Andrew Glennon Calls Out ‘Teen Mom’ Advertisers; Says They’re “In Full Support of Domestic Violence in the Presence of a Minor”

“Looking at you, advertisers!”

Amber Portwood‘s baby daddy Andrew Glennon has resurfaced after a brief social media hiatus— and this time, he pointed his anger at something other than his ex: the Teen Mom advertisers!

Andrew, who shares one-year-old son James with Amber, hit Instagram on Tuesday night to express his frustration with MTV– the network that airs ‘Teen Mom OG’— and the advertisers that keep the show on the air.

Before posting a list of some of the companies that reportedly advertise during the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, Andrew wrote, “These corporations apparently are in full support of domestic violence in the presence of a minor…”

Andrew expressed his frustration last month after The Ashley announced that the ‘Teen Mom’ producers and Viacom had decided not to fire Amber after a series of disturbing audio clips were leaked. In his posts from Tuesday, he seemed to be referring to the part of The Ashley’s story in which The Ashley’s production source told her that those associated with ‘Teen Mom’ “want to show her redemption story.”

“‘Redemption story’ to look forward to: 1) not hitting those who love you 2) not using drugs daily 3) loving and respecting children. 4) Ending all psychological abuse …. hope it plays for camera.” 

Amber and Andrew are currently in a bitter custody battle for James. In August, Andrew filed a notice to the court that he planned to relocate (presumably back to his home state of California). In September, Amber filed an objection to Andrew (and James) relocating.

In his Instagram postings on Tuesday, Andrew gave his followers an update on his son.

“In other news, James has blossomed into the most loving and outgoing little man,” Andrew wrote. “At the park now and the amount he has progressed is not easily put into words. Exponentially brilliant.”


Later, Andrew posted another message that called the producers/network/companies out for profiting off of his pain. (As ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans know, Amber was arrested in July and hit with several serious charges, including Domestic Battery and Domestic Battery in the Presence of a Child. Amber talked about the arrest briefly on the recent ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion special.)

“Is it morally sound and socially acceptable to capitalize on domestic violence and spousal abuse?” Andrew wrote on Instagram. “If so where is the line? Is there a line? What message is that for our children? For the future showrunners and the creators of tomorrow’s entertainment?

“The silent witnesses are just as guilty as the perpetrators,” he continued. “This goes back to a question a great professor posed to the class in film school @UCLA: ‘Are we, as creators of content, morally responsible for what we put out there?’ My answer is the same only stronger now, ‘Absolutely.'”

Amber has yet to respond publicly to Andrew’s latest posts.

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62 Responses

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! Knowing what I do now about his past relationship history, all I hear in those tapes is somebody who was not only trying to gaslight Amber, but the listening public too. It’s clear as day! He was also seen on the show, in several episodes actually, eagerly talking about his desire to have more children with her (and wanting her to get pregnant sooner rather than later), then starts making claims that Amber was a terrible & abusive mother to James all along. If that’s truly the case, why would he want more kids with her then? I know my opinion is an unpopular one but Andrew Glennon has shady written all over him. I just wish more people could see it.

  2. And honestly, why is Amber even trying to fight for custody? She’s never taken care of that baby. I bet if you put up a lineup of 10 1-year-old babies, she wouldn’t be able to pick him out. She’s too proud and too delusional to understand that the only way James can have a good life is if she takes herself out of the picture.

  3. What do you mean why can’t he move on? He has to make sure his son is taken care of. He has court dates coming up. so what the hell are you talkin about? He wants to take James and move back to California where he will have the support of his family. So he is trying to move on but he has to wait until the court has made decisions.

  4. I’m not team either Andrew or Amber… but there is something off with this dude. He was working on a show where he could see her whole psycho being right before his eyes. And she isn’t hard to google. So knowing her history and they way he had these so convenient recordings WHERE HE SOUNDS LIKE HE IS COMPLETELY BAITING HER… I call BS on him. I feel like he was/is just as equally as abusive as she is… he just isn’t as shockingly vulgar about it and is more that snake in the grass type. Down votes and unpopular opinion whatever… something just isn’t right with him. And also David Eason is the worst of all time and deserves everything horrible in this world.

  5. Isn’t James barely over the age of 1? What’s he doing at the park while Andrew sits on his phone writing all of this? It couldn’t wait til naptime or bedtime? Focus on your kid, dude, and let everything else play out on its own. Honestly, I think he’s a narcissist. Not an Amber fan and not excusing her, she is a HORRIBLE person, but this dude is whack, too. The more he speaks the more he reveals about his own nature. It’s unpopular opinion, I know, but there’s something off with him. Has he even made his own money since being with Amber? Compare him to Cole, who appears to be a normal, healthy partner. Nothing seems sincere about Andrew at all.

  6. Amber is a horrible person and is dead wrong in all of this, but I just can’t wrap my head around WTF he was thinking initiating a relationship with a DOCUMENTED psycho, and bringing an innocent child into this world with said psycho??…That’s like someone willingly getting into a relationship with David Eason when he and Jenelle break up. Amber didn’t even want to take care of Leah, she always wanted to sit on the couch and cry about how insane she is (Leah even said Matt was the only one that played with her when she went to Ambers house), and Andrew still made a baby with this psycho that doesn’t even have custody of her 1st kid. Andrew doesn’t deserve any of this, but it’s almost like he created his own storm and is now mad that it’s pouring. Amber has issues that no amount of “sparkling love” can cure…but keep speaking your truth Andrew.

  7. This is COMPLETELY UNRELATED, but since there haven’t been any Maci posts I’ll put it on this since it’s at least the most recent OG post.

    I watched the movie Tall Girl on Netflix the other day and I thought the girl had an uncanny resemblance to Maci Bookout. Just like a giant version of her. Just curious if anybody else thought the same, because it really distracted me from the

  8. I find it interesting that she has to make an appearance at the next hearing. “Defendant to be here next hearing if planning in resolving case.” Is what it states on the court documents. Does this mean that she is making a plea deal? It seems like the evidence is stacked against her and the only way she might be able to avoid going back to gel would be to strike a deal. Maybe a suspended sentence with anger management etc. and community service, supervised visitation possibly? Why else would MTV be willing to film a “redemption story”? They can’t film her in prison.

    1. I don’t think Amber deserves any type of deal. She blew her second chance. Throw the book at her this time.

  9. Some of the people who almost begged Andrew to stop posting on social media are absolutely team Andrew and are genuinally worried his actions will be held against him in court.

  10. Good for you Andrew, I’m glad to see you taking a stand and protecting your child from that Monster of a Mother!

  11. People saying Andrew should just shut up makes me wonder… Would it be the same reaction if it happened to a woman? He suffered in silence for a looooong time, covered her ass and tried to help her in many ways, contacting her therapist and getting educated on mental illness for instance. He’s had enough, reached a breaking point and is vocal about it. But in many peoples opinion he’s gone too far. But if a woman did it everyone would be like yeah tell ’em sister, spread the word, you’re sooo strong etc. Also, a male abuser would have been booted from the show immediately. Why don’t we get to see David’s redemption story? Not that I would watch that ape lol. But Amber’s not any better than him, just a female.

  12. Amber’s scenes are so dull, sits on the couch except for 1 or 2 episodes where she drops off “Booboo” in Gary’s front yard. Replace her with someone who takes more than 17 steps a day, it will be more entertaining.

  13. Andrew profited from the show too.

    There’s more power in changing the channel rather than calling out advertisers.

    Ratings keep the show going, advertisers come and go.

    Look at jenelles failing eyebrow kit. Doesn’t matter who promoted it, the lack of sales will end it.

    1. Jenelle’s failing eyebrow kit came because people contacted the company and complained not only because of the cheap product but for supporting Jenelle after killing Nugget and the children being taken away at the time.

      It makes a big difference when advertisers are contacted by society with their disappointment in these situations.

      1. Unfortunately if those kits were selling another promoter would have stepped in for the profit.

        Yes, it helps to call and it can make things difficult but its all about the cash.

  14. I can’t stand when people call out the advertisers with allegations that they “support domestic violence” as if the advertisers sit there and watch every single show they advertise on…its stupid. I get asking advertisers to pull out based on domestic violence but how about making them aware of it first. I’m sure Taco Bell execs arent sitting around a table watching teen mom episodes and discussing how they love to support domestic abuse.

  15. Get it out there Andrew! You’re in the “industry” (as Ambien calls it). Let it be known. MTV and the sponsors support domestic violence. It’s sick and it’s sad! And we need to boycott those sponsors!! Get this out there!!!!

  16. I friggin believe him these shows are pathetic, they will do anything to sell a show multiple kids by different men child abuse drug abuse alcohol abuse teenmomog teenmom2 my ass shut it down an maybe they will grow up an know what the real world is work til you die

  17. Amber is gonna get away with whatever she did to him and that’s why he’s mad now. LoL ??‍♀️ He’ll have to share custody and he’s gonna lose out on her

    1. Nothing funny about domestic violence.
      If it were amber being abused, there would be out cry in getting Andrew jailed.

      She should pay for what she has done.

    1. He is right. MTV cares about money this franchise makes. I don’t watch it anymore. He is frustrated that No one is holding her accountable.

  18. My bro does have a point. He was beaten like a rented mule, like a red headed stepchild, like Rihanna, like a budget-rent-a-car, like it owned you money, like Rocky Balboa, like a 14 year olds wiener, like a Hong Kong protester. Where is the justice?

  19. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (token) *]
    Ohh that boys triggered!

    Here’s the thing, if he’s going to harass every employer Amber has either present and or in the future via social media, how is she supposed to pay the child support and legal fees he’s filed for? D’oh!

    And when is he going to quit talking Amber and using his son for a pity party.

  20. What drugs was Amber doing in the cupboard?? I keep reading this but with no explanation. I must’ve missed something.
    I feel like Andrew didn’t mean for everything to move so fast. He was hooking up with this chick (and Amber is good at playing the victim and seeming sweet) and then next minute she’s pregnant and then he was the only one responsible for the baby. He tried to make it work, but could only tolerate so much.
    He’s not a baby He managed without the MTV money before he knocked up Amber – she is the one who will suffer without a job. She has never had too worry about money before. Amber will end up living in a hotel room and dying young 9due to drug or alcohol complications) like her father that she idolised.

    1. Weed… which is okay for someone with their head screwed on straight but people with manic depression shouldn’t use it PERIOD. If you’re on lithium to treat your bipolar mixing it with weed has the effect of magic mushrooms or acid. I’m not an angel and speaking from experience. In my early 20s before MY HEAD was screwed on straight, I smoked a joint with my ex while on my meds. I tripped out BAD. I thought the Carolina Panthers were coming out of the TV to get me and ended up ratting myself out to my stepmom. I called her hysterical to come save me. Amber’s an idiot if she’s smoking weed.

      1. I’m thinking maybe she was smoking something else; her behavior is so outrageous. You could be right, I just think it’s possible she was smoking something a lot worse than weed.

        1. She was/is also abusing pain meds and probably other meds too. Remember when Matt offered Cate a xanax? It is a popular street combo that people abuse pain meds such as vicodin, percocet, or oxycontin and xanax together. Not to mention whatever else she takes and the possible interactions.

        2. I wouldn’t be surprised. I just know weed because I don’t know if it was the cops or Andrew but one of them stated a closet had the strong odor of weed. As I said, dumb. Weed can change a bipolar person’s moods even without meds. Very dangerous for manic depression. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear other drugs are involved. I just don’t know much about abusing pills or street drugs.

          Oh, I am NOT in anyway saying Amber gets a pass for her behavior because weed messed with her head. Not every bipolar person is violent. That’s on her, not her bipolar. I’ve been diagnosed for over a decade and haven’t attacked or abused anyone. I also know I’m not the only person on this site with bipolar that can say that. Amber and her excuses makes all of us look bad and I really wish she would shut up.

  21. While I am team Andrew I don’t think that he’s handling this well. I feel like leaking the recordings and continuing to post stuff like this and bashing amber not only hurt his son, but it has the potential to affect the outcome of everything. James is a baby now but one day he’ll be older and learn how use the computer and will have access to hear/read about all of this will be extremely harmful too him. I feel like the best move is for him to lay low and keep quiet until she’s been sentenced. Once that’s out of the way then go after MTV like a bulldog for the fact that they’re willingly employing a repeated abuser, and allowing children to also be victims of DV on national TV without interfering on their behalf. Get custody sorted out. He needs to be more methodical in his approach to handling this.

    1. I think Andrew is a typical case of “I’ve had enough!” Who knows how long was he covering her ass, who knows how long was he silent?! Yes, it might not benefit his case but in this case, I am glad that he is putting light to the world of abused men. They don’t talk usually because they are afraid people will laugh at them for telling the truth. We need to stop making men not speak out when they are hurt. Why do you think there are so many more suicides among men then women? Because the society expects them to be strong.

  22. My message was literally to Andrew. Whether or not his family has any money it doesn’t mean he has any. He has a sketchy past himself and appears to have not worked in years. That being said he has clearly been the better parent and should retain custody. Abuse is abuse whether by a man or a woman. I make NO excuses for her behavior. I just think he has benefited greatly from her “job”.

    1. Because he was abused and degraded and is now locked in a legal battle, which will be followed by a drawn out custody battle with his abuser, who is mentally unstable and an unfit parent. People should in no way expect him to shut up about it or get over it.

  23. As a survivor of domestic violence, it will never be ok to abuse a partner. I know from personal experience, I wouldn’t have posted about my personal journey for all to read, especially so soon after the incident. The perpetrator in my case was my sons father. After a lot of work, he does have access to my son, who is now 15. That took many, many years. I would hate for my son to be able read hateful and bitter comments that I had written, as despite how much I still hate his Dad, I believe he has changed. Ultimately James, and Leah, will suffer terribly if this slanging match continues. Amber clearly needs support, aside from the domestic violence issues. Whilst trust takes time, I don’t agree that he should be taking James away from her. Supervised visits? Absolutely. Why punish James by not allowing him time with his mum and sister?

  24. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Pointing the finger at creators while he himself worked on a trash show when he met her.

  25. Andrew your going to give up your cash cow! Pretty sure you have benefited greatly from the MTV $$$. Pretty sure you continue to live for free on the MTV $$$. Pretty sure you are going to want Amber to pay a large amount of child support which will be difficult if/when she loses her paycheck.

    1. So you’re okay with loser Amber continuing to make an obscene amount of money, in the face of all the evidence that she’s an abusive pos? In spite of the fact that she attacked Andrew, AND abused that baby?
      Too bad about her paycheck. She can get a real job like the rest of us.

      1. All the realiry networks seem to think anything goes. I would like to see somebody hit them up side their head for promoting DV and aiding and abetting child abuse.

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