Feud Reignited! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kail Lowry & Briana DeJesus Fight on Twitter Over Kail’s Maternity Photo Fail & Chris Lopez

All together now… “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!”

Let’s get ready to rumble….again!

The feud between former Teen Mom 2 foes Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus reignited on Monday, thanks to a naked baby bump photo, a horse, some tweets and a threat of Reunion violence.

So, in other words, it’s just another day in Teen Mom Land!

Kail and Briana’s Twitter spat started when Briana posted a tweet that Kail was none-too-happy about. From there, the spat got nasty, with Kail’s friend Bone Estrada jumping in and threatening to bring the heat to the next ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion.

Let’s back it up a bit, shall we?

On Sunday, Kail— who is currently freezing her Dr. Miami-enhanced bootie off in Iceland— posted a boudoir maternity photo of herself to Instagram that caused quite a stir. In the photo, a naked Kail is standing in some kind of barn, next to an Icelandic horse. The photo— which will most likely be used for ‘Teen Mom’ memes for years to come— was quickly yanked down by Kail, after it got overwhelmingly negative comments. 

The photo lives on in screenshot infamy…

At the time, Kail didn’t reveal why she removed the photo from her Instagram; however, by Monday, numerous ‘Teen Mom’ hater accounts began posting the pic (with and without their own additions, of course). When an account reposted Kail’s sexy time horse photo to Twitter, Briana responded with several crying-laughing emojis…which set Kail off. 

“Posting this photo didn’t go as planned #Yikes but remember the time Shock posted the video [of] y’all having sex?” she responded, along with her own crying-laughing emojis.

If you’re wondering who– or what– a “Shock” is and where he posted the sex video, allow The Ashley to explain. Back in 2015– before Bri joined the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’– she was dating a man named Shakiel Brown. (His nickname was “Shock.”) Once Briana found out that Shock had cheated on her, she broke up with him and refused to talk to him anymore. This angered Shock, so he went to Twitter, where he posted several very sexual videos of Bri doing “Farrah-esque” things. It’s rumored that Shock even tried to sell the revenge p0rn clips to several tabloid sites but was unsuccessful.

He was ultimately arrested and charged with one count of video voyeurism.

Anyway, Briana failed to see the humor in Kail’s tweet, throwing the proverbial red high heeled shoe right back at Kail.

“Girl shut the f**k up!” Briana wrote. “LOL go continue getting beat up by Chris lol!” 

Obviously, Bri is referring to Chris Lopez, Kail’s third baby daddy and the father of her unborn fourth child. During their 2018 feud, Briana publicly announced that Chris had been violent with Kail during their “relationship,” which is likely what Briana was referring to in this tweet.

Anyway, that spurred Kail’s friend Bone (who, as you may remember, nearly came to blows with Briana and her sister Brittany DeJesus behind-the-scenes of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8A Reunion back in 2017) to jump in, offering to bring the Jerry Springer Show-eque behavior to the upcoming ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10A Reunion taping.

“The only one getting their ass beat is you. See you at the next reunion,” Bone wrote, later addressing MTV in another tweet. “So your cast members are allowed to make light of domestic violence? Guess @mtv  supports domestic violence! Let it be known! @TeenMom”

“Don’t make me go get my throwin’ shoes, girl!”

The only problem? The Ashley‘s production sources tell her that Kail is likely not even coming to the next Reunion, which is taking place in August.

“Kail has already informed [certain producers] that she doesn’t plan to come to the Reunion because it will be taped right after she gives birth,” one source told The Ashley.

Briana and Kail’s long-standing feud had died down over the last nine months or so. In July, Briana said that she would be willing to film scenes with Kail for the 9B Reunion, although Kail was not receptive to the idea.

“What’s in the past is in the past,” Briana said at the time. “I’m open to being mature, moving on and filming the reunion as a whole group this year. Of course, that’s not up to me, but I’m putting the ball in her court. It would be a nice change of pace to all be together and let the drama go.” 

It appears that their semi-truce is long gone now, though!

Stay tuned…

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  1. kail is pregnant again. I cant believe it. she is just having kids to stay on the show. this is pathetic. at least the other girls think they are in love.

  2. Kail has no room to talk but damn Jenelle has gotten fat. Has she quit doing drugs? And that maternity photo… 😐😂🤣 Some nude maternity photos look classy but this is not one of them. Kail looks dirty.

    1. This is one of those pictures you take and keep for ur private collection. These girls seem to feel, or think that everything they do needs to be shared with the public. To me, this looks like a very private moment she would keep for herself and the baby’s father, not as a photo op.

  3. I don’t care if my email is public. this girl is trash she has 3 baby daddys and another on the way with the biggest looser she could find. Its no problem to tell she loves riding that cock carousel. She better thank god she was fortunate enough to find her big over weigjt ass on teen mom or she would be living in a trailer park somewhere. This Is just another emaple of the generation coming up in the world. And who in there right mind takes a picture with all of those nasty ass tattoos naked and pregnant. Now thats something to look bwck on and be proud of not just being knocked up by another dead beat she acts like shes proud of it. Shes fucking garbage

  4. “Bone” should probably stfu, or did she forget about her bestie assaulting Javi on camera????? Literally NOBODY asked to see Kailyn’s maternity photos, they looked horrible lol!

  5. I didn’t need to know that Kailyn‘s vag has no hair. I am sure her boys didn’t need to know it either.

  6. ….so nobody’s gonna say anything about how uncomfortably close she has the horse’s head/nose to her crotch? That poor horse.

  7. I thought Kail was BI. Now we see she is into BEASTIALITY! Again, PETA… Why doesn’t Dr. Drew call in an animal behavior specialist to help this horse deal with PTSD??

  8. I think she takes photos like this to get attention and make a fake statement. It was absolutely ridiculous and made no sense but she’ll say it’s about empowerment and self respect or something and try to get sympathy for it being made fun of so badly.

  9. Just let this show go! This and teen mom og! Y&p is the only thing worth watching now. Unless MTV want to refresh basics and do original 16 and pregnant with y&p, cancel the whole shit show!


    I was told Kail tried to mount the beast which caused said beast to buckle to the floor with spine damage in three places. The beast had to be destroyed, Kail then asked to have the beast put into her Suburban because she felt it would fit on her BBQ grill back at home

    true story

    stay lit

  11. Twitter fight? When these bitches aren’t pregnant they should be in therapy trying to figure out why they are so THIRSTY. THAT photo is not a Thirst Trap Kail no matter what your snap, crackle pop cereal says to you. Again, where is PETA when you need them? Horses have rights too. Free the horse! PETA step up…

  12. Is there any wonder why this show hasn’t been on for months, yet somehow I didn’t really miss it?

    Listen, I know the title does say you’re teens. But stone cold “reality” says you grown ass women are pushing 30 — and pushing it HARD.

    Grow up.

    Please? Thanks.

  13. Oh god. So many things to say.

    1. Why would you post that photo of yourself? Just seriously why? Aren’t you cold? Who took it? The bump isn’t really showing yet so…. why? Why?
    2. Why?
    3. So it’s okay for Kail to make fun of revenge porn which is so fucked up as it wasn’t something Brianna posted herself but it’s not okay for Bri to question why Kail would get knocked up AGAIN by someone who abuses her and quite clearly can’t stand her? Nope.
    4. Why?
    5. Bone. Why?

    1. Please girls stop getting pregnant until you have a good man,get regular jobs, stay off social media until you get your life back to normal, use your brain!

  14. LOL at Bone saying MTV supports Domestic Violence then. Did she forget her girl kail whacked Javi on camera? She did forget Kail admitted on the reunion that it happened more than once? Sit down Bone..

  15. If You’re going to post a picture of yourself naked for attention, not all attention will be positive. Kail is NAKED IN A BARN WITH A HORSE! It makes zero sense. I swear Kail does things like this so, she can get a reaction from someone and that in her mind will validate her rage issues.

    Honestly, Brianna put laughing emojis…. it could have been worse. I’m 100% positive that she wasn’t the only person who was laughing in the comments.

    Kail is so insecure when it comes to women. This is probably a reason her whole posse are lesbians. They won’t make her feel Self-conscious when there is a guy in her life. She feels like she has to hold the #1 spot. She’s had issues with every single woman that has had a relationship with her multiple baby daddies.

    MTV, cancel this show!!! These “girls” are almost THIRTY YEARS OLD. This drama was entertaining a decade ago. Now it’s all globe trotting, never taking any self responsibility, Buying McMansions and unrealistic expectations for actual young mother’s. It’s just sad now. Do a follow up every 5-10 years.

    1. I give Kail credit for the SHOE choice and love your reply! She could have worn orange platform crocs!

  16. Oh dear God Ms. Ashley, after you showed that pic of Kail I can’t un-see it. I will have nightmares over that photo. Some things should never be photographed and Kail is one of them. She looks like a sack of tattooed potatoes with a head on it 🙁

  17. Briana needs to mind her own damn business. Her life is not all that great. She still lives with her mommy and body guard sister. Yeah, I know she bought the house, but still… She has 2 kids with two different men, so she’s no better. Her kid’s fathers never see their kids, so I think she needs to shut her mouth. People in glass houses….

    1. Actually Devoin gets to see Nova a lot more than we all see. If you follow him on IG then you’d know that. You’re talking about Bri having 2 kids with 2 different men but KAIL has 4 kids with 3 different men. Either way, it doesn’t matter as long as they are good parents to those kids, have enough space for them, and can feed them which they BOTH do. And it’s not bad that she lives with her mom and sister. That’s her culture and I bet if you had family that loved and cared for you and support you that you’d be living with them too. Therefore, you’re included in that people who live in glass houses

  18. Do a maternity shoot, fine. Naked? Ehh. But keep those photos to yourself. Im sure that 10 (?) year old issac does not want to have this naked photo of his mother seen around school by classmates or teachers. Come on. Do better for your kids

    1. No wonder reality tv born kids are in therapy by the age of 2 these daZe. Agree with you 110%!

      1. Yes… Dr Seuss is the author. He also is the child psychologist in charge of the study. (ref: Horton Gives a Shit Chp. 13 )

        1. Don’t know why I got downvoted for asking a question. I didn’t even know kids could do therapy at age 2. PT/OT, yeah, but not therapy related to the issues stemming from being a reality TV kid. Thanks for the info.

          1. Ok. 1. If you are asking a serious question then you might want to say so since this is a snark site. Truthfully of course your kids can go into therapy. I don’t even want to go past this point in being serious with you here because this isn’t the place to do that. 2. My reply to you was pure snark. Dr. Seuss (you mean you don’t know who that is?) 3. Reality tv kids are just as vulnerable to real life problems as any child in life. 4. The thumbs up and down isn’t a real system. You do know that, right? This is a snark sight (one of the funniest) in response to reality tv shows. No one really cares if someone “likes” or doesn’t “like” their reply/opinion on here. At least I would hope they wouldn’t. It isn’t a paid job for us to reply to these articles. It is a choice for fun. Have a great day! 🙂

          2. Google: Green Eggs and Ham ( You are welcome for any real info. for anything if I happen to be able to answer it truthfully for you. )

          3. I know that the OP was being sardonic, but the false information spread regarding mental health is harmful to those who are in serious need of help. So, I felt the need to copy and paste a portion of a discussion I was having a few days ago with a few edits to fit this situation.

            It’s a valid question because having worked in the mental health field in relation to early childhood, as well as adopting a 1 year old child who has experienced severe trauma at the hands of her birth mother, I can tell you that typically, therapy does not start that young. The absolute youngest age it is recommended for a child to start therapy is 3 years, and this is only in extreme cases. Most child mental health specialists advise that age 5 is the best age to begin. Even then, a child will not receive what is conventionally considered therapy. Instead, they participate in age appropriate play therapy. If a parent feels their child needs therapy before these ages, it is recommended that the parent begin therapy to determine why they feel this way and what they can do to help resolve the issues while the child is still young enough to easily redirect. If necessary, the parent and child can have sessions together allowing the therapist to observe their interactions and make suggestions. The bottom line is that in order to benefit from therapy, one must be able to interact with the therapist on a level which the therapist can ask probing questions designed to determine their specific issues and the child is able to understand them and provide an answer- whether through play therapy or, for those old enough to articulate, a verbal answer. Of course, every case is different, but there are basic guidelines that those in the mental health field follow.

        1. @Sarasarabobara, Thank you for the education. Even if this isn’t the normal platform for this type of information, I, as a parent, would never turn down the opportunity to learn something new about mental health for children. If one of my kids had needed it and they were of the age you were discussing, I would be very grateful. Again, thank you😊

  19. Kail acting allhigh and mighty like Chris doesnt have a ton of pics/videos doing the same things as Briana that he could release any moment he gets mad enough 😂

  20. I was just informed that the photographer stated there was a vile stench coming from that stable which he didn’t believe was coming from the horse!

    stay lit

    1. Thank you for confirming what we all thought. Lady Godiva I think not. These OG’s need to start their own RHOTM (Real Housewives of Teen Mom) because they are so far from being “teens” except in their minds and actions.

  21. “I’m open to being mature, moving on and filming the reunion as a whole group this year. Of course, that’s not up to me, but I’m putting the ball in her court. It would be a nice change of pace to all be together and let the drama go.” – Brianna

    Yeah and pigs can fly.

  22. Both women are just ridiculous. But Brianna shouldn’t have posted anything at all knowing their history. It’s probably all bs anyway. I mean why is Brianna able to post comments on Kayla pics? If they were true enemies they’d have each other blocked

    1. She didn’t comment on Kails, she commented on someone elses tweet. Kail made a big deal out of it over nothing lmao

      1. I’d be pissed if I was Kail too! After Bri went on and on about wanting to put the past behind them and was open to filming the reunion together, then she goes and does this petty shit. She should’ve just kept her yap shut, and kept it to herself. I almost miss the old Jenelle, who would’ve been talking shit, but she’s back to being the swamp zombie now.

  23. Let’s get this straight. Yeah, the photo is ridiculous but that’s not the point. These are GROWN ADULT WOMEN who have kids and they bicker on social media as if they’re teenagers! My opinion is because all of them became mothers too quickly, they never got a chance to act like a “normal teenager” so they act like them now. Kail, you will have a fourth boy soon, please, stop bickering with Briana (or anyone else for that matter), if you can’t do it for others, please do it for Isaac, he is old enough to know his mother is being a vengeful person for no reason except being immature. I hope when he visits Joe, he tells him that too.

    But I’m that sort of person who never gets in social media spites anyway, yes, I might post something crypted but it isn’t mean in any way.

  24. I heard two things about this pic.

    1. The horse may be the father of baby number 4

    2. Kail did try to eat the animal after the shoot.

    true story

    stay lit

    1. I want to ask you Sir Nibs: How many homes has Kail “rented, owned, lived in, etc..” since being on this show? Don’t count the vacations and horse stable over nights (yadda). CEREALously curious.

  25. While Kail should’ve kept that picture for her own private archives (my 2nd hand embarrassment for that picture is at an 8/10), Briana continues to be such a jackass. Both women are petty, but with Briana, one minute she’s trying to kiss everyone’s ass talking about a TM2 girls trip like the OG girls did that one season and that she’s ready to let bygones be bygones, and the next she’s teasing and antagonizing Kail again, like she’s some immature school girl and not a mother with 2 kids. Briana needs to stop being an airhead and grow up.

  26. The photographer did a fantastic job of capturing Kail in her natural environment. Kail naked in a barn with, the cows, the rats, the pigs.. it makes sense. I get it Kail.. farm animals are creatures that really understand you 😂 you’re pregnant with your fourth trap baby.. why the long face?

  27. Don’t like Bri but in this case she was right. That pic was nasty, the eating horsemeat was nasty and Bone, just used as Kails nanny, reacted trashy.

  28. We all know that MTV supports domestic violence. They still have Amber on Teen Mom. That being said, these girls are pushing 30. They need to grow up. At this rate, they will be throwing orthopedic shoes at each other in the nursing home.

    1. Chris and Kail haven’t figured out that the white stuff makes babies……. 4 babies and two from the same idiot that can’t figure out how to keep Kail from having another trap baby.

    2. And by Bone’s “logic” MTV supports revenge porn (which they probably do – anything for a storyline).

  29. First of all, Isaac is old enough to go online. Imagine how utterly embarrassed he must feel seeing her mom pose naked next to a horse, then reading this verbal violence from both sides. These idiots should grow up already.

  30. Um dumb question but why is Kail posing naked by a horse and why did she think this was a brilliant idea to post it all over social media. I don’t mean to be rude but I said it once (i think) and I’ll say it again, but what world do these women live in, it’s like fantasy island.

  31. Literally no one:

    kail: look at me pretty much naked and with a horse….

    kail: crap I have to delete it.

    everyone: screenshots live forever.

  32. To answer your question Bone, YES! MTV supports domestic violence, just look at Amber Portwood! She is a habitual offender they keep on the show anyway.

  33. Now we’ve finally got a post about Kail, and her obsessed stalker is nowhere to be seen. 😮

    1. I am Kailyn stalker but you are stalking me. Word Stalker get it right. If you don’t like Kailyn you will be harassed on this site.

      1. You admit you’re a Kail stalker lol… no hon I’m not stalking you. You’re not hard to miss on every post, blathering on about Kail. We get it, you don’t like her, everything she does bothers you. Cool. But no need to post about it on every single article on TheAshley.

        1. Lying. I don’t put it on every article. Quit lying. Yes I was upset about the Kobe click bait so i wanted everybody to know what she did. But know Iam not her stalker. Just like u I keep up with Tm. If Iam a stalker so is everyone else that comes on these sites. That includes you. You are just upset about my name and I don’t like Kailyn. I am being harassed.

      2. So now there’s a story about Kailyn but Iam not supposed to comment here either. How long did it take for this story to go up? All Day. ~word stalker~
        People are but hurt because of my name. I am being stalked on this page because it’s obvious I don’t like Kailyn.

  34. So Kailyn posted a photo Bri laughed. So Kailyn thought she’d bring up a sex tape Bri’s bf posted without permission. So Bri commented back about Chris dv with Kail. Kailyn starts everything then she sits back and acts like she didn’t do anything. Why do you think everyone quit filming with her? I want privacy but here is a pic of my vag. Privacy doesn’t work that way. Why are they still in a huff? Javi must have something magical in his pants. JS Someone tell Kailyn she isn’t Ciara.
    ~word stalker~

    1. Don’t talk about DV but the next reunion I am going to kick your ass. How does that make sense? Bone must be the Nanny again.

    2. I can’t stand Kail, but she hardly started it. Briana could’ve done like all the other teen moms & ignored it, but she had to be ratchet and laugh. Like her fat ass on Dr Miami’s operating table looked any better? It’s a weird picture and makes no sense, but kudos to her for feeling body positive enough to post it.

        1. Your a stalker and a body shamer. You are saying Kailyn and Bri have a fat ass. Your an awful person. Shame on you.

          1. Sweetie, when you’re the ONLY ONE commenting…uh, you’re the stalker. She only mentioned you ONCE in this thread but you’ve attached yourself to almost every comment she has made. Look up what stalker means. Why do you keep coming here if you’re being stalked? I wouldn’t go out looking for someone that doesn’t like me…but you are. Grow up.

          2. You sound like you have way to much time on your hands either or missing a few screws, to be this invested about someone else’s life. Take that anger out of your heart beloved

        2. I don’t know ANYONE who would post a naked pregnancy pic with a horse. She’s not Kim K! The photographer should be fired! That was horrible in every way.
          Could you imagine Chelsea or Macy standing naked with a horse??? She wants to be respected with privacy. This doesn’t do the job.
          I don’t think people are laughing at Kail. I laughed because from a thumbnail, it looked like a horse with nibbling. 🙈 That is the photographers fault. Kail absolutely hit very Low first.

      1. I agree with you @HAVESEVERALSEATS….Kail didn’t start this one, Brianna just decided to go in on her unprovoked, then got upset when Kail clapped back. Bri and Kail are both immature, but Bri was way way worse.

    3. THANK YOU! This right here! This all could have been avoided if Kail had not said anything. Bri didn’t even do anything bad lmao. She only commented laughing emoji’s which many people did. She didn’t even tag Kail in the tweet or nothing like that. Kail took time out of her day – while on vacation in Iceland – to argue with Bri. She started it when she talked about the revenge porn.

  35. It’s such an odd picture. Why is she only wearing boots? Why is there a horse? Like, maybe just out in a forest would have somewhat made sense because it would be like a mother nature type vibe, but why would you be naked in a barn with a horse? It’s pure nonsense.

    1. Is that Briana’s go to everytime she gets in social media fights with Kail? That’s not the first time she has referenced Kail getting beat up by Chris as a comeback of some kind. Girl you need to learn to laugh at yourself too. The nasty “clap backs” just make you look like a hypocrite and I don’t even care for Kail all that much. Both these girls need to get a sense of humor and become more self deprecating. You both are living your lives on a reality show. You should have developed thicker skin by now.

  36. Why would you pose naked next to a horse? Was she going for a Lady Godiva thing or a Catherine the Great thing?

    1. Chicken Lips: Kail would have no idea about either of those references. This bizarre photo shoot is a failed attempt at her trying to look cerebral, while bragging about being the first person on Earth to go to Iceland (I’ve been there, you’re not special Kail). Also, that poor Icelandic horse was probably like “get this naked, entitled bitch away from me.” As someone said earlier, where’s PETA when you need them.

    2. Chicken Lips… read my reply about PETA and Lady Godiva. PETA has missed the mark on: Jenelle (sp?) Farrah (seriously). Mama June tried to “recapture” a Marilyn Monroe look as an epic fail. You would need to google that one. Someone else said it so much better… these photos are for your private use and not to be out there to be scorned.

  37. The only one if I fee sorry for in any of this is that poor horse 😢

  38. I don’t see anything wrong with a nude pregnancy shoot. Celebrate your pregnant body if that’s how you choose! I just think the staging of the image with her wearing boots and hanging out with a horse in a barn is strange.

    1. I also think their fight got too nasty too quickly. Brianna shouldn’t have laughed at her picture (mean), Kail shouldn’t have brought up the revenge porn incident (hurtful) and Briana shouldn’t have brought up and encouraged ongoing domestic violence (cruel) and the friend shouldn’t have threatened to beat Kail (unacceptable). Why can’t these women learn to be nice to each other? People online are hateful to them all the time. The least they can do is be kind to each other.

  39. Kail really needs to take several seats because that stupid horse photo was ridiculous (you’re not precious or special by your 4th go-round honey). And Briana also needs to have many seats because as we all know she is a little on the slow side and at her age she should not have to bring her squad with her to act like bodyguards when her mouth gets her in trouble (which has basically been her storyline since 16&P). Bottom line is, don’t both these very grown women have children to raise. This is what happens when you get money thrown at you, have an extreme sense of entitlement and too much time on your hands.

  40. Lol of course mtv is fine with domestic violence. Ie. See when kail shook Javis head and when amber nearly punched gary down the stairs. Silly bonehead

  41. I am no Briana fan but I had nearly the same reaction to that picture she did 😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮 … Stop attention whoring Kailyn and damn put your clothes on, Chris doesn’t want you!

  42. The pic is a little ridiculous and attention seeking. I would not comment at all, id laugh to myself. Briana commenting was unnecessary and of course it caused a problem. Kail, your friend “bone” (???) is basically conforming that domestic violence did exist between you and Chris. So why keep chasing him and have another kid with him? This is not in the best interest of your kids. Yes, they are well taken care of, but hanging onto a man who has abused you is putting you in poor light as a mother. I saw an article where she said she was planning on raising this baby alone as Chris hasn’t contacted her. What was she expecting? It is hard to feel bad for kail at this point.

    1. Kail got a protection order against Chris in January right? I’m not remembering that article incorrectly and which Teem Mom the story was about right?
      So why is she acting like Chris is being a bad father and won’t return her calls and texts. Hello Kail, he can’t even if he wanted to. She’s just crying for media attention and hoping we forget those protection orders. She just wants to play the poor me, got left by my man after getting pregnant card…again.

      1. Well, you have to remember that Kail; much like Jenelle, thinks the police/court system, is her personal concierge, so getting a protection order to her is not as meaningful as it would be to the average person. Hell, she’s probably going to get one against me for posting this.

  43. I mean this whole thing is just stupid and petty. I personally didn’t what the point t was of Kail’s picture but it’s not for me to get. IMO the pic was posted to get attention and when you do something for attention, it’s not always positive attention. It’s dumb that Brianna would even comment on it though considering she was willing to move on. Then for Kail to respond to Brianna’s dumb comment was also dumb. Can’t these almost 30 yr old women just Grow up.

  44. Trash! Both of these sluts are trash! I hope brianna gets her PR ass kicked. I hate that scummy slut.

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