‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood & Baby Daddy Andrew Glennon Likely Heading to Trial After Failing to Resolve Co-Parenting Issues in Mediation

“Can I bring my favorite couch cushion for moral/lumbar support?”

After continued failed attempts to resolve their co-parenting issues in mediation, Amber Portwood and her baby daddy Andrew Glennon are likely heading to trial to continue their custody battle for three-year-old son James. 

Earlier this year, Amber and Andrew were ordered to resolve their custody issues out of court within 60 days; however, a source revealed to The Sun that the couple’s recent mediation “didn’t go favorably” for the Teen Mom OG star. 

“They’ve been trying to work out an agreement in mediation but they just haven’t been able to get anything settled,” the source claimed. “Now, this is likely headed for trial.” 

“Can someone call the courthouse and see if they have a couch in the courtroom I can reserve? “

The source added that Amber is “doing really well” though “it’s hard because she isn’t even allowed overnight visits” with James.

(In February, Amber had requested a change to the pair’s custody agreement that would allow her to have overnight visits with James once the toddler turned three in May.) 

Amber and Andrew have been fighting over custody of their son since 2019. Andrew filed for full custody of James in July 2019 following Amber’s arrest for domestic battery. 


Andrew maintains primary physical custody of the three-year-old and the exes share joint legal custody, allowing Amber three unsupervised visits with the toddler each week. 

Earlier this year, Amber and Andrew’s custody battle heated up, beginning when Amber filed a restraining order against Andrew, claiming he refused to let her see their son during the week of Christmas. Amber reportedly obtained the restraining order to stop her ex from interfering with her parenting time going forward. 

Andrew then fired back, claiming that Amber missed or rescheduled a ton of her scheduled visits with James from October to December, mostly due to “poor weather.” 

As for the requested overnight visits with James, Amber has claimed that it is in the best interest of her son that the current parenting time be modified. 

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25 Responses

  1. I’m sorry, I like Amber but I feel she’s not learning from her past.
    She still needs a LOT of help growing and taking accountability for herself and her decisions.
    The way she crapped on Kristina for being their for Leah was absolutely wrong!
    She should be kneeling at that woman’s feet!
    I truly hope that she can be a better mom to James AND that she can repair her relationship with Leah.

  2. I’m convinced if she wasn’t on the show anymore, she’d give up custody of both her kids. She cancels visitations with her son multiple times and barely does anything with Leah when she does have her. She’s definitely the worst mother and needs fired before another season is filmed. This whole franchise has gone down the toilet because of how MTV has handled their behaviors in the first place.

  3. Amber is such a trip. She can’ even bother to get to visitations with her kids most of the time but she is always whining about more custody and visitations and overnights.

  4. Portwood needs to be selfless for once and just sign over her rights. She doesn’t care about that baby, all she cares about is hurting Andrew the way he hurt her when he released those tapes of her hurting him and beating his ass.

    1. Exactly, and i didn’t realize she only got three visits a week but if it’s so few then why does Gary always have James.. like you only get him three visits and are asking for more but when you do get him Gary and his wife are always watching him.. wtf

    2. I agree. She never wanted children and doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, it’s so unfair on children when unstable, narcissistic people decide to procreate and put them in the middle of their messy lives. James is better off without her popping up at irregular intervals to make him feel bad about not spending his birthday with her and only her. The mind blowing thing is that she really does seem to have herself convinced that showing up for an afternoon visit a couple of times a month constitutes being a ‘damn good mom’. It’s nowhere near, Amber, absolutely nowhere near; just ask your daughter.

      1. Yes! She doesn’t see either kid, but swears up and down to anyone who will listen that she does the best she can, it’s not her fault she doesn’t see them, but she’s a damn good mom. If she TRULY wanted to see those kids, come hell, high water, or “inclement weather” she would see those kids. This court thing is a total waste of the money that should be going to her kids. She’s being bitter and spiteful, and it hurts James most…Just look at what she did to Leah. Leah (understandably) has some deep seated resentment towards her mom.

        1. Yes, Leah is switched on, I would be surprised if they ever reconcile to any great degree as she gets older, Amber is never going to change because, as you say, nothing is ever her fault, she’s trying her best. If that’s her best, I would hate to see her worst, frankly.

  5. If I were Andrew, I’d be fighting like hell to make Amber have supervised visits only! She should NOT be permitted to drive that baby in a car! How does Andrew EVER know if Amber is drunk, or high, or just off her meds??? I agree with a previous poster, Amber does not REALLY want overnight visits— this is all for show! If I were Andrew and anything ever happened to that poor baby while he was with Amber, I would never ever ever forgive myself. My prayers go out to Andrew and baby James. (And Leah, always sweet Leah.).

    1. Without this custody fight, what sort of storyline does Amber have at this point? Call me cynical, but would anyone be surprised if this is the line TM production has encouraged her to take? She has literally NOTHING to lose by pursuing this, as her costs are most likely paid by TM. Whereas Andrew, who presumably is not cashing a TM paycheck anymore, is pretty much a whack-a-mole, just sitting there waiting for whatever she and TM want to pitch at him. ANY court in the land ought to rule out ruling on this matter as long as ANY of the parties is being paid by a TV production company. There’s just too many ways for this to get f*cked up when TV dollars are involved.

      1. I think you are 100% correct. Amber needs a story line. And of course MTV is paying Amber’s legal fees. How messed up is that??? MTV is willing to risk a baby being in danger or even harmed for a storyline. Disgusting.

  6. The difference between guilt and shame is very clear–in theory. We feel guilty for what we do. We feel shame for what we are. Sir Nibs

    stay lit

  7. Amber only thinks she wants custody of that baby.
    It’s really sad to think of all the damage she is doing to those poor kids. They will both end up cutting her out of their lives.

  8. I have a hard time believing she actually wants any more custody- she’s doing this for show. She consistently cancels on both of her kids, if she actually wanted to see them she’d do it every chance she got.

  9. In other Teen Mom news, Jenelle let her website domain expire, and now it redirects to an affordable dentures site ?

  10. She played such an active & positive role in Leahs life why would this be any different….(That would be funny if it didnt involve an innocent child)

  11. I never thought how oddly similar they looks in that first pic.

    We don’t know much about andrew, he seems like a good enough guy. No, he didn’t make the best decision to have a child with someone who has shown the world that she isn’t a fit mother. But at least the child seems to have one stable parent. I hope baby andrew gets what is best for him. Which is not amber at all. She needs to be in one of those therapy houses.

    1. Agreed. 3 visits a week is a lot, especially alone with a toddler. Hopefully she’s finished with this charade of trying to be a good mother and has no more children.

      Amber is like top of the list, followed by Jenelle and McKee, Farrah, Kail and Catelynn and then Leah, Chelsea and Maci as well. No more.

      1. If your ranking them worst to best, I’d say this is the way it goes…
        10. Janelle – is the worst, Lurch, Drugs & Guns, need I say more?
        9. Amber – would be the worst if she actually had custody of either of her kids
        8. Farrah – she is unfit to raise a squirrel, equates money with love
        7. Catelynn – leaves her children in the care of April, the same person who caused all her trauma that requires yearly rehab stays
        6. Briana – leaves her kids anytime she has a new man, or someone is getting plastic surgery. She seems to only spend time with them in her apartment/house, take them to the park or on vacation every once in a while!
        5. McKee – too worried what the sloth of a husband is doing to take care of her wild hellions. Seems very self absorbed
        4. Leah – all her “talks” with the girls are super cringey, but now that she seems to be off drugs at least they’re not eating all their meals from a gas station
        3. Kail – not good at picking men, but she does appear to take good care of if her boys. Not a good role model for their relationships later in life, but better than all of the above!
        2. Maci – drinks a lot of beer, I’m ok with that, haha, but does a decent job of taking care of her kids, just quit with the awkward on camera chats with poor Bentley and let him see his grandparents
        1. Chelsea – the only smart one to actually quit the TM train wreck, she gets all the credit for that!

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