David Eason Tells Police Someone Kidnapped His New Dog, Confirms His Daughter Maryssa is Still Home With Him: Listen to the Police Call Audio (EXCLUSIVE!)

“Dang gammit! Someone done stole my damn dog!”

David Eason is claiming someone kidnapped one of his new dogs!

The estranged husband of Jenelle Evans contacted Columbus County, North Carolina, police on Tuesday to report that one of his new Anatolian Shepherd pooches was kidnapped off The Land.

The Ashley has obtained the audio of the phone call David made to police on Tuesday (on the same day he declared on Facebook that he planned to file a missing person’s report on Jenelle and his daughter Ensley…he later deleted that post). In the police call, he also confirms his oldest daughter Maryssa is still on The Land with him as of yesterday. (The audio is a the bottom of this post.)

In the audio clip David tells the operator that both dogs, Buddy and Junior,— whom David obtained in July, two months after he killed Jenelle’s dog Nugget— were present and accounted in the morning of the alleged dog ‘napping.

“I can tell you what happened,” David begins. “Me and my daughter [Maryssa] were going out to my truck so I could take her to school. And both the dogs are right in the front yard. I just had to hook my truck up to the trailer, do a few things before I could leave. And then, I was gonna feed the dogs. When I went to get the dog food, well, after I got it, I started callin’ the dogs and they were, like, down the driveway.”

As those who have followed the Saga ‘o’ The Land well know, Jenelle and David’s (former) loveshack sits at the end of a long driveway, with a gate that David has claimed to always keep locked (to keep out trespassers) blocking access. Still, though, in the call he claims someone penetrated his fortress to steal his dog.

“Then I heard a car come down the road,” David says. “My driveway’s really long so I couldn’t really see. But I heard a car stop, and I heard the dogs bark a couple of times, and then one dog came running back, but the other dog’s been gone ever since.” 

The police operator didn’t sound too concerned about the call. However, it’s no surprise, given that in June, law enforcement confirmed that there were least 25 calls made to 911 in the last year in regard to The Land. Columbus County, North Carolina’s Emergency Services Department confirmed that at least six of those calls were placed by someone inside Jenelle and David’s house who wanted to speak with law enforcement.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle and her kids, Ensley and Kaiser are in hiding and have left the state of North Carolina to escape David. 

On Tuesday, David was served a restraining order forbidding him from contacting her or the kids, or from posting about them on social media. 

Listen to David’s full dog ‘nappin’ police call below. (By the way, below is the full phone call, minus the beginning when David gave his personal contact information. The only other thing that is not included here is David telling the police operator that, “I think someone stole my dog and I want to make a report” and him struggling to spell the word “Anatolian” for the operator.)

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(Photos: YouTube; Instagram)

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  1. The dog probably ran for his life, just like Jenelle did with the kids. Smart dog. Hope he finds a good, safe home. Hopefully Marissa is next.

  2. I don’t really care but why is Lurch still living on The Land, when it’s Jenelle’s money that purchased the land and the house, before they were married?? She’s not too bright on any topic.

    1. I read somewhere that it was part of the custody agreement or a stipulation of getting the kids back. Either way, it’s the best news other than her mom/grandma getting full custody back.

  3. Ok so I read this article last night before bed and I had a dream that I was in the courtroom with Jenelle David and the kids and David threatened to shoot everyone. I woke up and was thinking, he is such a loose canon I am so terrified for the kids.

    1. Also, if this judge saw enough evidence to grant Jenelle and her kids a restraining order, wouldn’t that be grounds enough to Automatically get Maryssa away from David too?? Like, wouldn’t jenelles judge be like hey wait this abusive man (proven via the evidence shown in jenelles restraining order) currently has custody of a minor, maybe we should make some calls to the NC child protective services? This should be a given.

      1. Someone would have to do that on Maryssa’s behalf. Her mom or grandma need to go to court TODAY for an emergency hearing.

      2. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Someone can file a restraining order on you; but that doesn’t mean you automatically lose your kids. It’ll be decided in a courtroom.

  4. “If you havent lived theough DV, sit the fuck down and shut up!!”

    After my parents divorced my mother married a monster who once beat a tiny Boston terrier puppy with a switch in front of us so hard the puppy was left with bloody welts because he resisted walking on a leash. He beat us, molested me, threatened my mother with a rifle, that he would kill us in front of her and then blow her brains out, he threatened to cut up my mother’s face with a broken bottle and, you know what? My mother got off on the relationship and always put abusive dick before her children. My late mother reminds me a lot of Jenelle.

  5. These dickweeds need to frickin be fined for abuse of the 911 system. Who calls 911 because they lost their damn dog?

    1. Exactly!
      It’s not like they even pay taxes to contribute to public services!!
      Yet sure do abuse even those…

  6. Jenelle needs to stay away from david and live her life with her kids don’t let him know where she is at

  7. The comments here are ridiculous. Who knows what happened to the dog? Not all you commenters. There is so much emotion in most of the comments but they are not based on FACTS. The dog is probably fine. My supposition is David is trying to manipulate her through bullshit like this. Calm down people. Yeah. Hes a piece of shit. Yeah. Hes been abusing Jenelle and the kids. Hes still trying to abuse her. If you havent lived theough DV, sit the fuck down and shut up!!

    1. You stfu, it’s a comment section, ps your profile pic is scary and just plain weird, in a Perv way.

    2. Why are you taking your anger out on everyone here when they’re just doing the same thing you are- expressing their opinions and frustration via public forum…except they’re not telling YOU to stfu. And just because some may not have lived through DV, doesn’t mean they can’t feel passionately against it. Yeesh.

  8. He probably killed the dog in a fit of rage and is trying to cover his tracks by saying said dog was kidnapped so he won’t be in trouble later like when he killed Nugget

  9. I don’t understand how Jenelle got Ensley. Jenelle went to New York came back and got Ensley. Why would David give her Ensley? This is after Jenelle posted a pic of her with Jeremy, Leah,and Kailyn. I don’t understand. Seems shadey. People are saying David won’t post anything about Jenelle because J got an order telling him not to. That makes no sense. David could easily say the nudes, porn, and videos got stolen. A friend of his could release them. So I am back to thinking this is just to get money out of MTV. The Ashley even said that they both have a lot on each other.

    1. Those dogs looked so skiny… The poor puppie is probably dead, because of hunger, or it feed the hungry swamp Monster.

  10. I really don’t think anyone stole his dog. Maybe since he has no way to get under Janelle’s skin without violating the order of protection, he made up this story (or hid or killed the dog), called it in as a dognapping, knowing that it’d get to the news and she’d hear about it. It’s probably a mind game he’s playing with her, trying to get her to think the worst, torturing her the only way he can without directly interacting with her and violating the order. Also, he’s a MASSIVE narcissist and right now Janelle is getting most of the attention, which I’m sure is incredibly annoying to him.

  11. Wowzer. What a very elaborate and detailed account of said dog knapping. He is taking kids to school, hooking up trailers,hearing cars. Keep it simple stupid. Liar 101, keep details to a minimum. He never once stated that he spent time looking for the dog. He never gave a normal account of his actions, ie I walked down the driveway, i kept calling the dog, I rode around calling his name. Who the hell calls 911 when they cant find their dog? LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE

  12. He’s a psycho. Can’t the state step in and help Marissa? It sucks this poor little girl is stuck in this living hell.

    1. I feel sorry for Marissa! She is all alone with that idiot and didn’t want to live with him in the first place! I also think the state should be checking on her! Thank goodness she is in public school so they can keep an eye on her well being!

  13. Either he killed that poor animal or some animal lover snatched one when he wasn’t looking to save the poor animal. If the latter is the case, I’m not normally for breaking the law but GOOD! One less soul for him to torture. I have a long rural driveway too, David. You can’t hear a damn thing until someone is halfway up it and we have gravel.

    The part I hate is now I know Maryssa I still there. He’s broke and he has a restraining order that has JUST been granted. Someone file for custody! He WILL lose! No money, no “justice’. This is NC where the good ol boy system is still in place. At least she’s in school. I was homeschooled. I’m not against it unless you’re an uneducated abusive POS or you refuse to allow a secular curriculum (*cough* DUGGARS *cough*).

  14. Yeah, that doesn’t sound made up at all. A car managed to make it through his locked gate all while he was hooking up to a random trailer before taking Maryssa to school.

  15. I don’t think the dog was kidnapped. I think the dog ran away. So Jenelle can call the law when David hurts her but not her kid. What a sorry azz piece of sh$t she is. All of you who are taking up for Jenelle need help. The children Rely on us to keep them safe. Can you imagine having Jenelle as a mother? I feel so bad for Kaiser. The poor kid needs someone who will do what’s right for him. Kaiser needs to feel safe.

  16. I don’t understand how he can “hear” the car stop if the end of the driveway was so far away? It wouldn’t take but a split second for someone to grab a dog! I don’t believe him!! HE did something to the dog! There is no telling what he’s doing with/to those poor other animals!! Don’t they have a locked gate?

  17. Jennelles Karma is kicking her in the ass. She turned Lurch into the fame hungry, lazy, greedy, gun collecting nutcase we see today. When David first appeared he was a convict as were all her other boyfriends. But, Lurch was a blacksmith or some kind of tradesman.He wasn’t completely batshit. Marissa lived with her grandmother, Kaiser wasnt being abused and the 911 only had to field the massive call volume from Jenelle. Then once he got access to Jenelles MTV fame, Twitter followers and 6 figure income he expereince the same type of diva entitlement issues that all the other TM have but his are drug and testosterone fueled. Lurch acts like a drugged out, has been rockstar but Lurch was never a star though.

    1. She didn’t turn him into anything. His true colors were shining bright from the beginning. He quit his job right after he met her so he didn’t have much of a career to begin with. And he started calling all the shots and abusing Kaiser straightaway.

  18. I call Bull Shnittttt , he’s playing mind games using that poor dog just to get back at Jenelle like he did to her with nugget. Both he and Jenelle are masers at lies and abusive mind games, makes me sick.

  19. Even if he didn’t kill the dog, this story of dognapping is so ridiculous. Seriously, he is claiming that some random morning, and during the few minutes the dogs were out of sight, someone pulled into his driveway in the middle of nowhere and stole one (but not both) of his dogs? Who would believe that? I don’t know if he killed the dog or not, but I sure don’t believe his bizarre dognapping story.

  20. Maryssa leaves the land to go to school now? This is good, though I wouldn’t have thought he’d allow that…let’s get her out of there! #savemaryssa

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      He probably killed it, in his b****boy rage. Setting the story Incase the dogs shows up dead.

      P.S. I don’t know who told him those dogs are anatolians, but they’re not… they’ll look like black mouth cur/boxer mixes.

    2. yeah when they were able to get the kids back Jenelle said she would be re enrolled in public school. i’m just shocked he wakes up every morning to get her there.

  21. This crazy mofo did something to the dog. He either hid it somewhere or he killed it! No human or animal is safe around this mother f*****. I don’t know why the authorities have not taken Maryssa to a safe home. If he injures this girl, it will be the judge’s fault that he or she sent her back to this psycho. I can’t believe with all we have witnessed, there wasn’t enough evidence to get those kids put in a safe home.It is ridiculous that this poor child has to stay with this lunatic and live in fear.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I hope Maryssa’s mom can get custody of her. This is going to get much worse.

  22. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Sounds more like an alibi… Too much irrelivant info instead of just getting to the point.

    1. Yes which usually means it’s a lie…. he is a master manipulator I’m glad she woke up. I don’t like either of em but he’s the worst!

  23. I bet you he killed that dog to fear monger Maryssa, so that she doesn’t try to get any ideas about escaping the land either. The guy is SICK, and should not be allowed to be the caregiver of any child or animal. One positive is, at least ir sounds like Maryssa is back in school, so she’s not confided to the land 24/7 365.

  24. I understand people are outraged from his behavior. But fans of teen mom need to know you should not interfere with them. You do not know them. Stop calling cps, the law or animal control on people who are not around you. What he does or did might not be right but that doesn’t give you the right to steal someone’s dog or go on their property. At that point you are just too invested in something that has nothing to do with you. You are putting yourself in a situation that doesn’t need to involve a stranger.

    1. Hey genius “T”, “Fans” have nothing to do with this, you moron! Were you educated at the same place as David? You are equally as slow.

    2. Hey @T! Are you also one of those people who “don’t want to get involved,” when you witness a crime, so you just go on about your life without any care for potential victims? While I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you’re referring to the people who would go so far as to become vigilantes, I can’t give you that much credit. You see, sometimes strangers are the ONLY people voiceless victims have. It’s our moral duty to DO SOMETHING WHEN WE SEE SOMETHING!

    3. I don’t think anyone read what I said
      I said that fans shouldn’t be crazy enough to steal someones dog. I don’t have the right to call the police from a different state as them and say I think something is up. That is for family, friends and people who live around them or near their town. Not states away. To the someone who asked if I was david I have been posting on this site for years. Obviously I’m not. If it was a joke whatever, but look for the comments that see them in a better light. I in no way said that they were good people.

  25. He killed that poor dog and we all know it. It was likely Jenelle’s pet and God knows what torture it suffered. Poor Maryssa. Someone needs to save that child. It is frustrating and heartbreaking to watch.

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