Amber Portwood Fires Back at Critics During (Another) Instagram Live: “I Can Play A Victim, Because I Am A Victim”

So we’ve heard, Amber…so we’ve heard…

Amber Portwood is defending herself on social media in the wake of this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, which featured a painfully awkward interaction between Amber and her somewhat estranged daughter, Leah.

As you may already know, Amber’s weapon of choice in such situations is a machete Instagram Live, and when the haters came for her parenting–- or lack thereof-– this week, she went Live to give them a piece of her mind.

During her rant, Amber denied laying in her bed all the time, despite what ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers may assume after having watched this show for more than a decade. In fact, she told viewers she’s a rill woman whose “talent is helping people and sharing my story.” (She didn’t mention singing as one of her talents, but that didn’t stop her from doing that on Instagram Live, too.) 

As for the reaction from viewers after Tuesday’s episode, Amber has no idea why people have anything but positive things to say about her. 

“You’re joking, right?”

“I don’t really know where all of this hate is coming from towards me because I really didn’t do anything,” Amber said, before reminding everyone (yet again) that she went to gel jail and rehab to fix her life “and stay alive.”

She added that she’s helped others to “not kill themselves,” as well. 

As the Instagram Live continued, Amber claimed to be a hard worker, and while she did launch her PortwoodAF merchandise line this week– complete with questionable slogans and laughable price points– she assured viewers she’s not “a sells sales person.”

Hard worker?! Come on, Amber… maybe you should be wearing this shirt instead of me!” 

To the critics who accused her of playing the victim on Tuesday’s episode and long before that, Amber argued that she can play a victim, because she IS a victim. 

” … I am a victim of people who are hateful,” she added.

Later in her Instagram Live, the victim mom of two dropped a series of F-bombs, claiming she can “say f**k you and still be positive [because] it’s 2021, you stupid f**k.” 

To hell with “sending love”– I think Amber just found a new tagline for PortwoodAF.

Amber went on to tell her followers she has “learned so much through my mistakes” and encouraging everyone– aka Leah, probably– to move forward.

“As my life begins to change I have learned so much through my mistakes,” she wrote. “The guilt I use to hold and the hate I had needed to be released. I am still a work in progress. However, today I want all of us to move forward with what kept us in that negative past. We are worth love and it is OK to cry. To all my supporters truly you are warriors and fighters. But most of all beautiful souls always!” 

Amber then stood by the comments she made on Instagram Live, claiming the video “was full of great intentions” and that her “tears were real and raw.” 

She followed up her Instagram Live/additional posts with yet another statement– this time on her Instagram Story– in which she called this week “so amazing,” before encouraging parents to be present and patient… and promoting the “many” projects she has coming. 

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(Photos: PortwoodAF; MTV; Instagram)


  1. She is pretty delusional. It is like a murderer saying, “I know I killed 15 people but that jerk killed my mom!” Lol go cry in the shower like a BIG girl, Amby.

  2. Sounds like Leah is old enough to know & see how ugly Amber is, putting down the only mother figure that little knows is not cute & only makes Leah hate you even more.

  3. Because I have no life what so ever, I have been watching old “Teen Mom” shows on Pluto… Wow. Amber has always been a horrible person. And looking back, Gary wasn’t so great when he was around Amber. Getting away from Amber and meeting Kristina is what changed him. But Amber..she never had ANY redeeming qualities, even way back from the beginning. Same for Jenelle. Awful people.

    1. No, Gary was not the best when he was around Amber. To be fair, I think Amber brought the worst out of him. I think she pushed him to a point he could never get to and she made him angry and ugly. Because he doesn’t show that side AT ALL with Christina and that says a lot. I’ve always been told I’m calm and sweet and quiet which is true, but I met someone who was so awful that they did get that ugly side of me out that I never want to see again. She’s just toxic and ugly inside and out and drags everyone around her down. I hope Gary just stops trying to make the relationship between Leah and Amber to happen.

  4. This show needs to be canceled. Between Amber and her shitty attitude and that immature Mackenzie and her mumbling idiot husband. Teen Mom OG needs to GO! These people are as entertaining as a foot. 🦶

    1. She’s a bright kid and loyal to St. Kristina. Leah is one of the kids on the show that will do well in life – unfortunately that won’t be the case for all of them. Although it would be in Leah’s best interest if Gary were to walk away from the big MTV paychecks so Leah can live her life in peace. Her mother’s public rants are humiliating for her – teen years are brutal enough. It’s not fair to Leah at this point.

  5. Oh my lands…. I was honestly ALMOST impressed with how she handled herself on this last episode, recognizing that she missed a lot of good years with Leah and that Leah must feel the same way. Then she goes and reminds us that she’s the same old entitled, self-absorbed psycho that she’s always been.

  6. Amber changed. Haha.
    Changed what ? Her socks? Her sheets?
    And I see a very big clearance sale in her shirt “business “ coming soon.

  7. It’s crazy how many people on her IG are kissing her ass. Nobody in their right mind would ever want to aspire to be #portwoodAF. Keep your garbage hoodies, Ambie. Also glad Leah finally put her in her place.

  8. She’s crossed over to that side where Farrah lives. So mentally unwell that it’s painful to watch this. It’s not funny or amusing. Her poor kids. To have such a public record of her behavior, I really feel for them.

  9. Amber is so exhausting and narcissistic. She seems to have no empathy so I doubt her counseling career will go well. She will either insert herself as a victim somehow in counseling (and make it all about her) or threaten to punch a patient in the face. I really feel bad for most people who cross her path (except Matt, and Andrew to a degree).

  10. Here’s a fun idea for rill woman Amber. How about using some of that apparently bountiful rillness to be rill with yourself and the world. How about you simply admit that you are a piece of shit person and a piece of shit parent, that you are too lazy to ever have a job, and that you would be stupid to stop taking the MTV checks? People might manage to scrape together just a speck of respect for you if you actually owned your trashfire of a life.

  11. there she is again gaslighting, putting herself on a couch, sorry pedestal again, her idea of a rill working gal, and yet all she will ever be is a biological mother of – let’s hope just – 2

  12. Portwood Af!!!!🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂 this idiot needs to grow up, over priced crap like Tyler’s clothing

    1. That’s true Leah’s meth pipe.

      Garry really needs to read the room, and stop forcing Leah to have a relationship with her surrogate, Leah will decide if and when she wants to see Portapottywood Af!!!

      1. I actually feel like Gary and Kristina do listen to Leah. Compare the last recap to when Leah was over filming and Ambie, to this one… when Leah owned it all. She used the cameras to her advantage and it put Amber in her place.

        Amber couldn’t blame Gary or Kristina for her lack of relationship with Leah, and you see that with her acknowledging Leah’s bday. I really felt like Leah planned this perfectly (and I don’t discount Garbear’s possible involvement) and it set her boundaries up with Amber. She wasn’t welcome to come over whenever it was convenient for her and Leah let her know that.

  13. Ugh, can Amber please take a Self-Awareness class at Purdue (Global)?!

    When I saw the headline I thought by calling herself a victim that Amber was going to reveal a history of having been molested or abused or something that would make a person a VICTIM. Going to jail, having kids and a audience that hate you, even beating addiction (allegedly) doesn’t make you a victim. At best it makes you a human. The victims in this scenario are the two children you pretend to parent. The victim is the man you pushed down a flight of stairs. The victim is the woman who has does nothing but step up and parent your daughter while you enjoyed increasing the depth of the ass-crease on your couch and put on blast on IG on regular. The victim is the man you chased with a machete (IMO that’s the ONLY reason to classify Andrew as a victim).

    I REALLY REALLY hope that one of these psychology classes you are taking through Purdue (global) dedicates a significant amount of time defining and explaining the word victim cuz as it stands I am highly doubtful you understand the word.

    1. I mean she was a victim in her childhood. Her father was extremely abusive and an alcoholic, he died from cirrhosis of the liver. He got sober when she was like 15, but it was way too late.

      And her mom battled addiction and depression when her sibling died of SIDS.

      That’s why she and Bubbee, aka Shawn, are so close, their trauma bonded.

      But Shawn is proof that you can not be a product of your situation. He did get a girl pregnant in hs, but then joined the military, is an active parent, and isn’t getting arrested for assault and battery. He raises his kids. He’s a real man. /s

      1. Trauma bonding:

        Trauma bonding is a psychological response to abuse. It occurs when the abused person forms an unhealthy bond with the person who abuses them. The person experiencing abuse may develop sympathy for the abusive person, which becomes reinforced by cycles of abuse, followed by remorse.

        1. When siblings endure physical or emotional abuse at the hands of their parents, they often form a trauma bond.

          They find comfort in one another and know that they’re the only two people who understand what they’ve gone through. They rely on one another for survival, for confiding in, and for peace.

          One term can have many different meanings.

          1. No. No it cant.

            You’re making things up.

            Thats not what “trauma bond” means and you’re misusing the phrase.

  14. Amber really not putting those college courses to work already. When is someone going to tell her just because you are a victim of one situation, doesn’t make you a victim in ALL situations?

    Leah and James are for sure the victims of her abuse. She has been so emotionally manipulative to Leah over the last 12 years of her life.

    When Leah accidentally called Kristina mom, Amber almost flipped her tabled, she was like 6. And that emotional manipulation when Leah made an ornament in school for Gary, you know her full-time parent, and she was trying to make Leah give it to her.

    And even now, Amber has tried to hurt Kristina so many times, for very little reason. Gary can be an ass, but Kristina has done nothing but raise that little girl like her own, drive her to doctor appointments, hold her when she’s crying, and even support Amber and Leah having a relationship, and Amber has done nothing but burn those bridges, for years now. She is not the victim in this situation, she’s the perpetrator.

    1. Amber is clearly a narcissist, so everything is about her. It also appears she blames Kristina for “stealing” Garbear and Leah. Ambie just isn’t capable of self reflection and even having the ambition to improve herself and her life. It is all very sad to watch (and I only read the Ashley’s recaps!).

      1. She is not a narcissist. She clearly has borderline personality disorder. Narcissists don’t ever admit weakness and Amber does.

        1. Amber does have borderline personality disorder and she is also a narcissistic personality. Many narcissists pay lip service to having faults or admitting mistakes but deep down don’t believe it’s their fault. That’s Amber to a tea. It’s her mental illness, it’s someone’s else’s fault. And even if a few times she actually does get it her general personality is almost totally narcissistic.

  15. Amber needs to get her meds adjusted, stop abusing whatever she is, and get a new legit therapist. Because whatever she’s doing is not making anything better.

  16. She might think that she is a victim, but in my opinion, the only victims here are the dumb bunnies who spend $62 dollars($55 PLUS another $7 for shipping!) for a hoodie with a phrase that no one will understand.

    Maybe her PURDUE hoodie was that much, but come on! You’re trying to gouge YOUR fan base!

    Should have sold machetes instead! AF.

  17. And this is why Leah can’t stand her. She’s a narcissist, she only cares about herself. I’m so tired of her playing victim and saying “she’s changed” when we see the same old Amber everyday through her rants

    1. This last episode when Amber was complaining about Leahs attitude reminded me about how Amber used to curse her parents out as a teen. Leah is no ways near as rude to Amber as Amber was to her parents.

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