Boyfriend of “90 Day Fiancé” Star Anfisa Nava Confirms Relationship…Even Though Anfisa is Still Married to Prisoner Jorge Nava

Let’s hope Jorge didn’t have his heart set on a big welcome home party…

Anfisa Nava‘s husband Jorge may be in prison, but the former 90 Day Fiancé star has reportedly moved on from their relationship…and into the arms of a new suitor! 

After fans were speculating about some photos posted to Instagram, Anfisa’s rumored love interest Leo confirmed that he and the reality star are in fact dating. (There’s no word if Anfisa has keyed the word ‘idiot’ into Leo’s car like she did on Jorge’s!) 

Jorge— who has been locked up in Arizona since September 2018— told fans in November 2019 that he and Anfisa were doing “really well” and that Anfisa is looking forward to his release. Anfisa, however, has been reluctant to discuss her relationship with Jorge in her most-recent YouTube videos.

“Please tell me you’re just killing some time until I’m out of the clink.”

The two photos that had fans speculating that Anfisa had moved on were shared by the FraudedByTLC Instagram page.  When asked by fans to explain his relationship with Anfisa, Leo pretty much confirmed that they were dating.

A follower told Leo that Anfisa “deserves a good man,” to which Leo assured, “I will do my best!”

While a new relationship for a reality TV star wouldn’t usually be particularly newsworthy, the fact that Anfisa is still married— to a man in prison— certainly adds an element of interest to this situation. Anfisa’s husband Jorge is set to be released from prison in August.

In the comment section of a photo posted to her Instagram on Thursday, Anfisa flirted with Leo, and when a follower asked her where her “man” was, Anfisa told her, “Don’t worry about my man.”

When you know your wife isn’t talking about you when she says “her man”…

As The Ashley previously told you, Jorge was sentenced in September 2018 to nearly two years in prison on multiple felony marijuana possession and distribution charges. He began his 22-month sentence later that month at the Arizona State Prison Complex. The following month, Anfisa confirmed that she and Jorge were calling it quits with “90 Day Fiancé” and all of the series’ spin-offs, noting that she would instead focus on school and her fitness career while Jorge was behind bars. (Anfisa has since deleted the post from her Instagram page.) 

As for Jorge, it was revealed last year that he had been making the most of his time in the big house by racking up more than 500 hours of work and dropping a significant amount of weight

The new, albeit still orange-jumpsuited, Jorge…

Jorge will be released from prison on August 10.

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(Photos: Arizona State Corrections; Instagram; TLC) 

13 Responses

  1. I really hope Jorge becomes famous and finds love. Wouldn’t that freak Anbeastly out?

  2. I hear Jorge is going to be available 8/20/20. I am sure he would appreciate a ride.

    As for Anfisa, I have to take back every ill thought I had of her. She deserves a lot of credit for not snatching Jorge’s sister bald. Jorge obviously didn’t see anything wrong with what she said.

    But Anfisa has worked hard and on her own. She got a job, an apartment, a car, an education and is getting more education. She moved on and has honed her fitness and competed and won competitions. She completed the test and she is now a personal trainer. Tell me what she did wrong. She has a Leo in her life. I hope he is good to her, gives her everything she wants and they live happily ever after.

  3. I think Anfisa & Jorge should give it another chance, I think you are a good couple & just got off to a rough start, I think you still love each other & he did this time hoping to come home to you♡
    Your both looking great & make an awesome couple, give it a go!!
    Love & Blessings♡♡♡ Mary!

  4. Not surprised, and I bet you this guy is the millionaire she always wanted lol…I always liked Anfisa, she never hid who she was or what she wanted…Jorge however did hide what he was. I’ll never forget when Anfisa was like Jorge you told me you were a millionaire! He was like I said I was possibly GOING to be a millionaire. At the end of the day Jorge is just a soft spoken con man.

  5. I’m betting her new man has money to spend on her. And Jorge looks pretty good. She was straight up w/ him as far as wanting a man with money. Jorge totally lied to her about his financial situation. Also the fact that he kissed ass to his sister was a major red flag.

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