‘Unexpected’ Star McKayla Adkins is Back Together with Baby Daddy Caelan Morrison; Says Ex-Boyfriend Josh is Spreading Lies About Her Online

“What kind of person takes their drama to social media? Oh, wait…”

McKayla Adkins is giving things another go with baby daddy Caelan Morrison after splitting from her boyfriend Josh earlier this month. 

According to Starcasm, the Unexpected star has confirmed that she and Caelan—the father of her two children—are back together and that Caelan is “a completely different person” now. 

“All in favor of giving Caelan a parenting participation ribbon, raise your hand!”

As you may recall, McKayla and Caelan’s relationship has been rocky to say the least, with the couple breaking up shortly before the birth of their second child, daughter Gracelynn, earlier this year. In March, Caelan took to social media complaining that McKayla was refusing to let him see the kids. (Though he and his family were ultimately allowed to spend some time with the children a week later.) 

A month prior, McKayla accused Caelan of spanking their son Timothy “so hard that I had to scream at him.” She said their argument ended in Caelan saying that he planned to sign his parental rights away. Before Gracelynn’s birth, McKayla told a fan on Twitter that despite having full custody, she “would never” stop Caelan from seeing his kids. 

“This is what the face of drama looks like, folks.”

While Caelan’s parenting skills may have come into question in the past, McKayla said Caelan is really putting in the effort this time around. 

“Caelan is there for his kids now and he’s kind,” she told Starcasm. “He’s there for me and he’s proven to me that he really wants to put in some effort and be a good day and boyfriend.” 

Regardless of Caelan’s improvement, McKayla said the two are still “taking things slow and getting to know one another again.” 

“We are working through our issues,” she added. “I’m proud of Caelan and where he is now. People need to give him more credit.” 


Just weeks ago, McKayla revealed that she and Josh, her boyfriend of six months, were no longer together. She confirmed the news on her YouTube channel, claiming at the time that “it just wasn’t a good time” for her to be in a relationship given her recent struggle with her mental health. However, now that she and Caelan are back together, McKayla said Josh is “a 24-year-old acting like a teenager.” 

“He’s keeping up with my life online and commenting on anything he can for whatever reason,” she said. “He’s spreading lies about me and Caelan on the Internet, once again for attention. I feel disgusted that I even gave this person a chance. He was self-centered and insensitive. That’s even more noticeable now. Maybe one day he’ll move on and grow up.”  

Josh defended his actions, telling Starcasm, “Nothing I ever said was a lie.”

He also told the site that TLC made him multiple offers to be on ‘Unexpected’ but he didn’t want the attention so instead, he “countered with an unrealistic offer of $50,000.” 

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

“ … the only way I would consider doing [the show] was if they gave me enough to pay off my student loans and have some spending money left over,” he told the site. “They weren’t very fond of my offer.” 

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25 Responses

  1. It won’t last unless McKayla can get her IUD taken out and get pregnant again. She wants to keep being relevant on TLC’s unexpected and the ONLY way she can ACHEIVE that is to get pregnant once again. Caelan will be history before Easter 2020.
    Caelan is an A-hole just like his baby Mama. They deserve each other.

  2. Wow, meet Karma McKayla, she’s sharpening her nails for you as we speak. Caelen should have moved on to a much better, more mature girl. He has potential to find someone that’s not mentally unstable and heartless.

  3. How is Grandpa Tim doing? I heard he is in very poor health due to drinking. That man is a saint for putting up with Mckayla.

  4. Pregnancy announcement in 3..2..1…

    Just can’t seem to figure out how that keeps happening. Also I wonder if she will decide that Shelly is suddenly fit to grandmother the children now that she’s back with Caelan.

    1. I can tell you how it keeps happening…he can’t keep it in his pants and she can’t keep her legs closed.

      If she does wind up pregnant again, I hope Caelan has sense enough to get a DNA test. Especially with how easy it seems for her to pick up a sidepiece. If I were him, I’d have SERIOUS reservations about paternity!!

  5. Well, how long will it be before Caelan does something else and he’s in the dog house again? I’m sure her former BF is probably correct with all his comments on social media. She hasn’t changed. It’s laughable that she claims Josh is a 24 yr old acting like a teenager now that that he’s figured out he messed up dating the likes of her. She on the other hand only wanted some booty time for her B-day and let Caelan watch the kids for that weekend so that he (Caelan) KNEW McKayla was going to a hotel with a guy that made her feel so good about herself.
    She changes like the wind. Disgusting. Josh….you’re smart. You dodged a HUGE bullet by not continuing to date this flake.

  6. Busy girl. Two children, one of whom she birthed earlier this year, and she found time to have a boyfriend for the past 6 months. Did she and Josh hook up as she was leaving the maternity ward? Wishing the best for McKayla and Caelan, and especially the innocent children they brought into their dysfunctional situation.

    1. She was “talking” to him while pregnant but didn’t hook up until “after” the baby was born lol
      Sure Jan!!

  7. CAELAN – RUN!
    McKayla just can’t be alone. She is using you mate. I feel sorry for Caelan’s poor mother Shelly who is probably rolling her eyes and shaking her head at this latest update. Caelan just needs to get some court ordered visitation and stay the hell away from her. She will be pregnant again before Christmas – watch…….
    Her grandparents don’t help. She has huge abandonment issues and is spoiled rotten.

  8. When I glanced at this headline I read it as “Unprotected” instead of “Unexpected” and I think that would also be a good name for one of these teen pregnancy shows.

    1. Why promote teen pregnancy with a tv show at all? It seems to me like it make young people think, “hey, I can get rich quick. All I gotta do is get knocked up at 15, 16, 17, etc.”

      I mean, enough already!!

  9. Everybody has issues but you MaCkayla. Calean improvers according to you but did you improve yourself? Let me guess you are going to move from your grandparents house. Move for the 5th time. The house lay reason your back with him is because you are broke and you want to make YouTube videos with him. I guess he will do what’ she wants til she leaves him for another man again.m
    Kail let Penny die. She probably let Bear die too. Instead of spending her money on him. Poor dogs.

  10. Girl, YOU need to give him more credit. She and her family are the only ones publicly trashing him. Everyone else is on his side. As much as I hope for the kids’ sake these tweens get it together and work it out, I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in their relationship. I do hope the next split is a civil one, one though.

  11. I know people hate her but I like them together. She just needs to grow up and stop depending on her grandparents ??‍♀️

  12. Like I said with her last big announcement. Caelan better keep his distance from this twisted sister. I’m just waiting for her 3rd child announcement

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