How does the horse look so small next to her? I guess favoritism is strong on this site. Her elbow looked deformed.

      1. I bet you Caleb earns a better income than the leech Kody who somehow manages to always have the $$$$$ but never seems to work.
        He dosen’t need to work , he spends his wives money

  8. Jodi is an asshole to Meri. Now he’s trying to turn the other wives against Meri and Janelle is playing right into it. I don’t understand why Meri just doesn’t leave. It’s so obvious none of them give a hoot about her. Robin and Kodi have the marriage license – they don’t need Meri anymore.

    1. I don’t understand why in the hell she would stick around …..ALL of them are nasty to her.
      No wonder she got caught up in the ‘catfishing bullshit’. She was getting the attention ( although it was fake) that she was craving. Someone expressing an interest , affection and caring for her.

  9. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Elevator mechanic is a good job. Average pay is in the 70’s, it takes a 5 year apprenticeship and I’m pretty sure that’s good money for her husband because we don’t think he has a degree. It’s a good trade.

  10. I legit don’t understand how these folks have been there less than 6 six months by what they are showing now, and three of the four have already moved again. That’s ridiculous. And basically 18 months later in real time and not a single house is built on coyote pass.

  11. I wonder what would happen if kodi were to decide to walk away from the other wives (keeping his legal wife). I mean, what would be involved legally? I imagine he’d have to pay child support fir the minor children but beyond that, would he be in the hook for anything at all? These women put a lot of trust in someone who may not have to provide a single thing for them if he walks away

    1. @vansdownbytheriver.. My thoughts are in the same direction. I can tell you that most of our states have abolished common law marriage , except a handful this does not include Arizona and I’m almost positive Nevada doesn’t recognize it either. Robyn owns EVERYTHING Kody owns ( from their marriage on)unless she is stupid enough to sign her dower rights away… Doubtful
      Like you, I wonder if there’s some kind of legal contracts they had drawn up or are the other three out everything after all these years? I’ve only started watching the show this season and have been wondering what kind of security do the others have if they leave? Did Kody offer anything for the future if they want out? It seems the show is the only thing gluing them together right now.
      Anyone been watching for years that knows the answer to our question?

    2. It seems like he just lives off the wives money under the guise that he’s loaded! If those women leave kody will be left with nothing…..Serves himself right !

      1. I bet he’d jump up and down and carry on that he should NOT have to pay alimony because he wasn’t “legally” married to the “other wives”.
        Therefore Kody you are NOT the bigamist running from the law that you claim to be !
        You’re nothing but an attention seeking wanker with ONE legal wives and 3 other average everyday women that you have on call when you want to swap bed partners ! IDIOT !

  12. Every season this family just looks more and more miserable. Who else remembers Christine gleefully explaining in the very first episode that getting a third wife was the solution if you were having trouble with two wives? That she didn’t want just a husband, she wanted a family. Horrified that one of her aunts had walked away from plural life. And now she just looks DONE.

  13. Funny AF when Kody starts plotting these “houses” like the old song “Old McDonald Had A Farm.” Here a house, there a house, everywhere a house-house! Old McKody had a farm ei ei oooooo! (but none of the “wives” are Oooooing anymore because they want a “new” man!) This show is the OG- Bachelor. Only difference is that Kody is legally married to one of them and just sleeps and procreates with the rest. Same story, different characters. One day we will see them on “REAL HOUSEWIVES of The Mental Hospital.” Bring on Nurse Rachet (sp?) They can sit down with Dr. Phil and their collective kids, grandkids, etc… We need a TELL ALL book from these “wives.” There is nothing sister about it. My sisters and I never dated and sick AF to think about having sex with the same guy! He says he doesn’t want the world “judging them” which is too funny. He and they are all on a REALITY SHOW! Wake up Kody and smell the KoolAid!

    1. Thank you for the thumbs down! One thing to add to those who think these are just “reality people” and don’t have real lives: Maddie’s baby girl was born with birth defects. It is because of the strength of these families and not just the bullshit crap you all think is weird that holds them together no matter what happens. Sure, we all have our arm chair opinions but these again are real people with real lives and real families. I love this show and have been watching since Day 1 and will always be interested in them because they are sweet and real. They don’t sit in some weird room and marry someone they never met in real life like some dumb ass reality shows!

    2. Have you been living under a rock? Or maybe you’re too young to remember, but they already put out a tell all book. Ages ago…

    3. YEP……The opening credits get me , They all blab on about how “wonderful” plural marriage is …yet im to see an episode where one of them aren’t crying !

  14. Let’s put it this way… Why plural marriage, if you can’t live together as one happy big family? 🤔

    “I wanted the family, I didn’t just want the man.”

  15. Basically kody pitches a 1 hour hissy fit because he couldn’t force his 4 wives into a single home. The wives getting along for 5 minutes is salt rubbed into the wound of failure. They get together to discuss life and princess robyn has been given the boot they whine about not having a place to get together and meri offers her place and crickets. The only highlight was finding out the sex of maddies baby.

  16. Which of the wives’ personalities is suited for polygamy: Janelle. She is all about the family. It’s pretty rare she whines about Kody and it’s pretty rare the words “my kids” come out of her mouth. Well, maybe not rare, but compared to the rest of this clown show, it’s rare.

    Which of the wives’ personalities is suited for polygamy according to Kody (probably): Robyn. But he’s wrong – she’s a selfish little thing, always piping up with her two cents when no one asked for it, no one wanted it, and the conversation wasn’t even about her, directed toward her, or included her. She whines about Kody not being there enough (even though you gotta believe that he’s with her the most of all the wives) and she’s always talking about “my kids.”

    I really feel bad for Meri – she has that huge house, all alone, and they’d rather cram into Robyn’s shoebox than actually go there. I wonder if Meri wanted the big wet-barred Vegas house because as first wife she thought they would all gather there for stuff and I wonder if she got the huge Flagstaff McMansion for the same reason, but Robyn and Kody are all “step off bitch.” I get they are mad that Meri was catfished – but something happened between Kody, Robyn, and Meri that made her want a friend elsewhere. Once Meri brought Robyn into the fold, it was all downhill for poor Meri.

    Also, was anyone else thinking that when Kody and Robyn were all “we have some really bad news” and they were all somber that someone had a serious medical condition? You’re moving? That’s it? Then move – no reason to make a federal case of it.

    1. Oh hell yes. Robyn is all about the drama, and who really gives a shit if she has to move? We know she and Kody bought an almost 1 million dollar house since then. What a couple of entitled asshats.

    2. This Wanker Kody will make a federal case out of ANYTHING!
      As long as he is the centre of attention, prancing around bow legged , like he’s got a stick shoved up his a**, flicking his mangey locks as though he’s a walking advertisement for a shampoo company!
      He’s as irritating a/f….But if you ask kody…he’ll tell you he’s the hottest sexiest man to walk the planet….thats why the wives get so jealous of each other.
      Watching him ( these are his words).going from one wifes house to anothers reminds them …. he is to be shared!
      What a tosser!

  17. The new favorite is definitely Janelle because she supported his idea of one house or pretended to.
    I noticed the changed energy between them during family gatherings and the sit downs.
    Meri didn’t want to say what she thought at first because she knew not cheering and supporting Kodi would make Kodi turn away from her again.

    Regardless who it is, or was because maybe he has a new favorite already, how can he say such a thing? That is such an insult to his wives and their marriages.

    He admits he struggles with polygamy and bad mouths 3 wives that are not right for polygamy according to him? Did he ever consider he is not the best suitable guy for polygamy?

  18. I wonder how much it cost Kody to have those house plans drawn up? I’m sure it wasn’t cheap. Now he’s complaining about money when he wasteful spent it on those plans

    1. Rough? Put your photo here (full size and don’t edit it) and let us judge your appearance! This isn’t ANTM it is SISTER WIVES.

  19. No story about Kails failed maternity shoot? I guess if you do it will be written in a favoring way.

      1. Don’t ask. They’re a bit obsessed with Kail Lowry, and bring her up on every single post on this site.

    1. Kailyn could pass for mama June’s daughter. Have you seen Kail’s maternity shoot? Her hair looks greasy. Watch out if your not a fan of Kail on this site you’ll be considered a stalker and crazy. I post an opinion and I’m labeled a stalker. I guess I’m a stalker of letters? Idk she fills a PFA but gets pregnant by him. Seems to me Kails up to her if you don’t do exactly what I say your gonna get a PFA.

      1. We call you a stalker, because you seem like one. You know everything going on in her life and mention it on every post available. It’s creepy.

      2. There’s not being a fan, (which I’m not) and there’s posting about her constantly, on articles that have nothing to do with her. This is a sister wives recap article, yet here you are, yammering on about her maternity photos.

      3. Hey ‘Kails From Hell’ Are you the nutjob who got suspended on twitter for going off on one at The Ashley?

        1. The nutjob has gone and got a new twitter account because the original got reported as impersonating someone and has immediately started having a go at The Ashley.

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