10 More of the Hardest ‘Teen Mom’-Themed “Would You Rather?” Questions Ever: Play Now!

“Y’all are just evil!”

Back in March, The Ashley brought you her own version of the classic elementary school game “Would You Rather?” which forced her readers to choose one of two impossibly hard, Teen Mom-themed scenarios. Since then, Roundupers have been asking The Ashley to, again, look into her demented mind and come up with more ridiculous “Would You Rather?” questions.

The Ashley is proud to present… “Would You Rather? The ‘Teen Mom’ Edition Part II!”

Take the quiz below, and choose between two impossibly hard scenarios!

42 Responses

  1. How is it even possible to answer the question of marrying Adam va Matt? I did an eeney meenie miney moe on that one. Lol

  2. Sorry, had to back out at the marrying Matt or Adam question. Nope, nope, and nope, don’t even care if it’s only hypothetical ?

  3. Oh ho ho, the marry to Adam or Matt was the worst. They are both just so terrible. Is there really a right answer or you should included celibacy as an answer.

    1. I chose to marry Adam as he’s so afraid of commitment I would never have to see him again. Whereas Matt is such a leech he would ry to take everything I own and pass it off as ‘ours’ yuck

  4. I’m surprised more people didn’t go with Matt’s dirty sock before food. It would certainly curb my appetite and it would probably be a good weight loss program!

    1. I was thinking that too. But two things…. we don’t know how bad his feet stink and I bet they’re REALLY bad and 2nd I have a REALLY strong sense of smell so it would be torture. ?

  5. Proving exactly how unbelievably daft these girls are; Brianna and Kail getting major plastic surgery, then immediately knocked up. Stupid, stupid girls.

  6. I want to know peoples reasoning for choosing to marry matt…any responses as to him more than Adam? lol

    1. I would rather marry Matt. I don’t have any money for him to swindle from me so no worries there, as far as I know he doesn’t get tanked and go driving to destroy cars, I will never have to listen to his workout routine, I can finally get dogs because there will be someone here during the day to open the door to let them out (I’ll train them all – Matt included), I wouldn’t have to deal with Chelsea’s whiny baby voice at all, Matt doesn’t have douchebag hair or annoying tattoos, Adam looks like her perpetually smells and that would give me the permanent dry heaves, and honestly I think Matt is better looking (better looking – not good looking mind you) so if I have to marry one of them I’d rather give my eyes as much of a break as possible.

        1. But is it though? You never know when Adam is going to go on another bender and drive into a brick wall or something.

    2. I picked Matt too. Adam to me is the absolute worst of all the guys ever on Teen Mom and he repulses me beyond belief. Matt I feel like I could control. I wouldn’t let him touch my money, etc. and I’m smarter than him and tricker than him, so he’d never get to use his slimeball tactics on me. He’d be like a roommate or an older brother (hey it said I have to marry him, not sleep with him or talk to him, or…..). Without access to my money he’d surely leave sooner than later, so he was my pick.

    3. I picked Matt too (sadly). I think they’re both disgusting, but I find Adam so humorless, I would have to kill him in his sleep. At least Matt has moments of (pretending) being a good time.

    4. Adam is currently on meth. He ain’t quitting anytime soon

      I guess I have more faith in Matt getting/staying sober than Adam

    5. I chose Matt bc I have BEEN married to an Adam type for 8 years (drugs, anger management, etc. No DUIs or vehicular manslaughters yet tho) I’m getting out and don’t want to be around that angry of a person. Matt is more passive-aggressive, that is very annoying but I could handle it. I don’t mind a Boston accent either.

  7. To The Ashley staff: thanks for making me laugh! I have a rough couple months, so the snarky satire is appreciated.

    PS I can’t wait to play your game.

    1. I’ve been suffering from a depression for the last year, the snark and comedy really helped me through the darkest time. Only thing that could make me laugh 🙂
      (Doing a hell lot better btw)

    1. I chose Adam, solely based on the fact he has less children, so is less of a crappy “dad” then Matt is. Basically it’s choosing between a turd and diarrhea. They both stink the place up, but one is a little less of a mess than the other 😉

      1. I chose Adam based on his track record with loyalty and commitment. He’d dissapear quickly where Matt clings like a barnacle.

        Also I feel like I’ve had Chelsea’s messy hair for the better part of a decade due to my kids not letting me have nice things.

  8. I think the toughest one to answer was making a sex tape with Matt and Kieffer or having a blow up sex doll attached to my chest for the rest of my life. I think I’d rather shoot myself over having to do either one of those.

    1. It didn’t specify that you have to be the one….receiving. That’s what I told myself when I chose that option. It made me feel slightly better.

    2. I chose the blow up sex doll. A sex tape with Keiffer I could have survived, but Matt… No. Just no. Anything but that basically.

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