‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Reveals PCOS Advocacy Award Nomination After Critics Slam Her For Posting Insensitive Clickbait Stories About Being Pregnant

Raise your hand if there’s going to be a swipe-up in your Instagram Story about your excessive swipe-ups…

Maci Bookout has been nominated for several awards, recognizing her advocacy of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), though the nomination has some critics calling the Teen Mom OG star out for her insensitive social media behavior. 

On Thursday, Maci shared on Instagram that she had been nominated for the 10th annual WEGO Health Awards. She went on to provide a link where her followers could learn more about her advocacy, “endorse” her in one of the 10 categories she’s been nominated, or even nominate her for additional categories. 

“ … I would be humbled to receive a nomination and/or an endorsement from you,” she wrote. “Nominations and Endorsements are ONLY OPEN UNTIL JULY 31st … so please visit my page now and help your girl out!” 

Maci’s bio on the WEGO Health page describes the mom of three as a “devoted PCOS & Women’s Health Advocate.” (As ‘Teen Mom’ fans know, Maci has spoken openly for years about PCOS, having been diagnosed with the disorder herself.) Maci’s bio goes on claim that for more than a decade, she has “used her publicity through television and social media to empower & encourage those living with PCOS to be prevalent through the adversity they face.” It also touts her efforts to press “for legislation to advance their efforts for PCOS acknowledgment & education.” 

According to the site, Maci has been “nominated” for the following awards: Advocating for Another, Healthcare Collaborator, Lifetime Achievement, Patient Leader Hero, Rookie of the Year and Best in Show for Blog, Community, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, respectively. 

“TikTok?! Stay in your lane, Maci!”

A day before Maci shared her multiple-nominations, fans were calling the ‘Teen Mom’ out on Instagram, asking that she stop sharing clickbait stories insinuating she is expecting another child, as some women diagnosed with PCOS have difficulty becoming pregnant. 

“It’s kind of surprising she does this considering her advocacy for PCOS,” one person commented. “Like seeing and using ultrasound pics for likes is so upsetting and insulting to those with infertility issues.” 

“Her posting things like this shows her misunderstanding of it all,” another noted. “She’s not a real advocate if she hasn’t done all the research.” 

“I guess Maci ain’t so dang smart after all.”

Maci has become infamous for these click-bait stories, as has her co-star Catelynn Lowell, and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2. In fact, a day after Maci’s received criticism for the insensitive swipe-ups, a pregnancy story about Catelynn expecting twins was reposted to Maci’s Instagram Story. (For the record, Catelynn is currently pregnant with only one child.)

Last year, Mackenzie Edwards, the wife of Maci’s ex Ryan Edwards, slammed Maci and other ‘Teen Mom’ stars for posting these misleading swipe-up stories – specifically those aimed at her and Ryan’s marriage.

As The Ashley previously reported, reality stars pull in a decent paycheck for these  stories, which are not posted by the stars themselves; they simply give the company permission to post on their accounts. (They can, however, reportedly refuse to post certain stories or stories about certain people.)

In March, Maci actually did speak about the possibility of growing her family – her real one, not the clickbait version – revealing that she and husband Taylor McKinney continue to be “on opposites sides of having biological children,” but are still considering adoption. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; YouTube)


  1. Kail apparently doesn’t have enough attention, now she suddenly has PCOS?!?!??
    Man she’ll ride on anyone’s coat tails!

  2. Oh Miss Perfect and her perfect self is doing a perfect job at… nothing but obsessing over Ryan. Give that girl a Bud Light and quit the whole show.

    1. Cackled so loud in the bathroom at this it made my dog start barking at the door

      Thx now I gotta let him watch me poop 😒

  3. This family picture is extremely over edited and looks so fake. Years from now, looking back, they can’t say that was really them when it really doesn’t look like them to begin with. I can understand a touch up here or there but come on, you don’t look this way and the whole thing looks fake.

    What she should have edited out is the damn mullet. Seriously, with the bleach front hair and mullet. Oh my God.

    1. I had to zoom in to see what the heck was going on as I was sure they were in front of a green screen and not ACTUALLY on a beach. So edited it’s strange…

  4. Lifetime achievement award?!? Lmao you have got to be kidding? What has she achieved besides being on a realty show? I stopped watching when she was pregnant with the youngest and she never talked about pcos back then except when she got pregnant and she used it as an excuse for not using birth control. As someone who legitimately can’t get pregnant because of pcos, it was incredible offensive then and it appears she has only gotten worse.

  5. Mannnnn here we go! Now that Rhine n co are gone, I knew her only storyline next season was probably going to be about that PCOS….AGAIN. UGH. I hate saying it because I have been watching for YEARS, but just cancel the TM shows…theyre beating a dead horse with a stick at this point, and this shits BORING.

  6. LMAO! The WEGO awards are a well known scam in the blogging/social media world. Like you could have a following of two and WEGO will send you a form letter saying you’ve been nominated for multiple awards. The whole thing is just a gimmick to get you to share their site and get them clicks. You don’t get paid. You don’t get a reward. It’s garbage.

    1. That’s not even the point here. The actual point is that she comes off as being this PCOS advocate when she’s really full of shit.

  7. Anyone else confused what advocacy work Maci actually does for PCOS? She just did the colored light thing for a storyline. Now she has fans nominating her for a million awards and she’s still posting insensitive click bait stories.

  8. Macis filters on those family pics, yikes.

    And Bentley is officially going through the awkward stage. The mullet has gots to go.

  9. Looks like she deleted those comments. Doesn’t matter if she is directly posting the click bait or not; they are on HER social media. She still has control of it. She can cut ties with those companies but chooses not to because of that sweet sweet money.

  10. I hate click bait but she is not posting it, some company in charge of those things does that in her profile, the same goes to Catelynn. People can’t possibly be so dumb to get offended by click bait when it’s obvious it’s click bait. Jeez

    1. She’s giving permission to the Click Bait companies to access her various media and she’s profiting from the clicks the articles generate. IMO that makes her responsible for what they’re doing. She could easily put a stop to it – if she wanted to. It’s obvious none of the girls are bothered by the lies the articles spew. They love the attention and the paychecks. They’ve all lost any self respect they ever had, if they had any in the first place.

      When they shut the door to MTV and the trashy tabloids and websites and social media like Chelsea has done, maybe I’ll believe they have some respect for themselves and their families. I can’t imagine that happening for any of them for quite awhile, if ever tho.

  11. The clickbait has made me not like these girls even more if that were possible. And, I don’t recall an entire decade that Maci has been using her “platform” to advocate for PCOS. The fact that many women have infertility issues due to PCOS & she is posting bullshit ultrasounds is disgusting!

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