Amber Portwood Shreds Gary Shirley’s Wife Kristina During Easter Instagram Rant & Calls Her An “Opportunist”; Kristina’s Sister-In-Law Fires Back

Another day, another Amber rant…

Amber Portwood celebrated Easter by taking part in one of her favorite pastimes: kicking up some drama on social media. 

The Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram Sunday to post a message to her 12-year-old daughter Leah, whom she shares with ex-fiancé Gary Shirley, acknowledging the strained relationship the two have – a situation that has unfolded on the current season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

Unfortunately, Amber’s Easter greeting for her daughter quickly turned into an online shredding of Gary’s wife Kristina— whom Amber accused in a later-deleted comment of “an opportunist who cries if Gary doesn’t [buy] her a Coach bag.” Amber also attacked Kristina for her custody situation of her oldest daughter, who is not seen on ‘Teen Mom OG’ or social media.


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Let’s break down this Easter Day mess, shall we?

Amber started off in the right direction, posting an Easter greeting for her daughter, and even taking responsibily for her own past actions against her daughter.

“I know you are going through a lot and there are many things I need to do to make things right,” Amber captioned the post. “However, I will always love you, my beautiful daughter. Love you and Happy Easter.”  

Before Amber disabled the comments on her post, the comment section was filled with people criticizing her parenting of both Leah and two-year-old son James, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. What seemed to strike a nerve more than anything, however, were mentions of Kristina, who referred to herself as Leah’s “bonus mom” on a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ 

In response to one of the comments left on the post, Amber addressed some of the claims, while hurling some insults Kristina’s way. She really seemed to take aim at the situation with Kristina’s oldest daughter, a 13-year-old whom she shares with her ex-husband, and who does not appear on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ (As The Ashley has previously reported, Kristina and her ex agreed to keep her off the show and social media.) 

Amber— who actually is not legally allowed to post photos of her son James to social media—-faulted Kristina for not mentioning her oldest daughter on Instagram.

“I have 1 question for her…How does it feel knowing she doesn’t have joint custody of her daughter the same as me because [she] chose this life [of being on the show] over her,” Amber wrote. “She has no excuse for that. Not one thing! She should be ashamed to even act like she’s such a great mother.” 

Amber went on to criticize Kristina for not posting photos of her 13-year-old, claiming that she used to talk to the teen’s “bonus mom” and “was told everything.” 

“She can’t even have her daughter’s name mentioned on the show,” Amber claimed. “People come at me like I’m a mess when the truth is I’ve been keeping a lot of secrets from people.”

(We can assume she means Gary and Kristina here.) She also insisted that she’s doing much better these days.

“Yes I have made mistakes however I have changed for the better!!” Amber wrote. 

“It’s Easter, not April Fool’s Day, mom.”

“She needs to take some pictures with her kids not mine 24/7,” Amber continued. “I think there’s some guilt issues personally. I see her with my daughter compared to hers and it’s like she’s not ever there. I feel bad for her personally. People can take this how they want. It is the truth…she is an opportunist who puts pictures of my daughter on her Instagram for clicks. I said my piece and I’m at peace with this personally.” 


Amber’s brutal online bashing of Kristina was captured by the Teen Mom Tea Instagram account before it was deleted. Kristina’s sister-in-law Jenna Tinch went on to comment on Teen Mom Tea’s post in Kristina’s defense, claiming that Kristina is “an incredible mother to her THREE girls” and that “she treats them equally and loves them the same.”

Jenna also said Kristina has been very supportive and encouraging of Leah and Amber’s relationship, just as viewers have witnessed on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“I’ve only been apart of this family for 5 years and in that time, Kristina has displayed so much encouragement and support for Leah and Amber’s relationship,” she wrote. “The fact that Amber is bashing Kristina for loving her child is appalling and sad. Amber has said herself how happy she is that Leah has Kristina. And, I think the world is aware of how amazing Kristina is.”

Jenna said Amber bringing Kristina’s oldest daughter into the argument was “unnecessary,” as she has nothing to with the situation. She explained that Kristina and her ex have an agreement to keep their daughter’s life private and out of the spotlight. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time Amber has made Kristina or Gary the target of one of her online rants, having made disparaging comments (on more than one occasion) within the last couple of weeks alone about Kristina’s role as both a mom and a stepmom. 

She also hinted that Kristina was the reason she and Gary didn’t reunite after she got out of gel jail, as Gary had already begun dating Kristina before her release. For this reason, Amber labeled Kristina a “whore” and a “home wrecker” in one of her recent rants.

Amber also went after Gary and Kristina back in January, calling the couple “liars” and “two-faced” in another online rant, only to then accuse Gary of cheating on Kristina days later in – you guessed it – another online rant. 

“What else am I supposed to do everyday…work?!”

Shortly after Amber’s social media slam on Sunday, Kristina posted a Bible verse to her own Instagram page, encouraging others to be kind to everyone and patient with difficult people. (Although she didn’t mention any names, it was obvious due to the timing of the post that Amber was one of those “difficult people” she was referring to.) 


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Gary and Kristina have yet to comment publicly on Amber’s latest rants. 

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  1. Posing with a table full of books. Does anyone believe she is really reading them? Oh wait…… I forgot, she is a student at Perdue University. HAHAHA

  2. As per usual, the couch lady attacks anyone she deems a threat to the bubble of denial she lives in. Gary and Kristina have done a wonderful job raising her child. Now that her daughter is old enough to tell her mom the way it really is, Kristina and Gary will never have peace again.

  3. I am a new mom to a 10 month old daughter. One thing I have heard from many people is that the more people that love your child, the better. I also decided to keep my kid’s picture off social media, just for privacy sake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.. Amber has a lot of nerve, but her desperate need for attention trumps everything and everyone else in her life, and it’s really sad to see over and over again.

  4. If Amber spent half the time she spends going on online rants, on her daughter- maybe they’d have some sort of relationship. And it’s funny she says they make money off her- LOL no honey, they’re on the same show as you and the only people you ALL are making money off of is MTV

  5. Amber is just… no. She needs to just shut her mouth. She needs to just accept responsibility for pretty much not being present for her daughter in any way. Instead, just like Jenelle, she brings up other people’s supposed “dirt” (if you can even call it that) to shift the focus. She is lucky her daughter has someone stable in her life. I saw another article where she said all Kristina does is bring Leah Starbucks, buys her clothes, gets her nails done… and Amber calls it “spoiling” her. Well, Starbucks yes is a treat and nails too- she at least makes an effort. And last time I checked, clothes were a necessity. If I was a mom that didn’t have my children, I would be damn grateful for a wonderful person like Kristina stepping in. Amber is using any excuse to basically not have a relationship with her daughter- Her choice. Not Kristina’s, or anyone else’s fault. She’s trach.

    1. I remember an old episode where Amber spends her time with Leah going for massages. Leah was like 8 or 9.

  6. Amber just admitted she sees Leah 2 times a week for maybe a couple of hours. Kristina is there every single day. She’s there when Leah is sick. When Leah is sad. When Leah is happy. Helping with homework. Giving advice. Comforting her. Snuggling her. LOVING HER. Amber better put some mf RESPEK on Kristina’s name!

    1. Amber tends to forget who raised Leah when she was in gel and unable to be a present parent.

      All her fault. She chose gel over her kid. This is the consequence.

  7. Hey, Amber! I have a mother who acts like you towards my stepmom who is one of the most awesome, loving people on the planet. Most of my friends have asked to be adopted by her and my dad. I’m in my 40s now and they parental units are all in their 70s. I would walk through fire for my stepmom and my dad. I would cheerfully change their freaking diapers if they needed it. I haven’t seen my mother in almost a year and honestly couldn’t care less if she dies alone, choking on her own spite.

    I’m the future if you don’t do some serious work to fix your relationship with Leah and take some damned responsibility for your life choices.

  8. Not sure if anyone has said this as I have not read all the comments but I feel the best way for Kristina and Gary to protect Leah and themselves from Amber’s asinine behavior is for them to quit the show and then get a gag order to prevent her from discussing them at all. Andrew should do the same. Many people are furious she is still on the show after the incident with Andrew but if her two baby daddies (who are the ones with custody of her children) place gag orders on her and with Leah already seemingly tired of Amber’s bs she will have absolutely no story line. She does not deserve to be on the show, she is just as bad a Janelle. At least Amber picked good baby daddies,she is the dead beat violent parent, so her at least her kids have a better shot in life.

    1. Amber not being fired, is the reason i no longer watch this show, ( mind you I’m no Mack and josh fan either.)

  9. Jeez, will somebody please take that damn phone away from this woman and BAN her from anything that even vaguely resembles social media?

    Way to “make things right” with your daughter, Amber.

    Clearly, she deserves so much better.


  10. Gary, you need to take Amber back to court right now! No unsupervised visits, no media rants about ANY family member, and she needs to submit to drug testing. She is clearly off her legit meds and she’s self-medicating with something else! If Amber can’t behave, she needs to be AWAY from Leah. God bless Kristina, no one should have to put up with Amber’s evil toxicity!

  11. I’m betting Andrew loves recording every single one of these rant sessions, for his future custody proceedings with Amber in regards to James.

    Amber is moving herself farther away from both of her kids every time she decides to go running off at the mouth on social media. Not only is she publicly displaying her unhinged mental state, but she’s also showing that she doesn’t care to foster a good coparenting relationship with either of her children’s fathers (or her daughter’s stepmother).

    I remember how Gary used to push Amber’s buttons back in the day, and he also did nothing to disabuse her of the idea that they would be getting back together when she was released from “gel”. I think he felt like telling her that he had a girlfriend would be kicking Amber when she was down, so he just chose to go along with her, but made no actual promises. None of this makes Gary a terrible person, and Kristina wasn’t a home wrecker when there was no home to wreck. Above everything, Gary and Kristina have raised Leah in a stable home and helped her to grow into a kind, strong, intelligent young lady. And they’ve bent over backwards to make sure that Leah maintains a relationship with her mother, no matter what she says about either of them. Leah clearly feels very secure with her life and in her parents love (parents meaning Gary & Kristina) which is evidenced by her speaking out against, and standing up to, Amber.

    I used to feel sorry for Amber, as it was obvious she didn’t grow up with a stable home life and she also didn’t really have a lot of familial support outside of Bubby, but that feeling of pity for her has passed. She’s learned absolutely nothing from jail, from all of her failed relationships, from her supposed counseling sessions, etc, etc. Yes, she’s mentally ill, but she has the means to get treatment, something few people with her disorders are able to get. She has to want to get better, and I don’t think she ever will.

  12. I’ve seen farm animals give birth and have better maternal instincts than that slug amber. She’s just an egg donor who needs to leave both of “her” kids alone so they can be happy with their REAL parents.

  13. There’s so much to say that I literally don’t have the stamina to note all of it. But here’s some highlights:

    1. Amber is a shitty human being.
    2. Leah’s real mom is married to Gary.
    3. Amber does not deserve any custody of either James or Leah.
    4. At some point Leah will toss Garbage Amber into the seventh circle of hell and walk away.

  14. The fact that gross, disgusting, Amber would go after Kristina’s 13-year-old daughter is beyond disgusting and places Amber with the lowest of the low (Hi Matt!) even if Kristina’s 13-year-old daughter is more mature than Amber.

  15. Uh oh, somebody is seriously mad about being single. She never attacked Christina when she had a man helping her hold down her couch.

    1. I never noticed until you said it, but she really does seem to only attack Kristina when she’s not in a relationship, it’s pathetic. She has this irrational vendetta against her, because Gary picked Kristina over her when she CHOSE to be incarcerated. It’s like she thinks Kristina stole the life she thinks she was entitled to/supposed to have, when in reality Amber is the sole cause of all the chaos in her life. She’s gotta realize that any rational person with sense would choose Kristina over her. Why would Gary go back to the person who beat him in the head on national TV?

      1. It’s so ridiculous. Even if Amber and Gary got together after she would have gotten out of jail they would have never lasted anyway. Those secret audio recordings show she talked to Andrew the same exact way she used to talk to Gary. Calling them both fat and bastards while acting like a complete lunatic herself. She is an evil person with a blow up the bridge mentality. She sabotages all relationships to the point that even her brother is sick of her crap and he used to be her strongest supporter. She’s simply an awful, miserable person regardless of her mental issues that she loves to fall back on.

  16. I said it before and I’ll say it again ..she’s off her meds..Just like she was when she went after Andrew with a machete…The best thing that Gary and Kristina can do is keep her away from Leah when she spiraling like this. Gary needs to get a court ordered That she needs to submit to a drug test to prove she is ON her medication..Before he lets Leah and her care.

  17. Kristina seems to genuinely love Leah and Leah feels the same and this kills Amber because she knows she can never be half the mother that Kristina is. Amber shouldn’t even call herself mother especially with the fact that Leah probably hears the horrible things she says and sees her bs instagram posts and knows her mom is full of crap and not genuine ever

    1. I have always known Kristina was married when she started dating Gary.
      Not sure if she was separated or not.
      But I have always been curious what her first husband does for a living & what he looks like. I do think she seems to be a good bonus mom & wife. Does anyone else wonder? I also know I’m just a nosey bitch

  18. Amber you should be kissing the ground Kristina walks on. She helped shape your daughter into the beautiful little lady she is becoming. You didn’t have any thing to do with that. Yes, you have “joint custody” but that’s really in name only. It’s a little token gift so you don’t physically harm anyone. Everyone knows in reality you have no custody of either child. You are just insanely jealous of Kristina and all your negative rantings won’t dull Kristina’s shine. She rises above your bullshit. Someone has to be the adult and it’s not you. You should be ashamed if yourself turning a sweet message to your daughter into a rant about her step mother. You’re hurting Leah the mist here and you just cannot grasp that because everything needs to be about you and about how everyone is doing you wrong. Go back on your meds bitch. You’re going to mess with the wrong person and you’ll end up in gel for the rest of your life.

  19. For Amber to again attack the person who stepped up and became a mother to her daughter because she was too lazy and too preoccupied with herself to do it personally, probably slammed the door shut permanently on any hope Amber ever had to have a relationship with Leah. She can kiss all those dreams of having mani-pedis UGH together goodbye forever.

    Leah is old enuf to read the blogs and sites like this one. She knows what Amber has done and what’s going on. She’s tried to tell Amber what she wants and needs and to attack probably the most important woman in her life wasn’t it.

    I hope when she looks in the mirror years from now, that Amber remembers the pride she felt, and expressed online, about her rants against Kristina that helped destroy any bond with her daughter because she’ll never feel any pride about her non-existent relationship with Leah.

    I feel so badly for Leah that she has to endure her birth mother’s public displays of jealousy and hatred and anger. I know, though, Gary and Kristina will continue to nurture and love her and help her grow into a loving, caring adult who is every thing that Amber is not.

  20. Nothing she says here is anything new. I think every single episode she declares “She’s a damn good mom!” I don’ think any woman who actually is a damn good mom has had to declare it even once. She is so jealous of poor Kristina, you can probably smell it mixed min with dog stink when you walk into her rental. Not only is she jealous of the fact that Leah adores her so much (a testament to the fact that Kristina is a damn good mom), she’s jealous of the stability the Shirley’s have in their household. Amber is trash for a million different reasons, but bringing up Kristina’s other daughter is a low even for her. If I wee a 13 year old girl, no way would I want to be filmed for the whole world to see, especially if i had to be involved in Amber’s garbage segments, and Kristina and Baby Daddy know this and I commend them for allowing her privacy. This is all coming to a head, because Leah has no doubt watched every single one of the scenes Amber has ever filmed. Some of Amber’s greatest hits are: screaming at the top of her lungs at Gary when Leah would cry as a baby, beating Gary’s ass for no reason, letting a random she met at Wal-Mart change Leah’s diaper, choosing to go to gel instead of being present in her life, blaming Gary for wanting Leah to have stablity in her life and not giving her 50/50 custody, sleeping all the time, bringing Matt into her life, letting Matt take care of while she napped, taking her to do things like getting her nails done rather than engaging in age appropriate activities, missing a million of their time to get together for all kinds of reasons such as being “sick” aka dope sick and this is only like seasons 1-6. Anywho Amber’s garbage, I don’t want to think about her anymore. Sidenote: Leah is such a gorgeous thoughtful young lady and this is 100% because of Gary and Kristina, the scene where Kristina gave her the present of her birthstone and the way she thanked her so sweetly and genuinely literally almost brought a tear to my eye.

  21. Kristina is by far the better person and a great step mom to Leah, amber is a terrible mom.

  22. It hasn’t been amusing for awhile – it’s downright sad and scary. Amber needs intense psychiatric help and she needs to stay far away from social media. If I were Kristina, I would start to worry about my safety as Amber is very unhinged at the moment. It’s so easy to bash the idiots on the TM franchises but Kristina seems to be one of the good ones who deserves nothing but kind words given all that she’s been willing to endure. If putting up with a crazy birthmother for the sake of her stepdaughter isn’t love then I don’t know what is.

    And Gary needs to take a cue from Chelsea – it’s probably time to consider giving up the big fat paycheck for Leah’s privacy. He was smart enough to get a real job that can support his family.

  23. Gary needs to go to court and have Amber stopped. He needs to have a court order that states that she can’t post about either himself, Kristina, or any of their children. Amber is off the rails and needs to be stopped.

  24. Amber sure has a lot to say for a mom who does not have custody of either of her children. I’m sure Leah will love this and it will be super helpful in repairing their relationship.

  25. Okay Ambien, mom of the year (haha)
    When did James get his 1st tooth?
    Has he had any ear infections?
    And Leah, what is her favorite band, color, or who is her best friend?

    Bet ya Kristina knows every answer, Momma that is present & not self absorbed would know any of this.

    1. The crazy part is Kristina probably knows more about JAMES than amber does, and she has zero tie to James

  26. The Golden Rule of parenting:
    The more people to love our children, the better.

    Spitting venom and hatred is spun from feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. Amber’s insecurities are the driving force for her social media ranting.
    When a Mother breaks the Golden Rule, and expresses anger towards those who show her children love, then the truth reveals itself: Amber does not love her daughter Leah unconditionally. Amber puts her own ego above the safety and security of her child. Amber is a dangerous parent and should not be allowed the privilege of being called Mom.

  27. Amber is lucky that kristina is kind and loves her child I’ve had step parents that didn’t treat us very kind. And I’m glad leah has someone that does love her. Coming from a broken home I wish we had a step parent like her.

  28. Lol Amber isn’t allowed to post pictures of James, so she admits that she’s a shitty mom?? It’s been known for years that Kristina and her ex keep her older daughter off social media and the show. Kristina has also stated that she does have joint custody. Amber continues to be the worst. Deflecting by dragging Kristina’s daughter into this is really crappy. Especially since she is a teen and may see this.

  29. Amber’s claims are so ridiculous! I feel bad Kristina has to put up with this nonsense. Amber needs to get back on her meds and into therapy.

  30. Just when you think Amber can’t keep getting worse, she does.
    I hope Leah feels safe and happy with her real parents Gary & Kristina and doesn’t feel like she has to have a relationship with Amber – I can’t imagine anything good coming from it. Hope she can keep strong boundaries and feel confident that her moms issues are not for her to solve or be involved in or affected by.

  31. Amber is a vicious cunt. She is willing to not only damage, but completely destroy her relationship with her own daughter over jealousy of the women that loves & raises her. All because she cant keep her cunty mouth shut.
    Amber needs except her role in all relationships as the psycho bitch that no one wants around. Damn those pesky consequences. I love when karma comes a knockin’.

  32. Great job further alienating Leah by insulting the only mother she ever had, Ambien! You think being a mother is posting pics of your kids on Instagram? No wonder you fancy yourself such a great mother posting pics of kids you don’t have custody of on Instagram. You are a bad person, period. You don’t deserve to be a mother and you don’t deserve Kristina’s support.

  33. I thought Kristina’s child’s father doesn’t want the child in the public eye, and that’s why she isn’t on the show or on Kristina’s social media? The fact that Amber really thinks that she’s this stellar mother to Leah is crazy to me. Imagine being so jealous of the person taking care of your kid, because you’re too lazy to get up off your couch to do so. Amber is TRASH to BOTH of her kids. Honestly I wouldn’t put it past her to go on a social media rant towards Leah in the very near future.

    1. She already runs her mouth about Leah on the show ever time Leah tells her about herself. So, it’s going to come soon enough when Leah has REALLY had enough and tells her to fuck off and never come back. She always blames Leah for her Leah feels instead of admitting she’s the shitty problem.

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