‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Weighs in On His Dad Butch Baltierra’s Latest Relapse

“Here we go again…”

A new season of Teen Mom OG is upon us, but not all of the show’s cast members are in the same good place they were when we last saw them.

During last week’s episode of the Coffee Convos podcastTyler Baltierra confirmed that his father, Butch, has officially relapsed after over a year of sobriety. He and his wife Catelynn Lowell discussed Butch’s downfall with Kail Lowry and her podcast co-host Lindsie Chrisley.

“He’s relapsed,” Tyler said of Butch. “He’s in the middle of a relapse right now. That’s the reality of that situation right now.”

Tyler stated that we will be seeing Butch on the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ though.

“He’s filming, he filmed a couple of scenes,” Tyler said. “So, this season you’ll see me go down there a couple of times. He lives in Austin and he got out of rehab he did his sober living, all that stuff.”

As The Ashley previously reported, Tyler’s sister Amber Baltierra mentioned in April that Butch was no longer totally sober, and that he had begun to smoke marijuana and drink again.

“He drinks a couple beers here and there as well,” Amber wrote on Facebook. “He thinks he can manage all this but it will progress into something big again. That’s what this disease does.”

Butch has long-struggled with substance abuse issues, and has admitted to being a crack cocaine user. On the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ he was shown going to rehab in Austin, Texas, and following it up with sober living. In November 2018, he celebrated one year of sobriety.

On the podcast, both Tyler and Catelynn hinted that they believe Butch’s relationship with a woman named Caroline played a part in Butch’s relapse. They mention that we will probably be seeing Caroline on the new season as well.

“We don’t really try to film with her because I said if I see her, my ass is going to be sitting in jail,” Catelynn said. “The stuff that she said about [Amber] my sister-in-law does not make me happy and I would love to beat her ass!”

Tyler stated that “the stuff” Catelynn is talking about was some very “disgusting” messages Caroline allegedly sent to Amber after Amber opened up to MTV cameras about the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother’s former boyfriend. Kail and Lindsie told Tyler that Caroline had reached out to their podcast’s press email address as well to try to get herself on the podcast.

“[Caroline] went wild and, I’ll tell you right now, that’s the sign of relapse,” Tyler said. “So my dad dating a woman who is going to reach out to you guys, probably in a crazy, drunken state [is not good].”

“Now we go back to square one, do this relapse thing and kind of ride this train out and see what happens,” Tyler said of his dad’s slip in recovery. “You’ll see that in the new season.”

Although Butch is no longer sober, Catelynn and Tyler revealed that Amber is doing well in her sobriety.

“My sister ended up going in [to rehab] right after [my dad],” Tyler said. “[She was struggling with addiction] bad, and I was in kind of denial of that, but whatever. She completed her rehab program so I went down there just recently to celebrate and give her her one-year sobriety chip.”

As for Catelynn’s mother, April, the pair stated that she still struggles with her addictions as well. 

“My mom’s definitely a binger,” Catelynn said, adding that she has had to cut herself off from April for periods of time in the past due to April not being sober. 

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres tonight on MTV.

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  1. Rehabs don’t work magic. A dirty little secret about rehabs is that they don’t have good success rates. It’s true an addict want to stop but some are too far gone physically and mentally to ever really stop. Sadly, I think Butch is in this category. He has probably 40 years of drinking and smoking crack cocaine in his background. His brain is probably fried at this point.

  2. I started following Butch on Instagram last year, he must have set up the account when he came out of rehab..Anyway he started following me back which I was stoked about lol but what I found strange was I got a friend request from a woman which turns out to be that Caroline..The account was legit and she did post pics of her and Butch but I thought it was weird because it was like she wanted to follow me just because I’m a female following Butch ? she had hardly any followers at that time either..It seemed like she was being possessive and I’m just a Teen Mom watcher who lives in Australia.

  3. Did anybody notice when she was talking about Ryan and she said Ryan doesn’t care that he leaves Bentley ,Jagger and she said another kid’s name ..almost like he had 3 children.. I think she said hunter.. And then she hesitated and went on.. Does Ryan have a 3rd kid out there.?

  4. Butch kinda seems like a lost cause at this point, he’s probably always going to be relapsing…sucks, because when he is sober he seems great, but when he isn’t sober we’ve all seen the cracked out demonic creature that comes out of him. It ain’t pretty.

  5. Just so the world knows, Butch stoled things from my friend Caroline’s house and purse, that is why she broke off the relationship. As for his relasp, he has no one to blame but himself.

  6. I couldn’t believe Ryan couldn’t even sit at that restaurant for one 5-minute segment without having a beer. You’re on camera to discuss that you just got out of prison and how you’re going to stay sober, for one short conversation with your wife, and you just have to order a beer? If that’s what he’s doing ON camera, I can’t imagine what he’s doing OFF camera. Plus he was slurring his words so he obviously was drinking or doing drugs before the scene. What a mess.

    1. Did I miss something??? I don’t believe this article had ANYTHING to do with Ryan “The Douchebag” Edwards!!! It was about Cate, Tyler, Butch and Amber Baltierra. Keep up the good work Amber and Butch!!! You guys got this!!!!!

  7. I’ve watched since 16& pregnant, Tyler is an amazing person, son, husband, father, brother. I feel bad for him because his dad and sister are drug addicts, but all you can do is love them. Don’t give them anything, money, food, car, house, place to stay, don’t trust them around your valuables. I’m clean 9 years in November. I wouldn’t go back to drugs for nothing, life is too good.

  8. Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are free. So is county detox. Sometimes just sending back to a cushy rehab over and over again can also become enabling. No one can do it for you.

    1. That’s exactly what’s happening. Butch sees Tyler’s deep pockets and just figures he will go back to rehab at no cost to him. Scumbag!

  9. Real mature Caitlyn, why would you need to kick anyone’s ass over a grown adult who is 60 years old and should be making his own decisions at this point? In real life are this many people fighting constantly on social media and always threatening to beat someone up other than Cait, Kail, Amber, Jenelle and David?

    1. Cate has the right idea!!!! She’s basically saying, “You f*** with my family, I’ll f*** with you”!! I would do the same exact thing if someone messed with my family!!!! “Blood is thicker than water”.

    2. I would normally agree but if you read the texts she sent Amber, I understand it. She said that Butch was glad that Ambers moms boyfriend raped her and that he wished amber was aborted. They make me want to beat up his girlfriend. That’s horrendous to say to someone.

  10. Tyler sure isn’t complaining of the money he and Cate are making from this. MTV is making a mockery of everyone’s drug problem and mental illness issues and everyone seems more than happy to cash in on it. We can’t hardly get a 10 second glimpse of the child they want us to think is giving them a story, the one producer couldn’t have been any clearer on last nights show ..” tells us more about the heroine arrest.”

    None of them are earning an honest living, they’re exploiting their family and their self all in the name of greed, 10 years of doing it still isn’t enough.
    Maci is so worried that Benny will hear stuff at school, what does she intend on telling Benny when he’s old enough to confront her on how she did nothing on this show but talk about his father’s drug problem? Maci threatens to quit when Farrah was selling herself , it doesn’t even cross her mind when Ryan is grossly sick? Maci is no “ mamma bear” protecting her son at all costs. Maci has made millions, her son is getting older as Ryan gets sicker, Maci’s every word is about Ryan( she doesn’t decline speaking about him) while she makes more money off of it…TRASH

    With the exception of Chelsea& Cole and Jeremy Calvert, not one of them have enough knowledge or skills to uphold this lifestyle for ALL of these kids they’ve made.

    1. Yes! Maci made MTV fire Ryan because she did not want her son to see it, but all she does is talk about Ryan while she sips her Bud Light. What is the difference? She has no story other than her talking about Ryan. She has made millions talking about Ryan. In every scene she is drinking too. If she is drinking every time the cameras are around it means she is drinking all the time.

  11. I’m really happy Tyler is starting to take care of Tyler. Loved seeing Amber on last nights episode sober and that she works in rehab and speaking the truth to Butch (who’s your sponser Dad?). Caroline seems a little too excited at her opportunity to be on tv.

  12. I’m glad to hear Amber Baltierra is still sober. Butch obviously missed the “sobriety 101” lesson on codependent relationships and not getting into a relationship until at least a year or two sober. I’ll bet my next paycheck that Caroline is a recovering addict as well.

  13. Side note to this episode – Am I only confused how Mack took to IG to say that the bar tab was a misunderstanding and she had the credit card receipt to prove it but now that’s not what she’s saying on episode? ??

    1. I have stopped trying to keep up with her lies. She’s lies so much that what’s the point of even processing what she says?

      1. Mack’s almost as exhausting as Jenelle and Amber Portwood to listen to. I would add Farrah in there, but we would need The Ashley to translate what she says first.

  14. Catelynn: My mom is a binge drinker I have to cut off sometimes.
    Also Catelynn: Leaves Nova with her mom for days on end for a “break”.

    Tyler isn’t my favourite, but he needs to take those girls and cut ties before he snaps. Supporting this many adults must be exhausting, and he and his kids need his energy and resources more.

  15. I said if I see her, my ass is going to be sitting in jail,” Catelynn said.

    Ah Cate, your ads can’t get out of bed, let alone jail

  16. Unfortunately butch will never change.

    What a waste of rehab time and money, a spot someone who genuinely needs/wants it could have had.

    Time to cut him loose Tyler, he’s another added strain to your mental health.

    Shame on you Butch, you clearly love drugs more than you love your kids and grandChildren.

    I called this when you came out of rehab the last time, I knew you’d relapse.

    1. Right! This made me mad. He got a free ride at a beautiful rehab when, honestly, he could have paid for it. While people who really want to get sober and are willing to commit can’t go because they are broke. It is a shame.

  17. I know, it’s so true. It’s so hard though when you have such a tight bond with the person. It’s like you can’t separate your emotions from thinking logically about the situation. You know the experts are right and you don’t WANT to enable them, but everything gets jumbled in your head and you just feel like a bad person and a horrible family member to cut someone off. Especially when you’re from a close family and always felt like family is everything. You can’t even wrap your head around cutting one of them off.

    I also think Tyler feels a lot of extra pressure to help them because he has money and MTV resources and connections. It’s extremely hard to separate yourself from a family member, I can’t even IMAGINE how hard it is when you have such amazing resources that could get them top notch care. I’m sure Tyler knew that there was an extremely high likelihood he was throwing all that money and opportunity away on his father’s rehab, but there’s that shred of hope that if you just send him to the best place, maybe it’ll work.

    Tyler’s not perfect, but man I really feel for him sometimes. He just has so much pressure coming from every direction. It’s like 90% of the people in his life are in desperate situations needing him to provide all the strength and stability. Poor kid doesn’t have a minute to just breathe.

  18. It’s truly time Tyler stops trying to help his father with paying for his rehab again, and again. His father needs to get his own act together. It’s not tylers’ job to keep rescuing him. He’s a 60 year old stunted adult. Ty needs to find his own peace and happiness. Maybe his dad will find his own way for a change.

  19. Tyler needs to stop helping his dad and sister. He spend a lot of money sending them both to top notch thousands of dollars a night rehab facility for nothing. Not to mention they completely trash one of his homes. They are not his responsibility anymore. Drug addicts cannot be helped unless they genuinely want to change. Cut them loose.

  20. Poor Tyler. It’s hard to imagine how he could have his hands more full. Such a slim chance of there ever being any real improvement too.

    1. There’s so many kids at my child’s school being raised by grandparents, aunts, etc bc of their parents addiction. I always wonder how things will turn out for them and here’s an example. It’s a rollercoaster that never ends. I pray for all those in recovery and the families.

  21. Tyler has stayed strong through all of this crazy drama. Sadly I knew this was going to happen with Butch.

  22. That’s A LOT for anyone to have to go though. Hope Tyler keeps his chin up and and tries to shower his positive support on his loved onces as much as he can…but I can’t imagine how worn out he must be, going through all this yet again. Keep being you Tyler, that’s what your family and friends need…but concentrate on youself too, you deserve a break, vacation, parade, whatever you need to spend some time and attention focused on YOU.

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