‘Teen Mom’ News Pile: Amber Portwood Gets Out of Compliance Hearings, Jenelle Evans’ Dog Gets Knocked Up & More

“…but now I don’t even have to check in! No gel for this gal!”

From making strides in court to making plans to be a fighter, the stars of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise (both past and present) have been keeping themselves busy lately! In an effort to get you up-to-date on the latest Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant and Teen Mom 2 news, The Ashley brings you the Teen Mom News Pile.

Here are some of the major (and minor but interesting) ‘Teen Mom’-related things that have happened over the last week or so…

Amber Portwood No Longer Requires Compliance Hearings For Her Domestic Violence Case

“Who would have thought that me sitting on my couch and NOT doing anything would be a good thing!”

An Indiana judge has ruled that it’s no longer necessary for Amber to undergo compliance hearings in her court case stemming from her July 2019 arrest for domestic violence against her baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

According to court documents, Amber had a compliance hearing on Thursday, and was found to be in compliance with all of the terms of her probation. The judge declared that “no future court dates [are] needed.”

Amber was found to be in compliance at the previous compliance hearing, which was held on March 4.

While Amber no longer needs to attend compliance hearings, she is still on probation until April 2022. (She was sentenced to 906 days of probation in October 2019.) As part of her probation, Amber still needs to submit to drug testing once a month and have no contact with Andrew, except when it pertains to custody of their shared son James. (Amber recently filed to have Andrew held in contempt of court for social media posts he made last month that Amber felt implied she had hit James.)

Should Amber complete her probation with no violations, her charge of Domestic Battery will be dismissed and her felony charge of “Intimidation” will be reduced to a misdemeanor charge.

I haven’t ranted on Instagram or hit anyone in a long time, so there’s that, I guess…

Nathan Griffith announces he’s pursuing a career in MMA fighting.

“Getting to wear the tight spandex shorts in the ring is honestly just a bonus!” 

Now that Nathan Griffith is no longer at odds with ex Jenelle Evans or Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, he’s looking for someone new to fight with–- preferably while getting paid.

According to a new interview Nathan did with The Sun, he is “ready to get back to work” …and by “work,” he means “ready to go back into MMA fighting.” 

“If you’re looking for a ring girl, I happen to know someone with plenty of free time and some sick dance moves… “

The 33-year-old former Marine made this announcement while discussing his PTSD diagnosis, which he says left him fully disabled.  

Just this week, the former ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad accused MTV of making him “look stupid” on the show through bad editing. He went on to claim that the fame he garnered on ‘Teen Mom 2’ caused him to lose paying modeling gigs. 

Nathan managed to lose the “model citizen” gig all on his own…

“I lost two modeling contracts, one with Jockey and one with 2(X)IST,” Nathan said. “They both came back to me and said that due to the ‘potential negative publicity’ we cannot move forward with your contract right now.” 

In addition to PTSD, Nathan has a Traumatic Brain Injury, both of which he claims were exacerbated by the media attention he gained on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ as well as the alleged targeting he experienced by law enforcement. According to Nathan, he used to “work out with cops, politicians and lawyers,” but because of the media, he “lost a lot of friends and my reputation.” 

“How could you do this to me? I thought we were gym buddies?!”

While Nathan has been arrested multiple times in the last five years, he says he maintained a clean record prior to meeting Jenelle. 

“ … and it’s not because of Jenelle Evans, it’s because reality TV puts this stigma on these celebrities,” Nathan said. 


Nathan has not revealed which circuit of MMA he’s looking to get involved with; however, those who suffered through MTV’s Being Nathan ‘Teen Mom 2’ Special back in 2017 already know Nathan’s mom Doris Davidson will likely play a part in getting him (and his furry back) ready for the ring. 


Jenelle Evans reveals more animals are coming to The Land because she let her dog get pregnant

“I’m feelin’ a little animalistic myself, Davey Boy. What do ya say we go back behind the She-Shed and I let you put your swamp snake in between my mud flaps?!” 

Just weeks after Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, announced disturbing plans he had for some new roosters he purchased, Jenelle has revealed she and David will soon add a litter of puppies to their growing collection of furry/feathered animals on The Land. 

The former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star took to Instagram Live this week, telling followers that her dog Rosie is “with puppy.”

“Hey y’all, did ya know that Rosie’s pregnant?” Jenelle said in the video. “Oh, how did that happen? I have no idea.” 

Rosie is pictured above, looking embarrassed to be seen with Jenelle and David…

Jenelle’s joyous announcement was met with plenty of criticism, though, with many striking out at her and David for allowing their dogs to mate and bring even more unwanted animals to The Land for David to “play” with. Others brought up the multiple animal abuse accusations David has faced over the years, as well as the fact that he previously admitted to shooting and killing Jenelle’s dog Nugget. 

Jenelle went on to tell viewers during her Instagram Live video that Junior— the other dog who lives on The Land— is the dog who impregnated Rosie, and that the puppy-making happened right under her and David’s noses. 

“How are they gonna turn out? I don’t know,” she continued. “I have no idea.” 

She also told followers she “didn’t mean for Rosie to get pregnant,” as she and David had separated the the two dogs– Junior outside and Rosie inside. 

“Every time I would let Rosie out to pee, it’d be fine, I let her back in,” she said. “Well then, David said he had an eye on them one time, they hooked up; I let Rosie out to pee one time, they hooked up [and] I had to break them apart … .” 

Back in July 2019– after David killed Nugget– Jenelle claimed there weren’t any dogs living on The Land, only for David to then reveal on social media two Anatolian Shepherds, Buddy and Junior, who were in fact, living on The Land. (Buddy mysteriously vanished shortly after he came to live on The Land, though. David has insisted that the dog was kidnapped.) 

Maci Bookout gets dragged by fans for still using son Bentley’s issues for her ‘Teen Mom OG’ storyline

Maci, describing the rest of this season…

‘Teen Mom OG’ premiered this week and, while it was a new season, fans have apparently grown tired of Maci’s old habit of using her son Bentley’s issues with his father Ryan and his family as her storylines for the show.

Maci posted a GIF from the show’s premiere to Instagram that showed her saying “we lost our crap” in regard to the Reunion fight she and husband Taylor had with Ryan’s parents last season. While she did get some positive comments about her actions on the episode, a good majority of fans who responded to the post dragged Maci for continuously exposing Bentley’s problems on the show.

One person even suggested Maci pull a “Chelsea Houska” and leave ‘Teen Mom’ so that her oldest son’s issues aren’t broadcasted to the world. 

“I’m well aware that I’ll probably have every embarrassing aspect of my puberty streamed on MTV.com and Netflix.”

“Don’t u ever get tired of using Bentley[‘s] problems as your storyline?” the person wrote in the comment section of Maci’s post. “U should do what Chelsea did for her kids give them [a] semi-normal life and privacy not being paycheck for u. Poor kid gonna have to live with this crap [for the] rest of his life.”

“Do you have any other storylines besides Ryan?” another wrote. “YOU picked Ryan; you shouldn’t bash him so much. Not a good look, chick! Jen and Larry are protecting their son, same as you would of Bentley grew up and turned out like that.”

“Can’t wait to see how you use Bentley’s problems as your [story] line this year,” someone else wrote.


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Another person brought up the fact that Maci got Ryan and his family fired from ‘Teen Mom OG,’ yet continues to talk about them on the show. (By the way, the footage in Tuesday’s episode that showed the Edwards Gang was filmed post-Reunion and pre-firing. The Reunion was filmed in February and the Edwards’ firing didn’t happen until March.) 

“Interesting how you had Ryan fired from the show yet you don’t shut up talking about him,” the person wrote. “Ryan should take you to court to stop you from talking about him on the show.”

“…and I’d appreciate it if Maci don’t either!”

“If she wanted to protect him she would get off the show and stop using Ryan all the time for her storylines especially now that he is no longer on the show,” someone else wrote. “If she wanted to protect her son she would stop exposing Bentley private family matters to the world. All she cares about is the MTV money because she knows without it they would have to get real jobs…”

Maci has yet to respond to the critical comments left on her Instagram post.

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    1. If you notice, I was tying in the “judging” of the two situations. That’s all I meant by bringing the two topics up in the same post.

      You judge Maci for her drinking.

      And you judge Amber because of her past but not Andy for wrongdoings in his past (he has to have them) and yes I absolutely believe that his knowledge of editing and photoshopping could have played a part in how it look all bad on her and not on him.

      1. I’m not judging either one of them. I responded to someone who asked if her binge drinking was featured on the show. It was and it does sound problematic to shotgun beers in the pantry. That’s a far cry from someone having a glass of wine on occasion.

        1. She did that as a teenager!! Its in the past.

          She doesn’t do that stuff on camera now, and quite frankly what she does behind closed doors is nobody’s business but her and her family.

        2. She shotgunned “a beer” in the pantry during season 2 of TM (not yet TMOG), its not like she shotgunned a whole damned 12 pack!!!

          Its was at her parents house after she had fought with Rhine about his inability to stand up and take responsibility for his son and broken off their engagement a second and final time.

          She was angry and stressed, tbh I’m just glad she shotgunned a beer and didn’t put an actual shotgun to her head!!!

  1. To be completely honest, any talk of mental illness pisses me off.

    You have Amber and Nathan who legit have mental illness that can be controlled but still choose to be stupid.

    But I feel Amber might actually be trying right now? But she’s done what shes done and cant go back. Some was alleged and some we saw.

    Then you have Jenelle, who let’s face it is just plain stupid and there’s nothing wrong with her but she throws these claims out and because shes researched it, everyone feels for her.

    I dont feel a damn thing for her but pity, and of course sympathy for the kids.

  2. Amber looks so pathetic crying to Leah and trying to get Leah to feel pity for her because she is a crap mother. I feel so sorry for any 12 yr old thats more mature than their parent.

  3. Why not get both dogs fixed?? Ahhh but that would take being a responsible pet owner, which you are not, god help those poor pups.

    1. Jenelle told me point blank when the cats got pregnant David wanted to breed JR and Rosie because I asked her if they were fixed.

  4. I get on here and see all these immature, snarky, ignorant and wise ass comments so I try to balance it out with a little brains, heart and a tiny bit of intelligence and I get downvoted.

    Sad thing is, I bet I’m probably younger than the majority and you can tell with some of your comments vs my comments that I actually have more decency in my little finger than most of you have in your entire bodies!!

    I can literally count on 1 hand the # of people on here who show ANY decency!!!!

    1. I agreed with some of your comments. But then it seemed like your were making some off the wall comments in reaction to some of the other posts. Generally, i appreciate your comments on this site.

      1. I cant always control how I react…I am only human of course. But if I feel attacked (whether it’s on a personal level or for an opinion/comment I’ve posted) I’m gonna attack back. Sometimes it’s civil and sometimes it isn’t.

        And yes I can see how sometimes I seem like I’m just making making stuff up, but I’m not. I just tend to think that personal/firsthand knowledge is just as important anything you could learn from a book or internet.

        1. You absolutely can control how you act. It’s part of being human. It’s basically the only thing we do have control over lmao.

          1. Not always, you cant tell me you’ve never said something you know you shouldn’t. Sometimes what you a person says comes out their mouths before thinking “hey wait a minute, I shouldn’t say that” or you act on impulse before you realize what you’re doing

            You’re a liar if you say you’ve never done that!!

    2. You really aren’t that important 🙄 and you have way too much time invested in these reality “stars” get a grip!

      1. Sophie, you and people like you are truly a reason that the suicide rate is so high.

        To sit there and tell a person they aren’t important, and it’s a HUGE slap in the face!!!!

      2. Sophie, you and people like you are a reason the suicide rate is so high.

        To tell a person they aren’t important is a HUGE slap in the face!!

        And this so-called “too much time invested” is called being a fan of the show. A show that I have watched since day. A show that most see as all drama but in all actuality it can be an escape from reality and a way to see that there are people you can relate to.

        Does that make me a bad person, no. Well maybe in your eyes.

          1. But I have never told anyone “you’re really not that important”

            EVERYONE is important, what everyone goes through in their daily lives is important, people’s opinions are important, whether they’re agreed with or not.

          2. And I’ve never called anyone a liar, what I said to a certain person was that if they say they’ve never spoken without thinking and then thought “I shouldn’t have said that” then they were lying.

          3. I think that this is really hypocritical when i was attacked for commenting on Chiari malformation which I live with every day. I hope you are able to deal with your anger issues in a more productive way instead of playing the victim

          4. I didnt attack you for having Chiari Malformation Bella, I would never attack a person for having a physical disability when I have one myself.

            I was angry at you for taking up for Jenelle and her claims that she had it.

            She can do all the research in the world and say “Oh I have this symptom and that so this MUST be what’s wrong with me.” That’s how hypochondria sets in. If she has these concerns, she should see a dr instead of ASSUMING she has something wrong with her.

            When we all know the only illness/disability that girl has is stupidity.

            That girl literally doesn’t have a responsible bone in her body.

            And I’m truly sorry you thought I was attacking YOU when I wasn’t.

      1. I’ve tried trust me, but like I said, I’m not snarky so I try to balance it out with something decent.

        I often start out nice but some of the comments bring out the worst in me.

        Especially when I express personal knowledge and it gets shot down as “supposed” or doesn’t seem important enough because it’s from books or the internet. Or people think I make stuff up as i go along. I bet not a one of you would one day in the shoes of how my life has been since day one.

        To me, personal knowledge is just as important as anything you learn from books or the internet.

          1. I react to people that have a different opinion than me, yes I’ll admit that I’m wrong in how I do it some/most of the time, but if I get jumped on (or attacked as I see it) I’m gonna jump back at them/attack back.

            Its how I was raised.

            If people dont like what I have to say and know how the reaction may come out, then idk maybe just should “keep reading” as I’ve said before and not post to comment if they dont want a back and forth.

            I can be respectful and have been when expressing an opposite opinion, it’s when the back and forth continues and gets more intense with each post that I lash out.

            And yes I believe others when they talk about their personal experiences, but its obvious that my personal experiences are “supposed” or “made up as I go along”, and they aren’t.

            So how about showing me the same respect when I talk about MY personal experiences as I try to do when others when they talk about THEIR experiences?

          2. You’re such a liar. I don’t know if you want to rewrite history to make yourself feel better about your cringy behavior or if you actually believe your own lies. I really hope that you get some help, because there is something really strange going on

        1. Clearly it isn’t because you don’t believe anyone else when they talk about their personal life experiences. I don’t think anyone is attacking you, although you may perceive it that way. You have jumped on anyone who has a different opinion or corrects false information. It’s sad that you are so triggered and you have my pity.

          1. Calling me delusional…attack, telling me I’m lying to myself…attack.

            Defending Jenelle about having Chiari Malformation when you yourself have it…hypocritical.

            She researched it, that’s all. She a crocodile tear crying hypochondriac. Nothing is wrong with her other than her needing to act her 30 years!!!!

          2. That’s not what happened at all. You started spouting off some nonsense about it being impossible to aquire a chiari malformation. I corrected you and you started with your hateful tirade. You are rather ignorant, but claim to be an expert about everything. Hence, the dunning Kruger effect

          3. I never said it was impossible to acquire Chiari Malformation.

            I SAID if she didn’t some form of Spina Bifida it would be impossible for HER to acquire it.

            There are 3 forms of Spina Bifida:

            1. Spina Bifida Occulta- A form a person can have and never know it unless they undergo extensive testing

            2. Meningocele- A form that can be both detected and corrected on a baby inside the womb

            3. Myelomeningocele- The most common of the three where a baby is baby is born completely paralyzed from the waist down and nothing can be done.

            I have Myelomeningocele.

            I looked up all this “nonsense” on Google since were so damned hyped on research knowledge being the only knowledge there is and your idiotic alter ego ASHER called me Dr Google.

  5. Why all the effing downvotes??

    I’m right in my own ways and opinions, and all yall know it!!

    You may not like what I got to say but TOUGH SHIT!!!

    I don’t like 75% of what I see on here neither!!!

    1. Grapes must be crushed to make wine. Diamonds form under pressure. Olives are pressed to release oil. Seeds grow in darkness. Whenever you feel crushed, under pressure, pressed, or in darkness, you’re in a powerful place of transformation and transmutation. Trust the process.

      I’m here for you girl

      stay lit

  6. I can’t actually believe Nathan will follow through, he gets disability from the VA for a TBI, and uses that as the reason he can’t work.

    So, if he gets in that ring, the VA would have reason to stop paying his disability. He’s a public figure, it’s going to easily come out that he’s getting punched in the head for a living and they will just cancel his disability.

  7. Talk about a HUGE SLAP ON THE WRIST for Amber!!! She has violated her parole and needs to be held accountable for her own actions!!! Why are we still talking about Jenelle?!?! They are no longer on the show, Nathan shouldn’t be fighting if he has PSTD and is declared disabled what he really kills someone while fighting who then will be held accountable for his actions, and as for Maci, the Edwards and Rhine’s immature wife need to be held accountable for Ryan like Rhine has to be held accountable!!! Maci let’s Bentley make his own decisions when it comes to Rhine even though it would be nice if Bentley can take notes from Leah on how to deal with Rhine, Rhine’s immature wife, and the Edwards!!

  8. They will let Nathan fight with a brain injury? Have mercy.

    David & Jenelle look ridiculous in that small boat will all them kids and dogs. They even go in the ocean on that crap. WTH

    Does Maci have false teeth? She talks with a Lisp.

    Amber is still a child. Blaming everyone else but herself. Maybe Leah saw you letting one of your bfs change her diaper. That still upsets me today. Who would let their new just met bf change your daughters diaper. Not in front of you either. In their room alone. Take responsibility.

  9. Maci has been using Ryan as her storyline to avoid talking about HER problems.. mainly her excessive drinking and partying (which has never made it on the show) for so long I doubt she knows what else to talk about. It’s really messed up to get them fired from the show but still continue to talk mad crap about them. If they can’t be on the show, she shouldn’t be able to talk about them either.

    1. Apparently the Edwards clan got rehired, they were on Tuesday’s episode talking about Maci. Which is a bummer because I was looking forward to a Rhine-less season!!

      Maci doesn’t even talk about them unless it’s in regards to what they’re doing to Bentley.

      Bentley was actually the one to bring his dad and the therapy session up.

      I’d be willing to bet Rhine and fam struck a deal, “Hey I’ll go to therapy with my son if I can keep the paycheck”

      He doesn’t give a damn about his son unless hes getting paid to care!!!

      1. Per The Ashley in the article above: “(By the way, the footage in Tuesday’s episode that showed the Edwards Gang was filmed post-Reunion and pre-firing. The Reunion was filmed in February and the Edwards’ firing didn’t happen until March.)”

    2. Serious question. If her excessive drinking & partying has never made it on to the show how do you for a fact that there is a problem?

      1. Thank you!!!

        You can drink alcohol with having “a problem”.

        The problem doesn’t lie within the alcohol. The problem lies within the person and whether they can gauge when enough is enough or not.

      2. They have mentioned her drinking on the show. She even said that Taylor and she drink too much and fight. I don’t know if they are full blown alcoholics, but it seems like her drinking is becoming problematic

        1. “Seems”, meaning you dont know. So why judge her for something that may or may not be a problem.

          Just like that audio of Andy and Amber. We don’t see what happens so how can we judge “alleged”. You see pictures after the fact and her him make claims on what happened.

          Andy works in the film industry, I think it’s totally a possibility that he edited the audio/photoshopped the pictures (and the cops probably allowed it) so that it makes her look worse.

          They all know her history of anger/violence and prison, so it’s more than likely a case of “let’s make things worse for her while you live in her house free of charge and walk around like everything is all peaches and cream.”

          1. The cops allowed it?
            I think the reason you are getting down voted besides the obvious is you are 88 of the post out of 90 messages.

          1. I mean you literally say “she and Taylor drink to much and fight”

            So how does this not have to do with Maci?

            And, if I had to deal with Rhine, I’d probably drink too.

            And of course a person can drink too much and fight, that’s the nature of alcohol.

            That’s why its smart to not drink at all especially when you dont know when to say enough is enough.

            A beer or two, or a glass or two of wine on occasion is one thing…or even getting completely plastered once in a while…it doesnt mean there’s a problem

            But know your limits.

          2. You randomly started talking about amber and Andrew. Their situation doesn’t have anything to do with Maci’s

  10. I wish Maci would tear a page out of Chelsea’s book and bow out of this show. Her son is much older now than he once was, and he seems like a very well rounded boy. I’d hate for her to keep dragging this out publicly. She should have left the show when she was physically able to see the extent of Ryan’s addiction in the beginning, Bentley will see it all now. Take the dignity that’s still hanging around and exit.

    1. I see your point but its possible she’s asked Bentley and he doesn’t want to leave? Like the time he called Jen about Jagger’s birthday party and Maci point blank asked “Do you want MTV to film this” and he said “Mm-hmm” and she said “Are you sure?” He said “Mm-hmm” again and she was like “Okay”

      Maybe he thinks the negative publicity Rhine receives will make him change, it hasn’t yet but maybe poor Bentley is still holding on to a tiny glimmer of hope.

      Honestly, if anyone looks back on this with embarrassment it should be Rhine not Maci.

      1. Bentley seem uncomfortable on film now. Im sure his friends also tease him about the personal things on the show like getting a 40 in school. I think his hesitancy when Maci asked was due to the fact that the entire family is living off the money from the show. If Bentley refuses to film then Maci’s storyline on the show would over. He literally the family bread winner and is keeping food on the table by being on this show.

        1. I get what you’re saying, but the only hesitancy I heard was in Maci when she said “Are you sure?” A selfish parent doesn’t care about their child(ren) wellbeing, she seems to be all about her kids. And Taylor’s been 100 times the father to Bentley that Rhine SHOULD be.

          I mean even to go as far to apologize to Bentley for acting that way, I didn’t think Taylor had anything to apologize for. If anyone should apologize, its Larry!!! A 60 year acting that way was ridiculous!!!!

          I was rooting Taylor on…the whole time!!!!

          I honestly feel that when this is all said and done Rhine and Mack will look back at the footage and say damn were we stupid!!!

  11. Oh, Nathan. You did have a record before Jenelle. The media is not to be blamed for your arrests. You are joining the MMA with a brain injury, so you can’t whine that the media attention exacerbated it.

    1. It’s not safe for a person with a brain injury to be a fighter. Nor is it safe for the person to fight someone with PTSD.

      The least little thing can make them snap and the next thing you know he’ll be charged with murder!!!

          1. I’ve seen PTSD and TBIs firsthand, why should a person do research when you know what looks like because the situations are prevalent to my everyday growing up.

            Just because everyone’s situation is different when it comes to PTSD and TBIs doesnt make what I’m saying any less true.

            A person doesn’t need book/internet knowledge when they’ve SEEN it!!!!

          2. There are MANY non-violent mentally ill people. But I agree that it is dangerous to be MMA fighting with a traumatic brain injury

          3. Judging by your erratic replies on this post, you are TRIGGERED and it’s looking pretty freaking hilarious. You don’t know crap and cannot speak for those suffering or struggling from PTSD. Lunatic. You’re crying about your downvotes and now you’re screaming at people about PTSD. Holy crap. I have it and I’m not anything close to what you describe. You scream that you’ve seen it and you know them go get help because clearly you baby PTSD from being exposed to someone who’s had it and you can’t deal! Go get help.

          4. I never said that all mentally ill people were violent, some aren’t.

            I was again speaking from firsthand experience and knowledge

        1. @FRONT DOOR MOM, the fact that you think any of this is “hilarious” just shows how HEARTLESS you are.

          Not everyone with it reacts the same, I’m going by firsthand knowledge and experience of what I’ve been through, and yeah its probably effected me more than I’d like to admit but that’s for me to figure out and you to quite honestly “keep you mouth shut” about.

          You do you and I do me, you don’t like I have to say and know what it’ll be like if you piss me off, just keep reading and comment to someone else.

          Thank you and have a nice day.

          1. I dont underestimate or overestimate anything.

            I get on here and sometimes I give an opinion and sometimes I include personal experience in my comments. But the outcome is always the same, someone (it’s a different person everytime) spins it to make me look like I’m the bad guy when I’m not.

          2. You keep contradicting yourself. You demand respect while telling people to shut up. You keep talking about anecdotes about mental health and claiming that it is as good as scientific research, but also complain that you hate talking about mental illness. Again, if this is so triggering maybe you should not subject yourself to it.

          3. You are always telling others to keep scrolling if they don’t like what you’re saying. Then do the damn same you weirdo holy crap. Get off the internet you’re a lunatic!!!!! I’ll wait for you 20 erratic replies and not care to read it all.

      1. I don’t know why you got downvoted for this comment, you’re right. MMA fighting with a TBI is dangerous for everyone involved.

          1. Most (not ALL) people with PTSD combined with a TBI are dangerous…I’m sure of it!!!

            We’ve seen his temper, what’s to say it wouldn’t escalate 100× worse inside the ring?

            I’ve watched MMA, wrestling, boxing…their already psycho acting.

            He gets hit in the head wrong, bam hes dead.

            He goes off and bam theyre dead.

    2. He’s only “fully disabled” so that he gets a paycheck from the government for a military-related disability.

      How the hell you going to claim you have a TBI that interferes with your ability to live a normal life, yet you’re going to be an MMA fighter?!

      1. How am I an ableist??

        I’m not discriminating against any disability.

        I have a disability…albeit a physical one.

        All I’m saying is that it isnt safe for him with TBI to fight, one wrong punch in the head and he’s dead.

        And how many with people with PTSD have you seen not freak out over a sound (such as fireworks, applause, a balloon popping, crowds, etc). PTSD is a VERY unpredictable disability, and couple that with alcohol, no therapy or medication, and it’s a bomb that can explode at the least little thing.

        1. PTSD symptoms are not all unpredictable nor do all patients freak out over sound. Many victims suffer debilitating depression, agoraphobia, anxiety, etc, and sound is not the trigger. Your description is a stereotype and false.

          Your comment above: “I have NEVER seen a non violent mentally ill person…perfect case and point AMBER” is also very narrowly focused. Mental illness includes depression, bi-polar, and about a dozen or more other well recognized symptoms and diagnoses.

          Your descriptions of PTSD and mental illness symptoms are those that get the attention and headlines and cause the wrong and hurtful stereotypes that many patients fight their whole lives. You owe each and every one of them an apology. They are not all violent, they are not all triggered by the same tbings. They are not “all” any specific way.

          This is just another example of the stereotypes being fought everywhere today. All women, all men, all democrats or republicans, or all whites or all blacks – are a certain way or do certain things, and now according to you, all mentally ill are violent and all PTSD have unpredictable reactions triggered by sound. Dang, I thought we were evolving but I guess we still have a long way to still go.

          1. Amber is bipolar and also has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)

            I never said all people with are like that, I said “how many people with PTSD have you seen not freak out over a sound…”

            You’re right not all are like that but I’m sure the people that are not like that now were like that once upon a time but with proper therapy and meds, it can stabilize, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T DRINK!!!

            If a person with a TBI and PTSD isnt on regular meds and they drink or take drugs (probably steroids in Nathan’s case), chances are the behavior is going to be violent and unpredictable…and thus irresponsible

          2. I did say “I’ve never seen a nonviolent mentally ill person” And I haven’t.

            All the mentally ill people I’ve seen either dont take proper care of themselves or the people who are supposed to help them allow them to make their own decisions which let’s face it only makes an already bad situation worse.

            Being a physically handicapped person myself, I do damn good just taking care of me.

            I’m perfectly content not having to “take charge” of someone else.

            For example, if you want to drink or do drugs, I make not like it but it’s THEIR body…THEIR choice

            I grew up with an alcoholic father and sister (who later turned to drugs as well as alcohol). Then I befriended 2 drug and alcohol addicts so needless to say I had hurt and disappointment coming at me from all directions.

            And this sounds bad but I’m tired of caring. Do I love them yes, do I want things to change for the better yes but until they want/need my support then I’m happy doing my thing while they do theirs.

        2. I’m sorry about your internalized ableism. Maybe this is something to explore in therapy instead of lashing out on the internet.

          1. I know what I’m fucking talking about, I don’t need therapy!!!!

            I’ll tell you what YOU need though…you need to shut the hell up!!!!

            A person that’s SEEN it right in front of them DOESNT need books or the internet to tell them what something is.

            It can either be handled responsibly or stupidly, I’ve seen both!!!!

          2. If you’re so hellbent on books and internet knowledge, maybe you should have your hubby look up crack houses because if he’s never been in one he can’t very well comment that what Amber did with the vacuum cleaner and Butch with the candelabra “looks like a live action Scooby Doo inside a crack house” because firsthand knowledge is apparently not good enough for you.

        3. I have PTSD and I don’t freak out with loud noises AND I’m not violent so please stop spewing your supposed knowledge of everyone with ptsd is a raging lunatic ready to snap. It’s false.

          1. Again…I dont have knowledge of EVERYONE with PTSD, just the cases I’ve seen.

            If a person can manage it appropriately…that’s great. But for some, it’s not that simple. I’ve seen it, I’ve dodged getting hit by someone who has come home from war and went crazy when thunder clapped. To name one of many times I’ve seen PTSD at its worst.

            And if you want real personal, I’ve even had to stop a couple of suicides because they couldn’t live with the pain anymore!!!

            So don’t sit there and tell me I’m “spewing supposed knowledge”, its not supposed AT ALL!!!

          2. Wow, a comment that mentions suicide getting downvoted…talk about HEARTLESS.

            All the other downvotes I kinda get…I mean I’m not a liked person on here. I get it but you know what…I really couldn’t care less.

            I’m not on here to be liked.

            But just like everyone else, I have a right to speak my piece and if you dont like it, TOUGH!!!!!

          3. I’m sorry that you experienced this, but I just wanted to say that most people don’t think that someone with ptsd is dangerous. I’m sorry if this conversation made you feel this way.

          4. I didn’t think it either, until it was a reality and then it’s a “holy shit” moment, it opens a person’s eyes to ANY possible outcome.

          5. Thank you for the apology Bella, I’m sorry for lashing out to you and others and telling you to “shut the hell up”

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