‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Arrested for Alleged Felony Domestic Battery Against Andrew Glennon: See the Mugshot & Get Details!

Here we go again…

Amber Portwood‘s 4th of July celebration apparently ended with a boom– literally!

Radar Online broke the news on Friday that the Teen Mom OG star was arrested early Friday morning after Indianapolis police responded to a call to authorities around 3 a.m. for a “disturbance” call.

According to local news source The Indy Channel, “Arriving officers say the male victim told them his live-in-girlfriend assaulted him while he was holding their one-year-old child.”

(Amber’s live-in boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, shares one-year-old James with Amber.)

Amber was preliminary charged with a Level 6 felony domestic battery with a child under 16 present. This is one of the same charges she received a decade ago for assaulting her other baby-daddy Gary Shirley in front of their daughter Leah. This started the legal process that ended with Amber going to prison for 17 months.”

Andrew and Amber in happier times…

A police spokesperson gave a statement to Radar Online with even more information about what allegedly went down at Amber’s house.

“Officers spoke to the male victim, who stated his live-in-girlfriend and he were having a disagreement,” the spokesperson told Radar. “During which time the female, later identified as Amber Portwood, assaulted him, while he was holding their 1-year-old child. Officers spoke to Amber Portwood at the scene. She was subsequently arrested for her alleged actions in this incident.”

Because their son James was allegedly present during the alleged incident, Child Protective Services will be getting involved.

“The police spokesperson also said the case will also be turned over to the Indiana Department of Child Services, ‘as standard procedure on any case where a child was present during an incident,'” Radar reported.

In her newest mugshot offering, Amber looks unhappy, and is wearing little to no makeup. 

Amber’s newest mug…

The Ashley hears that Amber wasn’t scheduled to film last night (or this week), so it’s unlikely there is any footage of the alleged fight that led to the arrest, unlike when she assaulted Gary years ago. However, The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes source tells her that, whenever something this major happens to one of the girls, her crew will head there ASAP.

According to online court records, Amber is still behind bars in Marion County, and currently in the APC (aka Arrestee Processing Center). Her next court hearing is set for Monday, July 8. 

Stay tuned…

UPDATE #1: According to dispatch audio obtained by TMZ, Andrew allegedly sent a text message stating that he believed his life, and the life of his son, was in danger. This reportedly prompted officers to go out to the home that Amber and Andrew share. You can listen to the audio here.

(In case you’re wondering… All counties in Indiana are able to accept text messages to 911. This service has been in effect since 2014.)

UPDATE #2: Amber’s previous victim, Gary, has yet to speak out about Amber’s arrest. In a tweet posted after the news broke on Friday, Gary made it clear that Leah– the daughter he shares with Amber– was not with Amber when the alleged incident went down.

“My prayers are with @AmberLPortwood, Andrew, & most importantly baby James, idk any of the particulars, however I’m thinking of them. And for all the questions and concerns Leah was/is currently camping with her best friend,” he tweeted.

(Photos: Facebook, Instagram, MTV, Indianapolis Police Department, Twitter)


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    Right where she belongs she never deserved that baby she was always crazy

  2. Hope she gets sacked, she is a volatile hotheaded person.

    Dv, shouldn’t be rewarded MTV!!!!!
    If it were one of the fathers, who beat the mom, they quite rightly would be fired, a woman doing the beating, should be treated the same way.


  3. What a wimp. He is only like 7 feet tall or whatever. You want to teach Amber a lesson? Deck her. Some people only respond to that.

  4. The word “Alleged” keeps jumping out at me. Andrew does have a tendency to joke or be a sarcastic POS!!! She warns him to stop so she doesn’t snap!! She probably warned him and he just kept egging her on!!!! As far as the part about James being present, that could be completely false!!! Some (not all) police officers have a tendency to embellish the truth in order to put another notch in their belts/fill a daily quota. The more harsh or worse the “crime” may seem, the better they look!!!

    1. I’m sorry but NOTHING gives you the right to put your hands on another person. After reading your comments on this thread I bet that you’re one of Amber’s family members. Please tell her to grow up and keep her hands off of others.

      1. I’m not a family member, just a fan and a supporter who is rooting for her EVER step of the way!!!!

        1. You need just as much help as her then. You’re trying to explain away her actions. Sorry but nothing ever gives you the right to harm another person. She’s repeating the same behavior as she did with Gary.

          1. I’m not explaining away her mistakes, I’m just giving credit were credit is due. Yes she did the same thing to Gary that she did to Andrew. But at least she is trying to get help. She didn’t do this lashing out thing with Matt (and Lord knows that asshole needed to be lashed out on)!!!! EVERYONE going through a tough time deserves support. The sooner people like you get that through your thick skulls, the better this world would be!!!!

          2. Yes you are. With theory about the cops and about him egging her on. You ARE explaining it away. She has all the support in the world and can afford to go away to a treatment center where she can get better help than most people. You can not help someone who doesn’t help themselves.

            Also her and Matt were both abusive towards one another, it came out in marriage boot camp.

        2. The people that are “helping” her are the reasons she is how she is!!!! And she has explained why she doesn’t seek in patient counseling (she doesn’t want to leave her children). You saw how Leah reacted to her being gone. It took that little girls years to realize that her Mommy wasn’t gonna leave her again. She doesn’t want James to go through that same trauma. That is why she has chosen outpatient therapy and medication. Geez, you people are real fucking ignorant!!!!

          1. So, she rather go to jail and risk going to prison again rather than seek in patient counseling? Gee I wonder what would have more of an affect on her children? I think the drama happening in the news plus the possibility of prison now is having a bigger effect than Amber going away and getting the help that she needs. She is fact putting James through the same trauma as she did with Leah. This is now felony case, she most likely will be going to prison and severing time. So how facing prison time better than in patient?

            Also calling names only proves your argument is weak and unfounded. When people resort to that they have no logic or reason left in a debate. You have a lovely day/night Hannah.

          2. Correction dumbass, “Alleged Felony Assault”. She hasn’t been found guilty of anything!! There is one major difference between outpatient therapy/medication and inpatient treatment. With outpatient therapy/medication you can work the program at your own pace (and with the correct medication it is COMPLETELY doable). Whereas with inpatient treatment you are totally isolated from the people you draw love and support from on a daily basis. Let me ask you this, which would you rather do (go to an inpatient treatment facility where you have no contact with anyone but TOTAL strangers or go to through outpatient therapy/take medication and still get to see the loved ones that you draw love and support from)? The choice seems pretty simple to me!!!!

    2. The word ‘alleged’ is almost always used until someone is found guilty in a court of law. I really don’t think Andrew is the type to contact the police and lie, and say Amber is assaulting him if she really wasn’t. And it was at 3am, chances are, James WAS there! With that loud ass mouth of Amber’s, she was probably flipping out, woke the baby up, and Andrew was holding the baby trying to calm him down when Amber ‘allegedly’ continued to beat the shit out of him.

      1. I’m sure James was in the residents. But if you have ever watched the show, he has slept through her flip outs before. My point is, there are crooked cops out there that will say/do ANYTHING (especially to a famous person) to make themselves look good!!!

      1. IF she did it, no. But it hasn’t been proven. The saying is “innocent until proven guilty”. Just because you read something, doesn’t mean you should take it as the God’s Honest gospel truth!!!

  5. Was hoping that Amber was finally on the right track with a seemingly stable relationship, and appropriate medication for her BPD and other major mental health issues. Unfortunately, having such major mental health issues is a daily and life long management exercise. Sad that she endangered the life of her infant son and significant other, and may have caused the demise of what appeared to be a good relationship. It’s so heartbreaking that all of these innocent children are exposed to such unhealthy and at times, dangerous behavior. Leah was no doubt embarrassed and upset that her mother has been arrested again. Thank goodness Leah lives in a stable and healthy environment with Gary and his wife.

  6. All he had to do was get off of the couch because we all know she wouldn’t actually get up unless her hair was on fire. Maybe not even then……..

  7. Just watch the difference between the courts in IN comparison to the ones in NC. DV and things involving anything with a child present are no joke.

  8. Domestic abusers never change it is something built into them. I don’t know why she gets off so lightly just because she is a woman. She is a serial abuser and needs to be punished harshly.

  9. I’m not surprised, sad to say! She, like Cate & Tyler, is yet another one that can talk the talk, but when it comes time to walk the walk, we’re still waiting! She acts like all her fighting, drama, and craziness is in the past, but it’s always been bubbling right below the surface. Look how she talks in those quickly deleted Instagram live videos she’s posted, and how she flips out on people who (rightfully) call her a shitty mom. She can be on all the medication in the world, but medication doesn’t heal or treat violent tendencies. Hope Andrew finally had enough last night and is getting the fuck out of there with that sweet baby, because you KNOW last night was not the first time she put hands on him! It must’ve gotten pretty bad last night for him to call the cops, knowing what the fallout would be.

  10. Wow. It’s obvious that Amber has some real mental problems. I would hope she gets help. But, this is not a surprise to anyone. She has extreme anger management issues. Wonder if she asks the Judge for Jail again?

  11. I wine was she on her bipolar medication? If she’s not consistently taking her medicine and going to therapy then that’s a true recipe for disaster.

  12. I like to know the blood alcohol level in her, although in the mug shot she doesn’t look trashed. I’m pretty sure my girl was slamming a few Claws before she went HAM on that big bag of oatmeal.

  13. I can’t read all of these comments, but I hope I’m not the only one who isn’t surprised. I never bought her “I’ve changed” act. You could see her boiling under the surface at all times and her random rants were evidence enough, especially the IG live videos.

    1. All I can say is, thank God leah has Kristina and Gary. They have provided excellent, excellent stability and love for her. Leah never seemed to care for amber, she sees right through her act. Amber is unfit and always has been. She has this cringy tough girl attitude that no one is fond of. Grow up!!! You’ve got two kids, tons of money, a house, TV show, no job to report to.. etc. You have hit the lotto in life. Count your blessings amber

  14. How ugly that she thinks it’s okay to assault someone who is holding a baby?? You have to be an ugly, evil monster to hurt a baby that way by attacking someone who is protecting them or caring for them… So disgusting of her.

  15. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Some things never change

  16. I’ve never been quite sure how I feel about Andrew, this kind of gives new light. Andrew made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to marry Amber, maybe this is far from the first physical attack, maybe he’s finally had enough and called the police this time. I don’t watch marriage boot camp , I do believe all the posts that Amber was in full mode.. so what’s up with this guy , is he just nutty?
    This is like a reverse roll deal ( to me) it seems his biological clock is running , he wants babies and finally found someone to give him kids. However, that’s all he wants.
    Andrew doesn’t act like a happy family man, they had all that company for the babies party and the front yard looked like a jungle, hadn’t been mowed in a long time, he’s so unattached as far as a husband role goes.

    1. Amber, you’re not only a bad mom, but an abuser who NEVER changed. What if someone put their hands on Leah or James??? You’re nothing but trash.

  17. Can’t say I’m surprised, it felt like things had been too quiet by her standards.

    Hate to bring up Grampa Matt, but why does he seem to be the only one she hasn’t gone all “real woman” on?!

    1. I’m pretty sure she has… They probably just kept quiet about it and it likely went both ways…

  18. Gotta give her props. She only hits dudes that are bigger than her. Has anyone ever seen her hit a guy that was scrawny?

  19. I am praying for you Amber..And to all the people out their that want to bash her.. Stop its not our place to judge her.. She loves her kids and has a lot going on it seems.. It takes two to push those buttons.Again much love to you Amber and all the TEEN MOM gals I am a fifty year old woman who has been watching these young ladies grow up on tv They inspired my niece Jerrica who got pregnant at 14 who is now 24 and has 3 children and married to their daddy. She learned alot from these young lady’s. So. All my love an support to you Amber.
    Love from this Cincinnati Ohio Fan

  20. Always knew she was still a mean bitach. All her fake tears and “poor mentally ill me” bullshit would bit her on the ass. Bet Janelle is loving this news….

  21. I’m not surprised in the least. Amber is super fake. I knew it wouldn’t be long before her TRUE nasty self came back out. Smh. Dumb bitch.

  22. Andrew must have wanted her to get her behind out of bed before 1:00pm to do something for the baby. Or to get off the couch after 1:15pm to do something for the baby.

    He really should have known better. Amber don’t know nuttin’ ’bout raisin’ no babies.

  23. This makes me sad. I was hopeful Amber was on a better path. I think the worst thing for her is all the time she has on her hands. A job, even one that’s part time, would bring meaningful tasks and structure to her life that she is lacking. She seems to have been losing her mind slowly, with believing she’s like “in the industry” and all? And lots of other recent warning signs. I just hope she can get back on the right track to at least get decent custody time with James. Maybe at least once a week. But if Andrew is smart like I think he might be, he will run and take the lil guy with him

    1. I agree. I thought she seemed so happy and was starting over after all the drama with the last guy. I do believe she has mental health problems and staying at home with a baby all day will only make those problems worse. So sad for the whole family though.

  24. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    She looks fucking crazy in that mugshot, like no remorse whatsoever! Run Andrew and take that sweet baby boy with you!

  25. I’ve questioned whether Andrew is “all there”. On marriage boot camp she was a aggressive, smart ass who acts like she’s the sane one.She picked fights constantly with everyone in the house. How the hell could Andrew (filming behind the camera) want to date Amber? She was batshit crazy on that show so I doubt that Andrew was shocked by Ambers behavior. Amber needs to grow the f up!

  26. Wamber has always been a lazy slob. They all use their mental health as an excuse. End the shows and let these morons find out what it’s like in the real world. So wamber can scream and sweat at jennelle and it’s ok but anyone else does it they are trash. Cait wamber jennelle are pill popping pot smoking losers that need a reality check. They all think they are stars wamber with her do you know who I am yes we do white trash junkie. Cait thinks so highly of herself and her messed up husband that they think mtv should check with them before they hire anyone like wtf? They got blocked from seeing Carly because they couldn’t stick to the rules they agreed upon and then it’s we are victims no you are not. Then they bitch because they don’t see her for two years they are devastated. yet they did buy a damn thing for her their own admission and before anyone says it shouldn’t be about gifts your right but letters cards etc very cheap and free. You don’t do nothing for two years because you screwed up the arrangement. Instead of being adults they basically had a temper tantrum. So explain to the daughter you gave up why you couldn’t be bothered to do anything for her or keep in contact? Again they can do that send things Thru the adoption lady but chose not. They are spoiled lazy entitled junkies except a few . they are not teen moms they are adults and sorry they didn’t get pregnant on accident. everyone knows what happens when you have sex wrap it up pretty simple . Should we start a countdown for cauts next therapy aka vacation? Dumb and dumber to cant understand why nova flipped out over cait leaving? MTV send these morons last season and how many times cait left geez I wonder why it happened such trash . Wamber will also go to therapy whine his tough life is with a mental illness sick of all of it . Also plenty of us had deplorable childhood it’s not an excuse both her and cait guess what a lot did we have no choice to get a job support ourselves and move on stop being a pathetic victim

    1. No offense, but it definitely doesn’t sound like you want the show to end because you know like everything about everything. Lol

    2. Yep yep & yep. It’s getting old that when there r problems they blame
      1) mental illness
      2) horrible childhood
      3) the other people in their
      4) the very fact they are ” public figures” ( no I refuse to call them reality stars)
      Jeez own your anger,mistakes,
      lack of judgement that caused the problems that caused the problems in the first place. Y’all rnt 16 anymore

  27. It was only a matter of time. I’ve stated it over and over again about her being scary aggressive unstable on “Marriage Boot Camp”.

  28. Yes you are right about the show not being on for a few years but amber spent at least half of that time in prison. If I remember correctly she had a filming crew meet her as soon as she was released. I can’t remember if that was for the beginning of Teen Mom OG or if It was for some kind of Teen Mom special for an update on her.

    1. I remember some sort of *haitus* of the show, not sure if they were waiting to see if Amber came back (I know she was in jail) or if MTV was trying to work out contracts for thier own shows/updates bc 16&P was still going and wildly popular.

  29. Dare I say… Ambie looks good in her mugshot?!? I know it’s not the point, but I feel like I’m in upside-down land, how does she look better here than when she actually goes out of her way to get dolled up and use filters?!

  30. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    May God be with her.She came to fair in life.

  31. Clearly Amber isn’t stable, and it seems to magnify when she gives birth. Some people are just not cut out to be parents. I knew from the moment she got pregnant again that something like this was gonna happen. She’s got issues that should’ve been taken care of before she should have kids..and also before she goes into a relationship. She’s one of those types that needs to be in a relationship..when what she should really be doing is working on herself.

    1. She’s borderline. Realistically her issues will never be ‘taken care of’. You don’t get better from that. So then her only option was not to have kids.

  32. Wow, and just this last episode she was saying their relationship is so good that she wasn’t bothering to take birth control. Also, the episode before that when they were in LA, it seemed like she was a bit out of touch with reality. Talking about being “in the industry” like she is some A list actress or something.

      1. It was only a matter of time. When I heard she was pregnant with baby James I thought to myself Andrew would be raising him alone eventually. I’m surprised she lasted this long tbh.

    1. That’s the first thing that came to my mind, if Gary was in the same county and would report to the domestic call !

  33. I was so hoping she would pull her life together. Her mental illness is really impacting her. Will she loose another babe? Maybe it’s time for these shows to go off the air.

    1. Clearly Amber isn’t stable, and it seems to magnify when she gives birth. Some people are just not cut out to be parents. I knew from the moment she got pregnant again that something like this was gonna happen. She’s got issues that should’ve been taken care of before she should have kids..and also before she goes into a relationship. She’s one of those types that needs to be in a relationship..when what she should really be doing is working on herself.

  34. I couldn’t finish last season, it was so boring and when I think of what these women are making I feel sickened by my support of it, especially women like Jenelle, Amber, Kail and once upon a time, Farrah, who act like divas and are ungrateful, nasty people. The only mom who I really respect is Chelsea, and i tip my hat to her and Cole for being healthy adults and parents. So I deleted all the unwatched episodes from my Sling, and cancelled future recordings of the series. I’m fine without it. I hope the show is cancelled sooner than later so these kids can stop being forced to grow up on tv and these women can do something with themselves beyond sitting on the couch all the time.

    As for Amber, she needs professional help and people to stop enabling her. She doesn’t need to be whisked off to rehab or something, but rather assessment to make sure her meds are right, that she’s not self medicating on top with booze or pot or other drugs, and then to get into some intensive therapy. Aside from her mental issues she’s got too much time on her hands and is enabled by her MTV money and fans. It’s not helping.

    I don’t like Amber but I hope she gets help and a wake up call. Her kids need her.

    1. Amber will probably end up back in gel because of her priors. But you’re right, she needs to treat the underlying cause. Many people are in jail for crimes which mental illness is the root cause.

    2. 👏 Yes, I did the same, it’s time for everyone to put an end to this train wreck by not watching! For me the last straw was Nugget, but the mansions, luxury cars and multiple vacations is so far from “reality” for most Teen Moms!

    3. There is a pattern there though. Chelsea was the only one who had a normal, healthy upbringing so it makes sense she would continue that pattern with her own children. Just like Amber, Jenelle, Farrah, Kail, Cate etc. continued the pattern of dysfunction and abuse they were raised with.

  35. My ass was eating a slamwhich at Denny’s at 3 am. Indiana doesn’t mess around. Too bad Jenelle and David don’t live there. They would have been in jail long ago.

  36. I haven’t watched this show in awhile. The updates/recaps are enough for me. I think the show has run its course and with a few exceptions the ladies really seem to be struggling. I wonder what would have happened if the show ran for just a few seasons and then they went to school or got Monday-Friday jobs like the rest of us….If I sat at home all day around cameras for a decade I might be likely to “snap” too!

    1. If memory serves me correctly, this show was off the air for several years. It was originally Teen Mom and when it returned it was Teen Mom OG. They may have led regular lives in that time. It’s not for you, me or anyone else to say that they didn’t!!!!

      1. You would be wrong. The retitled it to distinguish the show even more from Teen Mom 2 and to try to rebrand this circus. The DID NOT EVER have regular lives since they were 16.

        1. I did some research and found out that I am 100% correct. They did go straight from 16 and Pregnant to Teen Mom (2009-2012), but they returned as Teen Mom OG (2015-present). My comment is that from 2012-2015, they could have lead regular lives. We don’t know and it isn’t for us to determine that!!

          1. I understand your point but…if they did have regular jobs, school etc,wouldn’t that have been a topic if conversation even in a off hand comment?

          2. MTV wouldn’t want them to discuss anything outside of the drama in their lives that they feed off of!!! It wouldn’t be good for ratings!!

      2. But I do see what you are saying Liz. Bringing up any NORMAL activity that they took part during the three year hiatus of the show would make them seem like REAL people instead of the robots that they are.

        1. Hannah I sometimes forget this is a “scripted reality show” haha. I remember Maci complaining about the heavy editing MTV did w/ her story. Then all the girls jumped on the same complaint boat

          1. They are always say this (and other reality shows) are UNSCRIPTED, but I never believed it for a second!!!! You can look at their mannerisms and dialogue and see that it’s fake!!! But it is VERY easy to get roped into some of the story lines!!!

          2. It’s just like when Cate went into labor with Vaeda. Ty went through the house like a chicken with his head cut off, all in a panic. And you could see the worry that it was putting into Nova. I’ve never had children (and unfortunately NEVER will), but even I know that the first rule is to stay calm and not to panic (especially in front of a small child because it scares them). Because chances are, you will have HOURS before labor will progress enough to deliver!!!

          3. And another thing, Vaeda is their 3RD child, the intial panic should probably have died down by now. But it was all staged for ratings and money!!

  37. I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later. Amber beats the men she knows are good guys and wouldn’t hit her back (Gary and Andrew). She didn’t do this shit when she was with Matt

    1. And I’m not saying she should be with Matt because he’s terrible, but I’m saying she picks on people she knows can’t or won’t fight back

    1. Damn. My fat thumb hit down instead of the up! I tried to take it back but it won’t. Sorry, that was me.

    2. I agree completely. I’m not clicking on any of their posts either, no more! We’ve clearly seen how the kids suffer, and MTV takes zero responsibility.
      Done. I’ll continue to read here of course.

  38. When she was complaining about how stressful it was going to be taking care of her baby by herself when Andrew needed surgery, i thought she is going to snap. She showed no concern for him at all, just the fact that she had to take care of her own baby. I think she just self sabotaged so that Andrew would leave and take the baby with him ( not that she has that awareness).

    1. It’s funny how when she started dating Andrew his prior convictions were plastered everywhere and he was painted a bad guy…….I actually think he’s a good genuine guy and that’s why Amber treats him that way

  39. I’m not sure what will be enough for MTV to stop this sh*t show. They cast these women when they were teenagers because their stories were “compelling” – ie. they were mentally and emotionally on the edge. They have given them hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit around and dwell on their “issues.” Amber’s entire season has been about her illness and her hair-trigger temper. No one wants to see a bunch of felons making bank at 30 years old. Scrap it or recast this show every couple of years to keep TEEN moms. SMH

  40. It seems like having a small child around triggers her angry outbursts. Wasn’t Leah around the age of 1 when Amber assaulted Gary? Amber needs some serious help. She needs to stop making excuses and get some intensive therapy, because she clearly has not changed. Meanwhile, Andrew needs to run far and fast, take their child with him, and work on getting sole custody. I honestly think he’s going to end up like a younger Gary: taking care of a child on his own while Amber does another prison stint.

    1. Amber shouldn’t have children,period!!! She can hardly take care of herself. She never took care of Leah. Gary did all the work and it seems Andrew now does all the work with James. Last episode Amber herself was saying she doesn’t do mornings and sleeps in. Pathetic!!! When you are a mom you didn’t get to pick and choose your schedule. You are a mom 24/7

      1. I kinda have a feeling both of her kids were “accidents”. I think she didn’t plan to get pregnant with any of them. (Not to mention the miscarriage she had with Matt)

        She is a full grown ass woman who knows nothing about protection it seems.

  41. Not surprised here. I am very happy that Leah has stable parents (Gary and Kristina) in her life and has Kristina as a role model. Amber isn’t much of one.

    Andrew needs to run back to Malibu with baby James.

  42. I mean……is anyone even surprised?! I knew from the first second that she didn’t change AT ALL, ranting on social media and such, it was just a matter of time when she will hit her man again…get this woman an anger management class!

    1. I think she has done anger management classess… she needs ongoing therapy, not just a class when she gets in trouble because this girl does not learn. I don’t know of she’s back on drugs (bc I think she drinks) but coupled with her mental illness, she needs constant monitoring from professionals. And she damn sure doesn’t need to be in charge of a tiny human

      1. This girl DOES NOTlearn from her mistakes or lack of judgement. You can blame mental illness, horrible childhood etc etc etc. However there’s many many people who have suffered the same trauma Amber has & have managed to lead lives without the opportunities Amber has. I kinda think the ” fame” if the show may have fed the negative stuff but still…..

  43. I’m wondering the same thing. I’m not excusing her behavior, but it may not be all her fault!!!!

    1. She needs to be put away and stay away until she learns. Attacking your significant other while they are holding your baby? She needs to lose custody. She is in no place to be in a relationship or take care of a little baby.

  44. Matt was the only man who could tame this wild mustang. Looks like a another stretch in gel is coming her way. MTV is the creators of young female monsters. Good job guys.

      1. She had a traumatic childhood. Her parents fought constantly and she lost her baby sister to SIDS. And to top it off, Matt used to beat the crap out of her and caused her to have a miscarriage!!!! No wonder the poor girl has TWO mental illnesses!!!!

        1. Amber is almost 30. She’s too old to be blaming her childhood trauma on her current issues. If she knows she has mental problems, she should be getting intense help, which she has refused to do. At some point, people have to take accountability for their own actions. I’m not saying she didn’t have a traumatic life or that she’s making up her problems, but she needs to be an adult and learn how to deal with her issues. The fact that this exact same situation happened with two different men that she both has children with, isn’t a coincidence. She needs serious help

          1. In order to admit that a person has a serious problem and needs massive help, that person has to recognize it. It takes a strong person to admit that, and sometimes a person has to hit rock bottom before they see how serious a problem is and work their way back up!!! It’s not enough for others to tell her. And it doesn’t help for people that don’t know her to get on here and bash her. I’m not saying that you are doing that, but some others are. It isn’t right, so it should stop!!!!

          2. She does get help, haven’t you seen all the prescription bottles on her dresser? She has bipolar takes meds for that and not sure if there is medication for border line personality disorder except maybe cognitive behavioral therapy. The problem with bipolar are peoples hormones change, and there “can be” consistent medication changes and then those medication changes, have to play out too, some work, some make things worse. That is why she gets suicidal, she gets frustrated and most people do with mental illness. She is pregnant again so her hormones are out of wack and last time she got pregnant she went off most of her meds for baby James. She thought she could manage the 9 months but it just made things worse, especially after he was born. I saw her on a clip, I think instagram and she seemed like he was out of her mind, she kept saying she wasn’t on anything except riddelin and that made her groggy. I thought riddling did the opposite but maybe it affects people different, not sure…

          3. I have to disagree with your comment. I’m the same age as her and I too suffer from BPD and PTSD. Any normal day, it is very difficult to control my emotions. When something triggers me, I have acted out, sometimes in ways illegally. And I’ve been in therapy and medicated since 2012. I’m not defending what she’s done. I’m just saying that living with BPD is not like living with other mental illnesses.

        2. Many people, have had traumatic childhoods, but grow up to be better people.

          So do not excuse her behaviour… as It won’t wash!!!!

          1. We all arent as lucky as the people who survived a traumatic childhood without issue. For you to imply all we need to do is “grow up” in order to be better people shows ignorance. Like I said, I’m not excusing her behavior. Her being on MTV and just sitting around all day, not being active feeds her mental illness. She should be active and participating in a hobby and meditation. Those things are helpful tools to utilize when triggered.

        3. I’m tired of your weak ass attempts to defend Amber and her choice. Yes, CHOICES. Now pipe down, Amber-stan. If you didn’t read correctly, this is a reality TV gossip site. This is not an Amber fan club and YOU are annoying AF.

          1. Exactly. They’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. Yes, Amber is on medication but she needs to be in therapy, especially because she went off her meds during her pregnancy. Getting help isn’t just taking medication. She needs counseling, anger management, etc in addition to medication. And as an adult with 2 children, she needs to get her shit together. How is she going to attack Jenelle when she’s doing the same thing she came at Jenelle for? Not defending Jenelle AT ALL, cause we all know what a fucking idiot she is (also not trying to bash Amber) but she shouldn’t comment on someone else’s life when her’s is as much of a mess.

            And before Amber stans try to come for me, I don’t dislike Amber and I thought she was doing fairly well, I was rooting for her, BUT she needs to reevaluate her life choices

          2. They are not weak ass excuses. Everyone deserves a little slack when it comes to getting help. It only puts pressure on the person when they are ‘nagged on’ by people that “love” them to get help for their problems. I have said this before, “it’s not enough for a person who loves you to want you to get help, you have to want it yourself.” So I hope that if you ever need professional help for anything, that the people who love you show you the support that others are trying to show her!! We ❤️ you Amber!!! Get well soon.

        4. Thank you Mamarj. She is getting help. Whether she feels that she needs more intensive help is NOT for us to determine. I think her issues are medicine related. She has probably taken them for so long that they are no longer helping her. That can happen you know, a person can take certain medicines for so long that they no longer reap the benefits that they once did. She is currently not pregnant (I have noticed that post birth her mental issues tend to take a turn for the worse). So, the fact that she isn’t pregnant is a blessing in disguise. I’m sure God is saying, “Not now Amber, get yourself straight first.” By the way, Riddlin is meant to calm a person down. So, it tends to cause drowsiness.

          1. That is completely incorrect. First of all there is no “riddlin”. It’s Ritalin. That is methylphenidate. It’s a stimulant highly controlled by the dea because it’s often abused. In layman’s terms it’s speed. It absolutely does not cause drowsiness.

          2. Then why is it given to children with hyperactivity?!!! And FYI, did you ever think that the way I misspelled the medicine by accident?? Jesus, go back to school and get a fucking brain!!!! Not everyone can be as perfect as your sorry ass. The last part of your username “Pharmacy Bitch” is 100% correct!!!

          3. It is given to children with ADHD to help them focus their attention and impulses. Similar to how many adults use coffee to focus. It is not a sedative. It’s also used in people with narcolepsy to maintain alertness. I don’t know why you are insulting my education. Your statement was factually incorrect. All of this can be easily confirmed with a simple Google search. Also I’m such a bitch I spent most of the day tracking down pain meds for one of my favorite patients who is discharging to hospice with metastatic ovarian cancer. Thanks for the name calling.

          4. I have 0% respect for people in your profession!!! My mama died from ovarian cancer that had spread and metastasized to the bone after 18 months, and NO ONE helped her!!! She died in the hospital half out of her mind with pain!! As for the Ritalin, my cousin took it and it turned him into a COMPLETE zombie when he was awake. It zapped him so much that he eventually started getting in trouble at school for falling asleep in class. It may make some focus, but for others it does the EXACT opposite!!!

          5. I’m sorry no one helped your mom. But I just stated I spent all day doing everything in my power to prevent this patient from suffering the same thing. But you have no respect for me? I genuinely care and would never want a dying person to be in pain if it can be prevented. I don’t know why that’s unrespectable. As for your cousin, that’s a highly unlikely reaction. It’s more likely someone is confused on what medication he was taking. Even so, one patient having a paradoxical reaction doesn’t change the fact that it is chemically a cns stimulant.

          6. I meant no disrespect to you as a person. But when I lost my mom (and best friend), I TOTALLY lost my faith in mankind. I’m sorry.

          7. My mom is also my best friend. She is in remission from breast cancer. I can’t imagine how destroyed I would have been if I had lost her. I’m so sorry for your lost. Know that your mom is always with you in your heart.

          8. I’m happy for your mom!!! Again, I’m sorry for my inappropriate comments to you.

      1. I think he said something nice about Nugget which probably outdid this one… but you know how Jenelle’s stories get the clicks.

  45. Amber OMG why would you even do that Marion County jail is no where to be plus CPS is involved you better hope they don’t take that baby what was you thinking??

  46. Wow just wow. I really thought she learned her lesson…. I’m wondering if alcohol was involved or maybe her psych meds stopped working????

  47. He needs a woman around his own age she is going to get with the wrong one and that one is going to be the one that will kill her too she can’t be doing that especially around her kids. I am in complete disappointment knowing she done that I thought she really changed and since she has a mental illness she is going to have a hard time keeping a man.

  48. Too bad Jenelle and David don’t live in Indiana! Maybe cps would step in and protect the kids the then

  49. How is it that cops are called to “the land” for domestic assault where kids were present and Child services weren’t involved and no arrests were made despite proof both were heavily drinking, yet Amber assaults this guy and gets the exact opposite? This is why this show needs to end. I’m done hearing about these women who after a decade of being on tv claim they want a normal life but continue to show us this garbage. Entitled spoiled women!

  50. She looked stoned during the episode of her doing coffee convo with that other idiot teen mom. She’s just not going to change. She can blame everything on mental illness, but when you can’t even get up off the couch because you are so lazy, there’s a problem. And when you put men before your children that’s another problem. Both her and Juhnelle should be off the show for good. MTV has made it easy for them to do nothing and still make a good living.

    As for Andrew…he’s an idiot. Something is wrong with him to connect with Amber. And what does he do all day? Besides take care of the baby? Idle hands people…idle hands…

    1. All I heard when I read this comment was amber screaming at Matt: you’re trash! TRASH!!!! You old mf little dick bitch!!!” as the trash truck rolled by 😂😂😂

  51. I know most fans of the show dont like Amber, but this makes me sad for everyone involved. I was really pulling for Amber that her life had turned around. I feel sorry for Leah too…

    1. If she was a man who beat multiple partners would you still root for him to change in the same manner?

    2. I feel so bad for her, all you hateful people running your mouths about her you don’t know what’s she’s going through. You don’t know what was said or done. An assault can be as little as a small smack on the arm so until you know all the facts shut the “f” up.

    3. Honestly I’m afraid that if he leaves her and gets custody of James, she may do something drastic to herself. She’s already been screaming that she’s suicidal. She isn’t well, and it seems like this is going to be a life long struggle for her.

  52. Do all journalists make it a regularity to steal stories and not site their sources!? Fellow hatter @mamialyxo broke this story, yet has not received proper credit. I expected more from you.

  53. As big as Andrew is, it shows just how dangerous Amber is. She’ll go after anyone, size doesn’t matter. I’m sure he was the one that called the cops, he must be fed up with her. He’s not as bad as a loser as the past trash she has hooked up with. His family has money, he doesn’t have to sit with the Indiana trailer trash mama. Since she’s already a convicted felon, I hope she has to do time. Hopefully he gets full custody of James, She has a trigger hair temper that she obviously can’t control. You could see her losing her temper, that issue has never stopped with her.

    1. Right! A 5’4 woman beating a dude that can barely fit through any doorway?? I don’t think Amber thinks she has anything to lose! People who feel like they have nothing to lose are scary…they capable of doing anything. I think her and David would make the perfect couple.

    2. Another potential custody battle in the making, because I really don’t think Andrew will hang around to be the punching bag that Gary was.

      I’m sure the MTV producers are probably giddy over this, while poor Leah will probably be teased into the ground by other kids and embarrassed beyond belief.

      I swear, prison has taught Amber absolutely NOTHING (and the meds she’s on are apparently not helping).

      Poor Leah and James.

  54. Unfortunately I’ve been having a bad feeling about this lately. She just hasn’t changed much and she seems to be on a downward spiral.

  55. History repeats…Apparently she can’t handle Adult Pressure. This Guy seems too good to be true and if he’s sincere it’s probably safe to assume he’d be better off without her and like Gary…move on for Real Adult Happiness….

  56. I said this long ago. RUN ANDREW RUN!! AND TAKE BABY JAMES WITH YOU. Amber is unstable, she isn’t a good mother and she isn’t a good partner. I cant wait to see how MTV and Amber spin this one. And please spare me the postpartum depression angle. What kind of mother assaults their partner while that person in holding your child!!! Amber is a shitty mom, has been and always will be.

    1. I wonder if this will play out differently since there isnt video proof but it’s also her second offense. My heart breaks for leah shes old enough to understand.

  57. Ambo’s lucky Andrew (seems) so passive and isn’t violent himself…as big as he is he could’ve whooped her ass if he wanted to…and to attack him while he was holding their baby?…That’s how you know she’s crazy as hell…and I’m sure this isn’t the first time, it was probably his breaking point. Not saying he was asking for it, but the entire world knew Ambo was violent towards everyone, and he saw it in person, first hand BEFORE they got into a relationship. Get out now, get custody of James, and don’t get her pregnant again.

    It’s a repeated cycle with her and Jenelle. Amber gets arrested for beating her boyfriend, and Jenelle wins in court…constantly deja vu with those 2.

    1. Actually I take back him being passive and not violent….didn’t his ex take out a restraining order against him??

      1. I think you may be right but maybe that means he actually learned from his mistakes and kept his cool this time

      2. I might be wrong as I don’t follow this too closely, but I thought the RO was because of him stalking her. Not that that is any better than physical abuse. Both are bad.

  58. Amber looks like she is on drugs again. Just my opinion. Doesn’t this mean she should be fired? I mean if Janelle bot the boot for the violent spouse, shouldn’t Amber get the boot for her second assault? MTV needs to be consistent.

    1. Mtv didn’t fire her the first time she committed domestic battery on a boyfriend in front of a kid…doubt they would on the 2nd time.

  59. I heard the 911 call on TMZ. Andrew said his life and the baby’s life was in danger. WTF was she doing? Life in danger takes it to a whole ‘nother level!

  60. Too bad she had a fall out with janelle.i hear she has a great lawyer she can use for when cps wants to steal your children 💁‍♀️

  61. I wonder if they’ll do a re-enactment for the show? But seriously though I PREDICTED THIS MONTHS AGO!! Once a deranged lunatic, alawats a deranged lunatic. I told you she was going to go crazy on him then he would take the kid and move back to CA and in with mom and dad because after all this is teen mom. Grandmas always take care of the kid. Both the baby and the overgrown kid-parent. And then BOOM Amber loses another kid she won’t ever see again.

  62. Amber has always seemed to think of herself of some sort of a thug. She goes off on her little rampages and it’s literally embarrassing to watch. She looks and acts like a fool when she gets worked up. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll ever change at this point. Andrew was an idiot for getting involved with her.

  63. Amber has not seemed right the last two seasons. She is either on drugs again OR she needs medication management for her mental illnesses. I read she is pregnant again and for people who suffer with mental illness, hormonal changes can change everything. I think with baby James she went off most of her medication thinking she could manage it for the nine months but that did not work at well for her and really made her hit rock bottom after baby James was born. It’s a no win win situation for her and I feel really sorry for her. I hope she can pull it together and it must get so old for her as it does with a lot of people with mental illness to consistently have medication adjustments, etc. It is a hard life and even with medication management, training to find the right meds can by really trying and draining for people and some choose a permanent way out. Praying for Amber, she can do better and she has done better, she just needs more help.

    1. Thoughtful comment. For all of our snarking on her, mental illness is difficult for the person suffering and for their loved ones. But hopefully she won’t have any more kids…

  64. Andrew if you are reading this run. Take that precious little boy and head to California. On another note do they have couches in jail?

    1. Thank goodness, Gary and Christina,kept Boo Boo, otherwise she would have been in foster care with a mother like Amber.

  65. Tell us again how much you’ve changed, Amber.

    Putting a baby in the middle of a violent artery is inexcusable. It was only a matter of time before this happened though. It was inevitable that Andrew would end up raising James alone. He does all the work already, I’m sure.

    1. Yup, crying about postpartum depression and her borderline personality wah, wah, wah. I suffered from postpartum depression and it’s horrible, but unlike her I didn’t have the choice to lay on the sofa and wallow in self pity. My family still needed to be taken care off. These girls (I’m looking at you Catelynn) have it soo good. They have access to therapist, psychiatrist, medication, expensive out of state rehab facilities. Treatment that normal folk dont have access to, either because it’s too expensive or our insurance won’t cover it. These girls don’t have to get up and go to work either. I’m over it. I’m over Amber treating people in her life like shit because she has “borderline personality”. She was horrible to Gary and I can only imagine what Andrew is going through.

  66. Queue the ‘Did Officer Gary arrest Amber’ jokes that I already read on IG…

    It was nice to read a little bit of good news in TM land regarding Gary’s new job as a police officer, but first the horrible news about Janelle getting her kids back and now this. Unlike Gary, Amber keeps screwing up and hasn’t changed. Amber and some of the other knuckleheads on TM and TM2 can’t get out of their own way. Another one of her kids will likely end up in the custody of the father.

  67. Tiger never changes its stripes. She is violent and fucked up to the core. Get that sweet innocent baby away from that crazy bitch. I hope Andrew leaves her and gets full custody.

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