‘Arranged’ Season 1 Couple Christian & Maria Miller: Where Are They Now?

“You can finally meet our family!”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Arranged Season 1 couple Christian and Maria Miller, and a lot has changed for the couple in that time!

The Romani gypsy couple– who viewers watched struggle in their arranged marriage– got married in September 2014, and announced on ‘Arranged Life’ that they were expecting their first child. The baby was born in the spring of 2016, but the couple did not reveal any information about their child, including the child’s gender and name.

Last week, Christian and Maria finally posted a photo of their first child– and revealed that they are now the parents of two!

“Here’s our two babies, Allison and Baby Michael,” the couple, who share a Twitter account, captioned a photo of their two kids. “Allison is 2 years old and Michael is 8 months.”

The couple also revealed why it took so long for them to share information about their family.

“We have been holding out on pics due to the possibility of [us getting] another show but it doesn’t look like it’s happening anymore.”

This weekend, the couple shared a complete family photo, which showed Maria looking much more glamorous than when we first met her on ‘Arranged’ back in 2015.

“Us after church,” the photo caption reads. “Couldn’t get a good pic but whatever.”

The Miller family was last seen in a special episode of ‘Arranged’ that aired in December 2017. It appears that the segment, called “Meet the Millers,” was being considered to become a full-time series, but it seems that FYI has decided not the do the show.

Watch the clip below to see Christian and Maria prepare for the birth of their first child during an episode of ‘Arranged Life.’

(Photos: FYI, Twitter)

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  1. Was having a hard time with my soon to be husband and seeing Christian and Maria with how they over came it did inspire me. So thank u.

  2. I wish that there had been an update of you and the family on tv. I really enjoyed watching you and Maria. Many blessings to you and May God continue to bless you.

  3. Oh I wish they would have done a show with you all. I loved your family. So happy to see you all healthy and expanding your family. The babies are beautiful!

  4. FYI was stupid for not doing a spinoff with this family!! So many viewers were asking for it!!! I love this family!!!

  5. She doesn’t look happy. Do they still live in his parents basement? Perhaps they ripped off, or conned innocent ppl out of money to get their own place.

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