Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Takes Mysterious Trip to New York City– Here’s Why!

“‘Memba me?!”

Jenelle Evans has left The Land and is currently in New York City!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the former Teen Mom 2 star touched down in the Big Apple on Friday, after leaving North Carolina (and her husband David Eason) early that morning. Coincidentally, the cast of ‘Teen Mom 2’ (as well as cast members from Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom OG‘s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra) just happen to be in New York filming the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion right now. 

According to The Ashley’s sources, though, Jenelle was not there to be on the Reunion. 

“[A higher up] from MTV contacted Jenelle and requested a meeting with her,” the source said. “They kept telling Jenelle that she is still under contract, and that they wanted to talk to her about possibly returning to the show, so she flew up there.”

Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, did not go to New York with her. (The Ashley’s sources tell her David is not being considered for filming and will not be coming back, even if Jenelle does.)

The Ashley’s on-set sources tell her that, so far, Jenelle has not been spotted at the Reunion, and has not taken the stage to film any sort of segment. But, several sources say that the network is very much considering bringing Jenelle back “in some form or fashion.” Whether that means as a cast member, as a guest star, or other way is unknown, as nothing has been decided or proposed.

At press time, Jenelle had NOT been rehired. (This, of course, could change, but as of right now, she hasn’t been offered her old job back.)

“Jenelle did bring her lawyer up there with her, though,” the source tells The Ashley.

And– fun fact– Jenelle is now using the same lawyer her idol, Kesha, once used!

Jenelle’s mother, Barbara did not go to NYC with her “daughta,” as she stayed behind in North Carolina to care for Jenelle’s sons Jace and Kaiser. (Her daughter Ensley is with David on The Land eating squirrel…literally.)

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…stay tuned!

(Photo: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Killing animals with your 2 year old is so disgusting I hope Jenelle keeps those kids away from that sick mani hope he goes to prison he is and abuser not only to his family but helpless animals.

  2. This makes sense as to why she put out a statement that she and David are getting a divorce.
    She’s not getting a divorce. She’s trying to get back on tv and she can’t with David.
    She and David think we are stupid and don’t realize it’s all a ploy. Let’s see how long David lets her pretend. He can’t handle everyone not knowing that they are still together. Watch…

  3. why mtv your so f*cked up but the only good part it will only be a short matter of time till it goes to the idiots head and she starts all her shit up again because see mtv I am the show attitude is back

  4. I could potentially be ok with Jenelle returning to TM if, and only if, she gives up custody of all of the children, including Maryssa. She could have a weekly supervised visits with the kids but no actual role in their upbringing. We all know Jenelle and David would both choose money and notoriety over their children. I could not care less what Jenelle and David do to themselves on The Land, as long as those innocent babies are far away from them and their chaos.

    I think MTV should have a show where Barbara and Larry watch all the Teen Moms and comment on their shenanigans. I would watch that all day long.

    1. Wow this is actually incredibly smart!
      I am very much anti-swamp creatures but if it saved the kids and animals – let them back on tv!! Heck, let’s start tonight!
      Prime time even! (Would flop anyway)

  5. I stopped watching. They are pathetic if they bring her back. The show has low ratings because nobody cares anymore. Not because jenelle left. Please.

  6. Why don’t they expand the franchise by making Teen Mom The Fired & Felons. And have all the horrible horrible people who have floated through the teen mom world?

    1. Ha – doubtful that would happen since it would include waaaaay too many people. But it sure would be some trash-tastic entertainment.

  7. So if they bring her back who will she film with? Her last hope Briana couldn’t care less about her now.

    And what would her story line be? Planning spa weekends with Babs and sharing her squirrel stew recipes?

    1. Her friends from DCFS, her lawyer and her old friend who got her off her drug charges and her kids back,
      The paid of Judge.
      Maybe for some excitement they can pretend animal welfare and police might actually do their job.
      States Attorney needs a butt wippen.

  8. Interesting that Babs had Kaiser….is there something in the parenting agreement with Nathan that Lerch can’t be left alone with Kaiser?
    JE probably rang MTV crying that she has to eat squirrel instead of Olive Garden now because she has no money and everyone hates her….PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME ALOOOOONE!
    Get rid of TMOG and TM2 and just continue on with Young&Pregnant. At least those shows are what TM used to be with the REAL life problems. TM is no just a D rated Real Housewives show.

    1. They’re actually really good. It’s honestly kind of blowing my mind that so many people on here have never eaten It takes a fair amount to actually make a meal, though, so if he only shot one that’s basically enough meat to feed just Ensley.

  9. The only reason I don’t want her back on the show is because I don’t want her to have any MTV money! I want her to suffer because those monsters don’t deserve a penny!

  10. Why won’t people just stop watching all together? This is the finally sword blow to bring down an old tired bull. This show has been on too long. The original kids that we started watching on 16 and pregnant are preteens now. Retire your the DVR. Save your money. Once you stop getting that reminder to watch I guarantee you wont miss it. If you wanna watch it, stream from the MTV app. Streaming doesnt increase their viewer ratings.

  11. Wow. Why not bring Amber back too? Bad behavior and bad parenting equals ratings, right MTV? Hey! You might get lucky and one of them may kill someone, or be killed themselves. Ratings gold!you have so many choices! Ryan, driving while strung out on heroin, Amber threatening to stab Andrew, beating on him and using a hatchet on the door. Janelle, all of her great choices. David, an animal murderer and ruby ridge wanna be. Keep it up MTV! Ya’ might just get there! Start practicing your “out MTV cast is like family and we are all devastated….blah,blah, blah…practice the sad faces. It’ll really help sell it!

  12. I am DONE with this franchise. It’s not even a fun dumpster fire to watch anymore. After this news, I want nothing to do with it. It’s bad enough they left a domestic abuser on the show but now they are bringing back a woman who enables and contributes to the emotional abuse of her children as well as animal abuse and killing. F this. I won’t participate in their ratings.

  13. That is some bullshit if Jenelle comes back to the show….btw…Ensley looks like she’s bad as hell. Shes Jenelles karma for being such a bitch of a daughta.

  14. It just boggles me that MTV would consider bringing her back, considering the less than dismal support she received to launch her eyebrow crap, the laughable “support” she and her sorry (excuse for a man) husband received with their Go Fund Me account, and the backing out of so many sponsors because they don’t want their name attached to known child and animal abusers. She had to have met with them for something else, otherwise MTV really is just that horrible and stupid…I mean, MTV IS horrible and stupid, but this just brings them to a level that can’t even be fathomed.

    1. I’ve seen several stories that ratings have declined since she left. If they have declined, it’s not because of her though. I’ve watched every episode of every season since the beginning and I’ve lost interest in virtually all of them. I used to dvr and watch after my kids went to bed. Watched a few times since I was usually multitasking. Now, it’s recording the next episode before I’ve watched the previous and it’s a one and done watch. I’m sure others feel the same

      1. There are so many people that are ready to start petitions, boycott sponsors, etc. There are several animal right groups also. There are some people that want to start protest.

      2. I got rid of my DVR because there’s nothing worth recording and watching on tv anymore. It cut my cable bill by $50. I’m not paying to store a bunch of shows I’m no longer interested in watching. I don’t wanna see Kailyn take family vacay to Hawaii and then make a stop in Costa Rica before coming home to bitch about Chris paying $200 child support isnt enough. I dont wanna see Leah take all of West Virginia to Costa Rica and be trashy while acting like continuing to screwing her ex husband is romantic.

          1. Ha!!! He probably thought he was gonna get lucky!!! I mean, Hawaii is probably one most popular/romantic places on earth.

  15. Here’s an idea since MTV is so fond of trash TV. Why don’t they just round up all of the TM riff raff, Amber, Brianna, Catelynn, Farrah, Jenelle, Kail, Leah, lock them in Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, with Corey “look at me!!!!!” Warton hosting and the Swamp Dweller doing security, and do a trash heap show called Trash Mom: Big Mother and be done with it? If MTV’s so worried about ratings that they’re keeping Ambien and seriously considering bringing back the Chin, they may as well bring back Backdoor too, everyone knows the ratings were higher with Satan on set 🙄

  16. So glad I stopped watching this farcical show.
    But if they bring back that bitch then I hope more people stop tuning in.

  17. I’m so glad I no longer watch, I will not support these messed up people.
    Mtv are disgusting.
    All of you that still watch should hit mtv where it hurts.

  18. MTV is that desperate for views? Maybe watching teen moms pushing 30, living a rich life style isn’t interesting anymore. I already stopped watching any teen mom shows, but I would gladly take MTV off my cable if they bring Jenelle back in any form.

  19. Why is Jenelle in New York with Jeremy? I don’t know what happened to my other comment. Seems to me David is mad at Jenelle for going to NY. That’s why he posted about killing squirrel. Jenelle was posting about she rather sleep alone.

  20. Thanks a lot Jenelle! Now I have to make a Twitter and join in on the boycotting! I’ve just been sitting back with my popcorn reading twitter on the sidelines. Shout out to all the Twitter shatters. Y’all are the real mvps

  21. So stupid. All she’s going to do if she goes back on the show is play Happy Family Day Trips every day to try to convince people more than ever that she’s a good mother. Puh-lease. It’ll be 99% fake. She’s so transparent.

    1. Shea, I couldn’t agree with you more. If they do this, it’s a really stupid decision. I’m so glad I quit watching.

  22. Ewww… both Janelle and the other imbecile, David are useless, white trash garbage. I truly can’t understand how desperate MTV is. I for one won’t watch if that loser is back on. Janelle is a disgusting excuse for a mother, and should not be on any reality show.

  23. So Jenelle is going to be getting her drug and judge payoff money back? I thought everyone was concerned about filming with her due to David’s threats? This is atrocious!

  24. 1. MTV is just proving more and more everyday that all they care about is money. First they don’t fire Amber and now they’re thinking about bringing these psychos back.

    2. I’ll probably get downvoted for this part, but I don’t see anything weird/an issue with the squirrel picture (aside from the fun just leaning against the tree behind Ensley where it could easily fall or be grabbed since she doesn’t seem to mind well). Most kids start put hunting by shooting squirrels and they of course eat them, because the first rule of hunting is to only kill what you’re planning to eat (unless it posts a threat to people or livestock). Most people I know have no problem eating a fried squirrel. I have pictures of my daughter holding a squirrel when she was like one-and-a-half that she “helped” her daddy shoot (sat next to him on the porch), and then she helped him clean it and helped me cook it. Children need to learn that the meat they eat was once a living creature and all that. BUT, I also don’t like to think about David alone in the woods with a small child and a gun either…

    1. Magan, you’re so right about MTV. So ridiculous. As for your comment about teaching a child about where meat comes from etc.. I agree, except for her age. I feel she’s a little to young to see any animal shot, skinned, and then cooked. And the gun leaning on the tree! I couldn’t agree more with your final comment about David in the woods with a child plus a weapon. He’s such a loser.

      1. I used to see chickens butchered and skinned when I was a kid. I’m not upset about it. They weren’t wasted, they were eaten/frozen. I grew up in a rural state and was around guns. David and Jenelle are repulsive, but I dont have a problem with the squirrel being eaten.

    2. Agreed.

      Coming from someone who lives in the country, hunting and eating what you kill (whether it be squirrels, rabbits, deer or turkey) is a staple.

      Lots of people like to kill their own meat or grow their own vegetables.

      I will get downvoted (I know it and am fine with it). But I’M FROM THE COUNTRY AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY.

  25. Color me shocked, is anyone surprised about this? The network has no scruples, ratings ae the only thing that matters. Jenelle and Lurch are garbage and everyone should boycott.

      1. here in Wisconsin squirrel is excellent game. And there’s a whole season for hunting them. And if they’re cooked right they taste delicious just like wild turkey or Grouse or venison deer all kinds of meat that’s out in the woods for everyone to grab or shoot. Enough about the squirrels every state has different laws on hunting them!

  26. I finally bit the bullet and stopped watching this train wreck of a franchise. Not out of protest or anything; I just grew tired and uninterested in any of their plot lines. They’ve all become whiny, entitled, and impossible to relate to. It’s (way past) time to end it.

    1. Agree. Drop in ratings have absolutely nothing to do with JE.
      She didn’t even have enough footage to be aired in the last season she was paid for!
      She was ‘done‘ long before she was “done”

  27. Kiss of death move for TeenMom2 if she returns to the show in ANY fashion. Hit Mtv in the pocketbook if they $ub$idize any of the disturbing happenings on The Land. Boycott MTV and their sponsors if they ever cut them another check! MTV needs to be bitch slapped just for even entertaining the thought. SMDH

    1. Exactly my thoughts. I’m really hoping that lines got twisted and it’s a meeting about closing out her contract FOR GOOD or the like. I think it’s disgusting that MTV would even consider this enough that a rumor (🤞) had the opportunity to form.

      It is frankly irresponsible and has upset a LOT of people – myself included. They should not even consider supporting the lack of morality / abuse & neglect of children AND animals that those monsters stand for – and YES JENELLE IS AS BAD AS DAVID! She may not have thrown the punches at the puppy but she supported every bit of it at the expense of her children. Absolutely disgusting. They are both vile on a moral level and should not have a platform to spread their disgusting and harmful rederick.

  28. There are so many things wrong about this! First, MTV is really reaching if they think we will tolerate both Jenelle AND Amber back on the air getting their hefty paychecks. Both are abusive people, in one form or the other, (we all know their history) and shouldn’t be allowed or rewarded with a high paying television job. And now Amber literally gets a slap on the wrist with this plea deal?!?! Where the hell is the justice in that?! Just 1year probation, and it will get knocked down to a misdemeanor if she behaves. I just about lost my shit when I read that today! I swear, I’ve lost all faith in the justice system when it comes to these MTV bitches. Oh, and the whole squirrel thing is all kinds of fucked up!!

  29. Hopefully her delusional egocentric demands blow the whole deal and this “higher up” is swiftly reminded why they canned her boring neanderthal ass in the first place.

  30. Ummm wtf is with eating squirrel. First of all it’s beyond bizarre and second what If the squirrels has rabies or some other diseases

    1. And why would MTV want to air this behaviour?
      Let be real, the squirrel is the least harmful thing that has come out of the swamp – and that says a lot!

    2. Squirrel is a popular food where I’m from. Usually fried and covered in gravy. I actually have a picture of my daughter holding the first squirrel she “helped” her daddy shoot. It’s usually one of the first things a kid learns to hunt.

      With all the messed up shit Lurch has done, eating squirrel for supper hardly makes the list.

    3. A lot of people I knew growing up in NC ate squirrel. I never did because it creeped my whole family out. My granddad was a hunter but of deer and wild turkey and we ate that. Good hunters know if an animal is sick. There are tells. Your right, you are more likely to run into rabies or disease with squirrels though. You need to be educated before eating them. That being said I don’t trust David as a hunter ESPECIALLY if he’s feeding these animals to the kids. He’s not a real hunter. Real hunters hunt for food and use as much of the animal as possible. They only hunt a limited number every year and they put animals down clean. David hunts for “sport” which I’ve always found sick. I think he takes pleasure in the kill which is a WARNING sign of a crazy person. He gets off on causing pain so I have no doubt that he tortures his animals first before taking a kill shot. Does he even have a hunting license? They are required in NC.

      I’m not trying to start a debate in hunting or animal abuse. I don’t hunt and neither does my husband but I’m also not gonna condemn my long dead grandfather. Different times. He started hunting during the Great Depression when it was a matter of life or death where he was from in Michigan.

  31. I got SUPER excited when I started reading this article and it said “…touched down in New York City after leaving North Carolina (and her husband David Eason) earlier that morning.”

    My first thought was, “Hell yeah. It’s about time she left his sorry, murdering, Duck Dynasty character looking ass!”

    Then my hopes got dashed when I finished reading it.

    I am 100% in agreement with @ROAST BEEF when he (or she) said, “I will never watch again if she comes back…”

  32. If she gets put back on a show, can you imagine how inflated these two pieces of crap egos are going to be?
    Their heads are not going to fit in the entire state of NC. And we already know how big they are now.💩👾

    1. They would single handedly take down MTV
      (Or put a decent dent in it with lost viewers / advertisers and mostly REPUTATION -which is everything)

  33. Lots of kids hunt with their dads. It’s not that serious. I’m a female and my dad always took me deer hunting and I’ve seen him gut, skin, and cut up deer meat my whole life.

    1. I’ve never been hunting, basically because getting me and my wheelchair into a tree stand would be massively challenging. But their are pics of my dad and sisters with a giant buck or doe they just killed (or turkey), or of them holding a squirrel that they shot and the result was ALWAYS the same, they would have these HUMONGOUS smiles on their faces. They were always so proud of themselves and that they were able to provide for our family.

    1. Be done with it now!!! That’s the only way this shit show will ever get off the air. I’m just so sick and tired of these girls. Sorry, I’m not yelling at you, I’m just frustrated!

  34. I will never watch again if she comes back and not buy from any of their sponsors.
    Point blank period.
    I’m glad the Golden Child is keeping up her Serial 101 classes on The Land. Bet he didn’t even wash her hands before eating this. I’m just excited she finally got a place and utensils.

    1. I absolutely, fully, totally, 100% agree!
      With every cell of my being.

      It’s one thing to delay firing someone for being a threat to society when they have been employed for a decade.
      HOWEVER, if MTV thinks it’s appropriate to HIRE & PROMOTE someone who consistently exhibits such menacing, pathological, immoral, self-centred, abusive, narcissistic, and frankly disgusting (I could easily go on but you get the idea) behaviour towards literally everyone she comes in contact with, including animals, that is a whole new level of corrupt.

      On the other hand I don’t see how they could possibly think it was intelligent to even consider it – her dismal brow kit sales speaks volumes. She literally has maximum 130 fans, and 100(?) of those were given away. Bringing her back would make those 30 people happy, and cause the other million MTV consumers to throw a fit. Myself included.
      I have always said that in all reality THE FANS employ tv personalities, MTV just provides the platform & paycheque. Without fans there is no MTV.

      Also, didn’t a bunch of sponsors jump ship after Nuggets savage beating & murder? That has not changed! It was not a rumour, in fact, the swamp creatures admitted to the brutality – with absolutely ZERO remorse beyond pouting about the backlash they have rightfully received. Would absolutely ANY of these companies (who frankly keep MTV afloat by advertising on more shows than just TM) go back on THEIR word and all of a sudden be ok with supporting a COUPLE that savagely beat a puppy to death IN FRONT of the CHILDREN (who happen to be the basis of the TM series)? Forget the stacks and stacks of other incidents, this ALONE is CHILD ABUSE. I can not imagine any company being willing to stand behind a network (not just series) that supports child and animal abuse. If they did, Im sure I am not alone in saying I would never ever purchase a product from that company and frankly any company that supports MTV / abuse & neglect of children & animals – because that is exactly what it means, and why they appropriately and respectfully removed themselves in the first place.

      I’ve come to realize that MTV is quite crafty and always has a hidden agenda – and seem to be quite good at keeping it hidden. I am still in the camp that they are playing their cards but keeping them close to their chest because of some legal aspect that they are protecting. I think bringing the swamp monsters back would result in LOST viewers, potentially for the entire network. It most definitely will NOT save the TM franchise. Also, the timing of this is very suspect as well with rumours saying her contract is up in October. This trash is NOT a “Snookie” or a “Charlotte Crosby” (💜) she is a trash monster with zero morals and integrity and needs to be held accountable for HER decisions, just like every other member of civilized society.

      I could go on but I’m sure no one has read this far as is 😉. If MTV brings her back, even without DE, I will be done with MTV and everything it stands for, because that’s not the morality ANYONE should support. At this point her motives and intentions have been well exposed. To hire someone and promote this behavior would speak volumes.
      Would the rest of the cast even film?? I would be disappointed if they didn’t band together and take a stand because this is an important issue that extends beyond the swamp and well beyond the TM franchise.

      Everyone with morals and supportive of humanity

  35. Hopefully she “touches down” on her stupid swamp with her husband Lurch and her daughter Pugsley instead of spewing her red-neck ridiculousness to society.

    1. That’s why she was at the doctors office, to get her magic pills to let her fly again. Can’t fly with literly throwing up non stop on a flight.

  36. I’m disturbed by the whole, Easley enjoyed the WHOLE process of this squirrel dinner.

    Step 1: Shoot and kill squirrel
    Step 2: Gut and clean
    Step 3: SKIN IT 🤮
    Step 4: Cook and eat

    Umm… if she enjoyed that, she IS her father’s daughter.

    1. Well, that poor child is used to seeing things being shot and killed in front of her. No wonder it didn’t phase her and her psycho father mistook that as enjoyment.

  37. That baby with that dead animal is disturbing! What is wrong with those people? Let me answer my own question…They are horrible! My daughters would be so upset to see that! They would never touch it, and they would be mad at whoever killed it.

  38. She will never be back on that show! I have already contacted TMZ, RadarOnLine and MTV! Everyone needs to start the protest. Go to the sponsors!

  39. MTV is stupid to think that bringing Jenelle back is going to raise the ratings . I am not watching any MTV show because of their greed and lack of sensitivity. How dare they keep a domestic abuse repeat offender on just because she brings drama. She disgusts me! I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. So Jenelle coming back is not going to make any difference. Those ratings are going to keep dropping until MTV realizes that they can’t defend and back up people as vile and abusive as Amber.

  40. Oh Ggaawwd say it isn’t so! I don’t know what’s worse her back on TV or him & E playing with a dead animal! BTW we don’t have to guess who killed it.

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