EXCLUSIVE! How Amber Portwood Reacted After Her Ex Andrew Glennon Seemed to Imply in Deleted Instagram Post That She Hit Their Three-Year-Old Son

Amber Portwood is not happy that her baby daddy Andrew Glennon seemed to be implying on social media that she hit their three-year-old son, and she’s making sure her lawyers are aware of it.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the Teen Mom OG star was distraught after her ex posted a message to Instagram Stories — and then quickly deleted it—implying that someone had been physically violent with a “baby boy.” Many assumed that the boy in question is James, the three-year-old son that Amber and Andrew share. (Andrew never specifically mentioned Amber by name, though.)

“You hit your baby boy? Really?!” the message Andrew posted read.

Later, he wrote, “Here’s the beauty. Justice will prevail, Losses will accumulate. As time does perspire.” (It is unknown if this is related to the previous post, though.)

Andrew also posted a photo of a young James and woman to Instagram. 


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According to a source close to Amber, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star is upset about what Andrew posted.

“There’s zero truth to it,” the source said. “She’s heartbroken that anyone could think she would ever hurt a child. Her heart is broken that this would be implied. Amber feels like Andrew knows exactly what to say to hurt her and have the public side with him. She would never hit James.”

In October 2019, Amber and Andrew agreed on a custody plan that forbid either of them to post any photos of James to social media. (Amber was also forbidden from filming James for ‘Teen Mom OG.’) In the years since the custody plan was established, Amber has taken Andrew to court several times claiming he was in contempt of their plan

“Him posting a photo of James is a violation of the agreement, and Amber’s lawyers are aware of what he posted and are working on it,” the source tells The Ashley.

“Oh no you did NOT!”

(As of press time, there had been no mention of Andrew’s latest actions on their court file.)

Unfortunately for ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans hoping to watch this situation play out on the show, it’s probably unlikely. The Ashley’s production source tells her that filming for the season is complete and has been for a while, and that there is no camera crew with Amber right now.  

While Amber’s relationship with James probably won’t be discussed, the production source tells The Ashley that Amber’s relationship with her daughter Leah will be part of the upcoming season.


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“Her and Leah[‘s relationship] is a work in progress,” the source said. “She is in school, and is really trying to be a positive influence on her kids.”

The Ashley has reached out to both Amber and Andrew’s sides for comment.

UPDATE! One day after he posted the Instagram Story about someone hitting the baby boy, Andrew posted to Instagram Stories that his account had, once again, been “hacked.” (He has cried “hacking” several times in the past after his account posted controversial or problematic content.)

“Many of you know my account was hacked yesterday,” he wrote. “Think we’re good now.” 

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34 Responses

  1. Amber has absolutely no history of physical violence against any people or persons out there, can’t be true.

    stay lit

  2. Is he still living in her house. She is disgusting & i am sure he has faults as well & pathetic is definitely 1 of them IF he is living in her home without paying anything. HOA fees haven’t been paid, i am sure IF he isnpaying he would pay directly to the HOA or mortgage/landlord & not to her

  3. We all have seen how violent and unhinged Amber is. She won’t hesitate to pop off. I don’t know if this accusation is true or not(as there are custody issues going on with Amber trying to get overnights) but nothing surprises me with her.

    1. Absolutely. For anyone who needs proof, she did a season of “marriage boot camp” where she was constantly popping off and threatening other cast members. She was quite frightening to watch on screen. Oddly, this was the show Andrew decided he was in love with Amber.

  4. Love how Amber could never do this… how dare he. Umm You hit Andrew when he was holding the baby and worst off Amber decided to goto prison instead of being a mom. Yeah she is 100% capable of this.

  5. Posting that mysterioso, instigating message to social media says a whole lot about who he really is. He’s a POS who only seemed like a decent person initially because we only saw him in comparison to Amber.

    Amber’s ‘friend’ made me laugh. Amber is HEARTBROKEN to know people could possibly think she’d hurt her child, you guys! Heartbroken! How could anyone ever think that?!

    Is there any possibility we can campaign for Kristina to somehow adopt James?

  6. I think Amber has a LOT of issues she needs to work on. She’s selfish and thinks she’s always right and that the world is out to get only her, with that said I honestly feel like she wouldn’t hurt her baby physically and not, on purpose, mentally.
    I think she has a lot of growing up still to do and she needs to learn how to love unconditionally.
    It’s a shame her kids have to pay the price.
    I still think Andrew is a POS! He knew exactly what she was like when he was filming her yet he gets pregnant with her??!?! He’s a money hungry asshole who was looking for his 15 minutes of fame.
    Hope he’s happy with what he got!
    Those poor kids 🙁

  7. If Amber is capable of throwing things at Andrew while he was holding James, not caring if what she threw hit James then she is capable of hitting James! Chasing Andrew around with a machete while Andrew was holding James says everything I need to know about Amber’s capability of hurting her child. I will never understand why Andrew allowed Amber any visitation rights at all.

  8. I don’t believe Amber hit James, not because I don’t think she’s capable, I just don’t think she spends time with her son alone.

    1. She may have but don’t you think with every person, family member , friend, & lawyer watching her, she’d know better.
      Andrew is just waiting to pounce on anything she shouldn’t be doing. He wants that baby all to himself. SMH
      Besides I really do think she’s learned a little more from when she was 16 and had Leah.
      (Granted, not much……..but some!)

    2. Agree with you Lynn, 100%.

      And Garbear, I got my hands smacked (not hard) but i learned. Maybe she was wanting to raise Leah the way Tonya and Shawn Sr raised her. Nothing particularly wrong with that.

      I think Gary is an AMAZING father but he has always tended to baby Leah, until now when she can speak her mind and hes all “I think you should do this, or I think you should do that” Hes losing control, just like Amber and I dont think he much cares for it.

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