‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Requests Full Custody After Andrew Glennon Seemingly Implies She Hit Their Son; Wants Andrew Held in Contempt of Court for Deleted Post

“You messed with the wrong one, Andy… I’ve got nothin’ but time.”

Watch out for flying couch cushions: Amber Portwood is not happy! 

The Teen Mom OG star has filed for full custody of James— the three-year-old son she shares with ex Andrew Glennon— and is also asking that Andrew be held in contempt of court for seemingly implying that she hit James. According to court paperwork obtained by The Sun, Amber feels that Andrew’s post was “false and defamatory” and was posted  specifically to “harm Mother and her reputation.” 

The paperwork also indicated that the exes’ latest battle began over a cold sore on James, which Amber claims she pointed out to Andrew on August 25— the same day Andrew made his cryptic post accusing someone of hitting a baby boy.

“On or about August 25, 2021, Mother informed Father that the parties’ child had a spot on the inside of the lip that appeared to Mother as a canker sore or cold sore,” court papers obtained by The Sun read. “Mother took pictures and sent it to Father.

“Father posted a statement on social media accusing Mother of hitting the parties’ child, and then subsequently deleted the post … screenshots of his post were made public.” 

Andrew made the cryptic post a few weeks ago in an Instagram Story, only to quickly delete it. While he didn’t mention his ex or James by name in his Story, many assumed Andrew’s post was directed at Amber, and Andrew did nothing to prevent his followers from believing that. 

“You hit your baby boy? Really?!” Andrew’s message read. 

Andrew went on to post another Story in which he stated “justice will prevail,” though it is unknown if this was related to the previous post. He also posted a photo of James as a baby and a woman on Instagram that same day.


(Later on, he told followers his account had been “hacked” – a claim he has made several times in the past.)

Amber stated in the court paperwork that Andrew’s posts “directly violate the provisions of the Mediated Agreement adopted October 23, 2019 and the provisions of the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines.”

As The Ashley has previously reported, Andrew and Amber agreed on a custody plan in 2019 that gave Andrew primary physical custody of James, but with Amber and Andrew sharing joint legal custody of the boy. The custody plan Andrew and Amber agreed upon also stated that neither parent is allowed to post photos of their son on social media, making Andrew’s actions a violation of the agreement.

The Ashley exclusively reported on August 26 that Amber (and her legal team) were aware of Andrew’s post-and-deletes and that Amber was very upset that people believed she hit her son.

Amber’s face after seeing Andrew’s post…probably…

“There’s zero truth to it,” a source close to Amber told The Ashley at the time. “She’s heartbroken that anyone could think she would ever hurt a child. Her heart is broken that this would be implied. Amber feels like Andrew knows exactly what to say to hurt her and have the public side with him. She would never hit James.”

As a result, Amber–- who is no stranger to taking her ex to court for violating their parenting plan–- is once again requesting Andrew be held in contempt of court.

” …to everyone BUT Andrew.”

Furthermore, Amber is asking for primary physical custody of the three-year-old and for Andrew to have parenting time. Per the current agreement, Amber is allowed three unsupervised visits a week with her son. 

In addition to the change in custody, Amber requested that Andrew be held in contempt of court for his violations (which could result in him getting jail time and/or paying a fee) and that he pay her attorney’s fees.

“In my opinion, you belong in gel!”

The Ashley can confirm that on September 1, Amber filed a “Motion for Rule to Show Cause.” (In Indiana, this is a motion “to the court that documents a parent, guardian, or custodian’s failure to participate in court-ordered programs or services.”) That same day, she also requested a hearing to discuss “all pending matters.”

A judge approved her motion one day later and an attorney conference has been set for September 22. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV) 

55 Responses

  1. Poor Ambien, she thinks that Andrew is ruing her reputation. Silly rabbit you ruined that years ago, all by yourself! It is very believable that she would hit her son, EXCEPT she is never around him (by choice), she palms him off to others, and sleeps most of the day. What I want to know: Has her weapon of choice (machete) been confiscated??

  2. I think it’s hilarious that Amber is losing her shit over Andrew posting that she hit their son. I have no doubt that she did because she is an abusive piece of shit mother. Does she not think about the fact that all of her insane Instagram lives can be brought up in court showing how mentally unstable she truly is?

    She is lucky that I’m not Andrew. Her ass would have went to prison without me accepting a lame ass plea bargain. She also would NEVER see James again under any circumstance! You chase me around with a machete with our child in my arms and you lose your visitation rights at bare minimum.

  3. I know this is not the topic but the one time she HIT Gary it was over him saying something to Shawn Sr because before she hits him she says “You don’t talk to my gd dad like that.”

    The second time, she didnt even hit him. She shoved him against a wall and he was taunting her saying “Hit me, go ahead hit me I dare you.”

    The last time was of her throwing a flip flop at him as we walked down the stairs to leave after she kicked him out for cheating (with Kristina I think).

    1. Wasn’t there a segment on one of the seasons where she shoved him into a wall, tried to shove him down the stairs, then she punched him in the head and ear multiple times. His ear was bleeding and he had a tissue wiping the blood off of his ear. I thought that this incident was what got CPS involved because she did it in front of Leah. Then she blamed Gary for her abusive behavior.

      1. She closely followed him down the stairs, shoved him against the wall when they were by the door and he taunted her with “Hit me, go ahead hit me I dare you.”

        She grabbed his collar and balled up her fist like she was gonna hit him but she didn’t.

        Yes, Leah was upstairs at the time, it wasn’t in front of her but Gary called CPS claiming it was in front of her.

        And as far as the bleeding ear, he had a scab and reached up and scratched it off as he was walking out the door screaming “I’m calling CPS and getting your daughter taken away from you” to which she replies “The hell you will, you aren’t taking my daughter anywhere”

          1. I said she hit him once (but she was defending her father and had to jump on an ottoman to reach), just not the particular time yall are talking about.

            If someone had trashed my dying mom, I’d have gone after them too.

            Yes she shoves him, yes she grabs him, yes she balls her fist up and come to think of it yes she even swings, but if you watch closely instead of spewing your “Hate For Amber” attitudes, you’ll see she doesn’t hit him, he dodges and she hits his shoulder or the wall. She’s not tall enough to hit him in the face or ear with her fist hard enough to draw blood (now if Gary had been sitting and making it easier for her to reach him yes I have not doubt she’d have hit him). She a good 6 or 7 inches shorter than him.

            I dislike her and most of her actions as much as the next person but I’m not about to lie on the girl just because I dislike her.

            Besides that Gemma, this is a playback, how do I know you didnt dr it? I watched the live filming on tv.

  4. How TF does a 3 year old get a cold sore (aka herpes) anyway? That being said, Amber is on some strong sh$t if she thinks she’s getting full custody of anything. Lol

    1. Cold sores aren’t always herpes related, I get them all the time (especially in winter).

      Herpes related cold sores are typically inside the mouth. From giving oral sex.

      1. Cold sores inside the mouth can also be caused by consuming acidic foods and/or drinks (such as tomatoes or tomato juice, pickles or pickle juice, oranges or orange juice, etc)

      2. Cold sores are always herpes related. If you get cold sores you have oral herpes. Many people do and it is not always sexually transmitted, but it is the herpes virus and you can’t get cold sores if you don’t have herpes. Canker sores are not cause by the herpes virus

        1. Maybe his is a canker sore and not a cold sore??

          Did anyone ever stop and think of that, maybe it was misworded?

          And I’m gonna Google it but I’m almost certain that a canker sore is almost always referred to as a cold sore.

          1. A young child could easily get a cold sore through a kiss from a parent or even sharing a drink with them. Just because it’s a herpes virus it does not mean it was sexually transmitted.

          2. A canker sore is completely different from a cold sore. Usually it is caused by trauma, erosion, or stress. A lot of the time, canker sores are genetic.

            Herpes can be oral or genital. HSV-1, aka cold sores, are typically oral and caused by kissing, sharing toothbrushes, sharing utensils, etc. HSV-2 are typically found on the genitals and caused by sexual contact.

            As far as your comment on Indiana, there are many well-educated, hard working people here. We have a state-of-the art level 1 trauma center and medical school with some of the most brilliant minds in the world. Your statement is very narrow-minded and utterly untrue. Just because Indiana is a red state does not mean it’s full of idiots. I, personally, do not vote republican. I work as a nurse and I can assure you that any nurse, APP, or doctor would definitely be able to differentiate cold sores from canker sores. They look vastly different.

            On that note, Amber is a turd & total trash. She should’ve have custody of a rat, let alone a child.

      3. “A cold sore is a group of tiny, painful blisters caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). They’re also called fever blisters or herpes simplex labialis. Cold sores are most likely to show up on the outside of your mouth and lips, but you can also get them on your nose and cheeks.

        Canker sores (mouth ulcers) are ulcers that occur within the mouth. Since canker sores are incredibly painful, it’s natural that you would want to do everything in your power to avoid them. Of course, avoiding canker sores first begins with being able to identify them as well as understanding their most common causes.

        Are Canker Sores the Same Thing as Cold Sores?

        No. Canker sores are not the same thing as cold sores. For starters, cold sores typically occur on the outside of the mouth while canker sores occur on the inside of the mouth. Furthermore, canker sores have many different causes and are not contagious. Conversely, cold sores are contagious; “cold sores” is the common name for oral (mouth) herpes, caused by the herpes simplex virus.”

        Herpes/cold sores are on the outside of the mouth. Your post is filled with so much misinformation. Cold sores/herpes are herpes simple I. If you perform oral sex while having an outbreak of simplex I, you can give the other person simplex II.

        1. I’m saying the small towns often switch the canker sore/cold sore diagnosis. They are from Indiana, not exactly the most popular state for intelligence.

          Just like my state of Kentucky isnt always known for it intelligence.

          1. Why the ??

            I poked fun at my own state for same thing so I’m NOT being rude.

            I mean, let’s face it, some cities in some states are quite a bit more countrified and rural than others. Thus not exactly being amongst the most intelligent.

    2. When their grandparents knowingly have a cold sore and kiss them on the mouth and then think it’s funny (happened to my child…. Luckily she doesn’t appear to have gotten the virus)

      1. Then explain to me this, how come I can have a cold sore and kiss my cousin’s children and NOTHING happens?? And we’re talking young child…like 10 and younger.

        Come on, I mean y’all wanna act like all fired experts about it, enlighten me!!

  5. Any basic Lawyer will be able to completely eviscerate Amber on the stand or in a opening statement. Drugs, domestic abuse, jail time, attempted murder, mental disorder, zero work history, and no, getting filmed ripping farts into a defenseless couch is not a job, past relationship history, unhinged social media posts. A first year law student could dunk on this one.

    Amber has a vague deleted insta post. Great job Amber, way to think this through. Spend all that MTV cash.

    stay lit

    1. What lawyer would take her case and argue it with a straight face? Not even Darren could get Jenelle out of this one?

      1. I hear what you are saying, but ANY lawyer would take this. Here’s why, if you win this one with all the facts going against you, you are a legend among lawyers, and you get paid. If you lose, no lawyer would could blame you, and you get paid.

        stay lit, get paid

  6. James is old enough to say his mother hit him. The “cold sore” might have been a preemptive strike when it was really something else. Either way Andrew has to do things correctly by the book or this will keep happening.

  7. So who’s gonna raise this baby, Ambie? Drop him off with Gar-bear and 2nd mum Christina and you’ll call in 3 times over summer?
    Give me a break….this poor kid’s got 2 crap parents.
    Why anyone who’s seen Ambie in full rage on Marriage Bootcamp and want to immediately impregnate her has some screws loose.

  8. People are assuming the picture was of baby James but forgetting that Andrew’s baby pictures looked just like James’. People have confused them before.

    1. People confuse pics of me and my mom all the time.

      I looked like my dad until I was like 4 or 5 then as I got older I started looking identical to my mom.

  9. Amber can’t even take care of herself, why is she trying to delude herself, she can take on full custody of a baby.

  10. Wth?? I just Googled Amber and she’s 31, then I Googled Leah and she’s 12!!!

    So that would mean Amber was 18 or 19 when she had her…not 16 or 17.

    Something is screwy here!!

      1. I know that, the majority was 17. But I’m saying 31-12=19 (18 if Leah is almost 13) not 16 OR 17.

        The math ain’t adding up

        1. That’s still a teen! I’m sure they knew how old she was when they cast her for the show. Why does this upset you so much?? Did they pass you upfor her? Lol

          1. No Debbie they didnt, and it doesnt upset me. It’s just confusing, most of the girls said “I’m… from… and I’m 17 years old”

            I think only 2 (Maci and I think Mackenzie McKee) said “I’m 16”.

            My confusion is, yes she was young but but as young as the so called rules of being eligible for the show.

            Maybe her screws lose is an MTV tactic and it’s faked for rating??? Maybe they told her to lie on her age too??

          1. I just went and watched Amber’s episode and she doesn’t say her age in her introduction.

      2. She was 17 when she was impregnated by Gary, she turned 18 in May, and Leah was born the following November, who cares? She’s a piece of shit, then and now, her tubes need to be tied, she is a total failure at everything, and Andrew is a big loser too, he lives off of Amber, doesn’t work, that poor little boy!!!

        1. I’m pretty sure she said she was 17 and her episode of 16 & Pregnant aired in June of ’09??

          But that’s beside the point. The rules clearly state that you have to have gotten pregnant at either 15 (and eligible for filming at 16) or pregnant 16 (and eligible for filming at 17) to make it onto the show. All the girls were 4 to 5 months along at the time of filming.

          Like I said she probably lied and MTV was too damn stupid and/or lazy to fact check.

          At the TM first aired it was Maci (who was still with Ryan at this point), Farrah (who hadn’t became a whore), Catelynn (who seemed legit trying to make something out of herself) and Amber. There was no drama, so I’m guessing that MTV staged her screws lose because ratings were dropping and they needed something to catch viewers’ attention and Amber was the only one with the physical stature to make it look real and believable??

          1. It was stated in a TMZ article that was posted in ’09 before 16&P began airing.

            I’m pretty sure their articles aren’t saved in archives and researchable after 12 years.

  11. I keep saying that BOTH of these people are garbage!!!

    Yes, Amber’s done some dumb shit but so has Andy.

    I mean here is a man who is almost 40 getting with a chick who isn’t even 30 yet…THAT HE MET AT A FREAKING MARRIAGE BOOTCAMP SHOW!!! What did he think was gonna happen??

    What…that everything would be all peaches and cream…um no!!!

    1. I agree they are both garbage. I don’t see anything wrong or weird with the age difference, they were both fully grown when they decided to bump uglies. ?

      1. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the age difference, I’m just what was going through his mind “Shes young, fertile, I bet I could knock her up and still stay on the gravy train if we dont work out”?

        That’s all I’m saying, most grown ass men dont get with someone that young and immature unless there is an ulterior motive

  12. Andrew never mentioned her so why does she feel he’s talking about her? Probably because she’s guilty of it. We’ve seen her hit Gary and attack Andrew with a machete while holding their child (the same child she called “it” btw) so yeah, it wouldn’t be very surprising if she did in fact hit James.
    I’m so mad she’s not in jail right now

  13. Dammit, Andrew! Do NOT provoke the beast on social media! You must be scrupulously careful, because you are the only safe parenting option that James has. Never underestimate how nuts the courts can be.


  14. “She’s heartbroken that anyone could think she would ever hurt a child. Her heart is broken that this would be implied.”

    Stop it! This bitch has called her precious son an “it”, threw things at Andrew while holding their son and most notably chased Andrew around with a machete while Andrew had Baby James in his arms. But, she “wouldn’t hurt a child”. Sure, Jan. Amber doesn’t want custody because she loves her son unconditionally and misses him terribly, she wants custody simply so she can win against Andrew. She isn’t fooling anyone, she has never been a mother to either of her children.

    1. She also beat Gary up in front of Leah. And threw him down the stairs. That’s what we have seen on camera.

      Gary has admitted that it was a regular occurrence before she was filmed doing it, and those weren’t the worse.

      And Matt & Amber, had that physically abusive relationship, where I think it can safely assumed it was mutually dangerous.

    2. I’ve said it before – James is Amber’s “do over” so that she can show everyone she can take care of a child, because she’s taken so much backlash for basically abandoning Leah (which Leah has been better off for her doing). Amber isn’t actually interested in parenting James, she’s only interested in proving all of her “haters” wrong. If she wins custody, she will keep James out of spite against Andrew, and also as a trophy to show the world how much better she is than when she started. She’d be sick of taking care of him in the first week, but her ego also won’t let her give him back to Andrew and James will be neglected and hurt. The only loser in this case would be James.

      If TM went off the air tomorrow and the tabloids and fans stopped paying attention to Amber, I don’t think she’d have a shred of interest in either of those kids. And if TM had never been picked up, I think Gary would have been raising Leah totally on his own and Amber would be in jail or dead; either way, Amber would only be a distant memory to Leah. Amber does not truly want to be a full time parent, nor is she mentally equipped for the job.

  15. She will be ready to hand James right back to Andrew when she realizes that parenting a toddler requires getting her butt off of the couch and/or bed.

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