Jorge Nava’s Latest Mugshot Shows the “90 Day Fiancé” Star’s Major Weight Loss; Jorge’s Wife Anfisa is Cryptic About Their Current Relationship Status

At least there’s a silver lining to this situation — and no, it isn’t that blinding orange jumpsuit.

Jorge Nava might be stuck in the Big House, however, the reality star himself is looking a lot smaller. 

According to Starcasm, the 90 Day Fiancé star debuted a shiny new mugshot recently — nearly 14 months into his 30-month prison sentence — in which his face was noticeably thinner compared to the mugshot snapped in September 2018. (See photos above for comparison.)

As The Ashley told you last year, Jorge was sentenced to more than two years in prison after he was caught transporting nearly 300 pounds of marijuana in his car. The TLC star, who also appeared on Season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? with his wife Anfisa, began serving his sentence September 13, 2018 at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Phoenix.

According to the prison’s online records, Jorge’s release date is set for August 9, 2020, with his “maximum end date” listed as March 9, 2021. 

Jorge’s new leaner look isn’t all that surprising given not just his current living situation, but also the fact that his wife is a known fitness guru and competitor.

In addition to her usual fitness content, Anfisa recently shared other ways she’s been staying busy since Jorge went to the slammer. In a new video uploaded to her YouTube channel on Sunday, Anfisa stated that she’s been focusing a lot of her time on her school work and plans to transfer from a community college to a university after the Spring 2020 semester.

While she was happy to discuss her future college and career plans, Anfisa was less-willing to answer fans’ questions about her current relationship status with Jorge.

In response to a fan question on the subject, Anfisa said she wasn’t ready to talk about her marriage, adding “maybe someday in the future, maybe not.” 

“To be honest, I’m not ready to address this topic,” Anfisa told her followers. “And I hope you understand it, and I know that you do. Those that really support me, you understand it. And those people who constantly keep asking questions about that, I just feel like, why do you want to know? Do you just want to gossip about it?

“If you support me, you support me no matter what my relationship status is, no matter who I’m with,” she continued. “I don’t want to have any sort of drama, any sort of gossip, so right now I’m not ready to address this topic.”

Watch Anfisa’s full Life Update video below! 

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(Photos: Arizona State Corrections; Instagram; YouTube)



    1. I know she’s in school, and she has over 400k subscribers on YouTube…If you do it right, YouTube is a really good form of revenue. Can’t knock her for her hustle…especially being a foreigner in a foreign country with her husband being incarcerated, and she’s found a way to make a living.

  1. I literally thought that was like… his prison roomy or something lol. I didn’t even recognize him. Shocking.

  2. Jorge does look good. The wife is a total bitch who came to the USA cuz he told her he was rich. Granted he liked about it and he’s douch bag but…..

    1. She always made it known what her intentions were, and he was dumb enough to bring her over here. She’s kept it real from day 1…she even told him I use you for your money, and you use me for my looks. I’ve always liked Anfisa…she’s honest, unlike majority of the 90 day finace cast…Just look at Caesar and Maria…that fool still thinks she’s not using him for money.

      1. This is so true!
        While I don’t myself like Anfisa’s personality or values, her authenticity and frankness can’t be denied. She was very straightforward and told Jorge from the very beginning that her only interests in marrying him was for financial and immigration considerations. He knew that his money was part of the deal. Anfisa also made it clear that she knew Jorge only married her for her looks and that she had to maintain it if she wanted to stay married to him (and to his wallet). She also showed her true colors from the start, throwing tantrums, causing arguments for trivial pretexts, asking for tons of cash and then getting enraged when he wouldn’t comply and whatnot. I don’t understand how people can hold anything against Anfisa.

        Do I think this is a good marriage, according to my personal standards? Not really, as I’m of the opinion that love and respect should be the root of every serious relationship. Is she the kind of person I would like to count among my friends or have as part of my family? Neither. But do I think Anfisa is a bitch who represented herself falsely to a poor, poor man who, naively, believed in the sincerity and reciprocity of her feelings, due to the false representations she would have made to him? Absolutely not. Both of them knew very well what they were signing for.

        1. Your absolutely right. My prob with her was how mean she was to not only him ( remember when she forgot her makeup bag and then hit him with it?) but to anybody that challenged her. She had a major anger problem. Hopefully the absence of Jorge in her life resolved that but I kinda think not. You can b assertive and honest without being rude to everyone

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