‘Teen Mom OG’ Dad Cory Wharton Announces His Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge is Pregnant; Girl Claims Cory Tried to Cheat on Pregnant Taylor with Her

“I mean…would they even let me stay on ‘Teen Mom’ if I didn’t get another baby mama ASAP?”

‘Member that time when Cory Wharton accidentally exposed his baby-maker to all of his Instagram followers while on vacation with his girlfriend Taylor Selfridge? Well…it looks the Teen Mom OG dad has put the baby-maker in question to good use!

Cory and Taylor announced on Wednesday that they are expecting their first child together. The couple— who started dating again back in Februaryrevealed to Us Weekly that Taylor is 11 weeks pregnant.

And— surprise, surprise—- the pregnancy was not planned!

“It was definitely a surprise,” Cory told the magazine, adding that he and Taylor found out about the pregnancy two months ago. (They told Us Weekly that Taylor was on birth control at the time she got pregnant.)

Cory said that it’s been nice knowing from the start that he is the baby’s father, unlike when his first baby mama Cheyenne Floyd was pregnant with their daughter, Ryder, and did not tell him he was the father until after Ryder’s birth. (As you do…)

“Just being there from the day she found out that she’s pregnant and knowing that it was mine, I knew that I was going to have to step up,” Cory said. “It’s exciting for me. It’s gonna be a lot, but I’m excited. I never went to an ultrasound, you know? I never went to the doctor’s appointments to see her check-ups and things like that. So for me, this is like my first baby almost, as weird as that sounds.”

Cory met Taylor when they were both filming Ex on the Beach Season 1 in 2017. They dated on and off for years, before getting back together in February. 

After making the baby announcement to Us Weekly, Cory took to Instagram to reveal his feelings about the unexpected pregnancy.

“I’ve been debating on what to say and how to exactly say it, and I found that I just want to talk from the heart quick,” he wrote. “I’m excited to say that YES Taylor is pregnant! Ryder is going to be a big sister, o boyyy

“I also wanted to let you guys know that we weren’t trying to have a baby right now, but sometimes God puts things into your life that you don’t really understand at the time but it’s always turns out to be a bigger blessing,” he continued.

“An unplanned pregnancy? Well, buddy, you sure are on the right show!”

“I’m really excited to share this journey with you guys. All that I ask from you guys is respect for Taylor, respect for me and most importantly respect for the baby,” Cory wrote. “All that I want is a healthy baby that is brought into a very positive environment and surround by good energy and love. The same way that I am raising Ryder. This is a very exciting time for mine and Taylor’s families. Never did I think by 28 I would have two children but here we are.

“I know I probably didn’t answer everybody’s questions I’ll be going live today at some point. I also want everyone to head over to @usweekly listen to the interview that we did with them we answer a lot of your guys questions. Be safe my people love you guys and baby number two.”

While Cory and Taylor are excited for the pregnancy, not everyone was. During a Instagram Live session Cory and Taylor did on Wednesday, fans sent their well wishes to the couple; however, one girl accused Cory of trying to cheat with her in the time that Taylor has been pregnant. (This is, of course, unconfirmed.) 

In a screenshot (obtained by The Ashley and used with permission from @jaychallenge_) a woman named Samantha accused Cory of trying to hook up with her while he was in Buffalo, New York. (From what The Ashley can tell, Cory was in Buffalo for an event on August 9.)

“Should I be like ‘Was she pregnant while you tried hooking up with me while you were in Buffalo?” the girl wrote in the Live’s chat. “Or when you sent me dick vids, or when you wanted me to come to NYC and come to your hotel room?” 

Cory– who had been following Samantha on Instagram up until that comment was posted— quickly unfollowed her.

Stay tuned— The Ashley hears this is about to get a lot more interesting…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)

47 Responses

  1. I never liked Cory, this won’t last. At least he takes his father responsibilities seriously it seems.

    But still I think he is not ready to settle down, he will just keep on having babies with random women.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I am so glad Cheyenne has nothing to do with this mess.

  3. Her stomach looks too big to only be 11 weeks. Maybe shes sticking it out on purpose. And how tf do you “accidentally” get pregnant…on bc???? Bull?

  4. Every time I see Taylor’s last name (Selfridge), I say Selfish without even thinking. The resemblance of the two words is uncanny!

  5. Where was this when I was young and pregnant??? I supported myself and my twins ALL ALONE!!! No help monetarily from any show, no help from family, just hard work and Perseverance. Something these people will never know!! Grow up and quit making babies…and for GODS SAKE cut that kid Lux’s hair he already has his looks against him

    1. Why the hell would anyone downvote a comment like this? Not just once but THREE times!!!

      What you did is commendable, and I applaud you for it!!! ????????

  6. The number of young moms on these shows who claim they got unexpectedly pregnant while on birth control is statistically impossible. Someone call in the research team, we have a mystery to solve here!!!!

    1. Oh I know. They all say they got pregnant on birth control. Or Kail who says she was told she couldn’t have anymore kids and then miraculously got pregnant with Lux like two months later. Whatever ladies.

    2. Great point. Probably the vast majority of girls in went to college with were sexually active. Number of girls that left college due to pregnancy: ZERO (wasn’t a huge college so the rumor mill was pretty active). We all knew the stakes were too high so we were EXTREMELY careful with our birth control regiment.

  7. 1. Like the posting of his manbits on IG, this baby was no accident, they’re both fame hungry.

    2. Cory’s a prick for saying it feels like his first baby when he has Ryder. Even if he feels that way, he should have kept it to himself.

    3. Buffalo girl probably wasn’t his first attempt and she certainly won’t be his last.

    4. They’ll break up inside a year of the baby’s birth and Taylor will be the polar opposite of Cheyenne when it comes to co-parenting.

    1. I’m not defending Cory on the comment he made, but apparently Cheyenne didn’t tell him early on in the pregnancy. I could see where going to ultrasounds and doctor appointments would feel new even though he has Ryder.

  8. Cory Is in need of fame so he’ll take any and everything. I feel sorry for him it’s hard when u starting with nothing and end up with nothing. He’ll deal with anything because he has no standards. But he’s only doing what everyone who wants to be famous does just like then women he deal with it’s all because he wants to be famous and they may have seen him on TV even tho he loss everytime a little bit is better then nothing. Birds of a feather flock together.

  9. Ah! More of the Cory show. He just used Cheyanne for mmore tv time. He was with Taylor long before Cheyanne and she created this big love story when she didn’t even know he was the father until after their daughter was born. It made Cheyanne look desperate. Both Taylor and Cheyanne are beautiful and could do much better than his attention seeking self loving ass. Now we gotta see more Cory and hear about Cory on every teen mom episode .

  10. I thought teen mom’s was about prevention from pregnancies. They get paid a lot of money I hope teens don’t think it’s as Rosey as they have it !!!!

  11. I really do feel for Cheyenne. I think it’s obvious that deep down she really loves him and wants to be with him. But now Taylor’s pregnant, and even when she and Cory break up (note, I said WHEN not IF) he will still be out here sticking his dick in every girl he meets. I think he likes the attention he gets from his relationships with both Cheyenne and Taylor, and he exploits that. I also think Taylor is using their relationship to become more famous, cause she never would have got paid by US Weekly to release an exclusive maternity shoot and interview if Cory wasn’t the father. Trust me, they’ll be milking this for all they can get out of it

  12. These are the two that admitted to the fact that they NEVER said, “I love you” to each other too!!! And now, they’re having a kid!!

  13. WOW. Poor Cheyenne. I think deep down she really thought she would be able to give him time to play the field and then he would come back to her and they would have more adorable babys and the whole house and white picket fence.
    I think deep down Taylor could sense the chemistry between them and knew the only way to stop the inevitable break up was a TRAP BABY!
    I believe this Buffalo Samantha. I don’t think Corey was ready to settle and he LOVES the attention.
    Too much shade about this being his “first” experience. Another kick in the guts to Cheyenne.
    I hope the baby is healthy. I’m not getting my hopes up for much else. I see this almost flawless co=parenting relationship turning to shit now.

  14. Why are people always having babies with relationships that won’t last for more than a year after the baby is born???? People need to stop spreading their seed ?

  15. Why the hell don’t these Hood Rats know how to prevent pregnancy? It’s that milky white stuff Cory and Taylor. More kids being brought into dysfunctional relationships.

  16. Also, hope another ooopsie baby means he won’t be appearing on The Challenge anymore…he’s so obnoxious and seriously the worst.

  17. at least now we don’t have to sit through a constant interrogation with corey & cheyenne about getting back together. cheyenne blushing to death. corey denying the shit out of her.

  18. Suurrrrreee she was on birth control…. ???
    Still didn’t want to use condoms I see…
    These guys just love popping out babies for ratings and to secure spots on a show called “Teen Mom.”
    Plus. Pretty messed up how he calls this “first baby…”
    He could have left that between the two of them and not share it with everyone. Whether Cheyenne cares about that or not, it’s still pretty messed up to say something like that and make it like Cheyenne’s pregnancy was less meaningful. What a d*ck

      1. And he didnt say this is OUR first child TOGETHER. It sounds like Ryders just there, like some redheaded stepchild…like I said before, a simple we’re pregnant and excited! We can wait to meet you! Would’ve been a much better response than the announcement he came up with. Less is more, and he just said way too much.

    1. I agree.

      I am pro-Corey, but ONLY when it comes to the fact that he is a good father. He could’ve been like some of these guys, who when they find out they’re a father (or POSSIBLY a father) turn and run with their tails between their legs because the word RESPONSIBILITY flashes in their heads. But he didn’t, and for that I commend him.

      However, he is quite piggish/COCKy. And he does need to grow up. But when it comes to MTV, piggish/COCKy+drama=ratings. So, unless he gets out of the entertainment world, I don’t see that happening.

    1. This family seems like a drama-free group to me. I mean, everybody gets along and Cheyenne and Corey co-parent well together. They truly are the ONLY people I like watching (I fast forward through all the other segments.

      I actually wish MTV would pull them from the show, cancel TMOG and give them their own show.

  19. Unplanned, suuuure. Maybe on Corey’s part lol!
    Cheyenne must be pissed. She soo desperarely wanted to have more kids (possibly with Corey). Wonder how she’s gonna react… Another tantrum like when Corey started dating Taylor?

  20. I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. Do not nut inside, I haven’t done that since 6th grade and my mailbox is empty on fathers day. #showyourwork #nobabymamadrama

    1. Probably not.

      But I have serious reservations about these cheating allegations. I’m not saying that he’s not capable of cheating, but something just feels very “15 minutes of fame”-ish about it.

  21. Well…Cheyenne always said she wanted Ryder to have a sibling close in age…I just don’t think she thought Corey would be the one to give it to her lol…

    on another note…I don’t like what Corey said about it being his “first” baby, and the “healthy” baby thing…I’m probably reading too much into it, but it seems like he’s shading the hell outta Cheyenne and Ryder. Just say we’re having a baby, and we’re excited, and leave it at that.

    1. I took it as he was throwing shade at Cheyenne. But I can also kinda see where he’s coming from. He’s experiencing all this for the first time, just poorly worded. Drama Drama Drama

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    She definitely looks further along than 11 weeks.. i‘d guessed almost double the weeks..

    1. Totally agree! Unless she is really arching her back and sticking her stomach out to get the “perfect” shot. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and I looked like that a few weeks ago…

  23. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Ugh sadly it’s hard to dismiss drama like that comment when he admits he sleeps with everyone.

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