‘Big Brother 19’ Episode 15 Recap: Week 4 Eviction & the Next Curse is Revealed

Gather ’round! Let’s all do the eviction dance!

It’s another live eviction on Big Brother 19, and once again Cody and Jessica have a target, but Paul wants the rest of the house to flip against them. It’s only Week 4 and we’re already in repeats. WTF.

But in addition to Ramses or Josh being evicted, this episode finally reveals the next Curse that was released by last week’s Den of Temptation. Will it change anything or is Paul still in total control of everything?

After the Power of Veto ceremony there isn’t much to add that wasn’t in the last episode. Josh is pretending to be sad with over-the-top tears, Paul and his minions (Alex, Jason, Kevin, Matt, Raven and Christmas) are all on-board with his plan to blindside Ramses; while Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena are all being kept in the dark.

Paul worries that Mark and Elena are too close to Jessica and Cody, and this is making him turn against them. Mark completely trusts Jessica and Cody, but Cody doesn’t trust him at all. Mark makes the mistake of telling Paul that he and Cody have a clean slate.

Mark is trying to bridge the gap between Paul and Cody, but it backfires when Mark talks about not liking a pair who just stay neutral and don’t do anything. If they’re not causing drama, they’re just taking up space!

Paul immediately knows that he’s talking about Matt and Raven. He then runs to those two and tells them what Mark said, turning them against Mark. Raven tries to act like she’s not a passive, weak player.

Kevin reveals to us that he’s only on-board with this plan because he doesn’t want to rock the boat for now. Jessica confides in Kevin that she did win the Temptation, saying that it’s better than Paul’s and it can keep her and Cody safe for four weeks. In exchange for her kindness and to cover his own butt, he decides to warn Jessica that the vote is flipping and Ramses is going to be evicted.

Jessica tells Cody about the flip and she’s furious with herself for not seeing this coming. She thinks Paul is behind this, trying to rally the house against them. (She’s right about Paul being behind this, but she’s wrong thinking that the flip is just happening now.)

Jessica and Cody try to secure the votes, but other than Mark and Elena, no one is very committal. Cody essentially threatens Jason, and Jason wants to go to war.

Ramses hopes that they keep him and reminds them that he can help them. He asks them if they really want to be in the jury house with Josh. Josh says he has everyone’s backs except for the meatballs.

Soon, it’s time to vote…

Cody votes to evict…Josh
Jason votes to evict…Ramses
Alex votes to evict…Ramses
Mark votes to evict…Josh
Elena votes to evict…Josh
Kevin votes to evict…Ramses
Matt votes to evict…Ramses
Raven votes to evict…Ramses
Christmas votes to evict…Ramses
Paul votes to evict…Ramses

With that, Ramses is evicted 7-3! The poor kid isn’t even surprised when he gets the boot.

Mark and Elena seem genuinely shocked. Josh pretends to be shocked, but it looks like Ramses, Cody and Jessica kind of saw it coming. Ramses knows that Paul is running the show and he claims that he tried to campaign, but he couldn’t break into the friendships made earlier in the game. His strategy was to be friends with everyone and his ride-or-die was Jillian, and that obviously backfired.


Goodbye Messages: Jessica apologizes for Ramses being a casualty of her bad game play. Kevin is very sweet and Ramses even tears up.

The HGs were shown images of tattooed evicted HGs to study and it’s time for a simple true or false quiz. People are failing fast and after only five questions, everyone is out except for Paul, Matt and Raven. Matt and Raven both miss the sixth question which means…Paul is the new HoH!

Sigh, another Paul HoH. Surely this will make people realize he’s a threat, right?

Jessica has the Halting Hex, so if he puts her or Cody on the block, it will be used and this week won’t matter. Or he’ll put Mark and Elena on the block, even though they both trust him.

Afterward, Julie Chen talks to the HGs. When she asks Jessica how she feels, Jessica says, in front of everyone, that she’s happy that America gave her the Temptation that will keep her and Cody safe. AMAZING!!!

And in the final moments, we see Paul trying to claim that Ramses had the $25,000 (even though he knows Kevin has it) and that this wasn’t a move against Jessica and Cody. (Um…it totally was.) Paul actually calls Ramses by Cameron‘s name, which is funny.
Julie also reveals to us a new twist for the next three weeks: the Temptation Competition. HGs can choose if they want to play or not. The winner receives immunity, but last place is automatically put on the block as a third nominee. Will anyone actually play in it? We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!

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  1. Hamsterwatch tells you everything you want to know, as it’s happening.

    I think I’m too old for this shit anymore. It’s not even fun to hate watch…

    1. Agreed. This show is sooo tired. I feel bad TA watches it for us 🙁
      Next season should just be a bunch of self-involved dbags with six pack abs, standing in a circle, beating a dead horse while rubbing each other’s genitals with a tennisball on the end of a broom stick.

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