Inside the Protective Order Filed Against David Eason by Estranged Wife Jenelle Evans; Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Claims David Abused Her At Least 11 Times in Two Years

“He’s no husband of the year.”

Jenelle Evans is finally opening up about the abuse she says she suffered at the hands of her estranged husband David Eason.

As The Ashley told you earlier today, Jenelle filed for and was granted a restraining order to keep her husband of two years away from her during their separation. E! News has obtained the legal documents she filed on November 4 to request the order, which bars David from coming near her, their daughter Ensley and Jenelle’s other two kids Jace and Kaiser. The site reports that Jenelle also claims that David’s threats have “escalated” in the days since she announced their separation on October 31.

“Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behavior and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children’s well-being,” Jenelle wrote, adding that there have been at least 11 alleged incidents of physical and verbal abuse from David in the two years they’ve been married.

She also claims that David has destroyed her property and killed her dog, Nugget, which he admitted to over the summer after a long, drawn-out scandal.

Jenelle also reportedly detailed an incident in which David deliberately locked Kaiser in a running car, and refused to allow him to get out.

“While Kaiser was trying to unlock it, David continuously locked it again with my spare key, scaring both me and Kaiser,” Jenelle wrote.

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As The Ashley reported earlier, Jenelle has left the state with her kids and does not plan to return back to The Land to fetch the belongings they left behind. She began her quest to escape David two weeks ago, when she left The Land for New York City while David was asleep.

In the documents, Jenelle claims that David responded by sending her a photo of a man.

“This is your new boyfriend. I’m going to break his neck and feed you his head,” Jenelle claims David texted her, later threatening, “My goal in life is to make sure you regret leaving me like this.”

Jenelle also claims David threatened suicide if she didn’t come home. 

“Given his actions and knowing his temperament, I believe he was implying that he would kill himself if I do not come back to him,” Jenelle wrote, according to E! News. “For all of these reasons, I’m afraid that David will harm me or my children, and that he will continue to threaten me using text messages, phone calls, or on the internet.”

A judge signed off on the protective order request, ruling that David may not contact Jenelle or the kids, and can not post about Jenelle on social media. (This is likely why David removed a post made to Facebook earlier on Tuesday, in which he threatened to file a missing person’s report on Jenelle and Ensley because he didn’t know where they were.)

E! also reports that she wants David to pay for the attorney fees for the case. 

Jenelle and David are set to meet in court later this month.

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  1. He’s a dirt bag kill a animal he is a piece of freaking garage just imagine what that scumbag would do to someone HE LOVES

  2. I have and so has my older sister and aunt. I was in my early 20s and didn’t have children at the time and I NEVER did with that ex only my husband. My sister was married to her abuser and had a daughter with him. The only time he abused my niece (spanking so hard and violently that he bruised her for simply not clearing her dinner plate from the table) my sister sent a mass SOS text to my dad, brothers, and husband to come get them with the police. My aunt acted like Jenelle, “he’s a perfect husband. He doesn’t do anything wrong.” Want to know what happened? Want to see a picture of my three-year-old cousin’s tombstone? He was beaten to DEATH. Don’t come here saying that ALL domestic abuse survivors are so damaged that they can’t protect their children. My sister protected her child. My aunt didn’t. Not every DV victim is a saint. Barbara would have taken Jenelle in without a doubt. She had options. And we all saw Jenelle neglect and at least emotionally abuse her children long before David on national television. Remember her getting annoyed because her son was simply hungry? Remember the time she tried to encourage Nathan’s dogs to run away? That’s where our fucking viciousness comes from. When you see a toddler laying on a slab in a mortuary because his mom didn’t save him and covered up the abuse. When you’ve seen this time and time again as a foster mother like I have, then come back here with your outrage. Sit the hell down. I’ve LIVED it. Some DV victims are abusers themselves. It can be part of the cycle. Now, my question for you. What training do you have in domestic violence? I have yearly courses and a degree in education and social work not to mention EXPERIENCE. I’ve dedicated my adult life to adopting and fostering abused children. Let’s see your qualifications before you open your big mouth again. I bet you were hoping to use the “politically correct” card when you posted your comment. Go somewhere else with your outrage until you know what the hell you are talking about…or seen a single pre-Lurch episode of TM2. Jenelle is an abuser all on her own.

    1. That’s awful to read and I am sorry for your loss. Clearly my comment triggered an emotional response and while I would love to reply back, I’m going to just leave this one. I don’t see how any of my experience, personal or professional, would change the way you react. You’re angry and rightfully so.

      So my non reply is: I hear you and I am sorry for your loss.

  3. does anyone here have experience with domestic violence? Has anyone left an abusive partner with their children? I’m sure there are many.

    Now, the difference between your experience and Jenelle’s is that you didn’t have millions of people shitting on you while you stayed with your abuser. And when you left your abuser, you didn’t have millions of people reminding you that you’re still a piece of shit because you stayed with him prior. Granted she is about to be rich again. I am not discounting that. But leaving an abusive partner is hard. And when you have kids- it’s even harder because you never really get to leave them. You’re forever tied to them.

    Some of y’all are fucking ruthless with these comments. I’m happy she saw the light. I’m happy David didn’t kill her. I hope she can turn it around.

    1. I don’t care what he does to her! He can beat her senseless then shoot her! SHE IS NOT A VICTIM!!! She is just as bad as he is!!!

  4. I agree with some other posters, I see no end to this but a murder suicide sadly. David is beyond unstable and violent and has lost what he considered his ultimate control. If Jenelle or Ensley set foot on the land when hes there, they arent coming back. So sad for those poor sweet kids. I can only imagine what they have endured there.

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    But she denied the abuse all this time..hard to believe what the truth is ir if this is for publicity

    1. That 911 call was very telling. It wasn’t faked. She was just trying to cover up after like most victims of domestic violence do.

  6. Only 11 times? Really?

    I still think this is all for show…MTV’s show!
    She flew to NYC. They probably told her how her ‘story’ should play out and now both her and David are just following along with the script.

    IF she had not gone to NYC and then filed this, it would be more believable.
    I mean, she sounds almost rational and mature…and Babs hadn’t said anything, so…Babs wants them to show her the money too!

  7. I’m not gonna judge her for staying in an abusive relationship, I know how that is. But I will say this: she always knew David hated Kaiser and enjoyed bullying him. She could have chosen to protect him and hand over custody of him to Nathan’s mom to get him out of harm’s way if she was so determined to stay with that POS David. But she didn’t. She kept Kaiser so Nathan could not have him, all because she’s obsessed with him and couldn’t let him “win”, and didn’t care about what David might do to the poor child. That’s so f*cked up and truly shows how bad a mother she is. She was abused, sure, but she’s also a selfish person that really doesn’t have her children’s best interest in mind

    1. Remember when she let him call Kaiser a “little bitch” when he was a toddler? Also remember when Kaiser was screaming for someone to feed him? Remember when Kaiser said David punched him?…The list goes on and on and on, and I think that’s why it’s so hard to root for her. If she were a single woman getting out of that situation, I think a lot more people would be rooting for her…but the fact that she subjected those innocent kids to that abuse for that long because she was psycho enough to cut off her nose to spite her face, and had way too much pride to be proven wrong, makes it almost impossible to sympathize with her. And playing a HUGE role in trapping Maryssa up there?…and Jenelle can just take off and make her mission impossible escape, but Maryssa is stuck up there with that thing she has to call a father, who she is terrified of. Once Jenelle gets her ducks in a row, she better help Whitney get custody of Maryssa.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    oh my God I swear to Christ she is one stupid ass b**** I am so sick of her and Farah they are both mutually disgusting in my eyes to be with someone who scares your little boy Kaiser and to continue to allow this piece of s*** to scare your kids I swear to God you and when I see you I mean Janelle does not deserve to have any of her f****** kids I don’t give a s*** what anybody has to say to what I’m saying but look at her situation and then look at other people situation who can’t have children it’s disgusting. I always felt bad for Kaiser… all I got to say is I hope her little girl turns out five thousand times worse than she is and maybe she’ll realize what a piece of s*** mother she was aggravates the s*** out of me reading this it took you two years 2 goddamn years to leave this person God you’re so stupid.

  9. I don’t buy it. Through her years of excuses and defending him. The abuse endured by all living things on the land ignored. Now she meets with mtv and all of a sudden has come to her senses?! No sorry. She just wants to get back on the money train. She doesn’t care about her kids. It’s just her excuse to get back to mtv money. Thank goodness the kids can be away from him but I won’t praise her when she’s only doing it for the paychecks.

  10. Now that Janelle has left David, I hope that she has a lot of security around her💯🙏🙏🙏’s for Janelle all three kids and Bab’s. Until David is put behind bars Janelle, Babs and all three kids will never be safe!!!

    1. Why would he be put behind bars? There’s no law he’s breaking by being the shittiest person alive. That’s not how it works.

  11. Glad she’s left. David is a psycho.

    But David being abusive and Jenelle being a sociopath are not mutually exclusive. Jenelle is still an unfit parent — was before David, was with David, and unless she makes major changes, she will continue to be. My concern is still for the children; the man their mother lays with may change, but Jenelle still has a personality disorder (probably BPD). I hope that she is not enabled again by MTV, but I’m sure she will seek the fame again and the cycle will repeat.

    Team kids.

    1. I gave a thumbs up before even reading this comment. I have a framed photo of Bea Arthur Dorothy Zbornak (with Stan in the background) on my desk. I also have a framed photo of my bed. I’m normal.

      1. Yes, I LOVE Bea and The Golden Girls! Great to find a fellow fan.

        Whenever I see this Teen Mom stuff it reminds me of Dorothy saying, “I could just vomit looking at you.”

    2. 100%!! I’ve always said Jenelle was a pos long before she ever met the dogkiller, her careless disregard for Kaiser during his infancy is the reason I stopped watching the show years ago.

  12. There has been no mention of Maryssa, other than the commenters voicing concern for her. Does The Ashley have any insight into where she is, currently?

    1. Take David out of the picture, and jenelle is still a terrible mother. I have no sympathy for her, she’s not a victim. Jenelle has ALWAYS been emotionally and mentally abusive to her kids, and has always chose men over her children. She needs serious mental help, and not because she’s a victim.

  13. Kettle meet Pot. Absolutely no sympathy. Only reason she left is because the MTV paycheck left. Plain and simple.

  14. I still can’t get past that she left Ensley with him knowing he woukd wake up enraged that she was gone. And how was she able to get her back without issue?

  15. While I am happy that jenelle finally came to her senses and left this a**hole, I still stand by what I’ve always said and that is that she is so selfish and self absorbed. She waited til SHE had enough of his abuse to finally say this is enough. It never mattered that for the last few years her children have suffered at David’s hands and especially poor Kaiser who David never gave a crap about. Jenelle couldnt leave to protect her children but once the abuse started happening to her that’s what the deciding factor was. That’s why it’s hard to have sympathy for her because there has never been one instance since the day she had Jace where she made a decision that was in the best interest of her kids. It’s always been about making jenelle happy and jumping from man to man to make herself happy. She has never thought once about her kids and what it puts them through to go through man after man. I really hope she is going to grow up and not go out looking for an immediate replacement for david and stay single for a long while and concentrate on building a healthy relationship with her children but knowing jenelle she probably already has a man waiting in the wings

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said EXCEPT – Jenelle did not leave when the abuse was turned against her. Jenelle left when she realized that she would have to get a R E A L J O B without MTV. She will be back on the gravy train next season. MTV is complicit in all of this.

      1. Didi I agree with you! Had she not blown through her money and had her crappy eyebrow kits bomb the way they did she would still be with David. It’s all about $ For Janelle.

      2. BINGO! She only cares about herself and that MTV 6 figure salary. I will make sure she never gets that job back! There are so many people going after MTV already. She didn’t care when he was doing all these things? Why now? Because she is broke! They just got back from taking all these vacations together. When she defended him for what he did to that poor, helpless, little Nugget, I hated her more than I could ever hate anyone! I don’t really care what he does to her!

    2. Preach Crystal! IMO the reason abuse was ok for her children is because she is at best selfish, manipulative and negligent. At worst she is as much of an abuser as David is. I’m afraid for those kids because I fear she is selfish, manipulative, narcissistic, sociopathic, negligent AND abusive. MTV should be ashamed of themselves. I will never watch any mtv shows because of Amber, Janelle, David and Farrah. It was bad enough when they filmed Jenelle and Barbs screaming arguments in front of Jace when he was a baby. Now, mtv sits by and watches child after child be abused and lie after lie out of their mouths. It’s so sickening.

      1. Amber put hands on her baby, shoving him, throwing him in his crib. It’s appalling as he’ll that she’s still getting paid.
        And a big, middle finger to Jenelle. We see you.

  16. Jenelle is the boy who cried wolf. That said, both she and David are abusers, have dished out both physical and emotional abuse to others, and Jenelle has certainly been on the receiving end of the abuse as well. Its very difficult to really empathize with her given her troubling and problematic past. The kids will need years of counseling and I really hope they will survive their youth and go on to great things. I do pray Jenelle has come to her senses…unfortunately maybe it took her standing on deaths door to really see the light. I do hope that next week we do not meet Jenelle soulmate # 700 and that she pushes her pride away and does what is right for both her and her children. What a terrifying situation.

  17. I know that people are upset that it took her THIS long to leave David, and I would agree if I hadn’t once been in an abusive relationship myself. I stayed for a year and a half. It’s very difficult. I hope the media doesn’t go hard on her during this time. As much as she’s made bad decisions in the past, this is still a difficult thing for anyone to go through.

    1. JUNell’s whole life, and life choices are a series of bad decisions. All about her, never thinking of her kids. Or Jace. Letting Lurch abuse them!!

  18. I guess I’m like so many others here who no matter how they read this, it remains to be about JENELLE’S fear for her OWN safety first – with her kids coming in as a close second.

    Aside from all the dysfunction these kids have already witnessed, imagine how down right scared out of their minds they must be at the mere thought of what will happen — if David ever tracked them down.

    For Christ’s sake, Jenelle. These kids stood by helplessly and watched as this flaming lunatic viciously beat and killed their family pet. So needless to say, this is not all about YOU.


  19. Unfortunately, I see this ending in a murder suicide a la David. Poor Maryssa – she’s now the sole victim of David’s abuse, which will only get worse now that Jenelle has left him. As for Jenelle, I have no words for her. It’s impossible for me to truly feel empathy towards her because she is and has always been a crazy, lying, evil bitch and is equally as bad as David. I’m glad she got away FOR THE CHILDREN, and them only – idgaf about her!

  20. I had a tiny bit of sympathy for her after she left Lurch because I’ve been a domestic violence victim but not anymore. The story in that TRO about poor Kiaser. So while she denied, denied, denied the abuse for years this bitch KNEW he was abusing that little boy. The following words are ones that I never say lightly because I believe in never speaking to people like this under normal circumstances: fuck that white trash bitch! Every bad thing that happens to her is karma and she deserves every fucking bit of it!

      1. Me too. He seems to have such a sweet, loving temperament. An amazing little personality given his parents. I’ve seen abused kids turn out nothing like the assholes who raised them but I’ve also seen them turn out just as bad if not worse. I’m a foster mom. It ain’t pretty sometimes. I’m being optimistic here. I want to see all of these children rise up above where they came from. My biggest worry right now is poor Maryssa. Does anyone if she’s safe? And, NO, if she isn’t on the land I don’t want anyone to tell me where she is. That baby has been through enough and deserves privacy. I just really want to know if she’s safe.

  21. Side note, can she be prosecuted for lying under oath now that she’s backtracked regarding the abuse claims???? Good god Jenelle. What a waste

    1. She couldnt be prosecuted for chasing a guy, running over his mailbox & then pulling a gun…all on camera
      You really think she would be prosecuted for perjury

    2. Glad she is getting away finally but she had the money and means to leave plenty. She should be held accountable for lying about his abuse and keeping her children in this situation.

  22. I can’t feel bad for her. She repeatedly lied in court and has sworn left and right, up and down that no abuse occurred. This even went as far as the kids being taken from Jenelle and David, and Jenelle STILL maintained that no abuse occurred. That was her chance to tell the truth, or to at least let the courts find out for themselves , if she didn’t want to throw David under the bus. She pleaded and pleaded and LIED so many times, to courts, officers, her other kids parents, school, on social media, etc that nothing was wrong and that David and her were on the straight and narrow. You don’t do that if you love your kids. She is such a liar that I cannot feel bad

  23. she needs to stay away from him she needs to stay away from TV and she needs to get those kids healed and herself healed that’s the only thing I can say I know she may have to go on TV for money but I wish she wouldn’t for her kids sake

  24. Off topic comment, but I missed the first episode of TM2 last night that I have ever missed in the whole entire almost 9 years it has been on. And I was pleasantly surprised at how little I cared!

  25. My only knowledge of the legal system is through copious amounts of SVU watching so forgive me if this is an ignorant question. If David was given a restraining order, how is he unaware of where jenelle is? Wouldn’t he have to know where to stay away from? If the kids are actually safe from him, that’s great, I just don’t understand.

  26. Didn’t she testify in her custody case that there was never any abuse in the home? How can she backtrack now and expect the courts to believe her???

  27. Now she’s gonna play up the victim card. I don’t spect sympathy from everyone. And bet she went to mtv to get financial help to leave him. I don’t feel bad for her. She was warned by millions of ppl. She’s a special kinda stupid n for that her kids had to suffer

  28. OT but did anyone else listen/view the audio/video from the night Amber was arrested? WOACB posted it and you can hear her hitting the door with the machete. There is also a picture of the door slashed and handle broken. She says she has more to come. How MTV thinks they will ever get a “redemption” story involving her is beyond me. Truly disgusted all this was basically swept under the rug unless something else happens (which more than likely will unless she lives under a rock during probation). And the fact that MTV is giving her the platform to continue to lie is despicable.

  29. I honestly want to feel bad for her, but that is all completely nullified by my anger at her blatant inability to protect those kids for years upon years. If she still had the endless amounts of cash so her and David could get high together (the only time they “get along”) she would still be on the land. The gravy train for drugs has run out and that’s the ONLY reason why she decided now to leave.

    Think about it – this is someone who let this monster abuse poor Kaiser on more than a few occasions, called David’s ex (who was thrown down the stairs pregnant) a liar and said she was making it up, called her own son and stepdaughter’s’ court testimony blatant lies and now all of a sudden is changing her tune? Sorry not sorry, she is just as much of a monster as he is, just in a different way. It’s one thing to be a domestic violence victim, and then it’s another to ALLOW your POS husband to ABUSE your kids and then CHOOSE to STAY with him and DEFEND him.

    I’m not denying abuse happened at all, I believe it wholeheartedly, but her only job was to protect those kids and she was 50% responsible for throwing their innocent lives under the bus to continue on In a codependent relationship fueled by drugs. These two don’t care about anyone but themselves.

    I pray the judge from the custody case or someone decides to re-open it, due to the fact that they’ve failed Marysa, even given her testimony. And now all this has come out backing up that testimony. I don’t know how the defense team can sleep at night. Someone should set up a GoFundMe for her mom, Whitney. I know a lot of people who would donate. It’s the only shot that girl gets at life at this point. Who knows what Lurch does to her behind closed doors.

    A good parent does not stay with someone who abuses their children, I don’t care if you’re a victim, the second someone lays hands on your children you need to leave or you are perpetuating that abuse towards your children and I have no respect for you. Burn me at the stake.

    1. My thoughts exactly! Yes she’s a victim, but it doesn’t erase the trauma she subjected 4 kids to. She put her kids in that situation, and helped David regain custody of Maryssa TWICE. Never forget the 1st judge in their custody case said that she did not do her job “as a mother to protect her kids”, and those words will forever ring true.

  30. And another thing. The fact that Maryssa told the truth, only to have 2 adults lie on her, and now SHE is the one who is stuck living alone on the land with this (possibly) “suicidal” lunatic with weapons, while Jenelle is hiding out somewhere, pisses me all the way off. Maryssa tried her best to get away from that living hell, but Jenelle lied, David lied, and the courts dropped the ball…so now an 11 year old child is abandoned on the land with the most dangerous man in 3 counties of NC…all because adults totally failed her.

    1. It’s heartbreaking. The poor kid must be terrified and sleeps with one eye open! If ANYTHING AT ALL happens to her the judge who sent those kids back is just as neglectful as those POS parents she was sent back to…..I hope the judge that made this ridiculous decision is aware that any harm that comes to these children IS JUST AS MUCH ( THE JUDGE) THEIR FAULT

    2. This. Jenelle could’ve told the truth when everything went down with Nugget but instead she chose to defend him. Now, she’s packed up her kids and left, leaving Maryssa alone with that maniac.

    1. And I meant to add that she is a horrible mother and person in general to stand by while your child(ren) endure that abuse and do nothing! To stand by while ANY child suffers abuse NEVERMIND your very own flesh and blood is absolutely ridiculous! As many others have pointed out, she also is an unfit parent. She was before David, and has only gotten worse consistently. Let’s not forget the whole road rage incident, where she not only endangered Jace’s life as well as her own but also brandished a presumably loaded weapon in front of him and called him a liar when he told the truth to the police and Babs. Even David had the sense to tell her not to follow someone to THEIR home and then pull a gun on them. She is totally unstable and narcissistic. She cares only for herself, as so many others have pointed out, she could have sent his ass to prison by refusing to pay the $5000 child support a few months back and when MTV cut ties with her to begin with after poor nugget and the custody case she could have easily left him with endless support.

  31. I don’t know where she filed the restraining order but I wonder how she would react if they denied it and decided that David was no threat like they did with her kids.

    1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
      That judge couldn’t have denied it because there were too many things on the record for him to say no he’s no threat just the stock pile of guns allowed with scare me and probably scared the judge so he had no choice because if he didn’t and David hurt her or the kids that is a lawsuit on the judge

  32. Again, where were these allegations and proof when she was trying so desperately for her AND David to regain custody of those children?? She aided in calling Marissa a liar, Kaiser a liar, and Jace a liar, and she vehemently defended Davids idiotic “beliefs”…but now that SHE wants out of the relationship, she comes with the receipts. Shouldn’t have been in a relationship with him in the 1st place, but here they are now, and she needs to do the right thing and get Kaiser in therapy, because we know David did WAY WORSE than just lock him in a car.

  33. This woman lied in court with the sole intention of delivering her children back to this man. She had every opportunity to keep them safe then but chose not to.
    I’m glad she’s left him and I’m glad she’s safe but in my opinion she needs to be held accountable for what she did. She has trampled over each of those children to get what she thought she wanted, with poor Maryssa now presumably left to deal with this on her own.
    Jenelle has got a lot of explaining and apologising to do, not least to her mom, who has done nothing but try and protect her.

    Okay rant over, it’s crazy how many emotions can be bought up by someone I’ve never met!

  34. No sympathy for her. She had plenty of opportunities to get out. She had the funds and people to go to for help. She put her children at risk by her own doings. Does not deserve to get one ounce of sympathy

  35. Jenelle is a crap mom, but maybe this was the only time she could get away when the kids were taken into custody maybe she didn’t Leave then because she couldn’t get her and the kids to safety fast enough without him knowing where they were going. She’s a victim of abuse she will of left with nothing and pretended to take the kids to the shop or something. Trying to escape is the most dangerous times in abusive situations somtimes you have to wait for the right opportunity

  36. I really hope that Barbara will be safe from David’s wrath, since she’s really the only member of Janelles family that he know the address of. The wording of the restraining order seems to protect Jace while he’s with Janelle, but Barbara and her home are left off of the order of protection. She must be terrified right now!!

  37. I do not now, nor have I ever condoned abuse, of any sort. I am glad that if things have been as bad as she claims (and I really do not doubt that, he’s a sociopath), that she’s finally moving away from it. He’s an absolutely heinous monster, which we’ve all been saying since day one. This should really come as no surprise to anyone. No matter how anyone feels about Jenelle, no one deserves to be abused.


    Jenelle herself is, has always been, and continues to be, abusive as well. Him being abusive, even him being worse, does not absolve her of her own crimes against her children (of which there are countless, hell MTV taped a great deal of them) and others.

    I will say again, I am GLAD she is getting away-no matter what she’s done, abuse isn’t okay. But I still think someone needs to get those children away from her as well. They are at just as much risk for abuse in her care as they are in his. Neither one of them is a good parent, and neither one of them deserves to ever be given another chance to be one. They have both proven that they are incapable of sympathy, empathy, love, patience, kindness, nurturing…need I really go on?

    Go get yourself some help Jenelle and get your ducks in a row to keep David away from you, but while you’re doing that….let those kids go somewhere they will be loved, cared for, and raised properly.

    1. Everything you said! Yes! People seem to forget what a horrible mother she is. No one deserves abuse and I’m not doubting this abuse happened but think back before this. She wasn’t a great mother. I still remember back before David when Kaiser was sick and she was more like an aggravated babysitter than a mother. She’s never raised Jace and Maryssa testified how awful they were.

  38. So now all of a sudden, she is scared for her kids safey??? She wasnt bothered when lurch, dragged poor kaiser accross the land/ punched him in his head, or whooped his butt.
    Or when he Beat and killed a defencless puppy.
    But all of a sudden shes concerned!!!!

  39. The only knowledge I have of our judicial system is based off of copious SVU watching so bear (bare? Meh) with me if this is ignorant. How is jenelle able to have her location be a secret if she filed a restraining order on him? Doesn’t he need to know where he needs to stay away from? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the kids if they’re successfully hidden, I just don’t understand.

  40. until you experience leaving an abusive scenario, you are not in a position to speculate on how to navigate. Katie Holmes taking extraordinary measures to safely exit the scientology trap is a fine example.
    If this woman left for financial reasons, who cares? It still puts into motion saving.Jace and Kaiser from continuing horror.
    who cares if she was motivated by money if it means the kids’ have an out.

    Keep in mind that sometimes victims have to choose from no good options. I can’t tell you how many times I saved myself and child from horrific situations by opting for bad situations that kept us above water until we could exit safely. And it still was a nightmare. until the police shot and killed him. True story.

    1. Wow. Just wow. You are very brave. I sincerely hope that you and your child have found some kind of peace.

      1. any day now…..

        bottom line, for me…..I had a daughter. No way was I going to let her grow up to make my mistakes thinking it was normal life.

        I have read many of your comments- soulmate – and you have a good grasp on being humane and understanding. Jenelle may make some dumb choices, and she may have a ton of growing up to do…..but no shade for finally taking any help she can get. The only thing worse than staying until last week would be staying until tomorrow.

        1. Right you are. And I have 2 sons. I couldn’t let them think it is ok to treat women badly. I really wish Jenelle the best despite her past choices. The next few weeks/months will be her hardest. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Btw my sons are good men now.

          1. atta girl! i actually have spent many sleepless nights wondering how I would have navigated my situation with a son. Likely my ex would have gotten more leverage for having been the same sex parent.

            I tip my hat to you for raising good men!

    2. They both have a relationship with their father on their terms. They can see him for who he is but he is still their dad. At some point we raise or fall on our own merits. I tried hard not to say negative things about him. But he was still him. Now he is on his best behavior with them. He has to be.

    3. Nobody can stopped Jenelles bad karma. You can sympathize all you want but the universe will give Jenelle back the energy she has put out. That’s why its call “train wreck.” So we might as well look away if you can’t stomach it because its gonna be ugly.

  41. Geeeeeeeee those eleven incidents of abuse must have slipped her mind whilst she was protesting ( just a few months ago) to what a good loving caring father and husband he is …..PLEASE get me a bucket!!!!!

    1. There may be lots of promises that things would change but they never did. She may be actually maturing and FINALLY sees the light. Grown ass man needs to support himself. Yeah YOU David. Stop being such a leach and loser. Time to grow the f up dude.

  42. Since she’s such an abhorrent human being it makes you not want to feel for her, but I believe everything she alleges in these documents. The tell-all is going to be epic! Sorry sister, you married a lunatic and that’s what you got.

  43. It’s actually normal for abused women to defend their abusers. YouAn idiot could see Jenelle was being abused in the last couple of seasons they were on TM2. I said this when the whole nugget thing happened Jenelle is exhibiting signs of battered woman’s syndrome. While we should all just be happy her and her kids are away from their abuser, we should not forget the thousands of woman in this country still making excuses and afraid to leave. Battered lie to family, friends, police, and in court all the time. In most cases the abuse will include the children. We don’t know his threats to her were. Regardless of her past we should try to support her leaving and as decent human beings have a sense of relief this didn’t end with the death of another mother and/or her children.

  44. Having left an abusive marriage with high stakes, I can empathize with leaving in an unconventional manner. In my case, my ex held the financial strings. Even after his death and the fallout that the situation created, it really would have been easier to stay. Easy isn’t alwys the right direction and sometimes freedom comes with a price.
    I really hope that this dissolution of marriage is genuine, and if it is, I support MTV for affording her an out.

    1. You and I may have a thing or two in common. Super hard but I wouldn’t change a thing. Calm and peace is worth everything. I really hope you are doing well.

  45. It’s really not hard to feel no sympathy for her… Where is that big and bad Jenelle who screams at her mother, the woman who took all responsibility of and for her first born child?? The big and bad Jenelle who made fun of and put down her mother for working at a Walmart deli… Probably the same job that her mother worked at to put food in her mouth growing up and clothes on her back…
    She deserves everything that’s happened to her, but those kids didn’t deserve an ounce of the abuse those two morons subjected them to. They for sure have messed up those kids and I hope the kids get the therapy they need to be healthy, normal and happy as they grow. And I hope the kids have normal and healthy relationships when they are grown adults… So sad for those innocent children ♥️

    1. Amen- Not to mention this is the woman who is spending what should be her retirement raising Jenelles 1st kid she couldn’t manage to be responsible for. It’s a clear pattern that Jenelle will turn on her mom but turn right back when she needs something.

  46. Janelle only stayed with David because when she hit rock bottom, he basically was the only one that she had to turn to, Janelle has been lying about how extreme David’s abusive behavior is

  47. All of the court testimony that Jace and Maryssa gave, all of the stories of abuse and neglect against Kaiser and now she wants to speak? In light of the “new evidence” that family judge that ruled in favor of her and David should reopen the case and remove those children. Period.

    1. Lawyer, “Maryssa was lying because of one thing she was caught on tape saying.” 6 months later…. Jenelle, “I am poor. I have no more drug money. Please let me back on MTV. I will do whatever you ask. Also please let me get a new Tinder account.”

      Maryssa…where is this poor child? On the land trying to protect the dogs from David’s wrath? The kids subjected to David and Jenelle are the real victims here.

      1. 1000%! The fact that she endangered her children, because she can’t be single, absolutely disgusts me. She had ample opportunity this past spring to get those children away from that POS, but instead she sat there in court and LIED to protect that thing she called a husband, and not her innocent children. Her being a victim doesn’t erase the fact that she has traumatized those kids by allowing them to stay in that living hell for over 2 years. I’m honestly afraid to see where her kids are going to be in 10 years…As hard as it’s going to be, I really hope none of them pick up any of his or her traits/habits as adults.

  48. NOW she’s afraid of him?

    While I am rolling my eyes at this- no one deserves this. If only “love” wasn’t blind.

  49. I wonder how Jenelle will get around the fact that just about everything she’s accused her husband of in her restraining order petition directly contradicts the testimony she gave in court only 5 months ago. Will any of that be brought up now? I can see David’s lawyer making mincemeat out of her if he gets the chance. I mean, how is anything she claims at this point to be believed?

    1. That’s exactly what I was wondering. Jenelle isn’t even a good liar. Remember the car scene with Jace front and center? He told the truth and then Janelle called him a liar in front of Barb. She’s been practicing the art of deception for years. What sickens me the most is that she didn’t protect her children. Ever. Then she lost her children and protected David. She is just as evil as he is. The kids & animals are the only innocents.

      1. That scene with her calling Jace a liar infuriated me as much as any of the crap I’ve witnessed going down on teen mom. That poor kid.

        I’m glad she left the POS, but I’m having a hard time finding sympathy for her.

        1. Your examples are precisely why I have issues believing and feeling sorry for Jenelle. We all know shes a POS mother.

          I’m definitely not a domestic violence critic; I understand it is not a joke. It is the narcissist, drug addict, and pathological liar named Jenelle that I dont believe.

          Everyone knows David’s unstable and a drug addict. Everyone has known for years.

  50. We’ve been telling her for YEARS that he abused those kids, and she vehemently denied it. Now, suddenly, she’s left him because she needs the MTV money, NOT for the safety of her kids! She continuously sent those poor kids back to that hell hole with David. Fuck Jenelle, and Fuck David! Neither deserve any pity!

  51. The most absurd thing about this entire debacle is that she wants him to pay the attorney’s fees. She knows good and well he doesn’t have a job and refuses to get one! She’s defended him many times over the years about it too.

    I’m glad she finally left and took the kids out of that situation, but she’s got a lot of bad karma coming to her over this. She attacked Olivia and called her a liar over and over again for trying to keep Kaden away from David. She’s been posting all those father’s rights memes too. I’m glad she’s gone, but she still needs to answerfor how she acted.

    1. That’s a strategic move in case he tries to get her to pay for his attorney. He really needs to get a real job if he intends on trying to keep “the land” with a house that has a $155000 mortgage on it. He needs to prove he can pay it. They got a 25 yr mortgage on it in 2016. He really needs counsel but has no $$$$$$.

      1. The payment is probably $800-$1000 per month + utilities. The vehicles/boats probably have loans on them too. Doubt she was very smart with $$$$. Then insurance. He needs a JOB if he wants to keep anything. Otherwise it will all be sold. No way would she be ordered to make payments on any of that. And all sold at a loss probably. Probability all upside down. That’s why she doesn’t give a shit about any of it. She wisely has counsel.

        1. And his back child support. Smh. Some paying roommates too. Stat. He is too much of a dumbass to do any of that though. He will either be incarcerated or living with family shortly.

          1. I forgot she wrote him a check and gave him an out when he was about to go to prison for not paying child support for his son….

  52. Jenelle isn’t a good person. She isn’t a good mother. She is no one I would ever want to be around. But she is still a victim of domestic violence. No one in the world deserves that. Some of these comments on here are horrendous.

    1. She’s a victim, yes, but it does not erase what she subjected 4 innocent children to. She put her kids in that situation, and she helped David gain custody of Maryssa…TWICE. The children are the things that get me. Glad she’s out of the situation, but as a mother, her top priority is to protect her children. Not keep a man.

  53. Now she admits he tortured Kaiser?! After denying it how many times? I really hate them both.

    1. She’s a POS they both are . She would always deny anything even when Kaiser what being abused and we called jt rarely on . Kaiser has always been afraid of him . Now she decides to do something but only cause she’s broke and no one will work with her , not just for the sake of protecting her kids

  54. Will she now give the hundredth different explanation for what happened to ger collarbone on drunk bonfire night?

    Still zero sympathy – she let UBT scare and abuse her kids these 2+ years. She cannot paint herself the victim now.

  55. I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for Jenelle. Jenelle has had David’s back for years. The only thing that stopped the train wreck was her having no money. Not the killing of Nugget. Not the abuse of Kaiser. I hope Nathan goes after Kaiser. Not really Nathan but Nathan’s Mom. Jenelle I hope you never get back on tv. I hope you go back to David. I hope you lose custody of all your kids. I hope both of you sit in squalor and have to beg for money the rest of your pathetic lives.

    1. I have the same question too, where is Maryssa???? Jenelle supposedly has both Kaiser and Ensley so where is Maryssa????

    2. I don’t really care for Janelle but heck I don’t know her personally. A person who is a victim of DV will go to all measure to defend their abusers no matter what. Maybe . . . Just maybe all of this is true and like other people have stated maybe it was her being broke that made her open her eyes to get out of that relationship. DV victims don’t ever think rationally in the heat of the moment that could be why she has defended him for so long. Maybe she will get out own her own and learn to be a good mom.

      1. I see what you’re saying @Kristy…but unfortunately I think it’s wishful thinking. Jenelle will never learn how to be a good mom, and her track record shows that each soulmate she gets with is worst than the last…which in all honesty is terrifying. She doesn’t need to have custody of those kids either.

  56. He is definitely crazy, but she has defended him to the point of where it’s going to be hard for her to back-track on her previous statements about how he is such a wonderful and misunderstood human being. She deserves whatever hell she is going through. Unfortunately her kiddos are along for her grotesque ride.

  57. So now he has a stock pile of weapons.
    But Jenelle you told the police he didn’t.
    And when they searched the house they didn’t find any.
    So where or who hid them?
    After you knew CPS would have officers searching your home.
    Where’s Nuggets body?
    So you allowed him to abuse your children?

    1. Have you ever been in a DV relationship? You try to protect your abuser… I’m not at all saying anything she did in the past was right but as a DV survivor myself I get it. I’m just glad she woke up.FINALLY!

    2. I’m not a huge Jenelle fan but, leaving an abusive relationship is not easy, and I commend her for finally getting out. Unless you’ve lived in an abusive situation, you don’t understand how hard it is. She got out alot faster than I ever expected her to.

    3. It is definitely weird not seeing them teen mom anymore. I believe her because david is crazy, but why after filing for divorce that she says all the bad he did? I feel bad for those kids. Sounds like a horrible past few years. Sadly it won’t get any better.

      1. Jace has had a bad life. I mean, how would you feel if you’re mom just ditched you? And she’s never really even tried to be in his life as a mom. It’s more like a sister/brother relationship.

      2. I’m not sure how law enforcement handles it when someone in David’s situation threatens suicide but I do hope his family is in contact with him or maybe on “the land” making sure everything is safe for Marissa. Jenelle probably has texts of his threats to show the cops or court system. Honestly although I think it is great she finally had the balls to do this it is a dangerous time.

        1. best option is probably to 51/50 him and use that time to arrange ongoing help for him. Yes, he may be an arse, yes, it is easy to blame him…..but he became the monster he is because of another monster. he needs help.

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