MTV Announces Winter-Themed ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ Premiering in December

If you love Ex On The Beach but have always thought, “This would be even better without the beach,” then here’s the show for you…

MTV is preparing to heat things up this winter with the launch of Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, a cold-weather take on the network’s Ex on the Beach series.

Hosted by Romeo Miller, MTV announced that the new series will welcome 10 reality show veterans/singles from around the world as they search for love on the slopes of Queenstown, New Zealand.

When you realize you were cast on the season where parkas are preferred over bikinis.

Of course, joining the 10 singles on their quest for love (and social media endorsements) are their exes, who will be showing up along the way. Take a look at the lineup of singles and exes gearing up to take their terrible dating habits and poor decisions to new heights below! 

Warning: an overload of “body heat” jokes are headed this way.


Adore Delano: RuPaul’s Drag Race – West Hollywood, CA

Georgia Steel: Love Island – Essex, UK

La Demi Martinez: Glam Masters – Los Angeles, CA

Daniel Maguire: The Bachelorette – Vancouver, Canada

Tyranny Todd: Are You The One? – Augusta, GA

Callum Izzard: Ibiza Weekender – Manchester, UK

Ryan Gallagher: American Idol – Grand Rapids, MI

Marlon Williams: The Real World – Dallas, TX

Nicole Zanatta: The Challenge – Staten Island, NY

Allie DiMeco: The Naked Brothers Band – Los Angeles, CA


Cameron Sikes: Temptation Island – Dallas, TX

Sam Bird: Love Island – London, UK

Jemmye Carroll: The Challenge – New Orleans, LA

Carlos Chavez: Temptation Island – Houston, TX

Ashley Ceaser: The Real World – San Francisco, CA

Laurel Stucky: The Challenge – Detroit, MI

Niall Aslam: Love Island – Coventry, UK

Jakk Maddox – Philadelphia, PA

Sydney Langston – Vancouver, Canada

Megan Nash – Lincoln, UK

Magdalena Ruiz – Milwaukee, WI

Todd Mauer – Los Angeles, CA

Paris Decaro – London, UK

Trenton Clark – Detroit, MI

Tyler Ash – Columbus, OH

Emari Stevenson – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ premieres Thursday, December 9 on MTV. Check out a teaser for the new series below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


    1. My sentiments exactly when it comes to TMOG, TM2 and TM Y&P. I watch them but I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT.

      But in my defense, I am in and out of the room quite a bit when they are on.

      The only segments that I make it a point to watch 100% of the time is Chelsea and Cole’s. They legitimately seem to have their heads straight on their shoulders. Everything they do seems to be for those children.

      1. Laurel Stucky is her ex or are they saying Jemmye is her ex as well or is it someone else in the cast that Jemmye dated?

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