David Eason Introduces New Pet Dogs Days After Wife Jenelle Evans Told TMZ They “Currently Have No Dogs”

“They’ll love it here on The Land!”

Jenelle Evans told TMZ  on Friday that she didn’t remember if her husband David Eason admitted in court to killing her dog Nugget. It appears that the former Teen Mom 2 star’s case of amnesia applies to all things canine, as she also “forgot” about the two dogs she and David recently acquired, telling TMZ‘s Harvey Levin that “currently we have no dogs.”

Just two days later, David posted a video to his YouTube channel, “introducing” the two new dogs who live on The Land. (Jenelle told Harvey that Jax– the pitbull she’s had for years– is now living with her friend Katrina.) 

It appears that Jenelle lied in the interview. (The Ashley will give you a moment to recover from the shock.) The two dogs have been seen in the background of Jenelle’s Instagram Stories as early as June 23, but they were never actually “introduced” until David’s video.

David showed off Buddy and Junior, telling viewers that Buddy is a “livestock guardian dog” who doesn’t eat or harass the chickens on The Land. He stated that both dogs are of the Anatolian Shepherd breed. 

“They are one of the most unique types of dog I have ever seen and have the best temperament and disposition of any dog I have ever owned,” David wrote in the video’s description. “They are a livestock guardian breed and do not mind eating and sleeping with all our animals on The Land!” 

Of course, the fact that David and Jenelle are once again dog owners enraged many on social media. Jenelle infamously admitted that David shot and killed her French bulldog Nugget in April, which sparked a joint investigation by the Sheriff’s Department and the county’s Animal Control. The Columbus County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Department released a statement last week, indicating that the investigation into Nugget’s death is now closed, and David will not face any charges for the “alleged” death of the dog.

Basically everyone’s reaction to hearing that Jenelle and David got new dogs…

Many ‘Teen Mom 2′ fans and animal lovers took to Twitter to express their anger and fear for the Easons’ new dogs.

“These two lowlifes don’t deserve the privilege of owning ANY animal, especially dogs,” one person wrote. “Take care of your kids before taking on the responsibility of pet ownership.”

“These 2 should never be allowed dogs ever again, after what happened to poor nugget,” another wrote.

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. Personally, I’m sitting back laughing. Jenelle & David, with their history- it won’t be long before they lose those kids again. As far as buying new dogs, that probably won’t be stopped. But trust, they can’t keep their sh*t together for very long…

  2. Wait so Jenelle lied?

    No no no that is just unbelievable.

    I think Lurch posted the video to just start drama & tou know it pissed Jenelle of.
    He WANTS people talking about him, he loves when people are outraged by his antics & most importantly the outraged people give him money….everytime anyone clicks on his youtube video he makes money. People subscribe to his YouTube channel to see what insane drama he will cause today & that is more money. Now they will get paid to do an exclusive interview about these new dogs

  3. David is probably a sadist. On some level enjoys putting all these animals together and watching them hurt or kill each other.

  4. Did anyone see or hear about her Live Q & A? She when asked why she never takes responsibility & thinks nothing is her fault?
    Her response was classic Jenelle “Well out of ALL of my arrests & all of the CPS cases 98% of them got dismissed just like the recent CPS case so it usually isnt my fault 98% of the time” she said it with the biggest smirk i wanted to slap her.

    But face it what else would she think she isnt THAT delusional. Well all know it was MTV that caused it, all of that monay allowed her to afford great lawyers & we all know money buys everything including freedom. When judges, law enforcement & people let her get away with all of that nonsense this is what THEY created.

  5. 18 pets that doesn’t include the 2 new pups, pigs, goats or chicks.

    Out of those 18,.
    8 dead, 4 given away, 3 fate unknown, 1 had a broken tail, 2 abused????
    Ffs all were fucking abused.

  6. As much as I dislike David and Jenelle and how they killed that poor dog, in terms of what MTV will do, I bet it’s nothing because several Teen Moms have had a history of animal abuse/neglect. Hasn’t Farrah gone through multiple rounds of dogs who she either just gives away when she grows tired of them or they mysteriously end up dead. Poor Tyler is trying his best to deal with horses and pigs that Catelynn gets and is then too lazy to give a “ish” about. MTV has proven that as long as they bring the ratings, they don’t care what anti-social behaviors the Teen Mom OG/2 casts engage in. This Amber situation will tell me a lot about how little MTV cares about the effect that this franchise is having.

  7. Can we stop giving these idiots press? Unless she loses custody again and or someone is dead no one cares

  8. They have acres of property and the animals are up SO close to the house.
    ALL those chickens shitting all over where your kids play in the yard, how gross and unsanitary.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. I googled it and learned it has a specific reference to Mr. Eason in the urban dictionary and is defined as Uncle Bad Touch. Not sure if that is what everyone means, but it does reference Lurch.

    2. UBT stands for “Uncle Bad Touch”. A couple years back, there was a Teen Mom special featuring the dads. They went on some sort of camping trip. They were joking around about what their porn star names would be and David said “Uncle David” or something similar. And Adam (Teen Mom 2 Chelsea’s Adam) made a joke that it was more like “Uncle Bad Touch”. It stuck.

    3. It means Uncle Bad Touch, which was coined by Adam during a filming session of some of the teen dads. Apparently someone asked them what each of their porn star names be. David said “Uncle Dave,” which is creepy enough. At that point, Adam chimed in, saying something like, “Yeah, more like Uncle Bad Touch.” Please don’t quote me as this being EXACT, but that was the true gist of the conversation.

      1. They are so dumb Anatolian Sheppards need a ton of training & socialization. This worries me. Neither is smart enough or cares enough to do the work if owning dogs like that. I see a problem coming. Poor dogs. Poor kids

  9. No worry guys, if those dogs need training J and Lurch put a laptop in the dog shed for an hour. After all it worked to fix Lurchs angerment issues and to teach him and Lienelle parenting. State-approved.

  10. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    So if she made it up for publicity, can someone please ask to see Nugget then? If it’s made up where is nugget?

    They need to have all animals removed from their care and should not be allowed to own another animal again in their lives!

    These two are a joke! A chocolate ashtray would be more useful than them, please do the right thing and take the animals away ffs

  11. This show has become unwatchable bevause of the downright disturbing people involved. We went from baby daddy drama and trap baby storylines to this shit??
    Farrah is literally ruining Sophia, Amby can’t stop trying to kill everyone around her, Cate still keeps popping out kids she refuses to care for, Rhine and Macktruck apparently have nothing better to do than shoot up and fuck unprotected,and Delujenelle and Lurch are well on their way to a family homicide suicide, but not before they take out as many innocent animals as they can get their hands on.
    I am sickened by this group of twats, MTV, and anyone who still calls this “entertainment”. Pull the plug MTV. These bitches dont need more fame or money, it clearly doesnt help.

  12. I saw a infographic on reddit of all the pets Jenelle has owned, and what became of all of them. It fucking pissed me off! Who the fuck keeps giving these assholes dogs?!

    1. back yard breeders pump out puppies for profit and dont give two shits what happens to them,as long as you pay. Google anatolian sheppard puppies for sale in jenelles area. Wouldnt take but ten minutes to track down the brain dead asshole who sold them the puppies.

  13. I don’t want to know about anything these two do anymore. I really don’t give a shit

  14. They will an do what they want because the sheriff’s department feels that it a publicly stunt,an it’s for YouTube so don’t bother making since this ass backwards county must be on crack because I think it’s awful what’s next murder.

  15. Whoever sold them or gave them those dogs should be jailed…and these 2 shit heads are exhausting. They do anything for attention. At this point I don’t know who’s the worst TM…Farrah or Jenelle…at least Farrah never lost custody or shot a dog in cold blood

    1. They are thirsty like Heidi and Spencer from the Hills. They thrive off of attention bit when everybody cancelled Speidi and weren’t following them anymore those two humbled themselves. So will Jenelle ans David we just have to cancel them and stop following them.

  16. Unfortunately that was truly a PR stunt.. They stay in the press by doing the most reckless things that they can do..to generate interest in themselves.. Please stop posting about it. Dae love to read all the shit about themselves…. On the good news scale it looks like Amber is going to lose her job at T mom.

  17. So basically, UBT or Duhnelle could murder someone on live tv & most likely get away with it. FFS!! Seriously! WTF is it going to take? One of the kids has an “accident” or “disappears”? These 2 need to be sterilized, ban from ANY animal ownership, & thrown under the effing jail!!

  18. Everyone who goes to his and jenelles you tube are giving them money. These pos are living good because of us. I wonder if you tube would care if every one started complaining to them.

  19. This wasn’t new information, just information confirmed. Personally, I think a lot of thought does not happen between Jenelle and David. I don’t know if a pitbull & French bulldog were the right breed of dogs on their “farm” to begin with. I don’t condone them having animals or children in their care to begin with.

  20. Okay, I’m really upset about this. These two evil scumbags shouldn’t have ANY animals PERIOD!

  21. I wonder if the ASPCA is like what my local one was like…up til a few yrs back.

    The story with mine was…there was this 1 single lady who ran it. IT WAS ALL HER!!! Too many ppl were complaining about her and how she ran my local ASPCA. They would go there to adopt a dog and she never had anything but cats! BIG investigation was done and her secrets came out. She was a cat hoarder at the ASPCA & at home, on top of not hiring anyone to help her out at the ASPCA. In the end, she lost her job, find and sentenced, only to be found dead months later in her own home, unknown cause (I am sure they found out with autopsy but I never heard, my guess is suicide or unknown illness that goes with cat hoarding). This story made me lose faith in ASPCA’S…

    With that said…I wouldn’t just trust the ASPCA for help for these animals. Ya wanna punch Jenelle & Lurch in the gut…PETA seems like a good place to start!!! They really don’t put up with crap!!! Someone should take all the info they can on these 2 and animal treatment and send it to them!!! PETA!! PETA!! PETA!!

    1. I’m extremely passionate about animal welfare (next month will mark 5 years of volunteering at my local shelter), but what exactly do you think PETA will do? I mean, I’m all for getting Jenelle and David as much negative publicity as possible, but the only ones who can actually act towards saving those animals lives is the local Columbus County authorities…and they have made it abundantly clear they have zero interest in intervening, even with social media pressure. PETA will just put out a statement about how they should not be animal owners, they have no legal capacity to act.

      If anyone has an idea on what could make a difference, I am all ears and ready to help. The only thing I can think of is putting pressure on elected officials. It seems like people only care when they have something to lose. Besides Jax, I cannot think of a single pet Jenelle/David have owned for over a year- these poor dog’s lives are truly in danger.

  22. Wait. So youre TELLIN’ ME that… J-Nell LIED? After her spotless history of integrity? I didn’t think she had it in her to lie! (LOLOL JK obvi)

  23. I have contacted the AKC and sent them several links about these monsters, including the #justicefornugget Change petition. If those are registered dogs, they will know. That is how they can tell how many dogs of a certain breed there are. Peta is next!

  24. They are doing anything to stay relevant. UNSUBSCRIBE!!! Can’t wait to they go into obscurity.

  25. Just looked up the breed. These dogs do not look like Anatolian Shepherds. They look like mixes perhaps, but not purebred. Which makes sense since no reputable breeder would give these two a puppy.

    1. Anatolian Shepherds would be a bad choice for an active house with loads of kids. In this specific situation (given the history) ANY dogs would be a bad choice.

    2. I’m almost positive it’s a Kangal mix. There are a number of breeders of both Anatolian Shepherds and Kangal in their area and I’ve been going through websites and FB’s to see if I can match the dogs to a breeder. But I will not be surprised if they got them on a Craigslist-type site (or if they had a friend like Katrina apply to purchase them and then hand them off to J&D).

      If anyone has time, go through the breeders/farms in their state and the states around them and email them to see if they recognize the dogs (and of course give them some backstory). I’ve noticed that a lot of the reputable breeders seem to connected and communicate with each other, even co-owning dogs for breeding purposes. They also might have an idea where they came from. Whoever they go them from needs to be named. Period. They just signed two dog’s death certificates in advance.

      1. That’s why I went to the AKC to ask them about these dogs. This is just so fucking sad. The dogs even looked afraid and thin. That one didn’t even know where, how or when to sit. They didn’t look happy or content at all.

  26. i have and will keep on encouraging EVERYONE to contact ASPCA on these 2 sociopaths how does Janelle keep getting away with her lies and her constant quest for drama and attention

  27. They should be banned from having pets. People hoard pets with good intentions and get told they can no longer have animals but there’s these 2 lunatics doing whatever tf they want with no repercussions.

  28. Ugh, this is just sad and tragic. They look so much like my pup who is utterly adored. Watching these poor pups is almost painful knowing they are sleeping outside, look too skinny, and seem scared. Dogs are the best and these two idiots don’t even appreciate it.

    All the animals, not to mention the children, are being neglected and abused. It’s just sick. These two are literally the worst.

  29. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Who on earth would sell these two any pets, do gs or otherwise?

  30. Shame on you, who ever gave those fur babies to those evil bastards.

    Give if time and lurch will shoot them.

  31. Not shocked. These 2 are not known for their best life choices. Unfortunately kids and animals suffer because of these 2 ignorant As*holes.

    All she is is one tragic headline after another. What will it be next week?

      1. Thank you,

        I had it for a while then I changed it to another, but now in back to my original name

  32. Who sold them dogs after everything that’s happened? I mean, I know not everybody follows this trash, but unless they went way away to get them, I’d imagine most people within a certain radius have at least heard of these psychos.

  33. What you guys fail to remember is that Lurch and Juhnelle know everything and are therefore dog experts.

    Just based on experience with similar people and a gross feeling in my tummy, it’s looking like David got rid of the doggos that didn’t fit his grade school level idea of what Real Actual Homesteaders© have, so he decided to find some convenient reasons to get rid of them in exchange for some big boy dogs to guard their meth lab.

    Good luck with that, those dogs will soon be playing four dimensional chess against Lurch’s squeaky hamster wheel brain, get bored, and become the next drama.

  34. Anatolian shepherds are generally not the most family friendly dogs as far as temperament because they’re specifically bred to be farm dogs and generally don’t bond well with more than one person without proper temperament training etc. (as a general rule these aren’t the first dog you should look at if you’re looking for a friendly easy going relaxed dog)
    These people couldn’t handle a 15 lb French bulldog who generally can be extremely friendly and family dogs. I don’t think they’ll handle 70+ lb dogs who don’t necessarily have the most patient or friendly attitudes well. I am not saying every dog of this breed is this way but generally they are born protectors and not the best for those who aren’t prepared to train them properly. Hopefully everything is fine and well and I’m wrong but I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t end well. So sad and scary.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Anyone who knows anything about this breed and the circumstances on The Land would see this as a bad match.

  35. “APPARENTLY…this breed is aggressive if not trained properly!!”

    Hopefully they can sneak up on David and maul him to pieces. Nugget sized pieces.

    1. That will be bad for the dogs. They will be killed in a few weeks because they attacked Ensley. You know, while the monster dog murderer dangles her in front of them and tells them to Sic her. That will make it a justifiable killing! They both love for this shit. I will go and contact the AKC and let them know what is going on. These breeders need to be stopped! This is almost as bad as the Yulin in China.

  36. They’re doing all of this on purpose to get people to keep writing articles about them and tweet about them. “We don’t have any dogs” to “Meet our new dogs” the next day. It’s a game to them y’all. So stop playing with them.

  37. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Those dogs are super nervous. I wonder why🙄

  38. These poor dogs are going to get abused. They won’t be trained because these 2 morons think you just keep getting dogs and they just magically behave and do what you want them to do.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if David would get pissed off for some reason and just shoot the dogs, like he did with Nugget.
    They don’t deserve dogs, it makes me wonder what breeder or humane society would ever think of letting these 2 have dogs.

  39. HOLY HELL!!!! I saw the videos and read the articles. APPARENTLY…this breed is aggressive if not trained properly!! I have never heard of the breed myself and know nothing about them. STAY TUNED FOR “HELL ON THE LAND FOR KIDS AND DOGGIES, PARTII”!!!! I wanna vomit right now!!

  40. Nothing but a bunch of sick liars! They keep digging their selves deeper n deeper into a web of lies and soon they won’t know the truth from a lie. They do NOT deserve any attention good or bad. That’s not good parenting!!

  41. Noooooooooooo!!! Where is the petition to sign to get them taken away? They even looked scared! What the fuck! What idiot gave these monsters these dogs? This is awful!!!

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