Derick Dillard Criticizes Another Transgender-Themed TLC Reality Show: Implies Stars of ‘Lost in Transition’ Are Mentally Ill

“Well…it’s about that time again…”

Former Counting On star Derick Dillard once again hit Twitter to express his negative views on reality TV shows that star transgendered individuals.

The husband of Jill Dillard— who has, over the last year, slammed the LGBTQ community in various Twitter rants– retweeted a tweet posted by TLC promoting the new show Lost In Transition. He also added his own comments to the tweet, implying that people who are transitioning are mentally ill.

“I really hope this is a series showing the devastation that mental illness causes, rather than assuming that these challenges are simply evidences of an improving society. #optimism,” he tweeted. (Basically: he’s saying that he hopes ‘Lost In Transition’ doesn’t make the act of transitioning look ‘normal’ or ‘OK.’)

Derick tweeted then deleted this on Sunday…

Derick later deleted the tweet.

‘Lost in Transition,’ which premiered on Sunday, follows four wives who have just found out that their husbands plan to transition.

“Told from the wives’ point of view, the series examines the confusion, anger, disappointment, and uncertainty that each couple goes through,” the show’s website reads.

The Duggar son-in-law has made it clear that he does not approve of reality TV shows that showcase LGBTQ families. Last month, he attacked another TLC reality show, calling designer Nate Berkus‘s new show Nate & Jeremiah By Design (which features his husband, Jeremiah Brent and their daughter Poppy) “a travesty of family.”

“[Their lifestyle] affect(s) this poor child, as well as what perversions are celebrated,” Derick wrote. “If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were OK.”

Derick’s Twitter-bashing of Jazz Jennings (who stars on I Am Jazz), appeared to be one of the reasons that TLC discontinued filming with him last year. However, Derick has always maintained that he and Jill made the decision to remove themselves from ‘Counting On.’

Despite her husband’s outspokenness regarding the LGBTQ community, Jill has remained relatively silent on his outbursts, as well as her own feelings on the topics Derick has tweeted about. Earlier this month, however, she did post a message to Instagram that seemed to be related to the controversy surrounding Derick.

“To disagree doesn’t = hate, or judgement Love doesn’t always = approval,” she wrote in the post. “Just because I disagree with my child on something doesn’t mean I hate him, and just because I love and forgive him doesn’t mean I approve of everything he does. You can be friends with, love and care for people you don’t agree with 100%.”

(Photos: TLC, Twitter, Instagram)


  1. This show is a NIGHTMARE to watch. I have never in my life HATED people the way I hate most of these people.
    I agree that people should have the right to choose to transition.
    I believe that all human beings should be able to live the life they want to.

    The Transitioning Father, Karen (Yuck) in Ohio is grossly selfish and rude and his daughter,”IT” AKA Cas, that has an unidentified gender are disgusting! Especially Cas. He/She should sincerely leave this planet and go live on an unidentified planet. She is a Female, Not an IT. God Bless Beverly.
    Let’s move on to Les/ Leslie, Oh Sweet Jesus! This man cares more about his new fatty breast buds than he cares about his life, pregnant wife and child. He makes me want to vomit! He’s not a man or a woman, can he please go live with CAS?
    Also, would everyone on the show get Whitestrips ASAP. Their teeth are all a deep yellow color.
    ” Lucy ” : Christ up above, please Help his poor wife, Cindy. He has a loving wife and he can transition,but please realize HE will NEVER look like a woman ever!

  2. It still boggles my mind to this day how this guy lived a normal life before, KNOWS how it all looks like (I’m pretty sure in his college years he did meet people who were gay/lesbian/bi/trans) and still now when he is married in this family, is spewing even more hate than all of them combined. His mother isn’t really a jewel either, she defended Josh once. At least Dan keeps his head out of it but for how long I wonder, he will be a dad soon.

  3. I simply cannot listen to or care about Derrick Dillard’s intolerant nonsense because I do not respect him as a person. He doesn’t work. He does not WANT to work. He would rather beg from the public in the name of some lame “missionary work”. Do the people he preaches to in mission lands ever receive any of the donated funds? I doubt it – after all Derrick needs to support his simple minded wife and two sons. She needs to buy jeans to show how enlightened she is. They need to have date nights and to entertain the massive family that shares their narrow, sad ideals.

  4. Fuck offfffffffffffffff Derick.

    It’s interesting the show is told from the wive’s perpectives – I feel like maybe we’d get a better understanding if it was from both, but of course it affects the whole family. I’d watch if I had cable, to increase my own understanding and knowledge of what people go through.

  5. No there is a huge difference. While there are transgendered people who struggle with mental health challenges, their trans status alone doesn’t warrant a mental health diagnosis. That being said approximately 1 in 3 individuals suffer from some level of mental health challenges/concerns. I cannot believe that in 2018 this is even an argument.

  6. Honestly, I love coming to read articles on here but whenever I see articles about this family, specifically Derrick I cringe. What a bunch of losers and attention seekers. He tweets this stuff to get a response and make headlines. He is disgusting, vile person who obviously has his own demons he needs to fight or he wouldn’t be so concerned with others.

  7. Okay, Jill,you might not agree, but you are tacitly approving and condoning him spewing this hatred by not speaking out about it.

    So many “Christians” are so unChrist-like.

  8. I recently read that John David is angry with Jim-Bob over his habit of spending the family broke. Interesting.

      1. I think it was an Us weekly article, but I’m not sure. Like I said, it sounds like John-David is fed up with the bad spending, but we’ll see.

  9. Well, Derrick you should know all about mental illness considering you believe in imaginary friends and fairy tales.

    Get outta here with yo shit.

  10. Derick Dillard is a hateful hypocrite who can’t get a job or provide for his family. And guess what-these words will come up in internet searches about you for the rest of his life and the rest of his descendants lives. Good luck.

  11. Here’s the thing….he has his opinion- fine. We get it. He doesn’t approve. I don’t know why he feels the need to constantly let everyone know how much it bothers him. A Christian from the south disapproves of the transgender community- alert the papers. I’m in shock. He is more than welcome to his opinion, but he’s coming off as a pretentious, condescending assh*le…..and kind of obsessed with the whole subject, which is weird.

    1. Right. We all know Derick is offended, so why does he need to seemingly just hang around waiting to be outraged by someone on tv. As I’ve said a million times, he needs to get a life and a job. He’s using his religion to bash other people and it’s not ok. There are so many things the Bible states as a sin, but a lot of Christians just look the other way until it comes to anything to do with gay people or the like.

  12. Didn’t realize they were allowed to watch tv. I thought they only watched religious shows.

    1. Great point! He needs to learn that he doesn’t have to offer his opinion on everything. They don’t watch TV. Mostly just DVDs of old shows.

  13. I love how people here are so quick to defend gays and transgenders and say we should accept them for who they are but then those same people attack and criticize a family that believes in The Bible, believes basic biology, wears long skirts, and waits until marriage to have sex. Hypocritical much?

    1. Quick to defend gays/transgender… or standing up for those not asking for a bible thumping grifter to approve of thier lives? Or letting this judgemental *Christian* have his freedom or speech and loudly proclaiming his opinion is not welcome or needed?

      1. He never said they needed “his approval” or was judging them. Many people still do believe that it is a mental illness. They have the right to have that opinion. If you think that is such a great insult then you are saying people with mental illness is insulting. I don’t think someone with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia would appreciate that you think that what they struggle with is an insult.

        1. Not sure I said being Trans or mentally ill was an insult… seems like someone is projecting. I’m just pointing out that the majority of outsiders looking in don’t care for Derek’s opinion. Didn’t he get kicked off the show? Blasted for being a bully to a teenager? Yeah, I don’t care about Derick’s take, but since he continues to put himself out there, I’ll publicly comment that he’s a bigot and a jerk. Doesn’t he have his own family to tend too? More important things than commenting about a Network (that fired him) upcoming project.

        2. Thinking of being transgender as a mental health issue isn’t an opinion. That’s just being ignorant.
          But he can think whatever he wants. That doesn’t mean he needs to purposely hurt others. I wish Jesus would come back as a transgender (and gay, just to really make his head pop off) man.
          It’s fine to be religious. Most of the time its a good thing. But when you only use it to hate and condemn others, you’re not being Christ like in the slightest. Jesus would be sad.

    2. You don’t really know what that word hypocritical actually means, do you?

      The Duggar family is not “attacked” for ANY of those things (nor is the word attack even remotely appropriate when associated with the vast majority of commentary directed towards them…but I digress)

      Educate yourself a wee bit, and then you can come back and join the big people for an actual conversation/discussion on these topics.

    3. We don’t criticize them for any of that, read the Bible and abstain all you want. no problem with any of that. we criticize them because they are monumental HYPOCRITES.

    4. Nicole, you hit the nail on the head! Most on here are too dumb and brainwashed by the libs to see it.

  14. I already know people are going to attack me for saying this but I am totally on Derick and Jill’s side on this. I refuse to give into this bullshit. Those that are trying to warp your mind by saying that transgenders can’t be looked at as people with mental illness because it hurts their feelings and leads to suicide are FULL OF SHIT. IT IS NOT TRUE!!!!

    Transgenders have a mental illness. Point blank. My own brother who would be considered a “transgender” even agrees that it is. Sorry if that insults you but that is just how it is. Saying that transgenders have a mental illness does not mean you are picking on them, hating on them or denying their humanity in any way, shape or form. They are still human beings and you’re a human being with an issue that I wish you well in dealing with. The point is that we are not doing a service to anyone that is suffering from a mental disorder to humor them by suggesting that their mental disorder is subjective in an objective reality. The only reason why transgenderism is not looked at as a mental disorder by medical professionals now is because they were pressured by liberals into changing the medical term from “gender identity disorder” to “gender dysphoria.”

    The idea behind the transgender movement is that all of their problems would go away if we all just pretended that any man that thinks he’s a woman is a woman and any woman that thinks she’s a man is a man. That is not true. Studies show that the transgender suicide rate is very high at 40% and it makes no difference to whether people recognize them as a transgender person or not. The idea that the transgender suicide is that high due to how society treats them is ridiculous and has never been proven. It actually has been more disproven.

    1. Heather you do realize that it’s possible that not ALL transgendered people have a mental illness, right? You do realize that YOUR experience is not exactly the same as EVERYBODY’S experience, right?

      I mean, holy smokes, ignorant much?

      1. Denying reality is a mental illness. Denying that you are a man when you have a penis and male chromosomes in your body is denying reality. How does that make me ignorant? That’s common sense. Denying facts because we don’t want to offend people does more harm than good. That just encourages delusion and creates confusion. You’re not doing these people any service by denying facts. But don’t listen to me. Maybe you should do some research instead of just letting the left wing bullshit dictate to you.

        1. Guess what….?

          Jill isn’t ON his side, and she doesn’t actually agree with him (hence her commentary about still loving, despite not approving of everything he does)

          Also, for those saying it is mental illness, or “not accepting reality”…would you say the same to someone who tries hard to fit societal norms of any other kind (of which there are countless..boys that don’t like blue, girls that hate dolls, men that go into nursing-why that’s still frowned on, I’ll never know-people that live with pain others can’t see but struggle daily to pretend to be “normal”, I could go on for days), simply to appease others’ definition of reality, despite it not actually BEING their own reality? Probably not, right? (god I hope so, else some of you are complete monsters and don’t belong in society yourselves)

          1. Um…no lol. It’s the opposite. Most of the left are the ones that think feelings are more important than facts. That’s why they are obsessed with political correctness. They are more concerned about not offending people than they are about facts. The truth is… “facts don’t care about your feelings.” The left doesn’t seem to grasp that though.

        2. Who the F brings up politics on a reality tv gossip website? Same, calm, rational people, I’m sure that’s who.

          Better run home quick, I’M COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!!!! ?

    2. You do realize that your statement is ridiculous right?? How do you know why transgender people kill themselves? Can you bring them back from the dead and ask? I’m pretty sure being rejected by your family and knowing that the public in general won’t like you or approve is a huge burden. You seem to not realize scientists have done grey matter studies and it is showing that the grey matter expected with the persons gender at birth Is off. There are also studies on how hormones regulate the different parts of the brain and development. So, I do not think it is a mental illness, but it very well could be something that actually occurred to their brain.

      1. YASSS QUEEN!!!

        It is possible for a transgendered person to have a mental illness. It is also possible for a transgendered person to not have a mental illness. One does not automatically beget the other.

        1. No. Like a surge in homrmones during brain development. So, quit trying to be snarky. I’m pretty sure a difference in grey matter in the brain and how it forms isn’t a mental illness.

      2. You obviously have never heard of suicide notes or realize that a lot of people actually express their depression to people before they committing suicide. And do you realize that MANY people that AREN’T transgender have to deal with bullying and situations where they are treated badly. And yet a lot of those people aren’t committing suicide at the rate that transgenders are.

        1. Hey, you do realize that most people don’t leave suicide notes,,right?? I happen to have had a few family members and a few people in the school I attended growing up kill themselves. Not one left a note. Gay people kill themselves quite often too and at a higher rate. So, I suppose you think that has nothing to do with the way they are treated. I suppose when 14 year old kids who are picked on everyday in school kill themselves, it has nothing to do with bullying either. You apparently have all the answers. If you think teenage kids who aren’t transgender aren’t killing themselves at a terrible rate, you must have your eyes closed.

    3. To believe your mind and body are not in agreement is clearly a sign of a mental disorder. Trans people should be in therapy for long periods of time to dig deep and find out why there is that disconnect. And why they need surgery to feel complete. If they transition in the end, fine. All the power to them. But there are plenty of stats where people transition and then realize they made a mistake. You shouldn’t just decide to transition without years of therapy. I know trans people who have had ZERO therapy and expect themselves to be magically happy when they transition. That’s not how things work.

  15. I don’t think Jill understands anything to do with disagree. Jill, disagree does not equal no! There is more to disagreeing than just saying no. I don’t think your parents taught you that because you are not allowed to disagree with your parents. But you don’t even understand that because of the limited knowledge they gave you. How do I know your parents gave you limited knowledge? Well, I’ve seen the personal interviews with you and all your siblings that the producer like to do every now and then to make things more interesting. I mean I’ll give it to you straight girl, you guys try, you really do but your parents didn’t do you any favors. You have no clue about real life honey. It’s more than Bible and babies and submitting to all the men-folk. Now for Derek. He is just jealous that he can’t be the man-lover he wants to be so he just lashes out. Making Daddy Duggar proud while releasing so much pent up anguish. Derek, do you know why the head of a penis is bigger than the shaft? So your hand doesn’t keep hitting you in the face. Although for some reason I’m not sure that works for you.

  16. Derick is mentally ill. I think Jill’s post was in response to something else she posted about hoping their boys will be happy to be boys and girls happy to be girls.

  17. Why does he always look so unwell? There’s only one mentally ill person here and he needs to practice some ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ preachin’

  18. Pretty hilarious that Jill’s post accidentally implies that Derrick is her child.

  19. He looks like he should be in that show Intervention. He looks like a meth addict. He is despicable.

  20. Yeah but her own brother, who I fully believe they let their kids around and spend time w him as a family, is a complete pervert, which absolutely is mental deficiency. Also, I’m pretty sure this guy himself is mentally ill. He really should shut up.

  21. Why isn’t Mr and Mrs Dillard spending time talking about THEIR OWN FAMILY????? Seems like a lot of fixin NEEDS to go on there. Quit worrying about other peoples lives when you cant even get the pervert in your own family, to walk straight….

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