Maci Bookout Responds After She’s Accused of Using PCOS “As An Excuse” To Be Lazy & Not Work During Recent Episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’

“What kind of POS criticizes someone for having PCOS?”

Maci Bookout is firing back on social media after being accused of using her polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis “as an excuse” on this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG. 

As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Maci has spoken openly for years about PCOS, both on and off the show, and just this summer she was nominated for a PCOS advocacy award. On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’  Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney, informed producers that Maci wasn’t feeling well that day and was laying down to rest.

After the episode aired, some criticized Maci’s reason for not filming, claiming she was using her PCOS diagnosis “as an excuse” to not work and be lazy.

“Oh for f**ks sake Maci… I have PCOS, it’s HELL,” one tweet stated. “But I still get up everyday, put on my big girl panties and handle my shit. Homeschool my kids, house work and run my own business. Stop using it as an excuse.” 


In response, Maci claimed she handles those same responsibilities “every single day,” but “needed to rest for an hour instead of filming B roll.” (“B roll” refers to footage that is sort of “filler” and is intercut with the show’s main footage.) 

“ … I do house work, run my businesses, pick my kids up & get them to their extra curricular activities, make dinner etc.,” she continued. “What I do NOT do, is criticize anyone suffering from PCOS!” 

After the same person told Maci “it’s literally your job to film” and accused the mom of three of “blaming everything on PCOS,” Maci argued that she technically did fulfill her filming obligations that day.  Maci stated that letting the producers film her in bed was completing her filming “job.”

“I have many jobs & yes filming is one of them,” she said. “I complete all of them every day. Do u know what B roll (I mentioned above) is? Pretty sure they filmed me in my bed resting. That’s completing a job. Also-curious to hear what I blame PCOS for, besides the actual symptoms?” 

(As Maci stated in her tweet, she did allow the crew to film her while she was resting in bed.) 

“I’m working here, people!”

Maci ended the exchange by wishing the individual well on her PCOS journey… but not before calling the person’s comments “ignorant.” 

“The fact that you said you have PCOS, then went on to say PCOS is ‘really not that serious’ kind of shows me that responding to your ignorant comments is a waste of my time,” Maci wrote. “I wish you nothing but the best and hope your pcos journey continues to be as smooth as possible.” 

Maci then proceeded to tackle one of her other “job”: posting tasteless clickbait to her Twitter account.

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44 Responses

  1. Scenes and excuses like this is why the show sux and on its last leg. Considering how bad the ratings are you would think she would at least try to keep an interesting storyline. She probably thinks she has a ton of other lucrative opportunities waiting if the show is cancelled next season. Just like Jenelle, Farrah, Nene Leaks and the Kardashians thought.

  2. She had a chronic illness. I’ve had 1 cyst burst in my entire life and it was some of the worst pain I have ever been in, and I don’t have PCOS. I can just imagine how much this sucks for her.

    1. That’s not how PCOS works at all. The cysts themselves are not really what it is about and they are nothing like regular cysts and do not rupture. It’s a hormonal imbalance first and foremost. I have pcos and I cannot stand Maci’s fake promotions and misrepresentation of what it actually is. She really missed a great opportunity to be an advocate. This is an actual issue for so many people. Maci does, in fact, use it as an excuse all the time. And if those doctors appointments she has a real (I do not believe they are) those doctors need serious training.

  3. Life is going to hit her hard when she has to actually work everyday to pay for her mansion and her kids. Farrah and Jennelle learn and wish they were able to get back on the MTV gracy train making that easy TM money.

    1. I’m shouldn’t be surprised by the ignorant comments but I am. My favorite always is. “Well I have it and I still do everything!” type of comment.
      Yes, you are special!!
      I guess your hatred for Maci blinds you to the fact that any illness, chronic or acute, affects people differently and differently at times, especially when other factors are involved.
      She’s still dealing with PSD which is going to complicate and exacerbate any health issue.
      So instead of the she’s lazy, drunk, hung over, a wuss, ungrateful POS how about a young woman with three kids is having difficulty trying to overcome a traumatic event which has left her with PSD, effecting her sleep, causing depression, which in itself will make any pain worse.
      Is compassion so hard even when you r filled with hate?
      I guess it is

  4. That person is truly an imbecile. Just because she needs to do her stuff while being sick doesn’t mean everybody else should too.
    If Macy or anyone else is feeling bad and can rest, good for her. What kind of sh*tty human being wants a person that’s felling physically ill to not be able to rest for a while? That’s f*cked up

    1. PCOS isn’t being “sick”. It’s a chronic issue. I have PCOS as well. I can not imagine trying to take time off of work every time I feel bad from a PCOS symptom. Maci has no idea what the real world is like.

      1. Right?!? That’s my issue with Maci and her PCOS storyline. She has what 3 days of obligation for the reunion and the rest of the time they film at her house. Girl, you don’t have to get up and go to work for 8-12 hours everyday like the majority of people with PCOS. You don’t have to worry about whether your pain is bad enough to use one of your very few sick days or tough it out and save that day for when your kid is sick or when your pain is worse. Or whether to call in when you’re out of sick days and risk losing your job. Not to mention how easy it was for her to have 3 oopsie babies with PCOS. She never had to deal with the absolutely heartbreaking infertility that a lot of people do. She literally has it sooo much easier compared to most people and doesn’t even acknowledge it.
        That is what this person is saying and she just doesn’t get it.

  5. I feel secondhand embarrassment when then people post their clickbait links. Especially Maci, she wants to be taken seriously but then does this crap on par with Jenelle, Kail, Catelynn etc. You’re 30 years old Maci, time to grow up.

  6. PCOS is not even worthy of pain relievers. She’s acting like she has a life changing disorder. More people have PCOS than not these days. The whole world would be in bed if it were that bad. She’s an attention seeking lazy twat. Just like her ‘gas station’ PTSD. Hasn’t worked a real job all her life

  7. I believe PCOS really does mess you up but my issue is how ungrateful she is toward Taylor. She’s belittles him and takes advantage of him and is never appreciative of how hard he steps up. When she couldn’t get out of bed, he stepped up and I bet he never got a thank you.

    1. It does not, in fact, “really mess you up”. Girlfriend desperately needs to be tested for something else if it is causing her to not get out of bed all day. I have it and have literally never needed to take off work for it nor do I know anyone else that has needed to and I am involved in several communities. I suspected for myself after pouring a ton of money into facial hair removal to have no success and then got tested for it. It doesn’t impact day to day operations.

  8. What an absolute lazy piece of shit! I don’t even believe she has PCOS. She exhibits none of the actual symptoms!

    1. She is the thinnest person I’ve ever seen that claims to have PCOS… also seems to have NO trouble getting pregnant. ?

      1. Right? Her and Kail. Kail tried to say she was infertile but had at least 6 pregnancies in 10 years, 4 resulting in live births. Smh.

  9. If she had a ruptured cyst at this time, which is common with PCOS, people need to back off and stop being a holes. That shit is painful and no joke.

    1. NAILED IT.
      If it was really her PCOS she would’ve talked about her ruptured cyst or whatever.
      Too many Bud Lights the night before.

    1. Exactly I don’t have it but I suffer from six ruptured herniated discs in my neck and causing both arms and shoulders to be completely numb. There are days that the pain like Maci I can’t get out of bed & others are ok but not great so these people are who claiming that she is lazy and using it as a excuse, these people need to realize that we are not lazy unlike some people who lie!!!

    2. I had pelvic congestive syndrome before my hysterectomy. So, I can definitely relate to the pain. I think it’s cruel that people just assume she doesn’t have anything wrong or just call her “lazy.’

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