‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Accuses Gary Shirley of Cheating on His Wife Kristina In Online Rant Days After Calling Him a ‘Two-Faced Liar’

“Just because I turn you every so often when you’re on the couch to prevent bedsores, that doesn’t mean I want you, Amber!”

If Amber Portwood calling baby daddy Gary Shirley and Gary’s wife Kristina “liars” and “two-faced” over the weekend wasn’t enough to drive a wedge between the co-parents, her follow-up online rant likely did the trick. 

Amber took to Instagram in a second rant, accusing Gary, the father of her daughter Leah, of some inappropriate actions – one of which she claimed had been witnessed by a Teen Mom OG producer.

“Home wreckers? OK, you know what? Gary, if you and Kristina are so happy, then why don’t you tell her about how many times you had called me up and talked about sexual encounters that we used to have,” she said. “How many times did you sit there and say, ‘Oh, you’re missing big daddy?’

“Oh, you’re missing big daddy.”

During the rant— which was captured and posted to the Teen Mom Shade Room account over the weekend, Amber also accuses Gary of touching her inappropriately. 

“… I mean, there’s even an incident where I was super, super sad, you’re the one who sat on the couch, grabbed me, laid down and forced me to lay down on you, put your arm around my waist underneath my boobs and started rubbing on my head,” Amber said. “The producer knew about that – the old producer, because this was before – he walked in on it and then he walked out because he left his coat.”

Along with the video, Amber called both Gary and Kristina “gross” and “cheaters.” 

“I’m done with this bull crap,” she added. “‘Don’t tell Kristina’ so uncomfortable after. I would never do anything inappropriate guys. I’m happy!”

“That makes one of us.”

As The Ashley reported last week, Amber took to Instagram to hurl some insults at Gary and Kristina after the two spoke less-than favorably about Amber on the season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

“You’re two-faced,” Amber said to Gary on Instagram. “And your wife’s two-faced, saying that I’m like a teenager, I’m like a teenage daughter.” 

” … and after all of this mess, she’s DEFINITELY not borrowing the car this weekend.”

After Amber’s rant was shared to the Teen Mom Shade Room Instagram account, Gary commented that he and Kristina plan to “take a step back” from their relationship with Amber. Gary also apologized to Kristina for “having to deal with all this” and thanked her for sticking by him as they “put up with an infinite amount of Amber’s [behavior] for the sake of Leah.”

Amber is also on the outs with her other baby daddy Andrew Glennon at the moment, as the two are currently battling it out in court over issues related to custody of their 2-year-old son, James. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

58 Responses

  1. The accusations made about her BD # 1 (true or not) does not give her a sudden merit badge of honor…. or improve your character Amber Portwood. ???

  2. Amber is so sick nd has so many problems. It’s so pathetic that she sits on the couch with her computer trying to sound tough, as if anyone takes her seriously. She is committing this bulls**t, while Gary and Kristina; hell even Andrew, are busy clothing, feeding, entertaining and educating her children. She is so pathetic and immature, she should be happy that Kristina paid her the complement of saying she acts like a teenager, she acts like a petulant child as far as I’m concerned. On the other hand, I do kind of believe the things the Amber is saying as far as Gary’s inappropriate behavior. I feel bad for Kristina, because it seems to me like she has really low self-esteem (in one early episode she said to Gary something along the lines of her not feeling like she was good enough for him(I know, shocking, but it’s the truth). Amber should roll off the couch onto her knees and thank the creator that Gary and Kristina are in Leah’s life.

    1. If Kristina wants to feel better about herself then she should read the comments here. Nothing but kind and supportive words for her since she seems to be kind and supportive to Leah. I’m sure parenting a tween girl is full of challenges – Kristina is the one dealing with those challenges daily, not Amber. Kristina probably should’ve put her foot down with Amber constantly lurking in the background – might be an indication of low self-esteem. I truly hope Gary didn’t do anything dumb that crossed the line – it’s possible Amber manipulated him and put him in a compromising position. If he did do something stupid, then HE’s not good enough to deserve Kristina. Hopefully Kristina and Gary work it out and kick Amber out of their lives.

      This show really needs to end so the kids can have normal lives. Gary has a real job and if he wasn’t stupid with his TM money then his family can get by without the TM paychecks and the aggravation / embarrassment that comes with those checks. I understand that it would be hard to walk away from the money, but Leah and Kristina are probably stressed and humiliated now. I’ll give Chelsea credit for walking away.

  3. Are you kidding me Amber you are just the worst. If you really cared about Leah you would never do this in the public to your young daughter. She will resent you and when she gets older she will use you time and again and throw out your feelings just like you are doing to her right now. smh. Grow up already they were being silly I don’t think they meant it in a bad way either. I almost feel like Gary and Kristina actually didn’t mind helping a bit it benefits all of them. Amber does this every year at the beginning of the season and by the end of the season airing she is apologizing it’s clearly a cycle for her.

  4. Amber, as always your biggest enemy in this life continues to be you.

    Girl, stop. Just get some help and STOP.

  5. I don’t believe one word that comes out of her mouth. I’m pretty sure the only person who falls for her bullshit is her brother.

    1. Yuk, she is obviously lying about Gary and her-or fudging the timeline and these things happened years ago. Amber is not attractive to normal men anymore-it’s a real shame but you attract what you are. If Gary has cheated on Kristina it’s not her business and she should be ashamed of her self for exposing it-that’s for Kristina to decide if it actually happened.

  6. I honestly don’t know who I hate worse Amber or Janelle … they are both so awful and want to play the victim. We see you and we’re not fooled!

  7. Imagine being so petty that your idea of revenge is trying to blow up your daughter’s stable, happy home. The only person Amber is hurting is Leah…as usual.

  8. Amber, honey. Get off social media, get on your meds.

    I’ve put myself through so many similar things, though didn’t spawn and my drug of choice was booze. You have GOT to get your shit together. Not just once. Over and over. Everybody looks at you as trash and says mental illness is an excuse when you get off the rails, and you are only making it worse.

    This is all on you.

    Poor Leah. Poor James.

  9. “Some people are so addicted to their misery that they will destroy anything that gets in the way of their fix.” Sir Nibs

    stay lit

  10. Amber, I wouldn’t believe ONE.FREAKING.WORD. you say! You’re a narcissistic twat. Odd how this never came up until Kristina called you their teenage daughter (I’d lean more toward a ten-year-old, so yeah). Go back into the woodwork where you belong, BooBoo!

  11. All Amber is doing is making herself look bad, if Gary has cheated on Kristina then that is an issue for them to deal with and broadcasting that doesn’t make me suddenly hate Gary and Kristina and want to be on Amber’s side. Leah and Kristina’s daughter are old enough to read stories so Amber shouldn’t be blasting this regardless if it is true or not. Gary and Kristina didn’t say anything about Amber that wasn’t true and they were not saying it to be mean, they were just frustrated because they cared about her and they wanted her to be a better person and mother to her children and Amber was still not stepping up. Her own family don’t seem to care, Shawn running his mouth off online doesn’t count.

  12. Neither one of these “parents” are worthy for Leah. She seems like a sweet little girl. She deserves better than parents who make her grow up in a freak show.

    1. Gary and Kristina are good parents to Leah. Their only “mistake”, if you can call it that, is putting up with Amber’s crap. It’s obvious that she’s on a bypolar high ( maniac state). That’s why she can’t keep herself from runting and making a fool of herself. Someone should check on her meds, because she’s probably not taking them

  13. Looks like Amber needs to make a visit back to her therapist. Thank God that Leah has Gary and Kristina. Just like Corey said in one of the TM2 episodes, “they don’t take custody away from the mom and give it to the dad for no reason.”

    1. NO! Especially after all this poor child has been through. I don’t think the convo between Gary and his wife was that bad. Amber should be grateful….

    2. Absolutely not… Stupid Amber should be grateful that Kristina thinks of her as their teenage daughter instead of the ungrateful, piece of shit, machete wielding, couch surfing, non-parenting, lazy ass, advantage taking ex-baby Mama of her husband. Kristina is a saint in my book bc I would have NEVER been able to be as welcoming and gracious as Kristina has been to that fucking cunt! Ugh. Fuck Amber for trying to hurt Kristina like Kail did to Lauren. Doing shit like this says so much more about Amber and Kail than it does about Kristina and Lauren.

      I hate that MTV has given a majority of these women an inflated sense of self. They are delusional as to their station in life… they simply won a ‘sell your soul to the devil’ lottery. There is no way they are living the life they actually would’ve had if MTV had not made them famous (for getting knocked up in high school). The show was/is a missed opportunity to show how teenage pregnancy affects the trajectory of your life. They should’ve changed out the cast every season w/periodic follow ups, over the years, on where they are in life. Following these girls until they’re almost 30 and throwing more and more money at them each season has created a warped sense of reality and the normal progression their lives would’ve taken. I haven’t watched these shows in years but I’m still aware of what’s happening in all their drama filled lives bc even w/all the opportunities they’ve been given, they wind up in the media involved in despicable stories like this. I feel so sorry for all the children involved in this show that have soooo many horrendous stories of their families out there for them see or for their friends and/or bullies to torment and embarrass them with during their already difficult and fragile teen years. Bc of this… I, for one, commend Chelsea for getting off the show and if the worst thing people can say about her is that she’s boring, then she won. Good for her. ????

      1. Exactly. MTV ruined them, most of the girls stopped maturing at age 16/17, now they are cycling through partners, babies, drama, rehab, rinse and repeat, with no life skills or ambition to be better.

      2. 100% – the show would have been so much better if it were just periodic check-ins with former 16&P moms instead of these stunted, spoiled idiots. Most of the moms would still be equally messy and Janelle would most definitely have served real time in gel and had all of her kids taken away without TM money for lawyers. However, it would show the struggles of real teen moms – now it’s like any other (extra) trashy reality show.

  14. How very teenage of her. SMFH. Poor Leah. You know she’s reading this stuff her mom is putting on the internet. How fucking selfish. Besides, I doubt her bullshit about Gary trying to cheat on Kristina.

  15. She doesn’t give a damn about her kids. If she did, she wouldn’t be doing this to her preteen daughter.

    Personally, I don’t believe the accusations. But even if they were true, she’s still the one with the long history of physical violence, drug addiction, lying, manipulation, and child neglect. Infidelity is nothing in comparison

  16. This beotch just keeps getting messier and messier. If any of that were true she could have told Gary it was inappropriate and stopped going over their house so much or counting on Gary for groceries or fixing her car. No one forced you to lay ON TOP of them. You could have just stuck to picking up Leah, taking her out, etc. It seems like you either liked it, it was BS like you, or you were using it to your advantage. Why Gary would want to hit that at all is beyond me. LOL. Get a new therapist and stronger meds you’re a mess. Oh and your daughter can read all this DUMMY

  17. WTF does Amber expect us to do with this information?? Cancel Gary and Kristina, and all of a sudden become team Amber the abuser? I know Amber is an idiot, but I’m sure she realizes that Leah can read, write, and comprehend full sentences now, and so can her classmates, so anything she says can be thrown back in Leah’s face. Amber either needs to see another therapist, get her meds adjusted, and just shut up.

  18. I can’t believe I am still actively following these girls lives, well only through the ashley, and I will continue to do so until I die

    1. Yep, embarrassing, but here we are all these years later. Hopefully the Ashley will still report on these train wrecks when they become thirtysomething grandparents and great-grandparents in their 50’s. That will happen to at least a few of them (my money is on Janelle for sure, maybe Leah with Addie, perhaps Kail with Lincoln since his dad sets a crap example for how to treat women).

      I really hope Leah turns out to be a well-balanced, productive member of society and doesn’t inherit any of her mother’s issues. How dare Amber try to disrupt her daughter’s life – sounds like Kristina has been way too patient and kind to Amber. Amber is the bio mom, but seems like Kristina is Leah’s REAL mom. At this point, let Leah decide how much she wants Amber in her life, and if the answer is not at all, then Amber should just go away. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristina is more of a mom to James than Amber is.

  19. Since we know she reads these comments

    Your daughter is one day going to…
    Watch you beat on her dad with her nearby
    Use drugs
    Go to prison
    Change men more than your panties
    Show no effort in daily life

    Your son is one day going to…
    Hear all the shit that same out in those recordings including not wanting him and not caring about him

    NOW she also gets to hear you say that the only two constant and responsible people in her life are lots, cheats, money hungry and every other vile thing you’ve said about them. They’re all she has and you can’t even manage to be civil. Bipolar, shitting upbringing, addict, none of these are excuses. You have a CHOICE. And you constantly and consistently CHOOSE to be a terrible mother and person.

    If you loved or respected your children AT ALL you would at least keep your trap shut when it comes to the only two people she’s ever been able to count on and who have helped and tolerated you in every way imaginable.

    Trash, disgusting, vile, venomous, ghetto filth are not strong enough words to describe the constant shit storm that is your existence.

  20. Dear Amber, your daughter has INTERNET and loves her father. Stop being a spiteful asshole and learn to knit or bake bread if you have too much free time.

    signed EVERYONE

  21. If this was someone else, I would believe it but with Amber I’m very skeptical…she was proven to be unstable before, doesn’t take her medication…yeah, I don’t think Gary would cheat on such a lovely wife as Kristina with this slob.

  22. Amber’s off her meds, and high. Proving to the courts and the public that she lacks the judgment required to have access to her children. Amber is a horrible combination of totally selfish and immature, AND thirsty as hell! Gary, keep her AWAY from Leah! (I hope that at 12 Leah has some input regarding whether she has to have visits with Amber.) Andrew, I just pray for you and James. James is so little, and you’re going to have to deal with the mess that is Amber for a long, long time.

    1. Why is she still on the show. This is a devastating to put out there for Leah to read. Plus the stress for Kristina to hear these accusations. Gary get a restraining order against her. Amber needs to be in serious counseling. My heart hurts for the Shirley family to have this stuff out there.

  23. Amber is so disgusting. She seriously wants to burn the bridge with the only people left on this planet who are willing to help her? Kristina has been a literal saint having to deal with all this crap all these years, and she has been a stellar stepmother to Leah. Amber should be grateful. All of this because they called you a teenager? I think someone’s off her meds again…

    It’s hilarious because she’s acting exactly like a bitter teenager right now.. If only Amber understood what irony is.

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