Online Petition Asks TLC to Remove Geoffrey Paschel From “90 Day Fiancé” & Prevent Him From Appearing on Future Shows Due to Criminal Charges & Current Abuse Allegations

Can we also get a petition going to have someone explain to Geoffrey why someone in his particular situation shouldn’t pose in front of police cars?

An individual has started a petition requesting that Geoffrey Paschel be removed from the current season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and that he also be prevented from appearing on TLC shows in the future, due to his criminal past and the allegations of abuse he is currently facing. 

The petition launched on Saturday with a goal of 1,500 signatures and as of Monday afternoon, the page was nearing its goal, having garnered 1,464 supporters. 

On the site, the organizer of the petition said the goal was to not only to remove and prevent Geoffrey from appearing on TLC shows, but also “make advertisers aware of what they are supporting and hope to see that your companies will not stand for promoting such atrocities as these.”

The petition description then mentions specific allegations and past charges against Geoffrey, including an allegation made by his ex-wife (Lisa) that Geoffrey has sold prescription opiates and used his children as a cover, according to Starcasm

Currently Geoffrey is facing criminal charges for allegedly attacking and abusing his then-girlfriend back in June 2019. Geoffrey was arrested in Tennessee following the incident and he is set to return to court this month on charges of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with emergency calls and vandalism. 

“Nothing to see here, folks!”

The petition goes on to mention allegations that Geoffrey abused his pregnant ex-wife and locked her in a hotel room in Costa Rica without food or water, forcing her to deliver their baby alone.

According to the shocking Geoffrey timeline provided by Starcasm, Geoffrey’s wife (Brittany) actually delivered the couple’s youngest son, Kazhem, while their older son, Cayvan, was with her in the hotel room — not that this in any way helps Geoffrey’s case. (As those following the ’90 Day Fiancé’ star’s sketchy past already know, Kazhem passed away while in Geoffrey’s care in March of 2018, at which point Geoffrey and Brittany had already split and were in the middle of a complicated divorce.)

Supporters of the petition were vocal on the site about their disdain for Geoffrey, as well as their concern about him having a large platform through the TLC show.

“Geoffrey Paschel is a danger to women,” one supporter wrote. “It is already shameful that TLC enabled him to go and meet a new woman, knowing his background. He needs to be edited out from the rest of the season. Do NOT promote abuse of women with this scum bag.” 

Another supporter noted that although some participants of the “90 Day” franchise “are a bit unstable, this guy takes the cake.”

“It is shameful that TLC either failed to properly vet this man, or instead knowing of the pending charges, and various accusations, still chose to air Geoffrey Paschel’s segments,” another added.  

Among the listed “reasons for signing,” there were even a couple of supporters who alleged that Geoffrey had assaulted people close to them. 

“He assaulted my cousin,” one supporter claimed. “He beat her so bad she was barely recognizable.” 

“My dear friend[’s] niece was abused by this a**hat,” another claimed. 

The critics seem to have also made their way over to Geoffrey’s social media as the comments on all of his posts now are now limited. 

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17 Responses

  1. Is TLC so desperate for ratings that the show puts abuser Gefforey Paschel on their show. You should be better then this TLC, this show is supporting an abuser of women! Viewers should be offended as I am. Take him off, Gefforey Paschel is an abuser of women in the worse way and TLC needs to respet their viewers!!!


  3. TLC helped cover up child sexual abuse and even through they did a shuck and jive when it all came out they STILL in 2020 give a paycheck to JB Duggar who allowed the child sexual abuse to happen AND denied the victims help. And the child molester still gets a check via his wife and kids being on the show.

    Then there was the sexual abuse involved with Honey Boo Boo or whatever her name is.

    TLC isn’t going to do jack sh*t about this guy.

  4. Something is not right with this dude…just look at his eyes. Also, I think I remember seeing him in one of the trailers flipping out on Varya and her family or friends at a restaurant. I honestly don’t know why he’s on the show…aside from him being an abusive man, his story line honestly sucks.

    1. He definitely has the creepy eyes! He’s an actor as well, he played Dennis Rader ( the BTK killer) on an episode of Snapped on Oxygen.

  5. TLC isn’t going to remove him! I’m sure they knew before they hired him simply by doing a simple background check! They want the drama so they can have the ratings. He makes me sick! I will not support this show or network. They said after pedophile brother Josh from the Duggar’s that they were canceling the show. (Only after massive public outrage) But, then what did TLC do? Gave them another show. Just changed the name and players around a bit. Remember when reality the used to be fun to watch?

  6. not only will I continue to watch, I’ll be watching and participating extra to spite this stupid ass petition. I’m here to watch trainwrecks. Idgaf what they do off camera.

  7. As far as petitions go, someone should petition TLC to change their name from The Learning Channel to TFUC (The *cked Up Channel). No one really wants to LEARN anything on that channel. If they did, they would run a show with Dr. Pimple Popper squeezing the hell out of Geno’s BRAIN !

  8. The one thing that really bothered me, was when his son Kazhem died, he fought the ex wife in court over what to do with the remains. She wanted them to split the ashes, so they could each have half. He wanted the son buried in Tennessee, where the mother could never come visit his grave. That alone speaks to how big a piece of shit he is. She’s a Canadian and not allowed in the States anymore, after being caught sneaking over the border in a canoe. No joke. But to take your grieving ex wife to court over what to do with your sons remains is so petty and vengeful. Then he posts videos all over YouTube from his sons grave. He’s such a scumbag. He has no choice but to prey on foreign women, as must American women know how to research court records these days.

    1. How do you have time to watch all of this and know so much about so many of these shows and social media crap to boot? Are you on Spring Break from college?

  9. I haven’t and won’t watch this season based on the fact he’s still on there (I am a DV survivor). We’re not talking about a DUI here but very serious charges. It’s really sad that more would be done if he made racial slurs rather than some DV. TLC hasn’t even made a statement about his charges.

    1. You make a very valid point, if he had made racial or sexual slurs, he’d have been fired immediately. Like MTV did with the swamp creature David Eason. But when Amber goes after her sons father with a machete (while holding her son!!) she gets filmed by them going to court! Disgusting. DV pays, apparently.

  10. Would it be allright when they simply stop paying him?
    That’s their solution to Mama June and Josh Duggar too.
    No worries people and advertisers, we are not paying them, they are just unpaid extras.
    TLC doesn’t care one single bit about abuse, they only care about money.

      1. Can you get a tourist visa with felonies? He technically hadn’t been convicted of his DV charged yet so they wouldn’t be on his record yet, but I don’t know how a felony would affect a tourist visa.

    1. Yep.
      TLC doesn’t give a damn.

      Thing is Josh still makes money from TLC via Anna and their kids being on the show.

      When his Ashley Madison and child molesting came out Anna’s brother offered her help and said that she didn’t have a bank account of her own.

      I doubt that has changed.

      Jim Bob is back on the show and gets a paycheck as well as all his children who live under his roof, their paychecks go to accounts that are not their own.
      TLC even admitted as much.

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