‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Rants About Being Called a Bad Mom, Threatens to Karate Kick a Troll & Insists She Spends At Least One Day a Week Off Her Couch

Long live the Ultimate Queen of the Instagram Rant!

Well…that’s a headline you don’t get to write everyday… even if you’re The Ashley!

Amber Portwood spent months off social media, but now the Teen Mom OG star is making up for time lost by frequently going Live on Instagram…and resuming her signature rants!

Amber— who, as fans know, is no stranger to blasting tirades across the Interwebs— got angry that ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers were calling her a bad mom on social media. Amber’s early morning rant included her saying she’s “f**king finished” with trolls calling her a crappy mother. She also proceeded to threaten a troll who was commenting during the Live– telling the person she can kick their ass and that she is capable of karate-kicking their head.


“I’m telling you, I’m f**king finished with it,” Amber told the troll, before prompting the person to get off their couch and confront her in person.

“I’ll tell ya one thing about me. You talk about my couch and I’ll bust ya!”

“Get off your motherf**king couch and say something to me!” she demanded. “I’m f**king finished.”

She then reminded everyone (and possibly herself?) that she is “on probation” (stemming from her arrest in July 2019 for her offenses against then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon). 

Amber then randomly switched to the topic of karate (which she’s practiced here and there over the years.)

“What the f**k does karate mean? It means I can kick your f**king ass!” Amber stated. “My leg can go to your f**king head! And spin at the same f**king time!…It means I have precision! I’m f**king done! I’m not doing this!” 

“Just to clarify– are you not doing the ranting or are you not doing the karate kick with spin? Because I’d like to really watch that spin kick thing happen.”

“Waa waa bitch, until you get f**kin’ hit!” an increasingly angry Amber tells the troll. 

During the rant, Amber also hilariously took offense to one person’s comment that she should get off her couch every once in a while (a comment that many ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers make on social media since Amber’s often filmed while sitting on her couch or lying in bed). 

Amber insisted that she does, indeed, leave the couch— sometimes up to twice a week!

(The Ashley seriously couldn’t make this up if she tried…)

“Yeah, I’m a couch potato. What of it?”

“Maybe I have one or two days out of the week when I’m not on this motherf**king couch,” Amber told the troll. “So when I’m on this f**king couch and I sit down on this couch and talk to you guys. And when I do, it’s either in the motherf**king morning or at night. I wonder why the f**k that is?”

Amber then turned her rant toward Generation Z (or “this Generation Z bulls**t” as Ambie so eloquently called it).

“I’m a motherf**kin’ millennial!” Amber declared. “We’re smart and we don’t give a s**t! We grew up in a different f**king era. You guys are dumb as s**t. They’re so f**king stupid. Their music is dumb. You guys are f**king dumb, and I don’t give a s**t.” 

(The Ashley would like to point out here that Amber’s daughter, Leah, was born in 2008, so technically she is a member of Generation Z…the same group Amber is trashing in this rant.) 

“Why am I not surprised…?”

You can watch video of the rant (captured by the TikTok user @Mrs.WeedLove) below. (Just be aware that it contains plenty of naughty language.) 


Amber’s IG live after watching last nights Teen Mom OG episode 🤣🤣🤣☠️ ##fyp ##amberportwoood ##teenmomog

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Part 2-Amber’s IG Live from today ##fyp ##amberportwoood ##teenmomog ##BiggerIsBetter

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. I feel really sorry for Leah in all of this. That girl’s is old enough to know her mom is a deadbeat and she probably won’t change. Why doesn’t Andrew just take James back to CA and let her back in her house that she won’t be able to afford after TM ends? She’s definitely not a good mother to either of her kids, and I don’t care how many times she said she changed because she went through things, she still takes no accountability for her current behavior. Something’s always an excuse or deflection onto someone else because she’s immature and ignorant to her toxic behavior! She needs booted off the show!

  2. When I’m so behind in articles like I have been, I literally just scroll down to read Sir Nibs 😂
    Never am I disappointed.

  3. I recall an episode where Amber Portwood was in a ring doing charity work. I know she used to do train in martial arts. She has a legit roundhouse kick!! This is coming from some one who has been training most of my life.

  4. Each time Amber’s segment comes on and she speaks about what a great Mom she is, I shake my head. Amber will never get her children see her the way they do because of her actions- and her inactions. The truth is, Amber, you need to worry more about what your child is saying to you than what those on the Internet say to you.

    Secondly, this new schtick with Amber using her mother as an on-screen confidant after more than a decade of Amber professing what a tyrant and horrible mother she has, is too much. Why on earth would you ask your mother for advice on parenting when you’ve screamed from the rooftops she has done so much damage to you?

  5. I think she should be put on suicide watch. I’m serious. Watching her on the show is painful- there is no joy in her life. She is alienating every single person that is still around her, now including her daughter. This is often a red flag. I know some of you think she’d be better off, but I’m getting some super doomy vibes and the last thing I would want for Leah is guilt that she had something to do with this. I wish someone would commit her already and make sure she stays put for as long as it takes.

    1. Amber is still in court ordered therapy, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong). Thats on her therapist.

    2. Amber is too narcissistic to do anything to herself. What ever would her fans do without her guidance and motivation? She thinks too highly of herself to do anything.

  6. Maybe get your money back for those anger management classes?
    This girl NEEDS SO much attention—- crazy 🙂

  7. So Amber thinks that when she gets into these “wild cuss rants” with faceless people on Instagram that Leah won’t see it? Or, the next day Leah won’t go to school and be taunted by other kids who’ve seen it?

    I swear, the only couch Amber Portwood needs to be on right now is a psychiatrist’s.



    1. And sadly there’s more truth in what you say then you know..You can tell when she’s off her meds because she spirals..She is violent, she goes on crazy rants , she says crazy shit about Gary and Kristina, And she says delusional stuff like I am a good mother.. actually I’m a great mother ..When she was talking to her therapist she was emphasizing that she is a good mom… she kept saying it over and more strongly every time she said it.. you could tell she was trying to convince herself. I’m not excusing her behavior AT ALL , but she does definitely has mental issues and it’s a great thing that she doesn’t have custody of her children. I hate to say that about any mother …but she would royally messed them up. People go off their meds because they convinced themselves that they no longer need it ..it’s a vicious cycle. And she has a few different disorders all rolled up into one. it’s sad to see. You just know Leah’s gonna reap the repercussions. 😕💔

  8. Just a wild guess but I’m going to say that since this was a 6 am IG rant she probably never went to bed.

  9. This is really just sad. It’s like watching a homeless person yelling at a stop sign on the side of the road. As unlikeable as she is, as lazy as she is, she is clearly mentally ill. And most likely doing drugs or fiddling with her medication. She obviously isn’t getting good mental health counseling from the last episode and that’s very sad. She needs a good counselor and the right mix of medication. And the really sad part is she can’t see herself…she’s so deep into the forest she can’t see the trees. Eventually she will snap again and it won’t be pretty.

  10. Amber is proof that you can take a pig outta the barn but you can’t take the barn outta the pig. All I heard out of her mouth was MF this and oink oink that

    1. I have never heard that one. My dad used to say you can wrap a poop on lace & silk, but it’s still a trurd.

      1. She showed more compassion towards her dying dog than she ever has towards Leah.

        If she got a job, she would be too busy worrying about all this nonsense. I say that for all of these people.

      2. Amber needs to be removed from the show! She needs to be removed or remove herself from social media before she goes to prison for violation of probation. She also needs adjustments to her medications obviously the medication she is taking is not working.

  11. Honestly, I see her breaking her probation again and going back to Prison because she hasn’t changed a bit from when she hit Gary, if anything she is worse. Amber, like Ryan with Bentley can’t accept that Leah is now old enough to express her hurt and wants answers and isn’t gonna take Amber’s excuses. She can call herself a good mother all she wants but her actions say differently she has 2 children and no custody of either of them and seems happy at the fact Gary, Kristina and Andrew are the ones raising those children.

  12. Amber has never been a mother. Thank god Leah has Kristina. This show is toxic and needs to end. It’s only hurting the kids now and the parents only care about the pay check.

  13. How utterly embarrassing and horrible for Leah. I cringed reading this article because of the number of times amber used the word “mother f—-er”. Nothing is trashier than someone threatening to beat u up over Instagram, the whole “say something to my face” charade is just a major parenting no-no. Would you want Leah talking that way to a classmate? Or would you want her to show grace and self control? Imagine having your mother act like this on worldwide social media. I feel so so badly for Leah and I pray she does not get bullied for ambers crap.

  14. “It means I have PRECISION” really had me laughing. What the actual fuck Amber. Just stop.
    You’re a terrible excuse for a mother but a great couch potato. Maybe get a job at La-z-boy and live your best life? Seriously.

  15. wtf does gen z and being a millennial have to do with anything?? 😂😭😭 both generations agree she’s a garbitch mother and she hasn’t done anything to prove otherwise

    1. Definitely a manic phase/off meds/wrong meds…possibly all of the above. This is not a sane rational person by any means. I have and do bash her too and will NEVER take her side, but seeing something like this …I just can only think of her children googling and seeing this one day. Or worse—-what they’ve already saw in person! 😳😫 She needs to go to a psyche treatment facility to take care of herself and receive some proper help and care. She’s unhinged. This is not what normal sane ppl do or how they react. I’m sure this is great evidence for the Fathers’ of her children to use in court to lock down permanent sole custody and rightfully so. God bless those kids.

  16. Oh my god, Amber. You need serious help! Normal people don’t jump on an and swear and threaten violence to the general public. Sorry….I know you’re a Hollywood Stah….then your entourage should protect you from yourself.

    Andrews’s gotta get James away from her, what an awful female role model for him! So glad Leah’s confident enough to give it to her big sister, Ambie, straight.

    MTVs’s gotta cancel this sh*t show…I’d love to see where big star Ambie is in 20 years time….gel or living off Gary?

  17. She is clearly off her meds again. Her abusiveness is coming out. That is not how a mature (“smart”) adult handles stuff. You’re just back to showing your true trash colors again which is why you don’t deserve your kids!

  18. Gary?? Andrew?? Are you seeing this??? Amber is high as a friggin’ kite! And threatening violence on the world!! She should not have ANY access to her kids, especially little James! Doesn’t she have to take drug tests??? Andrew, get back in court and yank her visitation. Gary, stop enabling her in any way! Poor, poor Leah, every kid and their parents in her middle school can see this. Poor James is going to know nothing else. Disgusting.

  19. I didn’t listen to the rant and don’t need to. The only people really suffering from all this is Leah and James. Leah is old enough for kids at school to have seen these little tirades. I can’t imagine that is easy for her.

    Amber people think you’re a crap parent for this very reason. Even when you aren’t around your kids you’re making them suffer. Do better. Be a better parent. Your laziness and vile attitude is your real “problem”

  20. Ambien spends so much time trying to convince others and herself that she is everything we know her not to be. She’s been recorded dozens of times over the years exclaiming “I’m a damn good mom!” I doubt that there are any actual good moms that have ever had to proclaim this even once. She’s declared “I’m done!” so many times about filming, ranting, going back and forth with randoms on social media, that she really should trademark the phrase, and that will keep her in new couch cushions until Leah is old and gray. She’s cried out loud plenty of times that she’s a strong, independent woman, yet the only time she’s been without some kind of slouch of a man was when she was in prison, and even then she probably had a bunch of pen-pal-boyfriends. She’s been on social media a million times posing like she’s a big, bad gangsta ready to kick ass and take names because she was in gel, yet the only footage we’ve ever seen of her getting physical is with a huge man holding a baby and a huge man carrying a tv down the stairs. She’s nothing but talk and it is so refreshing now that Leah is old enough to express that she is sick of her s**t and will be calling the shots as far as visitation is concerned. Ambie is a 100% failure as a parent.

  21. And she’s definitely on drugs again. Slurring her words and doing that thing with her eyes and face that she does when she’s on them. Clear as day.

  22. How embarrassing is this for Leah? She’s completely out of control, not making any sense, swearing every other word, threatening physical violence, screaming.
    Amber, if you want people to believe you’re a good mom, don’t do this stuff. This is embarrassing for Leah, AND what is it really going to get you? Nothing. Do you really think you yelling & swearing at people who don’t like you is going to suddenly change their mind and make them stop talking bad about you? No. So it’s not worth your time or energy, and it’s not worth embarrassing Leah.

  23. Is Amber blackmailing MTV or something? I really can’t find any other reason for her to still be on the show.
    She effed up SO many times, and yet her couchsitting lazy ass is still og tv ..

    This show run its course and especially Amber (probably the only run she ever done)

  24. Why go on IG live if people are that triggering for you? Threatening people isn’t a good look.

  25. Welp, good luck ever having unsupervised visitation with either of those kids! She’s unhinged.

  26. She needs to stay off social media…. why does she give anyone the time of day? Because she is on her couch clearly – but who cares? Oh wait her daughter telling Gary she’s always sleeping. Sad but she could own her sh!t. I’d be depressed too. Between losing her kids and corona. Just own it and stop fighting with strangers….

  27. She is all those things, that’s why people call her out. She’s a lazy slob, piece of sh*t poor excuse for a mother. Just go back to prison already.

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