Amber Portwood’s Ex Andrew Glennon Says ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Cancelled Multiple Visits with Son Per Month, For “Poor Weather” & Other Reasons

Amber, realizing neither one of her baby daddies are particularly fond of her at the moment.

Things are not copacetic in the co-parenting department for Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood and her baby daddy Andrew Glennon.

Shocking, we know. 

As The Ashley recently reported, Amber recently got a restraining order against Andrew after claiming  he refused to let her see their 2-year-old son, James, the week of Christmas. She obtained the restraining order to stop her ex from interfering with her parenting time going forward.

But now, Andrew is firing back, claiming that Amber has missed or rescheduled a ton of her scheduled visits with James— for all kinds of reasons including “poor weather,” a sick dog and more. 

(Andrew has primary custody of James, while Amber has three unsupervised visits with him each week. Andrew filed for full custody back in July 2019 after Amber was arrested for domestic battery.)

In response to Amber’s claims that he violated their custody order by not giving Amber her holiday visitation, Andrew filed some claims of his own in court, accompanying his court filing with some receipts in the form of a calendar. 

“I come with receipts, baby!”

During the month of October, Andrew alleges that Amber requested that her visitation with James be postponed six times— and her reasons were…interesting. Andrew stated in the court docs, obtained by The Sun, that Amber postponed three times due to “poor weather,” twice because she wasn’t feeling well and once because her dog was sick. The following month, Amber allegedly requested they postpone visitation twice because she wasn’t feeling well and once because of weather. 

Andrew claims he postponed twice in November because James was ill. 

In December, Amber allegedly cancelled five times, with three different occasions because of “poor weather,” once because she was sick and once because she had an appointment. Visitation was also reportedly postponed due to a misunderstanding in the schedule and because of bad weather. 

(OK… what the hell is going on with the weather up in Indiana?!) 

“Sometimes it’s better to just settle into the cushions and play it safe, ya know?”

Andrew also claims he and Amber had some misunderstandings when it comes to communicating about their son. In November, a conversation took place between the exes in which Andrew informed Amber that James was “sneezing” and “slightly congested.” He later provided an update, noting that James appeared to be feeling better and suggesting the symptoms were “just a morning thing.” Amber replied to the message, telling Andrew “something doesn’t seem right.” 

“I’m not understanding,” she responded. “He’s sick last night and sick this morning however within a couple hours he’s completely fine? I’m going to call the pediatrician because something doesn’t seem right to me. Doesn’t make sense. 

“Talked to 2 nurses and gave them all info you relayed to me… One said to probably wait and have him checked up,” Amber later told Andrew. “Said that even if he’s running around he can still be sick. One said to probably let him rest today however please make sure to get ahold of his pediatrician soon or I can… just let me know so I can see him and make sure everything is okay.” 

Andrew replied to Amber’s message, assuring her that James was fine and that he knows “how to care for this child.”

“ … No need to waste your time asking strangers about things you know nothing about,” he added. 

Amber defended her actions, claiming she was only “calling for James’ health.” 

“I’m not sure what I don’t know nothing about when it comes to James… Just trying to keep him healthy,” she continued. “Please speak to me in a respectful way when it comes to our child. Thank you.” 

Andrew told Amber there was no need for her concern or apologies adding, “I got this, as usual.” 

“No need for shades, Amber… I’m throwin’ plenty of shade your way.”

In other conversations between the co-parents, Amber explained her weather concerns – “100 percent chance of rain” – and detailed one of the days that she was feeling sick and requested to postpone visitation – one because she “slipped and fell on melted snow.” 

Upon learning Andrew’s holiday travel plans, Amber informed Andrew that she objected to the itinerary as it was “in violation of the court’s order.” While the two went on to meet up the following day to exchange the toddler, they ran into some confusion again December 30 regarding their exchange time. After Andrew told Amber he would have James to her within half an hour, Amber claimed she had already begun driving back home. 

“That couch ain’t gonna warm itself.”

A similar incident allegedly occurred January 1 as well. 

Amber is requesting Andrew be “held in contempt of court” for failing to follow the court’s custody order, which could result in gel jail time or a fine. 

The exes have a court hearing scheduled for February 16, The Ashley can confirm. On Thursday, Amber filed a “Motion to Strike,” asking the judge to remove a piece of evidence from the record.

As The Ashley previously reported, Amber is also at odds with her other baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and his wife Kristina. In a series of online rants this weekend, Amber called out Gary and Kristina for being “two-faced” and “liars,” and went on to accuse Gary of other unsavory things. (Stay tuned for more on that…) 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. I live in Indiana. There was light snow on January 12 and the past week has been fairly nasty but up until then it has been really nice weather in Indiana.

  2. She’s just a lazy twat who can’t be bothered to care for her own children. She’s an excellent candidate for forced sterilization.

  3. Yeah, this story will go exactly as it goes with Leah. She can be grateful James has a father who actually cares for him in contrary to his mother. (He is also such a cutie!) I hope Andrew will be able to heal one day and find a good wife just like Gary found Kristina. And we know whoever will it be, she will be more of a mother figure to little James than Amber!

    Meanwhile Ambien is probably already on different dating apps searching for another “soulmate”!

  4. Not only has Amber never parented her children, she doesn’t even have very much interest in them. I think that she doesn’t like the drive over to see James– it cuts into valuable couch time. If I were Andrew, I think I would volunteer to bring James to Amber’s, so that James could crawl around for half an hour while Amber watches TV, and I sit in my car out front and wait. A half hour should do it, then I retrieve my child and go. The thought of children being driven in a car by semi-medicated high Amber scares the heck out of me. She also has no judgment regarding what people, places or things are safe for children. Keep the kids AWAY from Amber!

    Friendly been-there-done-that to Andrew: Watch the digs. They agitate Amber’s primitive brain. Speak to her in short, simple sentences. Calm tones, with as little human emotion as possible. It’s difficult at first, but you can master it. Saves problems, time and money.

  5. My mother continued to make me dinner as a small child as her gallbladder attacked and an ulcer perforated her stomach. She made sure I was fed and content before telling anyone and calling 911.

    Fucking RAIN????? Gtfo.

  6. Oh please. Any excuse for her to not see her children she’ll take. Like when she was too depressed after a break up to spend any time with Leah. She’s pathetic and doesn’t deserve her children.

  7. Canceling visits due to 100% chance of RAIN?! Seriously? I would understand if there was 100% of 12-18” of snow, but rain?! Come on now Amber, you know all this is being documented in OFW, (Our Family Wizard) which a judge reads. I have 2 friends who had acrimonious splits with husbands/child’s fathers and all correspondence about child has to go through this app, which is NOT cheap, and is all open to being read by the judge. Ridiculous that it even has to come to this. It’s not gonna look good on either of them (Amber for canceling due to 100% of rain, and Andrew for the subtle digs ie: ‘I got this… as usual’) If they can’t even restrain themselves in a communication app that the court has full access to, I don’t even wanna see what their messaging looked like previous to this. Actually, I kinda do 🤪

  8. @The Ashley. Comments like this really aren’t ok. Amber is mentally ill and shouldn’t see someone wishing this on her so harshly. Her children won’t miss her? This is foul. Find a better outlet for your negative energy.

  9. And who is surprised Amber cancels time with her child? Anyone? Anyone?
    He should do himself a favor tho and keep it professional and stop shading her. Get over her. Move on. She’s a loser.

  10. Hey, it is not ok to tell someone to stop breathing permanently. You may not like Amber but she has family members who would be heartbroken to lose her to suicide (or any other manner)—including an almost-teen daughter who is old enough to see comments like yours.

    Let’s please be a little kinder and not wish death upon people. It’s an ugly way to live.

    1. 💯 !

      Above all, don’t feel affected by a hateful troll. I pity the people who hate so much! I am happy to see that the majority of people are reasonable and compassionate. 😘

  11. And the bit about her not understanding how baby James could be exhibiting cold symptoms at night and in the morning but then start getting better as the day goes on shows me that she has never actually raised children for any amount of time. Or even when she was with Andrew after James was born, she must not have been around or paying attention much. That is the exact pattern that every child I have ever cared for follows when they are sick. Everyone who has a kid or even babysits kids regularly knows that their little colds and stuffy/runny noses are always the worst at the end of the day, right in the morning, and maybe after nap time. Your baby or toddler can wake up with a slight fever and nose full of snot in the morning and then seem to perk up and be running around by late morning. Especially if you’ve given them Tylenol because they had a fever. Kids don’t really do the whole “I’ll stay on the couch and watch tv today so that my body can rest and fight the cold.” Once their noses are cleared out and their fever is down, they’re ready to play and move around. Then after nap time they might be stuffed up and feverish again. It’s the laying down combined with their itty bitty noses—it doesn’t take much to stuff up a tiny baby nose. Adult colds and stuffy noses follow this pattern, too. You have a stuffy nose all night, it’s bad in the morning, then it gets better during the day, and then maybe you get run down and tired in the evening and the symptoms come back at bedtime.

  12. How is Andrew ever supposed to make any plans for himself of James if Amber is constantly canceling or rescheduling her visitation days? How does he plan his appointments, work, time with friends, dates, errands, trips? What about play dates or appointments for James? Does he HAVE to let her reschedule? Can he just say no?

  13. It seems to me that Amber is simply lazy. Toddlers are difficult at times and require constant supervision, which must conflict with her plans to sit on her couch and watch tv. People can certainly drive in the rain, and she sure worked hard to get out of the visit when she called all of those nurses.

    Speaking of a sick child, since when does that keep a mother from caring for her kid? You just get sick with them. Someone has to, so why can’t Amber be that someone? I don’t hide in my room when my kids are sick for goodness sakes. I must have missed the memo that said my health is more important than my sick child.

    1. I don’t understand how if a child is sick it cancels visitation. But I’ve had friends who had that in their custody agreement too. I get it if they’re very ill, but it seems to apply to something as simple as a cold.

  14. She is the teenage daughter. Unable to take responsibility for her actions, lashes out when attacked, but overall unable to mature. Honestly she was lucky to have the support of Gary- he really did grow up. Who knows what Andrew will do- he seemed like a weirdo but does take care their child.

  15. If Amber was going to change and take responsibility it would have happened already. She should never be with Leah or James unsupervised. She has the money and resources and TIME to help herself get better and she’s just a lazy asshole. I can’t be convinced that she will ever be anything other than a lazy asshole for the rest of her life.

  16. I believe Andrew 100%. Amber really can’t be bothered when it comes to actual parenting. She’s going to have the same type of relationship with James that she does with Leah which is basically adult/child playdates. She has no concept or concerned when it comes to things like schooling, medical/health issues, etc. I think Andrew is a garbage bag too, that had this plan in mind all along, but he’s a much better parent than Amber. Also, you would think they were having blizzards where they live, the fact that she canceled because of rain is clear proof that she really only cares about being with the baby for brownie points when it’s convenient for her.

  17. Bad weather lmaooo unless it’s a legit blizzard or monsoon, what is the reason u can’t see your child? Only other thing I can think of is it being 100 degrees outside & you don’t have air conditioning.

    1. I live in Michigan so we get basically the same weather as Indiana, if not worse. My daughter sees her dad 3 days a week. Never once have we had to reschedule due to weather. This B just is making any excuse not to see James when she’s not feeling like it.

  18. I said that would be the case when she tried to say it was Andrew keeping James from her, Amber has always been lazy and will use any excuse not to see Leah or James but then expects to just be able to see them again when it suits her and if Andrew or Gary and Kristina say no she will play the victim.

  19. Ambers just shocked ansdew treats her like a normal sane person after they have been abused by a partner.
    Not like gary and buying her bs excused and letting her get away with everything under the sun and letting her come and go as she pleases

  20. I live in indiana.i live about 30 mi utes from amber i assure you we havent bad bad weather in years!
    It snowed last night 6.5 inches and last time it did that was 8 years ago.
    Bull sh*t on the bad weather

    1. I was gonna say – I live in Ohio and if the weather was that bad in Indiana, we’d get some of that too…

      And nada.

      She’s such a clown.

  21. Bad weather?! Like wtf? Do you have a hole in your roof or what? You can stay inside (and I know Amber knows how to do that!!)

    Bad weather?!!! Just shows that any bitch can carry a child but not everybody knows how to be a parent …

    Fuck that cunt …

    1. The one time it said she postponed it for rain. Shoot i live in Seattle and if i didn’t have to see my kids or be a responsible parent because it is raining outside I don’t think i would ever see my kids lol.

  22. He’s mean and unrespectful to her but WTF is Amber thinking cancelling because it’s going to rain? Parents parent despite the weather.
    How the hell does she think Andrew won’t use that against her to get theur schedule changed to only twice a week?

  23. I guess Amber is a “fair weather mom”. It’s a good thing she’s unemployed; not sure calling out “cause it’s rainin” would fly. Also, I just remembered that Andrew’s mouth reminds me of a 1970’s vagina.

  24. She doesn’t even deserve to see her kids. She is a lousy mother. I love how she demands respect when people are talking to her yet is raging bitch when speaking to others.

  25. Lol 100 percent chance of rain as a reason to not see your kid. Does she not own an umbrella? Heaux please. Not feeling well means on drugs lol. And if your kid is sick how about taking him to the pediatrician or calling your pediatrician? She asked some random nurses lol lol. This chick is a POS. Cant wait to see what happens when Gary and Kristina no longer help her out.

    1. Never thought I’d be defending Amber, but the ‘calling random nurses’ is probably a bit off. I’ve never been able to speak to my sons pediatrician directly on the phone. They DO however have a ‘nurse line’ where they can give you limited nursing/medical advice and let you know if it’s something your child needs to be seen for or something that’s not that serious. Being a FTM, I called that line PLENTY of times my sons first few months, and was on a first name basis with some of the nurses there lol…

      1. Amber was the one that was calling, not Andrew. He told her that James was fine and it was probably a morning thing.

  26. Team Andrew when it comes to James, but this is about to be a looooonggggg 16 years Andrew has ahead of him, so he better buckle up. I bet you next time he attempts to trap somebody he’s going to use much better judgement and think twice. Amber seems like the “mom”/egg donor from hell…for him, Gary, and sadly her kids.

    1. I know I’m in the minority but I really do not believe Andrew set out to scam or trap anyone. I think he legit fell in love with Amber. Insane and crazy but never the less true. He comes from an upper class/well known family, he has a career, is educated, etc so I don’t see him as using her for financial gain or fame as Matt did. He fell in love and put up with a lot before he had enough, but now he is done. His only concern now is his son and there is no denying he has been an excellent father to his son. Amber can’t handle this. I also think Andrew is a lot more intelligent then either Gary or certainly Matt and this is also throwing Amber into a tailspin. Based on Amber’s recent rants, instagram posts and behavior it seems as though she is spinning out of control and most likely off her meds. She has essentially blown any true parent relationship with Leah and it seems as though history is repeating itself with James. As much as I don’t care for her, I do feel sorry for her. She does not realize what a true blessing–her children—she is literally throwing away.

      1. Maybe if he pursued Amber and she didn’t have such a sketched/checkered/messed up past I could believe that he was genuine, but that is not the case, and he was for sure using her. He was acting like one of those groupies that still date Chris Brown even after he beat up Rihanna, and Karrueche took out a restraining order against him, then want to act surprised when he hits and disrespects them. You know the risk you’re taking when you date a well documented abuser. And it’s not always solely about financial gain. Plenty of people over at BRAVO have plenty of money, and don’t need reality TV for financial gain, but they want the exposure/fame that comes with being on TV. Andrew selfishly fell in love with the idea of the things that might come with being on TV, and to solidify his spot, he knocked up a psycho after less than a year of dating. And at the end of the day, it seems like Matt is more intellegent than Andrew, seeing he had enough sense not to have a kid with her. Aside from that foregin dude, Matt’s the only one who’s made it out and never has to look back. But you’re right, Amber needs to get more help because she has essentally burned every single bridge in her close circle, and if she felt alone before, she’s in for a VERY rude awakening.

  27. Amber making excuses and being lazy? U don’t say?!!! Sorry but this lazy biotch doesnt deserve kids and neither does Caitlyn when Tyler does 90% of the work!

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