Amber Portwood Says She’s Reconciled With Ex Gary Shirley & Gary’s Wife Kristina Since the Last Season of ‘Teen Mom OG’

“Did ya guys miss me?!”

After publicly bashing her ex Gary Shirley and Gary’s wife Kristina multiple times this year, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has reportedly made amends with the couple.

Amber revealed to The Sun that things between herself and the pair have not only improved, but they are “amazing actually.”

“We literally just went to a fair, all of us together, the whole family,” Amber said. “We are in a much better spot than we were.”

“I’m happy to report I no longer wear a cup during custody exchanges…”

 “We are doing good and we are in contact. I see my kids so obviously I have to see them,” Amber added.

At the beginning of the year, Gary revealed he was taking a step back from Amber, with whom he shares 12-year-old daughter Leah, after Amber went on an Instagram rant calling the couple “two-faced” and “liars” (among other things). Amber, of course, was fired up at the time after seeing the ‘Teen Mom OG’ premiere episode, in which Kristina compared Amber to a teenager.

If only you could take away that teenager’s phone privileges…

In a follow-up rant posted days after the episode aired, Amber accused Gary of cheating on his wife in the presence of a ‘Teen Mom OG’ producer.

“ … OK, you know what? Gary, if you and Kristina are so happy, then why don’t you tell her about how many times you had called me up and talked about sexual encounters we used to have,” Amber said. “How many times did you sit there and say, ‘Oh, you’re missing big daddy?’”

Pretty much.

Amber went on to accuse Gary of touching her inappropriately, calling both Gary and his wife “gross” and “cheaters.”

In April, Amber launched another online rant accusing the couple of spoiling Leah and then calling Kristina a “home-wrecker” and a “whore.” The couple– well, Amber– engaged in a social media feud once again on Easter Sunday when Amber chose to celebrate the holiday by hopping onto Instagram to share a message to Leah, which soon turned into an online bashing of Kristina.

In the comment section of her post, Amber called Kristina an “opportunist” and attacked Kristina for her custody situation of her oldest daughter, who does not appear on ‘Teen Mom OG’ or Kristina’s social media.

If I have to choose between Gary in a sweaty bunny suit, or listening to Amby bash Kristina on Instagram, I’ll take the moist rabbit, thanks…

It appears that Amber and Kristina have found common ground, due to both of them going back to school recently.

“We are seeing each other as much as we can, but Kristina and me are both in school actually, and the kids are in school now too,” Amber said.

All of that learning has limited the time Amber has to spend online bashing people, apparently.

“I struggled a bit but I found something to kind of get me out of my head and busier with school,” she said.

While things with Amber and Gary are once again on good terms, the same cannot be said for the relationship between Amber and her other baby daddy,Andrew Glennon.

After continued failed attempts to resolve their co-parenting issues in court-ordered mediation, it was reported in June that Amber and Andrew were likely heading to trial to continue their custody battle for 3-year-old son James.

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26 Responses

  1. This is a testament to Kristina’s love for Leah and Gary’s growth, because most people would of told lazy Amber to shove it where the sun don’t shine after all her years of antics! Hopefully she’ll be inspired to get off her couch more and see BOTH of her kids more now!

  2. I lost any respect that I MAY have had for Amber when she bashed Kristina on National TV.
    How dare she attack the woman who is raising her daughter to feel safe and loved AND who doesn’t say a bad word against her to that daughter!
    She should be down in her knees thanking Kristina!!!
    Makes me sick!

  3. Once Amber has shown good behavior for about five years, I might start to reconsider. But I think this is just a phase in her narc/mental illness cycle. Gary and Kristina are saints— I know it’s so difficult when your child’s other parent is not stable. Better infrequent visits to the fair than daily torment.

  4. Yea I no longer feel sorry for Gary or Kristina. They deserve the online rants for choosing to keep associating with Amber. You can get along for the kids but to go to the fair etc after everything she said about them…yea no. They deserve that shit

    1. Leah has stated in the past that she doesn’t like to be alone with Amber. So it makes sense as to why they all went to the fair together. It’s to make Leah happy. I don’t believe Gary & Kristina want to hang out with Amber because they really want to…lol.

    1. Insta and Facebook both have these things called filters, I know the saying is “a picture is worth a 1000 words” But that saying was created what…50 years ago when filters didn’t exist???

  5. pretty sure this won’t last, especially since the new season is starting next month and it can bring up the drama again

  6. We’ll, I’ll say this, Gary is a lot more understanding then your boy Nibs. I would have scraped that barical off the hull years ago. There is no worse person on the planet.

    Stay lit, no you Amber, you suck

    1. What about child molesters/pedophiles? They’re PRETTY BAD.

      Amber’s behavior is effed up but at least you can say she never physically hurt Leah or James…emotional yes, but not physically

      I firmly believe Andy picked James up out of pure selfish “if I’m holding the kid she wont hurt me” motivation. Yes, going after Andy was bad, but to put your kid in harm’s way just to protect yourself…that’s PATHETIC!!!

        1. I dont think Gary is a piece of shit though, I mean look at everything hes dealt with all in the name of being a good father to an almost teenager.

          Leah has said she doesn’t want to have her Mom around but the GOOD FATHER he is he advises (not demanding) her to keep trying. They (Gary and Kristina) are there when Amber’s around for the comfort of Leah (NOTHING ELSE).

          He doesn’t bash Amber in front of Leah. Hes never gotten physical with her other that to defend himself against her.

          Now Matt and Andy, THEY ARE PIECES OF SHIT!!!

    2. Jenelle and Farrah are at the top for me. Jenelle #1
      Farrah & Amber are neck & neck. With Amber getting a point for taking care of her pets. Not so much her kids though.

  7. Looks like someone saw how the wind was blowing and decided to fly right.

    Seriously, Amber must have woken from that very long and ‘groggy’ nap on that big comfy couch and realized that saying terrible things about the two people who do pretty much EVERYTHING for your daughter, is 100% unacceptable!

    Im glad they went to the fair, I hope they do some more fun field trips…Deep down, somehow I always have a place in my heart that hopes Amber finds happiness. And a job.

    Just please….Jesus god leah please….Don’t start a damn PODCAST!!!

  8. She must have bullied them into submission so she can continue to use them. Gary and Kristina have gone above and beyond for Amber. They have never been the problem, she is. It never crossed her bitter brain that Leah will see everything that Amber said about Gary & Kristina. Gary has always been consistent in Leah’s life and Kristina is the only good mother she has ever known.

    1. They’ll put their foot down if she continues to disappoint Leah in the future though, but then they’ll be the bad guys!

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