Josh Duggar’s Legal Team Responds After Prosecution Files Motion Requesting Josh’s Past Molestation Scandal Be Used in Upcoming Child Sex Abuse Trial


Josh Duggar’s past may come back to haunt him when his child sex abuse case goes to trial later this month. 

According to the Northwest Arkansas News, the prosecution in the former 19 Kids and Counting star’s case filed motions this week requesting they be allowed to discuss the 33-year-old’s past sexual molestation admissions at his November trial. 

Josh is set to go to trial this month for his April 2021 arrest in which he was charged for receiving and possessing child p0rnography. 

Josh’s April (s)mugshot…

As you may remember, it was revealed in 2015 that Josh had molested four of his sisters and another young girl beginning around 2002. (He was a teen at the time.) Josh admitted to (and allegedly received counseling for) sexually molesting the minor females, and while he was never formally charged for his crimes, it did result in the cancelation of “19 Kids and Counting.” His sisters– Jill DillardJessa SeewaldJinger Vuolo and Joy-Anna Forsyth— later came forward as Josh’s victims.  The fifth victim has never come forward publicly. 

“Bye…for now!”

The state allegedly plans to use the information-– including the police report–- to show Josh’s alleged “sexual interest in young girls” and to inform the jury that “the defendant committed other acts of child molestation.”

The prosecution argues that discussing Josh’s previous molestations will establish that Josh has a “propensity to commit the charged child sex offense.”

They also plan to point out that Josh’s victims during the previous molestations in questions were all minors, and some were “girls in the approximate age range of the victims depicted in the child sexual abuse material” that Josh is accused of downloading or attempting of downloading. 

According to The Sun, Josh responded to the motion, demanding the judge not allow the government and witnesses to discuss the information. 

“There is no question the allegations at issue arise at a time when Duggar was a minor and the allegations at issue in this case arise at a time when Duggar was in his thirties,” the response filed by Josh and his legal team reads. 

“He’s a changed man…honest!”

Josh argued that in addition to the police report being “unlawfully leaked,” his conduct in that crime “sheds no light” on whether he “knowingly received or possessed alleged child p0rnography on three days in 2019 as the indictment alleges.” 

Josh’s legal team filed a motion of their own this week, requesting that a statement made by Special Agent Gerald Faulkner— about the child sex abuse material allegedly found on Josh’s device being some of the worst he’s ever seen in his career— be banned from trial, The Sun reports because it’s simply his “opinion.” 

“And I can say is in the 11 years of doing this and the thousands and thousands of child p0rnography images and videos I’ve unfortunately [had] to see, the [file allegedly found on Josh’s devices] ranks in the top five of the worst-worst that I’ve ever had to examine,” the special agent stated during a May 2021 detention hearing. 

Josh’s defense team called the special agent’s opinion “completely irrelevant, unfairly prejudicial, and constitutes improper opinion testimony.” According to the team, the comment “should not be admitted” as it will “mislead the jury” and “needlessly waste time.” 

“I got you, Josh!”

A judge has not ruled on the motions filed. 

Josh’s jury trial is set for November 30. 

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14 Responses

  1. Lock him up for life, as for his fathers political running, he should be told hell no Jim Bob, this family really have no shame.

  2. Tick tock, tick tock, 26 Days and Counting!!!

    Cant wait to see that disgusting child porn loving toolbag sweating in that courtroom.

  3. Also, Anna must have dropped that poor unfortunate kid by now, and they’re keeping it quiet because they know it will be a shitstorm when they announce that another female victim has been born into the family.

  4. I can never help but laugh at people who try to claim that damning evidence of their past behaviour was unlawfully obtained and should therefore be ignored. He is essentially saying, “Yeah, I repeatedly molested my own family, but this magazine shouldn’t have told you that!” Get bent, Josh.
    Also, I am so excited that this completely relevant chapter of his life is being considered as part of the bigger picture. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I feel like there is no way he can wiggle out of this. I look forward to the day that he is sent down. I can only imagine the bullshit we will hear from his folks.

  5. All of it should be allowed. How would that statement waste jurors time? How sick and disgusting this pedo is is completely relevant to this case. The history shows a pattern and I’m sure the kind of child p0rn this is and how it relates to his past only further proves he’s guilty. If this foul piece of garbage does get off hopefully … I can’t say what I really think and have this comment approved so fill in the blank with whatever you like.

  6. Of course this should be allowed. It proves this nasty dude has a major history…not only that they “claim” he went and rehabilitated but all his loser parents did was send him to another molesters(proven years later) to build a house. If this sicko gets away with this it will just prove again how our system fails.

    1. I hope they know better than to let this foul garbage off. There’s only one way to handle sickos like him.

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