EXCLUSIVE! Briana DeJesus Tells Her Side of What Happened At the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion This Weekend: Plus More Details of Her Pre-Fight Confrontation With Kail Lowry

“Hold up a sec, at least lemme go get my mom’s high heel!”

There’s no doubt that things got crazy this past weekend at the Teen Mom 2 Season 8B Reunion taping. (As The Ashley told you, a fight broke out on stage between Kail Lowry and Briana and Brittany DeJesus, after the girls–who are known enemies–got put on the same stage together.)

Up until this point, Briana had remained relatively silent about what happened on-set on Saturday, but on Monday, she contacted The Ashley and provided her version of the events that happened leading up to the altercation between her and her sister and Kail.

(The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources were also able to provide some more colorful details of the morning “meeting” between Kail and Bri.)

According to Briana’s account, “MTV set up a scene for Kail and I to talk it out. Kail said she didn’t want cameras there so once the door closed she tried to fight me in the room but didn’t get to touch me because of the three guards.

“I only went after her [on stage] because she tried to attack me first [in the meeting],” Briana told The Ashley.

“Kail knew what she was doing,” Briana added. “In that meeting alone she could have jumped across the table because we were at arm’s reach but she decided to walk around it where all the guards were.”

The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources gave a play-by-play account on what happened.

“When both of them got to the set, Kail sent word to Bri that she wanted to talk and Briana agreed,” the source said. “MTV wanted them to talk it out on-camera but Kail wouldn’t let them film it, so they only have footage of her walking to the room to meet with Briana. There were cameras and producers outside the door, security guards inside, but everyone around could hear everything going on inside the room. ”

“Doing security on this show is going to help me when I try to get a job working on ‘Cops!””

They went into a room and sat across from each other at a table. The first thing Kail said to Bri was that this drama had nothing to do with Javi [Marroquin]. Kail said she was very upset that Briana ran her mouth online and talked about her kids,” the source said. (For reference: the incident Kail was talking about is described in detail here.)

“Briana told Kail that she only did it because Kail talks about her kids, which Kail denied,” the source said. “Briana then said  something like ‘That may be true but you do talk about Jenelle [Evans]‘ kids, and that’s not right either.”

“That pissed Kail off even more and she said something to Briana among the lines of, ‘That has nothing to do with you. Get up now because I’m going to beat your ass,'” the source said. “Briana wouldn’t stand up, and kept saying that Kail was crazy for wanting to fight. That’s about the time where the in-room security guards stepped in so Kail wouldn’t hit [Briana] and both of the girls got escorted out of the room and into separate areas.”

“I say why not let ’em duke it out, ‘Celebrity Death Match’ style! Ya know it would bring tha ratings!”

After Briana and Kail calmed down, it was time for the cast to go out on stage together to film “Unseen Moments” and that’s when all hell broke loose, with Briana charging out on the stage to where Kail was, and Brittany eventually yanking Kail’s hair.”

Stay tuned! The Ashley will have more info on what happened after Saturday’s on-stage altercation.

(Photos: MTV)




  1. I cannot stand girls like Briana, Britney and Kailyn who ONLY run their mouths when they have 10 friends around who will do the work or talking for them and/or security guards to stop everything. So pathetic. Just go home. Is Javi really that hot or interesting to fight and argue over? Nope. It irritated me how Kailyn sicked another one of her unfortunately named friends after Briana to do the talking for her. It was so stupid. The only thing I appreciated was when the girl stopped in the hallway and dared Briana to act on her little “threat” to smack her and of course Briana made sure she was holding a baby the whole time so their was no way she could or would. And then when Bone said “that’s exactly what I thought” and walked away – that was funny!! 🙂 so true that neither Brittany or Briana have any intention of doing anything but talk.

    side note : I thought I was going to barf when Briana was walking in front of Javi back toward Kailyn’s room and we had to see her lumpy huge deformed wide ass. That was disgusting. And she did that surgery to get that way?!?! wow.

    1. She bitch and moan about doing everything by herself and she can barely afford anything for her kids……
      But yet she can waste money for these botched ass surgeries. FOH.

  2. I have actually really enjoyed Brittany but her behavior in last night’s ep, and the reports from this weekend, is changing my view. She needs to stop behaving like a thug and stupid Bri’s enforcer. It’s high time for Bri to stand on her own feet and take responsibility for her actions.

    I appreciated Brit’s apology last night for her actions. I also noticed that Bri didn’t feel the need to do the same.

    And then there was Jenelle. Where to begin what that hot mess express?!?!
    1) David was high as a damn kite I. That scene with the producers over the driveway gate. Why would you appear on camera looking that trashed?! Dumb dumb.
    2) Jenelle is not a good person. Yet again that was on display last night.
    3) how immature can you be throwing that level of a fit over a hug?!?! It felt an awful lot like in elementary school when your mom made you have a play date with that girl in your class you hate. You show up at her house and she totally ignores you but keeps grabbing the Barbie out of your hands—not because she wants to play with that Barbie, she just doesn’t want you to play with it. And she keeps doing it to you!
    4)If Jenelle gave a damn about Kaiser, she would never have engaged in a scene in front of him. You caused the issue, Jenelle. If he was scared or upset, it was because of YOUR behavior. It wasn’t Nathan, or Doris, or GF of the week (for Nathan), or Barbara. That was 1000% on Jenelle.
    5) the tears over Kaiser (“missing”) him was a big, fat, smelly pile of cow crap. No one bought it, honey.

  3. I cannot believe I’m saying this but after last night’s episode (Drama for Nerds pt 2 for those reading this later on in life), I am 1009094399393% on Kail’s side in all of this mess. She is not likable generally but Briana and her family have zero class. Regardless of what went down in Kail’s relationship with Javi, which has nothing to do with Briana (just like whatever she said about Jenelle which has nothing to do with Briana either), she has genuine stake in the situation because they have a child together. I understand her frustration totally, which was amplified by Javi, Briana and the producers 100% playing this situation up for the cameras. Not to mention, Briana and her barking dog of a sister don’t have 1/10th of the balls they pretend to have. Briana has no backbone without an audience and the chihuahua just screams and cusses. Ugh. I’m over them. Jenelle was enough low class in my weekly hour and I need for this show to go back to normal. It doesn’t need to be trashy to maintain an audience. Their lives are dramatic enough.

    Lastly, Chelsea’s face when she walked out of her dressing room into that hellfire was my reaction the entire time watching this hot mess.

  4. That’s why I think Brianna wanted to go with Javi when he got there and wanted to talk to Kail, she realized he was telling Kail something different than he was telling her. He was playing both of them for a story line, no doubt, as really what else do they have going on that is even remotely interesting?

  5. Kail is so full of it. She always either has bodyguards, enlists the other castmates or brings her big ugly goon friends to fight for her.

    I LOVE how she had no problem jeopardizing Leah and Chelsea’s livelihood by trying to get them to quit with her. Kail, shut up and fight your own battles.

    By the way, no the show wouldn’t fold without you guys. There’s plenty from 16 and Preg who’d love to fill in, fool!

    1. Actually, it would fold. Not everyone watches all the TeenMom shows. Some just watch this one and would very likely not tune in with a major cast exodus.

  6. I wouldn’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth or her sisters…great female role models both are trashy and don’t get me started on jenelle…

  7. Brianna, Brittany and their mom need to get off their high horse. They think they are better than anyone else when the fact is they are trash!! All the 3 of them do us run their mouth and yes the sister and mother are riding that money train. MTV cut ties with Farrah for being trashy and they should do the same with Brianna, Brittany and their mother!!

  8. Someone tried to call these people “wretched”. While the spelling was horrible, the thought is perfect. They have out of control egos. The poverty nonsense is such a lie. We all know how much they get per episode. Chelsea, Leah, and Maci are still family oriented, loving their children and showing how that is done. I can barely look at Kail and listen to her bullying, self-aggrandizing bull. Brianna is a really not someone I can sympathize with. Her mother and sister are riding on the $$ train and have NO idea of decency or decorum. Jenelle needs to jettison Lurch and concentrate on getting clean and parenting properly. Nathan’s Mom should have custody of Kaiser until this is accomplished. Kaiser loves Nathan and feels competely safe with him. Notice how Nathan and Barbara kissed hello and goodbye – all their animosity a thing of the past. They LOVE Kaiser – that’s why!! Get rid of Kail and Brianna and all of us will enjoy the show again.

    1. Are you sure they weren’t calling them “ratchet”? People just love to say this about Brianna and her family, yet not about the rest of the trashy cast…

    2. ????? Lol no, not a terrible misspelling. Ratchet is correct.

      Hana, the rest of the trashy cast have their own unflattering descriptions. However, Ratchet describes Brianna and her family spot on. That’s why so many people say it about them.

  9. This is so ridiculous…did anyone else pick up on how fabricated Briana’s version of events was? But for The Ashley filling us in on the fact that there was an ‘inciting incident’, the story would have read that Kail pretended to want to talk to get Briana in the room and then lunges at her. I’m not saying Kail is in the right, but Briana does herself NO favors by leaving out crucial pieces of information. I find it very difficult to sympathize with someone who sought out The Ashley to intentionally give a fabricated version of events.

    1. I also find it funny the Kail tried to fight and she refused but waited till she had multiple people in harm’s way to attack on camera. I don’t like her or Kail but honestly for a person who keeps talking about how everybody needs to let it go but still conducting these long ranting interviews about the person she says is obsessed with her and she’s just as bad. She also said she quit but she had instagram pics of her still filming. This show is such a joke. This is what happens when you give money to children. I have to explain the money concept to my nine year old to understand why I want her to feel pride in earning and yet mtv wants to reward some former teen moms who learn nothing from their mistakes? Geez!!!

      1. That’s because Bri only wanted to fight on camera…and with Brittany there to do it for her. I’d love to see them put her and Kail in a literal boxing ring. I bet she’d jump out and run away lol. They’re all a mess.

  10. I honestly can not stomach any more scenes with Briana in it. Or Jenelle. I think I’m done with this trashy show. It’s not entertaining anymore.

  11. Kail is just as much the problem as Briana. I believe the reason why Briana gets so much hate is because this is the first time someone gives it right back to kail. This is odd for the show because nobody ever disagrees with kail, & if someone does, it’s always the other persons fault, and they end up backing down. Let kail sit a season out and see how the show goes. Just my thoughts.

    1. Definitely annoyed that everyone is making it out to be Brianna’s fault. Kail has been horrible in every relationship she’s been in, and likes to act like she owns her exes. She might have a college degree but she is dumb as hell, Bri and Javi played her for screen time and ratings and she fell right into the trap because she’s bitter and possessive. BOTH of these girls are trashy famewhores who made themselves look like piss poor mothers on national TV, not once but several times. Equally as terrible.

    2. You must not remember the crap Kail got for being a bed wench and getting pregnant while she was still married to Javi, and he was deployed…Briana has brought all of the backlash on herself. I dunno why she thought any of the original girls would be cool with her dating Javi when all of their loyalty (rightfully) is with a Kail, because they’ve all been in this together since day 1. Also nobody tells Briana to act an out of control banshee when she loses her temper.

  12. Can we have this cancelled? Or at least have the DeJesus family/Jenelle taken off? Seriously. This isn’t enjoyable anymore. Kail may be a contributor, but she hit the nail on the head, TM2 is extremely Jerry Springer at this point. People doing their best, like Chelsea, Cole, Leah, Corey, Jo and Vee get zero camera time, meanwhile, Jenelle and Briana instigate multiple fights on set with INFANTS present and cause massive security issues. I hate watching this garbage. I started watching because this show was supposed to represent something real. Real relationships, real struggles, real achievements, real milestones, etc. Now it’s absolute trash.

    1. I agree, although I don’t want it cancelled because I’ve invested so many years into it, if they dont get Briana in check, and some of the stable ones you named leave, I’m going to have to stop watching. 2 lead antagonists followed by 3 second hand antagonists (Brittany, the mom and Lurch) on 1 show is way too much. Move Briana to Teen Mom OG to level it out over there since they got rid of Farrah…her and Jenelle on one show is not entertainment, it’s annoying.

      1. Yes to stopping the reunions! Just a free trip for these rich girls and there so called “friends” and Dr Drew never asks the questions we want answered, he pussyfoots around the “stars” just like the MTV producers do, including Larry and Morgan. Waste of time!

  13. Dear Janelle, you’re a huge piece of shit. You deserve everything that happens to you. You’re such a disgusting person, i feel actual glee when you cry.

    1. Hahaha. I’m with you. If the tears were real I could NEVER laugh at someone’s pain. But it’s so obvious that her tears are fake and a self deluded manipulative tactic.

  14. After seeing how Kail acted last night during the show, she deserves to be taken down a notch or two, so does Jenelle. They expect the crew members to do as they say when they say it, both NEED to learn what RESPECT is. Those girls are ALL very lucky to be on this and if it wasn’t for this show they would ALL be on WELFARE, because ALL of them expect Chelsea and Maci (farrah as well i cant stand her, but her parents had money before the show, but she isn’t on the show anymore) were trash before all the MTV money came rolling in. Why does MTV keep rewarding bad behavior? I say fire the three involved and move the hell on.

  15. Really? I only caught a couple of them, but they were giving pretty good reality checks, especially about Stephan: get away from him, he’s toxic, back up and see him for the POS he is? I’m kind of puzzled by the down votes, really, compared to most of the “friends’ we have seen, they seem pretty together for kids (and keep in mind most are what, ten years younger than the TM crew.) I thought they were being pretty solid.

    Side note: I can’t see Kyler’s smug face and not want to haul off and punch it, can’t imagine how her parents and stepdad manage to avoid that. And Stephan? Man, if I were that mom, I”d have called the cops then and there and told them “Get him out of this house” and tossed all his shit out behind him. Outside of Bar..I have a soft spot for Bar plus he’s the only good-looking dad on this show…this has to be the worst set of fathers ever , including Danae, and the most toxic relationships.

  16. Yes, as if Kaiser should be terrified of his father and grandmother, and yeah sure, a couple days without Kaiser and David is all boo hooing because he just misses him sooooo much and wanted to hug him. We’ve seen how he treats the little guy when he does have him…:(. As for MTV, why have all that “security” if they are obviously under orders to let the fights play out, they COULD have simply blocked that narrow hall and told at least Nathan and Kaiser, “Okay, get in your room, we’ll hold the crazy bitch and Sasquatch back until you, Kaiser, and your mom are all safe.” But no, let’s just chase up and down the hall with 11 cameras rolling. PLEASE let this be the end.

  17. Okay here’s a question for everyone. I know we all dislike David and Jenelle and want them off the show. But do you think they should stay on the show so everybody can see how Kaiser is doing orrrr no? Personally I think that staying with Nathan and his gf would be just as bad as staying with Jenelle and David. Just want to see everyone’s opinions.

    1. Absolutely not. Keeping Jenelle on the show just so we can make sure Kaiser is ok would be rewarding her for being such an abominable “Mother” that she needs monitoring. That’s what CPS is for. He would be much better off with Nathan because Doris will make sure no nonsense goes on and I think Nathan truly does love him (He’s shitty at adulting, but he loves his child), no comparison to how he is treated on “The Land”. Lurch is abusive to Kaiser because he looks so much like Nathan, and Jenelle can’t be bothered as long as she has a rock in the pipe and a warm body in her bed.

      1. That’s the only reason to keep Jenelle on. Kaiser needs to be removed from that household immediately.

    2. Honestly, I’m a little afraid of what would happen without the cameras. Even if they’re not there all the time, David knows at some point Janelle and the kids will be filmed. I think he’s the type to be even worse when there’s no show to put on…he fakes the tiny bit of normal human we see now. And it’s already a very, very, tiny bit.
      (I mean that as in “oh better not smash her face in at the moment…she has to film Monday..”)

      1. Ummm..if the TM2 gravel train ends (because Jenelle is fired) Lurch won’t be sticking around, sooooo…

  18. When David said “Don’t let them scare you” I wanted to reach through my screen and grab him by the throat. That was disgusting. And if says things like that to the kids on camera, imagine what he says when there are no cameras.

    And both Jenelle and David with that ridiculous fake crying at the end – no emotion, no tears, just that whisper voice….and that neanderthal “I just miss Kaiser, I want to hug him” – GTFO!!! Could they be worse actors?? Sooooo much second-hand embarrassment. Sad thing is, Jenelle’s idiot teenybopper fans on Twitter were probably thinking it was real. Scary.

    1. I started yelling at the TV when that happened, as IF David said that. So fucked up. And Jenelle saying she needs to hug Kai so he’s not traumatized – uhm, want to not traumatize your child? STOP yelling and fighting in front of them and saying horrible things about their other parents in FRONT OF THEM. KFJBSJFBDJFJDNKFNLS

  19. Why won’t anyone press assault charges against Briana and her family?? They’ve physically assaulted and attacked more people on camera than anyone else in the entire franchise. Amber got caught punching Gary one time on camera and Amber went to prison for YEARS.

    Yea, Kail may have come at her first, but instead of acting like an ADULT and just let Kail make an ass outta herself, Briana decided to initiate another fight with Kail long after Kail iniated the first fight with her…She did that so that she could have Brittany’s back up, and that’s such a punk move, especially because there were other (pregnant) people around.

    Everyone knows Kail is all talk and wouldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, and everyone knows that Briana can’t fight verbally (talking shit about Kails possible domestic violence, her kids, and lying about Kail talking about Brianas kids, then because she got caught in that lie she brought up Jenelle to deflect, amongst other things) or fight physically on her own. It’s clearly nobody’s going to win this, so both of them need to get over this Javi situation, and grow up.

    1. I bet Briana has never actually been in a fight in her life. She’s all talk. The only time she threatens anyone is when Brittany and her mom are in the same room and when there are 10 MTV security guards nearby. She’s a joke. And so trashy – screaming at Kail’s friend (who was WALKING AWAY) with her newborn baby in her arms.

  20. Bringing in Briana was the biggest mistake they ever made. I’ve watched this from day one but I think I’m done if Briana stays. Every single thing she does and says is to get attention and camera time. She never has a normal conversation without an obvious ulterior motive. And I’ve never seen her talk smack or threaten anything unless Brittany was in the room, or her mom.

    She CLEARLY didn’t even like Javi, she honestly looked like she had ZERO interest in him in any scene they were in together. Of course she had to go along with it just to start drama. I LOVE that Javi admitted on the after show that he was trying to get with Kail at the same time he was with Bri. Embarrassing!

    Plus I feel dirty just watching her scenes.

    1. I agree 100%! Briana is too much! If Chelsea leaves, I’m probably done watching because between Briana and Jenelle, it’s exhausting. And you’re right again, I feel like ALL of her behavior, when she plays dumb, starts screaming and throwing things, etc….it’s all so that she can get more camera time. It’s pathetic. Her and her family are definitely trying to bring the drama for longevity on the show, and to get a bigger paycheck, but at this point it’s not entertaining.

      At least with Jenelles drama we have Babs to counteract the crazy…Brianas entire crew is like a group of 3 Tasmanian devils…it’s too much.

  21. I’m so disgusted that they started a fight right by a pregnant Chelsea. fucking Brittany and Briana are so God damn trashy.

    1. Kail is just as trashy. Bashing kids no matter who’s they are is not cool. The kids did not ask for the parents they have.

      1. Kail hasn’t bashed any kids, including Jenelle’s. She’s expressed concern for them, as we all have.

  22. And Javi admitted on The After Show he was playing both of them at the same time.
    I used to be team Javi until I saw Marrige Boot Camp he’s not the Javi I thought he was.

    1. Yeah, I used to sympathize and respect Javi, since the Kail split/Brianna BS, I’ve seen a side of Javi that has me shaking my head

  23. MTV puts these kids in danger for ratings. Brianna walking down the down the down the down the down the hallway with her infant in her arms to fight some girl. Janelle fighting in front of her son. Then calls sociopath husband to come back in to fight Nathan when he has kieser. Disgusting. Nobody from the show did anything to stop it. Time to charge MTV with child endangerment

  24. I’m sorry but after watching tonight’s episode where EVERY adult in jenelles circle decided it was a good idea to drag kaiser up and down the halls in the middle of a screaming match, I can’t watch it anymore. It’s just gotten to the point where it’s not even trashy entertainment, it’s just sick. Fuck all of those adults for doing that to him and not one single person having the self control or sense to shut up and calm it down, or take him out of the situation. All of these people are batshit crazy.

    1. I know right, it’s hard to watch now. I was feeling so bad for him; unfortunately, he has to be used to it by now. And Lurch McMethadone saying “Don’t let them scare you” is absolutely abusive. Doris was right on by calling them both out and telling Lurch to take a drug test. This episode should be grounds enough for cps to take all the children off “The Land”.

      1. After Janelle and David left and they were talking about how bad they felt for Kaiser then David does the fake crying thing !, what an Idiot!,

  25. I don’t know where I stand on this one. Yes I do, they’re both idiots. Thank you The Ashley for inserting the random Barb comment, it’s to the point now that whenever I see her face, I automatically have to laugh. I think tonight’s episode about the last reunion was the craziest episode of TM2 ever. The Dejesus’ are ridiculous. I don’t know if others caught it, but after Brittany “apologized” (for faux-thuggin’ on the other side of Kail’s door) to the producer she slipped in please don’t take us off the show and Briana just sat there next to her bouncing the new baby (who is super-cute btw) looking extra-vapid. At this point Jenelle is just desperate. I love to talk scat, but I did feel sorry for her this time. At the end of the episode when she was by the truck commiserating with Lurch she really did look like a lost, desperate girl, that deep down longed for her mother, but is lost in a haze of drugs and being controlled by a giant-faux-lumberjack-man-baby. If in any situation Nathan comes out looking like a hero said situation is beyond desperate. Thank God Kaiser has Doris. I feel for Jenelle, she’s a jerk, but she’s no Farrah. She has severe co-dependency issues, chemical-dependency issues and is being controlled and probably abused right now by Lurch. You could tell she really wanted to be the one hugging Babs, overall sad situation.

    1. Correct, Jenelle is no Farrah. Jenelle allows her husband to physically abuse her children.

  26. Kail is such a fake, STUPID, lying piece of crap! She’s having a bitch fit with the producer about how unacceptable and trashy the situation was, even threatening to quit the show( what a joke) then as soon as the cameras are gone her trashy , unacceptable, fat ass goes after Brianna!
    Brianna is just as fake.. runs her mouth only when she has back up, without her sister around Brianna is an empty threat. And what the hell is with Brianna’s ass? She looke like she’s dressed for Halloween as that old lady that Tyler Perry dresses as! Madea!

  27. I need to know WHY is ghetto fabulous Brittany always on this ridiculous show and goes everywhere with Bri???? MTV loves this ratchet family! It’s sad. Ever since they brought this family back it’s been terrible to the point I’m don’t watching. It was too much drama with Jenelle and Farrah but come on enough is enough already. I have a headache!!!!

    1. I have a theory about Bri (and I’m not trying to be mean) but I honestly think that she has some sort of mental impairment. Her family is ALWAYS with her and sometimes the way she talks, just doesn’t seem to be at the level of a 25? year old. She reminds me of someone about the age of 15-16.

  28. Really? Brianna brought up that Kail talks about Jenelle’s kids and how that’s ‘ not right’? She was ..defending Jenelle? After all the things Jenelle does in regards to her kids? I’m no Kail fan, but that’s absolutely ridiculous. None of the moms talk about /any/ of the kids.(Minus that time Jenelle called Ali a ‘rere’). If Kail ever said anything about Jenelle’s kids it was commenting on that God awful heartbreaking clip of Kaiser saying ‘feed me’. And even then, it was more in regard to whatever dumbass was running the MTV twitter that night, and was jokes about it. Briana had to make up a total lie to justify her basically an (alleged) abuse victim, if that happened. (Personally, I bet it was more of Kail putting her hands on him one time to many, and he retaliated, none of which is okay) I have no idea how Brianna can align herself with Jenelle, someone who tweeted out Kail’s phone number, which is linked to her address, and could’ve put her kids in danger, and also left her kid on her drug dealer’s porch, but bash Devon, he seems to be a watered down male Jenelle. Getting arrested for drugs, not paying child support, ect.. It’s so funny that this chapter in trash fest 2018, started over comments about the kids, but /nobody/ (Brittany especially) gave a shit that Chelsea, a pregnant woman, was sitting next to them when they were fighting. Ridiculous. They’re nearing 30, they need to behave like adults.

  29. Random Y&P comment: anyone else think they have a pretty wise group of friends giving good advice?

    1. I think the teen moms are a lot wiser than the OG and TM2 were at that age Judith. That poor Lexi though… I hope she soon realizes that kyler is wanted to keep her on the back burner while he feels free to take what another girl may offer and to him- without putting a title on his relationship with Lexi he feels justified to do as he pleases. He’s really playing with her emotions, he is a complete asshole! I’m enjoying the show so far.

      1. Kyler needs to be punched in his ugly face (preferably by Lexi, since he’s put her through so much shit). I can’t even believe how emotionally manipulative he is with her. I had boyfriends like that when I was young and was always in SUCH turmoil, and we DIDN’T HAVE A BABY. I can’t imagine the things she is feeling due to his disgusting behaviour.

  30. I’m so over this whole thing. They’re both unprofessional drama queens that have no business raising children if they’re acting like this.

  31. Fighting like that when you are grown mothers is so stupid. In a few very short years, their kids will be SO embarrassed!

  32. It is seriously time to just shut this shit show down. Jenelle, SO proud of not inviting her mother to her wedding, then goes into yet another meltdown because her mom give Nathan’s girlfriend a hug. PLEASE make them all go away, starting with her. (My alternate thought is “Amber’s gonna have to up her fight game to stay relevant.”) . Oh God, and Jenele about how happy they are…

  33. It is seriously time to just shut this shit show down. Jenelle, SO proud of not inviting her mother to her wedding, then goes into yet another meltdown because her mom give Nathan’s girlfriend a hug. PLEASE make them all go away, starting with her. (My alternate thought is “Amer’s gona have to up her game to stay relevant.”)

    1. (Sorry for the repeat, sit e is wiggy for me tonight, but NOW we get David boo hooing over not giving Kasier a hug?)

      1. That was some of the crappiest acting I have ever seen. There were no tears. It was bizarre to the point of total creepiness…..

  34. BrianNA and Brittany are great at running their mouths with no action. All bark and no bite. They bully the other cast mates but play nice with the one psycho that has no qualms with about fighting aka Jenelle.

  35. (Does anyone care about these reunions anyway? It’s same old same old, with Drew asking idiot questions and enabling the mothers, while often as not trashing the fathers?)

  36. (LOVE Barb’s caption though! But since both TM and O TM OG are so effing boring any more, could ya please, please, please, somehow find time to recap TM Y&P? If not, is there some way we can force Lexi to watch ALL of Chelsea’s endless episodes of misery because she won’t stop hooking up with Adam? Granted Kyler isn’t as bad as Adam is these days, but Adam was a ton like Kyler early on, mean-spirited and manipulative.)

  37. Wow!!! I absolutely believe Briana. Why fight in a room with security. Kailyn only did that to bully her. Of course Kailyn didn’t want it filmed. She never wants to film so she can lie about what really happened. It wasn’t about Javi,right like it wasn’t about Jo with Vee.

    1. Am I wrong but didn’t Javi met Chris. As I remember he acted like a grown man and didn’t want a fight. But I guess the world has different rules for Kailyn to follow.

  38. They just need to get over all of it. This has been going on for two reunions now. Bri isn’t dating Javi anymore. Also why isn’t Javi’s name brought up more? He was part of all of it too. Grow up girls & boys!

  39. Sorry to hijack with the first reply BUT….David popping up over that gate was hilarious! So is this entire “season” just going to be “the reunion”? (Wait, wait, I missed..who is the gun chewing redhead?)

    1. Right lol! Instead of teen mom this show needs to be called teen mom to girls gone wild + David ??. Can’t wait to see the season with the current reunion that just went down. How many episodes do you think they’ll have for that one?

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