Think You Know the ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise? Take The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom’ A-Z Quiz

From Teen Mom OG to Teen Mom 2, let’s see how much you know about the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise and its stars!

Below are 26 Teen Mom-related questions, with answers for each question beginning with the next letter of the alphabet! (Full disclosure: The Ashley got the idea for this quiz after taking Buzzfeed‘s Friends-themed A-Z quiz!) 

Take the quiz below, and let The Ashley know on Twitter or Instagram how you did!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


    1. Ok, I’m relieved someone did better than me 🤪. I never knew Amber worked – I guess she didn’t last long at Wendy’s. And I haven’t watched in awhile so I had no clue what the R stood for in Cheyenne’s sister’s name.

  1. I didn’t even finish the quiz after about 4 questions because I found to not know any of the answers, and I am ok with that.

      1. I was starting to get concerned about my obsession with this show until I took this quiz. Soooooo happy I got a low score!!!!

  2. Has anyone seen the post about the duck that has a messed up bill from Dog Murderer and the Ex-Teen Monster Mom?

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