‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Announces She’s Going to College at Purdue University: Talks About Her Future Plans & Kids In Instagram Live Session

“It’s time to turn on the ol’ thinker!”

Amber Portwood says she’s headed to college!

The Teen Mom OG star announced on Instagram yesterday that she will be going to Indiana’s Purdue University to work on obtaining her Bachelors degree. On Friday, she went Live on Instagram to discuss her newest educational venture, as well as her kids and other topics. Her ex(?) Belgian boyfriend Dimitri Garcia even popped onto the Live session to offer their congratulations. 

Amber— who obtained her GED while in prison (after years of failed attempts that were documented on the early seasons of ‘Teen Mom’)—revealed what she planned to study once she becomes a college gal.


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“I just got accepted in college at Purdue University – Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis @lifeatpurdue,” she wrote.

During her Live session on Friday, Amber told her followers that she fills her days with reading, writing and listening to music. 

“Keep educating yourself which keeps your mind moving,” she said. “That’s helped me with depression…writing, reading…watching Ted Talks.”

That face you make when you realize everyone’s gonna ask you why you’re not in school too…

Amber also revealed  that she chose to go into that specific field of study because she feels that it would have helped her when she was younger to have someone like her to speak to.

“I’m so happy to go, seriously…Psychology popped out to me at first,” she said, adding that she wanted to choose a very specific type of psychology— applied behavior analysis—to make her more valuable.

“To have something with it is a bonus thing,” Amber said. “[This field is] something I feel is necessary because as a young child I think it would have helped tremendously if I could have had something like that.”

It is unknown if Amber will actually be attending in-person classes or doing online classes (from the safety of her own couch).

“You know which option I’m gonna choose…”

According to Purdue University’s website, the Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis program consists of a minimum of 180 quarter credit hours. 

“This program provides an examination of the design, analysis, and application of learning theories and behavioral principles. It is designed to prepare you to pursue careers working with children and adults struggling with behaviors ranging from difficulty with everyday social interactions to various disorders including autism spectrum disorders, and other mental health challenges,” the website description reads.

However, The Ashley suspects that Amber is actually planning to do Purdue’s “Global” online college program. A check of the university’s website reveals that Amber’s program, Bachelor of Science in Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis, is offered by Purdue Global. (It does not require students to be “accepted.” The website states that the only requirement is that the student have a high school diploma or GED.) While the classes are online, she will still be required to obtain 180 credits, do 15-18 hours of coursework per week. 

Over the years, Amber has announced some pretty random career goals— everything from being an MMA fighter to a house flipper. However, in her Live, she stated that she feels that a career is psychology is right for her. 

“I’ll put those other goals on the back burner for now…”

“I found out what I’m supposed to be doing. I was on the wrong track I guess, but now I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.”

Amber added that she will not be living in the dorms because she has a home “and a home away from home.” (As The Ashley previously reported, Amber’s ex Andrew Glennon lives in her Indiana home with their son, James, while Amber lives in an AirBnB rental home.) 

Speaking of James, Amber answered some questions about him and her daughter, Leah, whom she shares with Gary Shirley. (Amber purposely skipped any viewers’ questions about her recent feud with Gary and his wife Kristina, though.) 

She told viewers that despite “what the media reports,” she still sees two-year-old James frequently. (She is most likely referring to this situation, by the way.) 

“With James I see him all the time,” Amber said. “The media’s gonna say one thing, people are going to say another, but it’s just not true. I love being a mother, it’s one of my purposes for being on this earth. That’s what I do. I love helping other people, that’s my other purpose.

“James is a mini-me,” she added. “I wish I could show you guys. Yes, I do get to see a lot of him.”

(As The Ashley reported previously, both Amber and Andrew are barred by their custody agreement from sharing photos of James on social media.) 

She also addressed Leah, whom she said has been asking her about her past (which, as ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, includes a prison stay, multiple arrests, drug addiction and other unsavory things.) 

“You really think I haven’t already watched this all on YouTube?”

“The most amazing thing is that there’s you get to see these beautiful children grow,” Amber said. “They’re gonna have questions about your past, all you do is give them time, give them as much info as you can for their age, you give them that space because the best way to go about it. You don’t want to force anything.”

Amber’s former Belgian boo, Dimitri, left a congratulatory comment on Amber’s original post, and continued to leave comments during her Live session, but Amber claimed she “couldn’t see” any of them and refused to address him.

“I’m so proud of you my baby,” Dimitri wrote. “Again congratulations. Love you.”

When you can’t stop leaving comments for your ex…

Amber isn’t the only person in the ‘Teen Mom’ crew who will be gettin’ her learn on. Kristina also recently went back to school to pursue nursing, causing Gary to commend her in an Instagram post this week.

“I MISS MY WIFE!!!! (She’s bettering herself),” he wrote. “She’s gone all day from 7am til 3:45pm. This picture is of her studying away. When she’s home she doesn’t have much time between kids and studying. @kristina_shirley3 your my #mvp ps…. what I mean by kids is she wants to spend time with them girls! I love you sweet pea! Very proud of you. Have fun at school.”


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    1. LOL It is okay for other people to have opinions, Antifa.
      Amber will bail after 2 semesters. I have $100 on that spot.
      She has a track record of little self-control and I doubt she will find the time to complete assignments with all of that social media to grace with her presence. This is just a PR stunt for the current custody battle to look like she is trying to improve her life for the kids imho.
      Prove us wrong, Amby lol

  1. As soon as I read the title I said it has to be online from the comfort her “COUCH.” But I won’t hate and I’ll just say good for her. The second thing I read was that Kristina is gone all day at school- -good for her! Is amber trying to one up her cause if so- she will fail. Mark my words!

  2. Bachelor degree in what… being a bad mother, how to be a lazy ass and sit on the couch all day or maybe how to beat up your baby daddies.

    1. I don’t think I’ve seen him yet this season. I think think they started filming at the height of the virus, so he may not be traveling.

      That’s what ticked me off about Mackenzie McKee. Traveling all the way to Florida for a job opportunity when I’m sure there were some she could have pursued in Oklahoma.

  3. Oh please. She is clearly only doing this to try and keep up with Kristina after Kristina TRUTHFULLY referred to her as their teenage daughter lmfao

    1. It doesn’t matter why Amber is doing it as long as she’s doing something to try to better herself.

      1. Is she really though? I guess that depends on whether or not she drops this like she does everything else.

        1. She probably will, I don’t disagree with that. I guess my point was that she was trying to do something. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

  4. I don’t normally hate on Gary or Kristina, but what is WITH Kristina’s hair? It’s the second or third time I’ve seen a post with that weird 2000’s prom curl thing. Is Indiana 20 years behind the times or something?

    1. You gotta give it to her though taking care of her own kids plus one of ambers and nursing school. I’d be a hot mess cause I already am taking care of my kids during quarantine. I don’t care what I look like

  5. This is the world you liberals have created. Now the crazy bipolar bitch us going to be a counselor for the other nutters. But it’s all good because, even nutters should be able to be counselors. No worries.

    1. They do know the ropes a little better than those who havent gone through it first hand.

      I’d rather have someone helping me that knows than someone who claims to know.

    2. Um….no. Are you suggesting that her freedom to choose classes should be taken away? Not sure what any of this has to do with liberals. Anyway…it sounds like Amber is on a bipolar up. I’d be surprised if she doesn’t quit before she gets a degree. And even IF she does get a degree than someone would have to hire her for her to actually be a councilor and I feel like that’s highly unlikely.

      1. That was my thought exactly.

        But I would much rather be counseled by someone who knows what the hell I’m going through as opposed to someone who wouldnt understand. Someone who hasn’t personally gone through the same struggles can talk until they are blue in the face about how they “understand what you’re going through” but they dont know Jack.

        1. Yes I agree. That’s why I won’t see male gynaecologists anymore 😂. I would much rather have someone with personal experience but not Amber. Unless she actually successfully betters herself which at this point I don’t see happening but am willing to be optimistic.

          1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂, yeah I wont go to male gyno either. I dont want some stranger looking at my hoo ha!!!!!

          2. 😂 😂 😂

            Yes! Can u imagine a male OB/Gyn saying he knows exactly what u are going through?? 🤣💀🤦🏽‍♀️

      2. I give this latest passion of Amber’s about 3 months, tops before she’s found something new to promote. Remember when she tried to go to high school or study for her GED? She’s no more mature now than she was then. I don’t think she has any better understanding or acceptance of her own mental problems than she did then either. promote

        Until she gets serious (from someone more than the child psychologist she sees now) help and truly works on herself and becomes a much healthier version she’s got no business trying to help others. If she thinks getting a degree and working in the mental health field is like the help (bwahahahahahahaha, because she really thinks is she’s helping her followers! LOL) she gives to her fans on IG and Snap Chat she’s nuts and truly has no business treating innocent patients.

        I don’t think this is anything more than another one of her passing passions like martial arts, being a fashion designer, flipping houses, being a mother, going to therapy and working on herself, etc.

        I think whoever said Amber is in the midst of a manic high is right. This too, shall end soon. Thankfully

  6. She needs to learn English first…

    “I just got accepted in college at Purdue”

    You mean you were accepted to Purdue University?
    I doubt you will finish just like everything else in your life.
    But then again, most of it can be done on the couch, so…

  7. Tasha, real talk: does your actual name rhyme with Bamber Bortwood or Patelyn Paltierra. You can tell me, I won’t say a word! 😉

    1. Um no. I’m just a positive type I guess, trying to see the good in people even if it a small minuscule amount. I’m sorry I thought I could find it here where everyone is obviously to the wrongs to see the rights!!!

        1. You mean ass people are the psychos. If you can on here spouting hate and disapproval, I can do the opposite.

          Anybody can voice there OPINIONS!!! If I see one i dont agree with and I think is mean(which is about 99.9% of the comments on here) I’m gonna reply. If you dont like it TOUGH!!!

          GET OVER YOURSELF!!!

      1. It’s a gossip site. Get over yourself you psycho. I’ve never seen this site so blown up like it has been since yesterday with your unnecessary comments. You must not have a life.

        1. I firmly disagree that you are ‘a positive type’. You have repeatedly used offensive language to insult people who disagree with you and seem to have a hairtrigger emotional response to other people’s opinions.I’m afraid you are the one ‘spouting hate and disapproval’.
          If you came looking for positive reinforcement of all that is good and shiney in the world, why on earth do it on a gossip site for reality tv shows?? Take a look at yourself, would you??

        2. People are constantly calling me psycho and ignorant and all kinds of names for MY opinion, so…why should do the same thing? The name calling has more to do with the meanness and heartlessness in how they word there opinions.

          The reason this site has “never been so blown up before” is because everyone here has the same mean, hateful, heartlessness as the next person!!!

          My opinion is different, so what??? I have just as much right to voice it as any of you guys.

          But yall are too busy thinking that if I don’t fall into line with you guys, then I don’t matter and that’s WRONG!!!

          1. You’re not being truthful. It’s a select few TM girls that you stick up for, several others are labelled ‘bitch’ repeatedly, out of nowhere. You’re also extremely aggressive and try to shut down other people whilst shouting about how you won’t be denied YOUR OPINION. Read back through your comments, see the hostility (and the irony).

        3. The people on these reality shows, do actually have some good in them. But nobody (especially on here) sees it.

  8. I hope she makes it, but I find it hard to understand why someone with severe diagnosed psychological problems (and a criminal record) could get in a program like that?

    With all due respect, but I wouldn’t want a take session with a therapist who is bipolar

    1. Looks like another degree “so called” college that accepts anyone and everyone, even people with felonies.

    2. I actually find your comment to be pretty offensive. I’m bipolar and I’m a perfectly normal person. You would have no clue. There are plenty of people like myself who suffer from the illness. We don’t act like Amber. We are capable of doing what everyone else does.

      1. @YOUR MOK, I’m sorry you took offense to it, but my best friend is borderline bipolar and she is super unstable. Her dr says that there is alot of scientific evidence proving that borderline is more severe than actually having bipolar.

    3. Wow that’s incredibly biased.
      You would be surprised to know that a lot of people who work in the mental health field struggle (or struggled before) with anxiety, depression, personality disorders (to some extent) and bipolar. That’s what makes us more compassionate towards our clients.
      I’m a social worker in youth mental health and I have bipolar. I didn’t relapse one time ever since I was diagnosed at 20, 10 years ago and I take my medication very religiously. You can be bipolar and be very stable…

  9. HA! Purdue! of all places. She barely received a GED. Maybe she should try community college first. And why would she even think that she needs to mention “not living in a dorm”? She is 30 freakin years old. Sorry Ambie, I don’t think you can hang with the brains at Purdue.

  10. Everybody needs to wish her the best and leave it at that. Leah has voiced her plans (I believe they were for some dental hygienist thing) and she didn’t succeed and so has Kail and she didnt succeed either (the only “success” shes had is with a no account podcast and some pot products). But I dont think anyone on here much can do much right neither, they’re all to stuck in wrongdoings of the past to mean anything positive. Gary, Matt and Andrew all deserve what they got. She never touched Leah and Gary never put her in harms way by picking her up to “protect” her. Andrew put his son in harms way by picking him up, if he had really wanted to protect him he’d have gotten his fat fart ass off the couch and moved away from him, NOT pick him up and place him in the line of fire. So see…they were BOTH wrong!!!!

        1. Even People Magazine doesnt know what that bitch’s degree was in!!! They just called it “her degree”…lol

        2. How many people do you know with a sociology degree are actually “using” it? Wether she’s “using” her degree or not, Kail still has more letters behind her name than Amber. Amber is not going to be able to handle an actual bachelors degree schedule. She’ll show up for maybe 2 or 3 classes, get “overwhelmed” and go home and fake cry/whine on her beloved couch with MTV cameras rolling.

          1. Um, sociologists!!! But that would mean getting off the couch, not going on the extravagant vacays (that we all know SHE isnt paying for), and what else, oh yeah…stop popping babies out her hoo ha with every Tom, Dick and Harry she meets on the side of the road!!!

            Seriously, this bitch pops kids like out like a freaking pez candy from pez dispenser!!!

        3. Well she has a degree in Mass Communications and she is currently hosting a podcast, so that lines up better than most people I know. I understand that people don’t like Kail, but none of the other Teenn Moms have a work ethic like her. She was determined to get a college degree and before the MTV checks started rolling in, she was working 2 jobs plus going to school while having a baby at home. I give her credit for that because I didn’t have kids until I was in my 30s and I couldn’t have done that.

        4. I got a MA in Chinese studies, but I’m working for a local municipality in sustainability and energy reduction. It’s very normal to study something in uni and go a different route afterwards. The skills you acquired in uni can be applied for many other jobs. To name a few examples: communication skills, being able to do research thoroughly and work independently. There are many things to criticize Kail for, but her degree is not one.

      1. Who’s to say James would have been in danger if Andrew had just left him alone and moved away from him? The point is, no one does know that.

        1. Ok AMBER
          ( 🛑 pretending , we ALL KNOW IT IS YOU TYPING 🙄)
          Yes, Leaving a young child UNATTENDED, while his machete wielding lunatic “Birth Giver” is running around trying to kill people..Is a GREAT IDEA.
          Okay Amber!
          Yes let’s place ALL THE BLAME on everyone else and accept ZERO responsibility or be accountable for YOUR WRONG DOINGS!
          This IS laughable.
          So you’re seeing James all the time now? Is that because the weather has been so much better 🤣😂!
          What a bunch of 💩.
          Amber is nothing more than a glorified play date, certainly not a “parent “!

          1. The machete didn’t come into the picture until AFTER she ran out shoes to throw. And they have no physical proof she had the machete in her possession, did they test for prints, I don’t remember that they did. They just took his word for it.

            And if she did throw the machete and if he hadn’t picked up his son and walked away she’d have thrown it at HIM not HIM AND JAMES.

    1. kail did graduate college in mass communications and she’s using it for her other business ventures, even on the show she said if the show were to end she would eventually have to move because there’s no jobs in her field where she lives, and even then she’ll be good because of her podcasts and hair care products

    2. What?! Someone coming at you with a machete and it’s best to leave your toddler kid behind?!!
      😂😂😂 Wow.
      Just wow.

      1. Any loving parent would instinctly want to keep their child from harm, especially a defenseless one. Why is it impossible for you to believe that Amber is dangerous? Or that men and their kids can be victims of it?? For someone who believes she’s a victim of abuse, you really push the idea that if it’s against men it is okay.

        1. Andrew was on the couch watching tv and James was in his playpen, Amber went after Andrew and instead of Andrew getting up and walking away to another room, he picks up the baby and starts arguing with her. Picking him up and putting him in the line of fire is NOT a “protective” move.

          Now, if hed picked him, kept his mouth shut (as opposed to throwing fuel on the fire) and walk to another room peacefully. Hed have a leg to stand on in my opinion.

      2. Orrr, don’t pick up a machete because you are mad… Don’t have babies with people you’ve known a week or two… Don’t move in your acquaintance after talking for after 3 weeks… She should just be responsible and take accountability for herself a GROWN ass woman, but she won’t. She’s a kid stuck in a woman’s body. Victim blaming again.


        Hopefully, she finishes her new goal. School isn’t easy whether it’s at a community college or university. Maybe if she would focus entirely on her education and drop the meaningless relationships she tries to have, she could actually improve her life. Because honestly, she has the means to complete her education and not have normal life to life worries as the average person. None of her kids are in her care full time, she has plenty of money to pay for everyday needs including college education expenses… She doesn’t have full time job to clock in/out of… She has it made!

        1. I’m not victim blaming, all I’m saying that maybe shes a victim too and she got tired of it. Not saying what she did is okay.

          Plus, look at the headline picture!!!! Neither one of them look happy and they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words!!

        2. Shit, wrong main picture. I’m talking about the one where they are asked to come to an agreement outside of court.

  11. I took one psychology class at university and it was SO HARD. I don’t want to wish Amber to fail but… I can’t see her succeeding?

  12. I hope she passes English 1113. She will learn to uses commas, colons, semicolons, parenthesis, footnotes, and all that jazzzzzzz. Glad a person with a G.E.D is able to materialize at a top tier school. I hope her “underwater basket weaving degree” works for her. Study hard kids.

    1. There is no way she will get any sort of job with children with domestic violence arrests on her record. Period.

      This is as well thought out as per usual with these moms and their degrees.

  13. She can’t even commit to her promises of not beating her boyfriends…she really thinks she can commit to 4 years of COLLEGE? Okay Amber.

  14. There is absolutely not a chance she finishes a 180 credit degree. This is a girl who sleeps all day doesn’t leave her couch and uses weather as an excuse to not see her infant son. I myself got a BA and a CASAC license which is a certified alcohol substance abuse counselor in the state of New York. I took 7 years for my BA and two years for my CASAC because of internship hours needed to get the license also because I worked full time. She is most likely going to school online I see Perdue advertise there global program which isn’t as competitive as regular admission. If she ends up getting this degree by age 40 all the power to her and I will eat my words, but there is absolutely no chance of that. Let her write one 20-30 page APA or MPA form research paper and I’ll be surprised. I guarantee within 2 years she is gone with some new excuse or pregnancy from a new guy. Leah will have a degree before Amber. The Mother Earth goddess machete will get used again before she gets 60 credits. Good luck Mother Goddess aka Mamber aka Amber

    1. Totally agree with you @amberscouchcushion. Papers, homework, exams, midterms, finals, group projects, deadlines, ect…she thinks she can keep up with all that school entails?? Good Luck to her, but aside from Catelynn, she is the most unmotivated person on TV. Her kids can’t even motivate her to get up off that couch, but she’s supposed to be motivated enough to get a Bachelors? If anything she needs to maybe take a few finance courses and figure out how to properly invest her TMOG paycheck, because let’s be real, they’ve all got about 2 more seasons before those checks runs out.

    2. Says a person who has received a BA and got a License to do something in a field that she wants to get into. First of all the felony she has on her record will hurt getting a job and to be come licensed in most states you need to be free from felonies and misdemeanor domestic violence convictions which she has both. Also she is going to Perdue Global Online which I am not sure has a regional accreditation I believe it is a national accredited school which might prevent a license. I hope she achieves her goal, but Matt Baier will win father of the year before she graduates and becomes licensed in that field. Also Kail has a degree from Delaware State in Mass Communications which is a RA school and is actually doing something in that field. A person like Amber that is a “A Real Boss Bitch” talks a bunch of crap online against people like Gary and Kristine, so hateful comments should be expected especially for someone who has failed at everything accept being a train wreck reality star.

    1. That’s the first thing I thought too!
      I have a feeling Kristina will succeed where Amber will complain people are against her and too many people were awed by her superstardom so she had to quit.

  15. One week of class and she is going to start acting like she knows it all. She will probably start diagnosing everyone around her, baby daddies, kids she doesn’t see, her mom and then proceed to tell them how to fix themselves. If the past is any indicator of her future behavior she will not stick with school, it takes real effort.

  16. So this degree sounds good but I wonder about what she wants to do with it. An applied behavior analysis degree would go toward a BCBA(board certified Behavior Analysis) typically. Just to sit for the exam to achieve that goal requires a different set of criteria. This seems like she’s doing it to say she worked on something important but not with having a goal in mind.

    1. At least her mind is set on a goal, lots of people go through college changing their majors like it’s a freaking pair of underwear!!!

  17. even though i hate amber, i really do wish her the best just so she can be better for her kids, just because she’s trash doesn’t mean her kids have to suffer

  18. She didn’t get into Purdue. She’s doing Purdue global…a Kaplan college program. Everyone can get in.

    1. Ohhhhh thank you. I knew there was no way in hell she got into Purdue. I didn’t know about this Purdue global thing.

      1. Purdue’s Global is an online school (I should have known it was Purdue University since we know Amber isn’t getting off the couch). I’ve heard of it through the military while we were overseas. University of Maryland is another that’s big with the military since we move around a lot or are deployed. All real schools but know the students will be online, have semesters gaps, or distance learning.

  19. The last thing Amber needs to go into is psychology! She needs to really focus on finding a reputable psychologist herself. And, I find it laughable that she says, “I love being a mother, it’s one of my purposes for being on this earth.” She has custody of neither child! She has never been a good mother.

  20. she will never graduate, I would be shocked if she is able to complete more than 1 semester. She is just lost, I think the show has screwed up most of them, they would have been better off, never being on tat show.

    1. I wish Amber the best. She really needs to straighten up her act, but it’s a bit difficult to believe she will complete anything at this point. She’s a lost soul bouncing from one venture to the next, just looking for something or someone to fill a void. And psychology? I’m all for people with real life experience with a particular subject helping those dealing with similar struggles, but the problem is Amber is still struggling. She’s not on the other side reaching across to help others get through. She’s still smackdab in the middle of the forest desperately needing someone who can help her get to the other side. She’s in no position to help others until she helps herself. I want Amber to succeed. I want to see her become a person worthy of her children, but she’s shown no signs of growth.

      1. Maybe she’ll learn something about herself and her own behavior and how to cope with it by studying. But I have a feeling she’s going to think of everything she reads/learns as applying to “other people.”

        And why is it that the people who seem to have the worst issues always want to go into psychology? I’m not saying that everyone who has a psych degree has mental health struggles that are out of control, this isn’t an if a=b than b=a situation, but it certainly seems like a lot of people with mental health issues that are not under control who decide they want to go to college decide they’re going to go for psychology so they can “help other people.” Help yourself, first, please!

        I wonder if there is any type of screening to get your actual certification to be a counselor, in order to weed out the people who are going in to “help other people” because they’re actually caught up in/fascinated by their own untreated mental health diagnosis. Like doesn’t it seem like people with narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder would go into these types of fields as a way to convince themselves that they’re actually totally well, or in order to feel needed by other people, or as a way to feed their own narcissistic ego by being “in charge of” someone else’s mental health?

        I hope she knows that she’s also likely going to need her masters degree, plus a bunch of different certifications to even be hired as a talk therapist in a lot of states. It’s not like you get your bachelors and then you’re immediately hired as a counselor/therapist.

        1. I have BPD and I’m a counselor. I have 2 degrees though not in psych. My mentor, a doctor, has BPD.

          People who are fucked up and realize they should have been helped long ago by trusted caregivers often feel the need to help others. There are unrealistic goals, no social skills, emotion regulation issues etc. Its hell but its doable with support, a lot of good support.

          Amber doesn’t have that. This won’t last a year.

          1. I’m sure when you set out to achieve your goals that there were some people that thought the same thing “she wont succeed” but you did and I applaud you for that. But so can Amber, yes she’s done wrong (who hasn’t) and she acknowledged shes done wrong. But with the proper mindset and support she (like any other) can achieve anything they set there minds too.

          2. Maybe all it’ll take is her being single. The SINGLE life is the BEST life.

            I can find me a man but I don’t WANT or NEED one. I’m me and dont need no man to hold me back!!!!

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