‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood Goes On Instagram Rant On World Mental Health Day Over Internet “Bullies”: A Recap of Events

How the call Gary had to make to Amber on Monday morning started…probably…

Amber Portwood didn’t exactly have a happy World Mental Health Day.

The Teen Mom OG star went on one of her famous Instagram rants on Sunday, which is designated as a day to discuss mental health issues and awareness. Things were going well…until some fans accused her of being high while on Instagram Live. Once some followers brought up Amber’s poor relationship with her daughter, Leah, and other topics that made Amber angry, things spiraled downhill fast.

At one point, an irate Amber screamed into the camera that she is angry about mental health bullying and gets upset “every time I have to see that somebody that has the same mental illness as me just killed themselves or hung themselves or shot themselves in their motherf**king heads! So f**k you, get the f**k off my Live and happy f**king Mental Health Day!” (Watch the clip below!)

Amber added that she hates people who sit around all day and act like they’re hard on the Internet….

Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?

“Get the f**k outta here, you stupid f**king idiots! You sit there and think you’re so f**king hard? You’re not hard,” she screeched. 

If you can’t “hear” this photo, you haven’t been watching ‘Teen Mom’ long enough…

Let’s back up to the beginning, shall we?

At the beginning of her Live, Amber gave details about her upcoming projects, stating that she has been working from morning until night on a few things, though she refused to disclose what “projects” she was referring to.

“I came on here to say it’s an amazing day, you guys. I just got here from the hotel, I was working for literally almost a month and a half straight…literally from morning to 1 o’clock at night, working on projects. It’s been absolutely crazy,” Amber said.

Next, she talked about her experience being a college gal, as she is now taking online classes at Purdue University. (She stated that she wants to get into forensic psychology classes eventually.)

The first sign of trouble came when followers accused Amber of being HIGH! HIGH! due to her pupils looking enlarged. Amber denied that she was on drugs, but did confirm that she’s on meds for her mental health issues.

“Say I’m high or angry again and see what happens! You don’t say that to a ‘rill’ woman!”

“I’m not high on pills. Oh, God, here we go…the bullying and the nasty crap people say… You’re saying I’m high on pills, I’m talking to you right now. Am I nodding out? No…my pupils are big because I’m on medication. Are you guys stupid? Does anybody know about mental health!? Hello! Are you f**king dumb? Let me be the real one with mental health today, you guys are jackasses. We have to take medications so we are feeling OK sometimes. We are not high!” 

Amber’s anger continued to rise as followers commented that they felt sorry for Amber’s children, particularly her 12-year-old daughter Leah, who is not currently speaking to her due, in part, to what Amber has said in previous Instagram Live rants

“You can say poor Leah all you want,” Amber said. “Leah’s perfectly f**king fine…no, I’m not angry! If I was angry you would f**king know!”

Leah while watching this rant…probably…

Amber then tried to return to her original purpose for going on Live— to advocate for mental health awareness…

“Do you know how hard it is to be on a television show with mental illnesses?! Having everybody in your f**king business. Honestly, could you do it? No, because it’s super f**king hard!” she screamed. “Literally, [I have] four mental illnesses and on a show for 13 years, but you guys want to sit here and attack people 24/7. You think you’re f**king hard, you think you’re bad, well, you’re not, I don’t give a s**t about you…I don’t care what the media writes because half of it is bulls**t anyway!” 

She then told her “haters” (whom she stated “show your t*ts and ass for money on Instagram”) to go away.

“I’m gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing for 13 years, making double your f**king money!” Amber screeched. “You guys just think about your God-damned selves— excuse me, God–you don’t do anything. You don’t f**king try to help anybody.”

Amber then bragged about all of the good deeds she does behind the scenes but won’t brag about.

“You’ll never hear anything about what I do– EVER!” Amber stated. “You won’t hear about all of the hospitals I’ve helped. You won’t know all the psych wards that I’ve helped. You won’t know a f**king thing! Get the f**k outta here!” 

“But wait, aren’t you making sure they hear about it right now…nevermind.”

Amber insisted that her haters weren’t “getting to her.” 

“You aren’t some sort of bad f**king bitch! You aren’t a f**king hero! I’m more of a bitch than you will ever f**king be!” she screamed. “Are you guys forgetting who you’re f**king talking to?!…Learn how to be a real man or real woman and then you can talk to me, because I don’t deal with fake ass, petty ass, nasty people! That’s all you guys are! We don’t want your energy, especially not today. This is a good day!” 

Amber finally gave up on her attempt to be inspirational for World Mental Health Day. She told her followers that she was “done” staying quiet about bullies.

“I wanted to get on here because I want to show some inspiration to people with mental health disorders and I can’t because I can only sit here and see nothing but negative things [in the Live comments],” she said. “It’s like, I’m always told to not say anything about it…but in real life that’s not me. If I don’t say anything about people people being bullies, then who am I? I’m not be authentic.”

You can watch the most-intense part of Amber’s rant in the video below!

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

48 Responses

  1. So having some mental health issues gives you a hall pass to be a bad person, horrible mother and the right to melt your couch cushions with your Turd tremors.

    stay lit

  2. Please go away Ambo. Go find another dick to knock you up again so you can try and stay in the news and once again lose custody because of your nasty temper. #machetes #instarants ?

  3. I couldn’t even read the rest of the abomination of a transcript and god bless the Ashley for having to actually sit through that.

    This entitled,spoiled brat, wench, hunchback having whale of a habitual liar. She and her 13 years.. so she’s content being a useless has-been who got knocked up young and hasn’t done a thing for her child but embarrass her and alienate her. Amber is disgusting. On a shoe called teen mom carrying on like she’s going to be making bank til she dies or something. I can’t wait to see her and the baltierras fall flat with their no skillset having selves

  4. Oh man….LOL. Wow. I was waiting for this. Leah must be so proud. ALL of this Live is a dumpster fire. Dude….just get off social media already. And if being on tv is so hard just quit. Not hard at all. I sympathize with mental health but this is just some major foolishness. What a disaster.

  5. What a mess. I hope the fathers of her children are keeping record of this. Listening to her screech about how hard it is to be on tv because of the lack of privacy, but then she constantly rants about her personal life. If her life on reality tv is so hard, she can quit and go get a real job. Oh, who am I kidding. That would mean getting off of the couch and being a responsible adult, two things which she is clearly incapable of doing.

  6. Amber, you are a 1 trick pony. SM is all you have, you are NOT helping anyone. You are a joke.
    And your money will stop, then what ??

  7. This isn’t proving anything to Leah, it further tells her she is right to cut you off, you Ambien are one of the reasons I no longer watch teen tantrums, I mean teen mom.

  8. Remember when Dr Drew did his nasty lash out at fans last year who were calling for her to be fired saying how awful it was that fans wanted to cut off her source of income? Well there you have it.
    Amber bragging about making all this $$$ doing nothing but having a film crew and producers enable, coddle & sympathize with her while filming.
    Great work if you can get it lol

  9. Anyone surprised by any of this? Anyone?

    Amber clearly has been told more than once these Instagram live rants embarrass (and hurt) her daughter, yet she is still doing them.

  10. Leah is suck a pretty little girl. If I didn’t know better I would think that Leah is Kristina’s biological daughter. She really looks so much like her!

  11. If only Amber would focus more on her online Purdue studies and building an all-important “healing bridge” between herself and Leah.

    Guaranteed, she’d have FAR less time for cussing out faceless people on the Internet — who she forever seems to feel need a response.

    Jeez, enough already.

  12. I’m so sick of her using her diagnoses as a weapon. She is such an unhinged hypocrite and bully. If you don’t kiss her couch riding behind then you are a “bully” and “hater”. She needs a good long look in the mirror. Maybe she’ll one day figure out SHE IS THE PROBLEM!

  13. I wonder if she watches herself back when she sobers up and thinks WTF?!
    She needs to get off the Internet.
    Poor Leah. No wonder she wants nothing to do with her. Imagine fronting up to school after this clown has been off her head online?!

  14. ***Grandma Says*** Back in her day there was special homes (hospitals)for people like this, to live in full time! And maybe That JPickleSpears guy can get a conservatorship for her in his name??

    1. I happen to be bipolar and have BPD. I don’t need to be in a hospital. I am nothing like Amber. It’s actually hard for me to become angry as the meds I take keep me so calm. Please don’t think we’re all like this. Amber is so embarrassing.

  15. Where do I start, lol..
    If being on tv with a mental illness is difficult then get off tv!
    Isn’t she an online bully to Christina?
    Poor Leah. Another rant by her mom for her friends to see.

  16. JeebusGawd- she needs to learn how to ignore shit and move on. If you really feel the need to address what people are saying, yelling and cussing on a live feed is not the move; that’s not helping your case.

  17. It’s so cute how she does this to herself. I know this is a taboo idea these days, but being on social media isn’t a requirement for existence in this world. I highly doubt that anyone will be on their deathbed wishing they had spent more time arguing with strangers on the internet. I mean, really.

  18. What the holy hell— her pupils are black basketballs. Gary, cut her ass off. Leah does not need any of this slop anywhere NEAR her life! Andrew, fight like hell to cut off unsupervised visitation for little James! She canNOT be passing drug tests! What judge could look at that clip and say this is a sober and appropriate guardian for a 3-year-old???

    She never learns, never has any insight into her actions, and after 13 years of wasted help, she will NEVER CHANGE. Cut her off, MTV!

    1. Look, dialted pupils aren’t a reliable gauge to base someone’s sobriety off of. I’m not defending her- because f*ck her- but I am defending anyone else (including myself) who are sober and on antidepressants. Assuming anyone is on drugs, even accusing them and saying to keep their kids away because of pupil size is awful. Plenty of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications will dilate pupils.

  19. If the same thing happens EVERY time you do that thing….why do you do that thing?

    She knows how Instagram Live works and what kind of people are going to be on there to interact with her. She isn’t brand new.

    Call your mother. Phone a friend. Call your therapist. Maybe Gary will take your call….

    But c’mon…we all know how your “Hey let’s have a Happy World Mental Health Day Party!” was gonna go.

    Don’t get in the bear cage if you don’t want to dance with him.

  20. why does amber keep thinking she’s making a positive impact whenever she talks about mental health?? she makes people who are actually struggling look bad

  21. Lunatic
    noun: lunatic; plural noun: lunatics
    a mentally ill person (not in technical use). An extremely foolish or eccentric person.
    head case
    wing nut
    have a screw loose
    have bats in the/one’s belfry
    mentally ill
    of unsound mind
    out of one’s mind
    not in one’s right mind
    sick in the head
    not together
    non compos mentis
    stark mad
    mad as a hatter
    mad as a March hare
    foaming at the mouth
    off one’s head
    out of one’s head
    off one’s nut
    nutty as a fruitcake
    off one’s rocker
    not (quite) right in the head
    around the bend
    stark raving mad
    raving mad
    off the wall
    not all there
    not right upstairs
    barking mad
    stark staring mad
    round the twist
    off one’s trolley
    as daft as a brush
    not the full shilling
    up the pole
    away with the fairies
    out of one’s tree
    an extremely foolish or eccentric person.

  22. What’s good is Leah’s therapist will have a nice trail of videos or Instagram chats to watch, and can easily see where things went wrong with her relationship with her crazy azz mom!

  23. Amber’s not high on drugs y’all, she’s high on MEDICATION. Her dealer has am online medical degree and only used crayon on the prescription pad because they couldn’t find a pen.

    1. Lol, you made me snort my drink, ( note to self, no sipping latte, whilst reading comments on here) ??

  24. This. This is one of the many reasons Leah doesn’t want anything to do with her. Gary, Kristina- shut Amber out for good, she will always be unhinged.

    1. Exactly!!! She’s completely unhinged and desperately needs help!!! Ryan is not the only one here!!! It has gone on long enough!!! It’s definitely time for the show to cut her string!!!

      1. I love hearing this psycho talk about how much money she has and that apparently is what makes her a much “badder bitch” than the rest of us. LOL just you wait until the show ends and you have literally NO income. The revisit ten to fifteen years down the road will be pathetic.

    2. I get where Gary is coming from, wanting to keep Leah’s egg donor in her life. But at some point he’s going to have to realize that having that toxicity is worse for Leah. She’s old enough to make the decision for herself and she most definitely has stated where she stands on numerous occasions.

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