Law Enforcement Confirms There Have Been 25 Emergency Service Calls To Jenelle Evans’ & David Eason’s House in the Last Year

“It’s Jenelle. Come on over. Y’all know the address…”

Jenelle Evans may want to consider turning her beloved “She Shed” into a 911 call center!

TMZ revealed on Monday that there have been at least 25 calls made to 911 in the last year in regard to The Land, which is the home the former Teen Mom 2 star shares with her also-banned-from-TV husband David Eason! Columbus County, North Carolina’s Emergency Services Department confirmed to the site that at least six of those calls were placed by someone inside Jenelle and David’s house who wanted to speak with law enforcement.

Of course, we are already aware of four of those 911 calls. The first we know about was the one made by Jenelle in October 2018, requesting emergency services after Jenelle claimed David pinned her down, assaulted her and allegedly hurt her collarbone. The second of those calls was made in December 2018 (and was released last week). In that call, Jenelle claimed she was hiding in her attic as David was outside “smashing stuff” in an angry rage.

“DUDE! Everyone calls 911 on their spouse on the regular! It’s totally normal!”

David made the third call to 911 that same day, requesting a welfare check on Jenelle because she refused to answer his two phone calls, but was still posting to Facebook. After that call, the 911 dispatcher joked while on the line with another emergency services worker that the county gets “a lot of traffic from them,” (meaning Jenelle and David).

She wasn’t kidding!

“Ya not supposed ta use 911 as ya personal answerin’ service, Juh-nelle!”

The fourth call that we are aware of was made just last month, when Jenelle called 911 to report that someone had sent her a letter containing a mysterious powder. 

According to TMZ, the other 911 calls were in regard to a variety of things. (The Ashley feels this list is best read by singing it to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas!”)

The site states that the cops came out six times because someone on The Land asked to speak to law enforcement, twice for calls that required a police response, once for a warrant being served, once for legal papers being served, once for a “domestic issue,” once to assist another law enforcement agency, once for an alleged assault (we can assume that was the October call made by Jenelle), and once for “someone with a gun.” (This could likely be the call Jenelle made in December from her attic, as the 911 operator was concerned that David had a gun on him as he smashed stuff.) 

The rest were reportedly for welfare checks. (We know at least one of those welfare check calls was made by Jenelle’s baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, after he heard that David had shot Jenelle’s dog Nugget.)

Anyway, TMZ pointed out that, based on this number of calls, a 911 call has been placed from The Land (or concerning The Land) every other week on average during the last year!

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(Photos: MTV) 

106 Responses

  1. HANG ON !!!!!! Is this the SAME loving wonderful caring father / husband that Jenelle declares as her true love and soul mate ????, The WONDERFUL amazing David Eason??????? Just thought I’d check ! ??

  2. I got married on a Tuesday night, and had to call 911 for my diabetic brother- in- law two nights later. I panicked and forgot to mention that he’s diabetic. He ended up being okay, but it was scary. The other time, was seven years ago, when my husband had a two day migraine from what turned out to be a pituitary tumor. It was benign, but he nearly died. He chose to have surgery instead of hospice, and I’m VERY thankful for all of the paramedics, his doctors, and the neurosurgeon. Please, you two dummies, 911 is for real problems.

  3. Actually, I am surprised they haven’t made more calls. Both are completely narcissistic. Everything and everyone around them are only viewed as a means to get what they want. Add to that the fact that these two are nuttier than squirrel poo and you’ve got a perpetual shit show playing out each day.

  4. Things have been strangely quiet from Jenelle. Usually when her life is on fire she’s doing her stream-of-consciousness Tweet&Delete for days. The silence might be the most worrying part.

    1. She’s posting on Facebook, I think she has just left her twitter to the clickbait company. The Memorial Day Facebook post is particularly odd considering

      1. I’m sorry to sound ignorant and probably a complete bloody idiot LOL, But can someone please explain the term “Click Bait” for me ? I’ve never heard that expression before ;until recently with this Jenelle drama. So at the risk of sounding like an air head, can someone PLEASE explain it to me ?
        Then I’ll go back and hide my head in embarrassment ??

        1. Basically an article where the headline or link title is either outright nothing to do with the contents of the article or a major exaggeration that is designed to trick you to click on the article or link because the person posting it will get paid for every time someone clicks. The more outrageous the headline then the more clicks then the more cash in the person postings pocket, nearly all the teen mom girls have an external company have access to their twitter account who post them on their behalf, the girls don’t pick the articles but can have a say in the topics that get posted, such as don’t post any about certain people.

          1. Ooooooooooohhhhhh ok.! Now I get it .Thank you ??? I’ve been wanting to ask for a while now but I was a tad embarrassed LOL .Thanks again for clearing that up for me , Its greatly appreciated…..And I’ll be aware not to make Jenelle any $$$$$$ Cheers ??

        2. At its most basic, Click Bait ads/articles are sensationalized headlines embedded in websites and social media sites that are designed to grab attention, so people will click on them and follow the link to the story.

          The “articles” are usually fluff that are pieces together from multiple other publications, without any valuable substance. These pages are absolutely loaded with ads, bots, and trackers. The purpose is to promote the ads on the site (since everyone who goes there is already proven to be dumb enough to click and follow sketchy links) and to collect information about the users and their systems.

          The site or profile owner gets a small payout every time a link is followed from their page.

          This is most commonly seen on websites “of your dog eats grass, do this every day”, “ one weird trick for blasting belly fat”, “new rule for drivers in your area”, “top gut doctor begs people to throw out this vegetable”.

          For reality stars, they’ve signed up with clickbait services who post “articles” about reality stars and shows on their profiles. So it looks like Jenelle is spilling the tea on a costar (for example) when “she” posts the link, but it’s from the clickbait company. It’s more and more common for the stories on her page to be negative stories about her and David, which is hilarious.

          1. WOW! Thank you, Like I said I felt like a bit of an idiot because I’ve heard the phrase used quite frequently lately but I had no idea what it meant. ( A bit like a joke that you laugh at , but you don’t understand , and have to ask someone later on ????)
            What a clever idea though ?
            Thank you again. ??

  5. Can you imagine the frustration that the cops must feel having to go out there time and time again, only to walk away and nothing changes? I could never be a cop because I’d go out there and go buck nutty on these two

    1. That’s probably what they need !!!!! Someone ( or several someone’s) to go buck nutty on them! !!!!
      They’re a public nuisance!

  6. Wow.In the UK this is called wasting police time and is a criminal offence.This evidence alone should mean they lose the kids for ever.There is no stability and the kids must have been terrified.

    1. Same here in Australia, Action would have been taken alot quicker!
      And the threats against the secret service would have landed him straight in the slammer, not to mention the seriousness of abuse against the kids !

    2. In the uk the police wouldn’t come out to the property, they are more likely to show up if you fail to pay your tv licence or council tax tho.

      They can’t even sort all the stabbings in London.
      I left the uk years ago for the USA, but I’m relocating back home to London, ( as my American husbands job is there)

  7. Can’t they get some kind of fine for that? They are using the 911 system to manipulate each other and those around them! Absolutely ridiculous!

  8. This makes me so mad. The ONE time in my life I had to call 911 was because my father was unconscious out in the yard. It took a long time for them to respond that day. Luckily he ended up surviving, but it was touch-and-go. Every minute counts. The paramedics apologized when they arrived and later told us there had been an overload of calls that day, some of which were non-urgent matters. My Dad could have died because of people like David and Jenelle calling 911 every time they have a temper tantrum. I’m sure some people HAVE died because of this issue. Such trash.

    1. Sorry to hear that, Shea. Glad your dad is doing okay. These two don’t get that 911 is for EMERGENCIES! I’ve had to call 911 twice myself. Both times it was scary and very serious.

      1. I hope you’re doing ok and you don’t require emergency services…ever again. This is the annoying and frustrating thing about David and Jennelle! They’re taking away valuable time and services that you, or someone close to you legitimately need!. They should be fined for every bullshit call out to 911 they make !.
        Take care ; be safe , stay healthy ??

  9. Oh #26 HAS to be any minute!! You know swamp thing David is going to spontaneously combust if he doesn’t get to get his ragey temper tantrums out.. no kids to take it out on… but there is Jenelle!! And lord knows she seems to bring the worst out in anyone she’s around!! Cmon David!! Suddenly you have self control??!! Count down 3,2,1…

  10. Same here. Been with my husband since 1998. Married, two kids, pets, moved a ton bc we are military. And never have we called the police. Well, once we did. We came home and the house reeked of gas. The burner was hit and running the entire day we were gone. They had to come out with the fire dept and make sure it wasn’t a gas leak. These two are a f*cking joke. Desperate idiots that hate the police until one of them wants to cry wolf. David is a bag of pu$$y. Nothing but a coward that knew she was inside and calling the cops on him, so he called and acted like he needed a wellness check on her. That was the excuse he needed for kicking the front door in, and not to be arrested.

  11. I’m 40 and I’ve been married for 21 years to my husband, and I’ve never called 911 once in my life or marriage. Nor, has he.

  12. I’m glad to see so many people in agreement that it’s nonsense to abuse the 911 system. Who knows, now that this story broke maybe the tax payers of Columbus county are outraged to see their money wasted on this, I would be. A routine checkup is not a 911 emergency, making a habit of doing this can lead to being fined and taken to court.
    The question here is.. who’s responsible for pulling this bullshit?

  13. Did you see in the background of the ‘homestead’ video all the empty bottles of Corona strewn around? Some laying on the floor and some sat on top of the kids slide? These two imbeciles have no idea ??‍♀️ it’s like they are setting themselves up! I pray those kids never have to go back!

    1. A couple people on here was nice enough to explain what the video was about so I didn’t even bother with giving Jenelle the attention. That’s sounds about right , empty beer all over and everything in disarray. Jenelle and David are accustom to that life style, I’m not shocked they didn’t clean for the video. ?

      1. I’d be needing some sort of “mental health practioner” to help me cope with the trauma of living in filth !

    2. And to think in her 16 and pregnant episode she was so mad about Andrew’s drinking that they broke up. I think she also brought that up with Keiffer when she was upset at him drinking. Oh and wait didn’t barb have One glass of wine and must of been passed out drunk that she called cops but it’s ok when David stands around drinking all day making he” fall in holes” causing her nearly broken collarbone. It’s always ok for David to do the things everyone else does that Jenelle hates but he’s exempt.

      1. If I was Jennelle’s mother i’d be needing more than ONE glass of wine !!!!!! And I don’t drink .

  14. You know emergency room and insurance companies got together and made it that if you show up there and it’s not an actual emergency YOU are now billed. In indiana if you call out emergency services and it’s not an emergency guess who gets billed… YOU. How is 911 there for non emergency issues for free?

    sorry but I locked myself out the car is not an emergency call a lock Smith or car guy or friend with a slim him.

    she won’t answer the phone but is on Facebook- not an emergency DUDE get a grip. She is ignoring you!

    This is insane 25 times?? I’m 52, I have a daughter that is 30 she has 2 kids- I have a son who is 25 he lives on his own — you wanna guess how many 911 calls – yep ZERO. Have there been some scary times – you betcha but none of them warranted 911. That is a number only used when there is no possible way to figure out how to take of it. I’m a firm believer in the boy who cried wolf. There is gonna come a time when there is a REAL emergency and with all the B.S. there no one is going to be in a rush. You have to think about if there are two calls placed at the same time out there where are they sending first responders? Sad but unfortunately- in the last call where she is in attic and he is in a terror with a gun there is no more urgency in the operators voice she was on the phone for a while you never heard sirens.

    I’m glad the kids are out of harms way. Don’t know what it’s gonna take for her to realize this isn’t a game any more. it’s not just a vacation. This is REAL they aren’t just going to give them back.

    just shaking my head

    1. Not true. I live in Indiana and work in the ER. We bill the patients insurance company. If they don’t have insurance, they get the bill. My brother is an EMT and only in certain counties do they bill the person calling. Which, their insurance 98% of the time pays. It’s not in a case by case, emergency or not situation.

    2. The language in ten law is based on the medical judgement of a “reasonable layperson”. If a reasonable person with no medical training or exposure would believe it’s a medical emergency, an insurance carrier is required to cover it.

      If it does not meet that requirement and you use the emergency room for, say, an ingrown hangnail or a minor scrape, your insurance carrier is entitled to deny it and the hospital will bill you the full cost of services.

  15. So it took the killing of a dog for authorities to finally step in and take the kids…wtf

  16. They are both obsessed with involving 911 in their disputes. Do you remember when David called 911 on Barbara? Jenelle just laid her ass in the bed like Lurch calling 911 on a 60 yrs old woman was a reasonable and normal thing to do.

    1. but Barb talked “bad” to him. You mean you don’t think disrespect to the king isn’t a life threatening emergency? C’mon get real what if his feelings were hurt? still thinking no? well what if Jenelle had to get up? still not 911 worthy? well.. but David was in line for a tongue lashing… yep that’s the last straw. 911 this is David and Barb don’t like me … (dial tone)

      1. So true! And to think David acts all tough and stuff, but then whines to 911 when his wife doesn’t answer the phone but still is posting on facebook. what a total fat pig coward! 25 times is so ridiculous, they should move that crappy house next to the police station so they get better reception.

        1. Threatening to call 911 on someone that’s just annoying you works so much better when the person you’re threatening to call the cops on has outstanding warrants, or already has a record, or has a custody case going on, or is on probation and can’t get in trouble with the law bc it will violate their probation. That’s why it’s Lurch and Jenelle’s go to: they’re so used to dealing with people, or being the people, who are running from the law to avoid getting served for unpaid child support or arrested for some outstanding warrant, that they would immediately leave if someone threatened to call the police on them. They don’t realize that it’s not going to work on someone like Barb who has no reason to avoid the police because she’s not a complete screw up with unpaid fines and tickets, possible probation violations, and outstanding warrants. It just shows how really screwed up and awful, but also narcissistic, Jenelle and Lurch are: they can only see things from their point of view, so they assume everyone is also actively trying to avoid the police like they are.

    2. Omg. That scene always simultaneously makes laugh out loud and cringe at the same time! He has the nerve to call the police on barb in front of her when she was just asking why he was (and it was strange she wouldn’t come out) saying Jenelle was fine but wasn’t coming out of the bedroom… and he says “she’s harassing me in front of my kids”….MY KIDS?!?! Oh, so when it’s convenient you’ll claim Jace and Kaiser.
      That was what pretty much sealed the deal for me and was all “yep, this guys an a**hole” ?

  17. They should be charged for wasting time, when someone in genuine need of this service could die ( because of delays ) due to those two calling up with their petty shit.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

  18. People like that exhaust the service. 911 and police are not to be utilized as a weapon so that you can stay with an abusive person and threaten to call the police when they don’t act right. The ability to call 911 doesn’t excuse you from self preseverance, personal responsibility and good decision making skills.

  19. Jenelle and her leach of a husband have clearly never read “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Newsflash, Mr. and Mrs. Jenelle: 911 is NOT a personal complaint service. You are both wasting valuable resources when you call 911 to fuel your drama/air your dirty laundry. I am so glad the kids are away from that toxic, dysfunctional, sinking home, because someday there will be a real emergency and it won’t be taken seriously by law enforcement, thanks to the amount of false reports made by these two idiots.

  20. Why do they keep calling 911 for NON-EMERGENCY calls? You’d think somebody would have just given them the direct number to the Sheriff’s Department by now and told them to use that instead.

  21. I’m all for standing by your man but this is too much. They thrive off the drama. They are prime example of what a toxic relationship looks like.

  22. This comes just after she makes a video of a peaceful homestead lifestyle, ironic.
    On a more serious note, 19 of these calls were for welfare checks?? It’s upsetting to think that someone having a heart attack could possibly have a longer wait (where every second is crucial) because some immature drama queen is abusing the 911 system.There’s direct non emergency numbers to the sheriff for things like a welfare check.

  23. Was the one with the gun from the realtor looking for land?
    Also FYI they do have a local number and 911 does not need to be used unless it is a emergency occurring at that moment. A real emergency not a David and Jenelle emergency. That line needs to be kept open for other people who have REAL emergencies, not my wife is on Facebook and won’t answer her phone.

    1. Remember Jenelle testified re the female realtor accused David of threatening her with a gun for trespass?

      Jenelle said he didn’t have the gun and it was left on the nightstand (secure from kids, right?) and one of these articles has jenelle telling 911 David is bashing the front door down and has his gun, he’s always armed.
      Why am I surprised she lied for him?

      Jeez….this is exhausting. Is Jenelle getting paid with these ‘news’ articles to TMZ and Radar Online? Who’s releasing this crap?

    2. So the 2 people who down voted me please explain to me why? Being a 911 Dispatcher I was explaining how the system is supposed to work. I’m also really curious if the 2 down votes are David and Jenelle?
      Thank you for your support.

  24. This is what happens when you are obsessed with drama and attention in your life. I have a feeling it comes from her not having a father around when she was a kid, so she acts out. Not that this is all on Jenelle, Lurch is clearly a psycho, but she’s always sought out dirtbag dudes and used emergency services as a method to deal with everyday issues. Remember when she was at the reunion and claimed that she needed to go to the hospital because the host was asking her why she posted controversial things online. Jenelle is such a joke, I would live to know how much $ she and Lurch have lost since she was fired. I predict she’ll be living in a trap house within a year still proclaiming how she’s such a great mom.

  25. 13 – years I’ve been with my husband
    10 – years we’ve been married
    4 – number of pets we’ve had in those 13 years
    3 – number of children we have
    2 – number of homes we’ve lived in while married
    2 – number of guns (hunting rifles) in our safe

    **and this is where it gets good**

    0 – times I’ve called the cops on my husband
    0 – times someone called 911 for an incident at our home
    0 – of our pets died a violent death
    0 – guns openly out in the home around our young children
    0 – children removed from our care
    0 – number of mugshots I’ve had as an adult
    0 – number of mugshots my husbands had as an adult

    I bet my story is much closer to typical than Jenelle’s. How does she seriously not see that stable people don’t live like she does? How does she honestly think that things are fine?

    1. I have also been with my husband for 13 years and married for 10. We’ve also had 4 pets, but we have 2 kids and have had 4 homes (we moved cross country twice and moved out of an apartment once). Weird how similar we are! Funny, but I also have a “0” for every item on the bottom list, just like you. Exactly like you said, how most people live and go about their lives.

      I can’t imagine being in Jenelle’s reality. She’s spent so much time pretending to have a perfect Instagram life that she’s lost sight of how much turmoil there actually is.

  26. 25, is that a lot? When you’re going hard shit is goin happen. I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time. #giveherbackherkids.

    1. Wow. Hi David. Or jenelle. You will never get your kids back. Lol!!! Fucking losers. I wonder if the judge knows about this. Well he does now. Crackheads

  27. Okay I know David is dangerous but does anyone remember Janelle doing the same to all her boyfriends? I remember her doing it if they left bcus they were fighting. She would do it to pay them back. Her voice would change,she would act like she was dying. The night she said he broke her collarbone he had left with a friend. I bet that call would not have been made had he stated home. Now they are using it for welfare checks when the other is avoiding their calls? I think she should pay for every time it was not a real emergency. I am not a victim blamer but she pushes ppl to their breaking point and being David that is like a murder suicide situation waiting to happen. He belongs in jail and she does too with weekly mental health!

    1. My thoughts excatly!!
      The common denominator in all these shit storm failed relationships is Jenelle, including her mother. And yes she was pissed he left that night. That 911 call was fake!! I would bet my LIFE on it that’s how sure I am. She is definitely not a victim she is just like him!!
      And yes $500 for the fake 911 calls stops them every time unless they are wackadoodles.

  28. I’m praying so much that these white trash POS Never get any of the kids back. All animals should be removed as well. Two imbeciles.

  29. Columbus county can look forward to the land and trailer being sold. So over the Easons. I just want to see pics of the kids or the swat team breaking onto the land.

  30. And despite this, the kids will still be placed back in their care sometime in the near future. Smh!

  31. Having to call 911 on your significant other even ONCE, ever, is a really bad sign and you guys probably shouldn’t be together.

    (And I’m speaking from experience. I’ve had and left abusive, controlling relationships… I had a kid to think about)

  32. I read this on TMZ this morning and was just waiting for The Ashley’s take on it!

    Well I guess this explains why she seemed so calm on the last 911 call, because she’s calling basically every other week on that tiny, shriveled dick, David!!!!! I’m sure that’s where all of his anger issues REALLY stem from…..

  33. Red flag # 1. Multiple calls 2 911 4 whatever reason is not good.
    Red flag #2. David & Jenelle both calling 911 on the other 1.
    Red flag #3. he fact that David felt he had 2 ” call 911 4 a welfare check on Jenelle because she wasn’t answering his phone calls but still on Facebook” seems extremely controlling.

    1. She had locked him outside and he wanted in.
      Hence the 911 call.
      It was his way to get the door open. The one he was breaking down.

  34. I don’t understand what took authorities so long to protect those innocent children. I truly hope that those kids never have to go near “da land” again! Jenelle wants to post about what a great mother she is yet she misses her supervised visitation twice now! Pathetic excuse for a mother!

    1. read somewhere an opinion that mtv must have been somehow protecting jenelle.Once mtv fired her suddenly there is enough evidence to remove the kids from them?

  35. Sad cry for help and attention. Nice thing is, now that they no longer have their children they can just blow them off.

  36. I don’t understand how saving face on social media because you (Jenelle) made a mistake marrying that crazy guy is more important than your (Jenelle) sanity, wellbeing, job, family, etc.

    Like wtf.

  37. OMG…OK…NONE of the children need to go back into their custody!! Total insanity on “the land”!! NOT RIGHT!!!

  38. How is “The Chin” going to spin this bit of info so she doesn’t have egg on her face? I’d say this is pretty indicative of an unsettled, often violent life on “The Land”….

  39. Thank goodness the little ones have been removed from that home. David is a whole other level of crazy, and his wife is just as bad, if not worse. Most women have the instinct to protect their young, and Janelle willingly puts her children in violent situations. Feral cats have more maternal instincts than Drugnelle does.

    1. I’m not defending the serious issues going on in that house but most welfare calls are made by outsiders. For example, a father wanting to check on his child at the mother’s home, regardless of whether there is a valid basis for concern.

      1. What I find creepy is I remember reading an article that ” not many” people are allowed inside the house on “The Land”. Now when I think of it the only people I’ve seen in the house are the MTV crew ( but then again if my house was such a pig sty no-one would ever get in ).
        They’re both lost causes, they haven’t got any respect for ANYONE or ANYTHING ! I’ve got NO sympathy for them. I’m just so glad the kids are safe and can start getting some normality back into their lives and start enjoying their childhood in loving safe and stable environments.

  40. Jesus take the wheel!

    That’s an insane amount of police traffic/calls. I hope the judge takes this into consideration when deciding on placement of the children.

    I bet duhnelle will try to bring in her “homestead living” video as proof that she and David are good parents because, little kids got excited about chickens.

    1. Did you see in the background of the ‘homestead’ video all the empty bottles of Corona strewn around? Some laying on the floor and some sat on top of the kids slide? These two imbeciles have no idea ??‍♀️ it’s like they are setting themselves up! I pray those kids never have to go back!

  41. Thank goodness the little ones have been removed from that freak show aka The Land. Those two should not only have their children removed, but also be charged with child endangerment.

  42. I think the person with a gun was that lady he threatened and harassed… the “realtor” he chased down!

  43. I’m so obsessed with your site I read this article within 10 mins of you posting and by the signs I’m the first to leave a comment

  44. I’m so obsessed with your site I read this article within 10 mins of you posting and by the signs I’m the first to leave a comment

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